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🎥 | Daniel Radcliffe starring in the biographical film of parody king Al Jankovic

Photo Will the day come when you can see it in Japan?Daniel Radcliffe and "Weird Al" Jankovic

Daniel Radcliffe starring in the biographical film of parody king Al Jankovic

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Al will also write the script with director Eric Appel, and the production is scheduled to start in February.

Daniel Radcliffe from the movie "Harry Potter" series has released the American streaming service "Roku ... → Continue reading

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2(Nigatsu) isGregorian calendarでYearsThe ninth ofMonthUsually 28 days,leap yearThen it will be 29th.

It is an English name February TheRoman mythology OfFeburuus(Februus) Is said to have been taken from the festival.

NormalIn the case of, February is the year3-11Starts on the same day of the week.In the case of a leap year, that year8Same asDay of the weekBegins with.

March in Japan

in JapanLunar month septemberTheFebruaryIt is called (Kisaragi, Kinsaragi, Kosaragi) and is nowNew yearAlso used as another name for February. "Kisaragi" isChugokuThe nickname for February in Japan is used as it is, and it has nothing to do with the name "Kisaragi" in Japan. There are various theories about the origin of the name "Kisaragi".

  • It's still cold in February of the lunar calendar, so it's the month to wear more clothes, so "Kisaragi"
  • "Kusaki Haruki" because the buds of the trees are overhanging
  • In the lunar month of August of the previous yearGeeseCame and moreswallowIt's about time to come, so "Kisaragi"
  • "Kisaragi" because it's the month when the weather gets more cheerful

There are also other names such as Umezuki (Umetsuki) and Kogetsuki (Kometsuki). February of the lunar calendar corresponds to March of the new calendar,plumIt is time for the flowers to bloom.


  • Inshun (Yin Chun)
  • Ume Mizuki (Umemitsuki)
  • Kisaragi (Kisaragi / Kisaragi)
  • Ken Uzuki (Ken Uzuki)
  • Chushun (Nakaharu)
  • Nakaharu (Spring in the middle, Spring in the middle)
  • Hatsuhanatsuki (Hatsukatsuki)
  • Yuki Etsuki (Snowfall Moon)
  • Yukige Shizuki (Snowfall Moon)
  • Reigetsu (Reigetsu / Reigetsu)
  • Gusao Hitsuki (Kogusa Ikutsuki)

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