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📺 | Shori Sato & Fuju Kamio, "National Treasure Class Handsome" Competing "I Want to Hold Aono-kun, I Want to Die" Poster & Special News Lifted

Photo "WOWOW Original Drama I Want to Hold Aono-kun, I Want to Die" Poster Visual (C) WOWOW

Shori Sato & Fuju Kamio, "National Treasure Class Handsome" Competing "I Want to Hold Aono-kun, I Want to Die" Poster & Special News Lifted

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At the same time, Ririka will play the role of Misakura Horie, who will work hard to find out the truth with Yuri and Fujimoto, Erena Mizusawa will play the role of Yuuri's older sister Midori, and Harumi Shuhama will play the role of mother Chihiro.

The drama "I Want to Hold Aono-kun, I Want to Die" starring Shori Sato of Sexy Zone (WOWOW / March ... → Continue reading

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The role of Misakura Horie

Elena Mizusawa

Erena Mizusawa(Erena Mizusawa, Erena, Mizusawa,1992/May 3 -) isAichiNagoya cityFromFashion Model,actress.Oscar promotionBelongs.

in the pastErena MizusawaHe was active under the name (Erena Kagami).


  • 2003 years,ShogakukanAt "Ciao", "Find Nina !! Model Audition" won the Nina Award and made her debut.
  • 2006, Teen Magazine "CANDy"(Hakusensha), Then "Seventeen"(Shueisha) Acted as an exclusive model.
  • From around the spring of 2007, she will start acting as an actress.BS-i"Sunday in love Debuted in a drama with "Graduation-Spring Lies".
  • 2008,Tokyo girl Erena Mizusawa's first starring role in a serial drama[1].
  • 2008 year 8 month,TBSIn the system "Love sky"ofSerial dramaIn the edition, he is selected as the main character, Mika.
  • August 2010, 3,Hiji Middle School/High SchoolGraduated from.
  • In June 2010, the first photo book "Real" was released.
  • 2011/
    • I was an exclusive model for 5 yearsSeventeenGraduated from the April issue (released on March 4),non-noIt will be an exclusive model (from the June issue released on April 4th).
  • 2013/
    • Graduated from the non-no exclusive model in the May issue (released on March 5), and at the end of the same monthAmuseLeave the company.Belongs to Oscar Promotion from July of the same year[2][3][4].
  • 2014/
    • From the March issue released on January 1thToday(Shogakukan) It became an exclusive model.
  • 2018/
    • Commissioned to "LOVE Aichi Supporters Aichi Goodwill Ambassador" in August[5].


  • His father is Japanese and his mother is Korean.Special skill isKorean..I also showed Korean in an interview[6].
  • feeding the dog.The name is "Red"[7].
  • I am aiming to be an actress who can impress many people, and as a target actress, I am also a senior in the office (at that time)Ueno JuriNamed[8]..The actress who is interested in the same generationKi Kitano[9].
  • Dramaproducer OfNiwa Tamon AndriuSaid Mizusawa, "In the near future, I think I'll be an actress who can be called post Juri Ueno."[10].
  • The charm point is a big mouth.I didn't like it in the past, but as people around me praised me, I started to think it was a charm point.[8].
  • One child.
  • KiwiI'm allergic, but I like gold kiwi.
  • Actor'sKeisuke Koide(The co-starring work is "The wind is blowing strongly"JIN"Miracle Zoo ~Asahiyama Zoo Story~』2010) is the same agency, so there are many co-stars.
  • perfumeOne of the fans is watching the live. Until March 2013, the office was the same.
  • CatI'm allergic.

Personality / preference


TV drama

Amuse era
After transferring to Oscar

Delivery drama


Amuse era
After transferring to Oscar



  • Three things you want to do before graduation (February 3, 2010-March 2, 1,LISMO Channel) --Yui



Entertainment shows

  • 1-minute drama commercial (August 2010-8, 17, TBS)
  • Angkor Wat Dreaming of Rome The Glory and Truth of Southeast Asia's Greatest Hegemonic Dynasty-All Roads Lead to Angkor Wat- (January 2011-1, 1, TBS)
  • Tokyo senior dating(April 2014, 1, TV Asahi)
  • Tokyo Advanced Date 2 (April 2014, 4, TV Asahi)

original video


Photo album




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注 釈

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