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🎥 | "Fight Song" Echoed by Shingo's sad words played by Fuma Kikuchi!

Will Shingo's photo be rewarded ...? – (C) TBS

"Fight Song" echoes Shingo's sad words played by Fuma Kikuchi!

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The main character, Kaya Kiyohara, who is a karate enthusiast but has a secret, and Haruki Ashida (Shotaro Mamiya), a one-hit wonder musician, and Shingo, a childhood friend who has a crush on Hanae (Shotaro Mamiya). Kikuchi) draws a love triangle.

The second episode of the drama "Fight Song" (TBS series, broadcast every Tuesday from 10 o'clock) was broadcast on the 2th, and Fuma Kikuchi (... → Continue reading

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Shotaro Mamiya

Shotaro Mamiya(Mamiya Shotaro,1993/<5>May 6 -) isJapan OfMaletalent,An actor.. My real name isShotaro Mawatari(Turn around Shotaro[1]).

Kanagawa横 浜 市[2]From,Tristone EntertainmentBelongs.



I've been familiar with movies since I was in elementary school and wanted to work in movies[14].. My favorite movie isKiyojun Suzukidirected by"Tsigoinel Weizen"WhenLeos Caraxdirected by"Holy Motors"[15].

HobbyGuitarとmoviesAppreciation, listening to music. The size of the shoes is 28 cm.

From an early ageHanshin TigersA fan, he himself played baseball from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of junior high school and was a pitcher. July 1, 2Koshien StadiumHanshin Tigers vs. held atYokohama DeNA BaystarsPitched for the first pitch ceremony of the battle.At that time, he was an entertainer at the opening ceremony of professional baseball and recorded the fastest speed of 139km / h at that time.[16]..Currently in second place.In addition, the player I admireTomonori KanemotoAnd I still have the figures at home[17].. In 2022, a former Hanshin Tiger who retired at the young age of 24 after being attacked by a brain tumor and fighting illnessShintaro YokotaPlaying the role of Yokota in "Miracle Back Home", a drama of his book[18].

2018 yearsNHKContinuous tv novel"Half, blue.』, But when asked what he thought when he received the offer, he said," I was surprised because I thought my face wasn't suitable for the morning. "" When I saw it from the morning, I felt a stomachache. ) ”[19][20]While saying a self-deprecating comment, he is also a fanEiko KitagawaHe talked about his enthusiasm for the script work[21].

In November 2019, he fell in private on a rainy day, broke his left leg, and was injured for one month.[22].. The starring movie "He who does not kill and she who does not dieAppeared in crutches on the first day stage greetings[22].


TV drama



Delivery drama


promotion video


  • Recruitment"Townwork" "God of part-time job"
    • "God of the part-time job" "30 seconds" version, (* (15 seconds) "delight" version, "Kane" version, "launch" version) (July 2018, 7-)[54]
    • "God of the part-time job, motivational song" "15 seconds", "Enthusiasm", "Embarrassed" (September 2018, 9-)[55]
    • "Guigui Kuru girlfriend" "Laughter", "I love you" (November 2018, 11-)[56]
    • "God of a friend's part-time job" "Friends", "Crying", "Waiwai" (January 2019, 1-)[57][58]
    • "Fake God of Bytes" "Oishii" Hen, "Fake Sound" Hen (March 2019, 3-)[59]
    • "God's Thoughts" "Karaoke" and "Duet" (April 2019, 4-)[60]
  • Kao"Attack ZERO"-The role of Shortaro[61]
    • "Zero Cleaning, Beginning" (April 2019, 4-)
    • "One-handed push for the first time" version, "At a drum-type dedicated home electronics mass retailer" version (April 2019, 4-)
    • "I tried to reproduce" (April 2019, 4-)
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
    • "PS4 x" Monster Hunter World Iceborn "Mamiya, Enthusiasm" (August 2019, 8-)[62]
    • "PlayStation 4" "Ehhhh! !! !! !! 』(December 2019, 12-)[63]
  • Chic Japan"Hydro 2019 Custom Comfort" "Sensitive Skin" (November 11, 8-)[64]
  • Lotte"Coolish"Futari do their best" (June 2021, 6-)[65]
  • Suntory Beverage International"Suntory THE STORONG Natural Water Sparkling" "Strong and Pure" (June 2021, 6-)[66]
  • NEC"LAVIE" "LAVIE overstated?Hen " (December 2021, 11-)[67]



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • One-way → One-way ticket ("+ act." December 2015 issue-, Wanibooks)


配 信

  • We did / DISH // and General High School did it (July 2017, 7)


  • Sengoku Nabe TV Music Tonight CD re-departure where you can learn the history somehow! (January 2013, 1, Star Child) -Horibe Yasubee, SUGI


TAMA Film Award・ Best Emerging Actor Award "Tori Girl! "Teiichi no Kuni" "Theatrical Version You Don't Know Gunma Yet" "Ushijima the Loan Shark The Final"
Leading actor award "He who does not kill and she who does not die"


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