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📺 | Sara Ogawa & Yuzumi Shintani starring drama "Yuagari Sketch", key visual ban!

Photo Sara Ogawa & Yuzumi Shintani starring drama "Yuagari Sketch", key visual lifted!

Sara Ogawa & Yuzumi Shintani starring drama "Yuagari Sketch", key visual lifted!

If you write the contents roughly
It consists of eight episodes, and depicts the person whom the main character Honami (Sara Ogawa) meets at the public bath as the key to the episode.

The drama "Yuagari Sketch" starring Sara Ogawa and Yuzumi Shintani has released a key visual. "Illustration of public bath" ... → Continue reading


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Ogawa Sara

Sara Ogawa(Ogawa Sara,1996/6/8 -) is JapaneseAn actor[1]-Film director[2]-Writer.TokyoI'm fromWaseda UniversityFaculty of Culture, Media and Societygraduate[3].


When I was a metropolitan high school student, the magazine "HRBecame an exclusive model for the entertainment world.Around the same time, he started making videos after shooting a documentary for a high school event.[4][5].

He is active as an actor, film director and writer.[6] [7]

As an actor, the first movie "Innocent 15"[8] TheTheater Shinjuku-Uplink ShibuyaIt was screened for an unusual long run at, and was exhibited at overseas film festivals.In addition, the leading movie released in 2018 ``HolyWon the Jury's Special Award in the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Feature Film Competition.

As a movie director, the first short film director "Asatsuyu", the second "BEATOPIA", and the third "She's Gone" made while attending Waseda UniversityYubari International Fantastic Film FestivalIt was screened for three consecutive years. "The Last Star" is the 3thPia Film Festival Selected for PFF Award 2018 in the competition category[9] [10].Waseda UniversityTeach atHirokazu KoreedaHe was also a student of the director.[11] [12] The first feature-length director's work after graduating from universitySeaside goldfish(2021) was officially invited to overseas film festivals such as the 22nd Jeonju International Film Festival International Competition.[13] [14]

As a writer, a series of short stories, which is a novelization of a movie director's work.Seaside goldfish(2021)Poplar companyPublished by.[15] Published a photo essay "Cat and Actinidia" (December 2021, 12) from blueprint.[16]


Appearance work

TV drama



Internet tv

short film

  • Google map Web movie "Pokémon Challenge (Come! True Pokemon Master)" (April 2014, 4)[92]
  • A Girl Untouchable (2016)-Nagi[96]
  • SHISHAMO One-man tour 2017 spring "Tomorrow's metro will pass by magical love" "Metro" --- Kodama
  • "Shinkin Girl" Shinkin Bank x Hana Sekitori (2017) --Rinko
  • MOROHA"MOROHA BEST ~ Ten Years Reprint ~" First Press Limited Edition DVD "Hatsukoi" (June 2018, 6) --Narration
  • JR Tokai"Umashi Uruwashi Nara" Web Movie [Nara Journey] With Me and my seniors' Hare pilgrimage-Kashihara Jingu / Imaicho- (August 2019, 8)
  • Cabinet Secretariat New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Promotion Office Special Movie "i and i" (March 2022, 3)[97]
  • HoppyHappy Lee Si-a "Inujima Inuko" (June 2022 ~) --As Koyama Hoshisago [98]


  • Superendroller LIVE ″ scene03 ″ "monster & moonstar" (March 2017th-3th, 24 VACANT Harajuku)-Round role [99]
  • New translation "Waiting for Godot" Reading Work in Progress Performance (June 2017, 6 Waseda Small Theater Doramakan) --The role of a boy [100]


CD jacket

TV commercial


  • Cycle base Asahi "Bicycle LOVERS" (2013)
  • Mariko Takahashi Album "Adultica-Ballard, always next to you-" (2014)
  • loft"Favorite LOFT" (2017)
  • Nikkei The KNOWLEDGE Promotion Video Business Information Sharing, Business Information Collection (2021)[129]

Directed work


short film

  • Moon (2016) --Director, voice appearance
  • MOOSIC LAB 2016 Trailer (2016)[157]
  • "AkuneWeather "Akune CityTourism Federation (currently Akune Town Lighthouse) (2018) -Director / Shooting / Editing, Appearance [158]


  • Love is a monster "Beautiful and stupid!" (June 2017, 6)

Writing work


Novelize of the movie directed by the same name. A series of four short stories, "Goldfish on the beach," "Micchan," "Wish for the stars," and "Petals and swallows."


  • Photo essay "Cat ni Matatabi" by Sara Ogawa Photo by Ayara Masuda December 2021, 12 blueprint [16] [163] [164] [165]

Picture book

  • Picture book "Chieri and Cherry" March 2019 --OriginalNakamura Makoto Sentence, Sara Ogawa, picture, Yoko Sueyoshi (Crowdfunding bonus for the movie "Chieri and Cherry")[166]

More informations

Photo album


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