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📺 | The heroine is a famous detective loved by the “ultimate spadari”! "Detective Reijo" DVD 2 released

Photo "Detective Reijo-Princess Sherlock who fell in love" Co-starred with next-generation stars Sebrina Chen and Jean Linho (C) Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited

The heroine is a famous detective loved by the "ultimate spadari"! "Detective Reijo" DVD 2 released

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From the first episode, it's full of exciting elements, and you can't take your eyes off the love story of a new couple, a famous detective and a noble hero.

Chinese historical drama is now "The Love Lasts Two Minds-Two Souls, One-sided Thoughts-", "Miss Truth-Love & Truth-", "Hana-sama ..." → Continue reading

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Full of exciting elements

Love story

Love story(Koimonogatari) isloveWas the subjectstoryThat.Love story(British: love story).


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