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📺 | King Gnu is in the way? "No sense" in the BGM of "Don't Say Mystery"

Photo Masaki Suda Painting / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

Is King Gnu in the way? "No sense" in the BGM of "Don't Say Mystery"

If you write the contents roughly
Among the riders on the bus-jacked vehicle this time are Rila Rouki (Hiccorohee), Megumi Kashiwa (Aimi Satsukawa), Ippei Awaji (Yuki Morinaga), Yukihito Narasaki (Akio Kaneda), and Sho Kumada (Eita Nagayama). There seems to be a suspect, and it is said that he abducted all of them for the time being.

On January 1, the second episode of the 17-month drama "Do Not Say Mystery" (Fuji TV series) starring Masaki Suda was broadcast.watch… → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Ami Satsukawa

Aimi Satsukawa(Aimi Satsukawa,1988/May 8[1] -) isJapan Ofactress.. Nickname isSatsumi[2][3].



Entered the entertainment world after receiving a scout at the age of 14[4],2004/Moved to Tokyo at the same time as entering high school[5].

In 2007, the movie ``Show the love of sadness』Plays a dark girl with a unique impact that destroys the neat and clean image of the past.[4], Was nominated for two categories, the Best Supporting Actress Award and the New Face Award at the 50th Award.


Since I entered the entertainment world with a light feeling, I felt like someone else while receiving various auditions such as dramas and movies, and sometimes I thought "I wish the next person would accept it". There was also[4]..However, in 2005, when he first appeared in the movie,Tomi Shigure』, Played the heroine's Girls' Generation, the 48thBlue ribbon awardNominated for Best Supporting Actress.This was a turning point for him, and when he saw the completed movie, he felt that he was a professional, and he was prepared to seriously face the play as an actor.[4].

Junior olympicRhythmic gymnasticsExperienced in national competitions[Note 1].



Short film

  • Kakure Oni (June 2009, 6)[Note 3]) --Starring Aoi
  • Mistel Rococo (June 2010, 6)[Note 4])-Starring Yuri
  • Fat Deca (July 2010, 7)[Note 5]) --Starring, female deca role
  • SLEEPING MAN (July 2010, 7)[Note 6]) --Starring and eldest daughter
  • Let's start a new war (March 2012, 3)[Note 7]) --Chihiro Takeuchi
  • Video letter to you (March 2018, 3) --Miyuki[31]
  • Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project- "Our Birthday(June 2018, 6) --Rika Shinshiro[32]
  • Ms. Mogiri (July 2018, 7-December 13, 12)[33]
  • Mogiri-san session2 (August 2019, 8-November 2, 11)

TV drama

Web / Distribution Drama

Digital photo + movie works

  • Aimi Satsukawa Digital Photobook "Kitashinagawa 2011-chome" (October 10, 25, taken by irri, delivered by Fan + G The Television PLUS)

Other TV programs

  • Quiz! GO with your family !!(2004,Every day broadcasting) --Second daughter[Note 10]
  • Living in Tokyo Shizuoka style-You don't have to cry anymore- (2006,Shizuoka Daiichi Television)
  • Yomikise Japan Old Story 9th "Mole and Frog" (2006,Kids station)-Read aloud
  • Miscellaneous goods in love (NHK BS Premium)
    • Miscellaneous goods of Canada "Anne of Green Gables" (August 2013, 8)
    • Color Autumn! Canadian Knit (September 2013, 9)
  • 1H sense(Fuji TV, August 2014, 6)
  • The Documentary "Battle of Intractable Disease Girls" (December 2014, 12, TV TOKYO) --Narration
  • Earth Ichiban The oldest eagle hunter on earth (January 2015, 29, NHK) --Traveler
  • Kyoko Koizumi 50 years old New York (January 2016, 1, TV Asahi) --Narration

Radio Drama

  • Mound (2005,NHK-FM) --Miyuki Chiba
  • Youth Advancement Issue (2008, NHK-FM) --Starring Rinko Mizuno
  • Medicine when you want to cry 2008 (2008,TOKYO FM)-Aya
  • Radio Theater "Small Miracle"[Note 11](2009, TOKYO FM) --Starring, Kyoko Sekine, etc.
  • Shihori Kanjiya's radio theater company, a small miracle "It's spring soon" (2010, TOKYO FM) --Yuka Shinjima
  • LOVE = Platinum Love Puzzle piece.10 --piece.11 ​​(2010, TOKYO FM) --Starring Nana Shibasaki
  • Drama Radi!Live 4th "Bistro Nozaki" (November 2014, 11,NHK radio first 1)-Miharu Kuriya
  • My light A ray of light that illuminates my life.It comes from a chance encounter. (September 2018, 9, NHK-FM)



Animation / dubbing

  • Yanyan Machiko(Web animation) --Momoko role
    • Episode 6 "New Menu?" (December 2012)
    • Episode 8 "Potopotoyan?" (August 2013)




  • TOKAI "TOKAI Network Club"
    • "The disturber of love" (2005)
    • "Happy Trouble" (2005)
    • "Isn't it twisted?" (2005)
    • "Spotlight" (2006)
    • "Goon and Wide" (2006)
    • "Looking for the Home" (2006)
    • "Personal Computer Cry" (2007)
    • "Nostalgic Friends" (2007)
    • "Place of Memories" (2007)
  • Tokyo Gas "Gas Pac Cho!" Pip and Stove Gas Tour "" --Tour Guide
    • "Gas Tour Cleaning" (November 2009, 11-November 18, 2010)
    • "Gas Tour Convenience" (December 2009, 12-November 4, 2010)
  • Shizuoka Prefectural Election Commission "18th Shizuoka Prefectural Governor Election" (May-June 2013) --Enlightenment image character
  • Shizuoka ShimbunSBS Super sadism "Shizuoka Brothers" (July 2016-)


  • TOKAI "TOKAI Network Club" --Poster model
    • "TNC 10th Anniversary Campaign" (2006)
    • "Winter Spring Campaign" (2006)
    • "Let's leave a good summer! Campaign" (2007)
    • "Autumn Enjoyment Campaign" (2007)
    • "Winter Little Luxury Campaign" (2007)
  • Propaganda conference "Sendenkaigi Copywriter Training Course" (July 2011) --Poster model
  • CAC Group (February 2013-)-Special Public Relations Officer


Photo album



Directed work

  • Shichikencho Monogatari (November 2011, 11,TV Shizuoka) --Three omnibus dramas with the theme of "Life Again" directed by a director from Shizuoka.[87].
  • SHE / LL (2017)- 30 Tokyo International Film FestivalParticipated in "SHINPA vol.6 in Tokyo International Film Festival" at "Midnight Film Festival!" As a short film director[88].
  • hey"Shoujo" (May 2018, 5)-Music video[89][90].

WEB magazine

  • After all, I am the main character. (October 2017, 10-, marble)-Series


注 釈

  1. ^ Tokai Tournament Individual Overall 3rd / National Tournament Junior Olympics Individual Overall 24th[1]
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  9. ^ In the second episode, "Shichikencho Monogatari," he was in charge of directing, shooting, and editing (not appearing).
  10. ^ Participated in the Kayama family team.
  11. ^ He appeared in all 2009 episodes such as "Sakura" and "Uraura" as the leading cast for the April 4 broadcast.
  12. ^ At the time of the premiere, there was no subtitle "1st letter", it was just "Eraser in my head".


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