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🎥 | Ren Nagase, a sad expression that moistens both eyes ... Responding to a new frontier "Watch as in agony"


Ren Nagase, a sad expression that moistens both eyes ... Responding to a new frontier "Watch as in agony"

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Furthermore, it has been decided that the original soundtrack of the movie "Midnight Maiden War" by Yusuke Tsutsumi, who was the musician and photographer, will be distributed from each music service from midnight on January 1st.

The movie "Midnight Maiden War" (2022 ...) starring Ren Nagase of the idol group King & Prince. → Continue reading

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soundtrack(British: soundtrack) IsmoviesandFilm Music Ofthe termAnd on the film of the movievoiceRefers to the part where is recorded.Movie termDerived fromwordAndDrama,movies,Video games,Anime,Commercial songSuch asAccompaniment"Music" and "Incidental musicWas recordedalbumIt may also refer to.Abbreviation TheSoundtrackOften said to beOST(Abbreviation for original soundtrack).

Film videos and soundtracks in movies

soundtrackOriginallyTalkieWhen was put into practical usethe filmFor audio provided independently of the image frame in the longitudinal direction ofTrackIt is a technical term that refers to.lines·Sound effect-BGMEtc. are included and will be played at the time of screening.The first movie released using this method was1926/PublicFleischer StudioProduction movie "Nostalgic Kentucky home].

There are "optical / magnetic" soundtracks, and "area / shading" is one of the optical soundtracks.There is also a type of "monaural stereo" through both types.

Historically, among the optical types, the shade type is old and the area type is new.Of the optical and magnetic types, the optical type is old and the magnetic type is new.Also, of course, the monaural is old,stereoAppeared later.The world's first stereo movie1940/Published “Fantasia], In addition to the projection film, another film with optical 1-track audio recording (left, middle, right speakers and the other sync signal) was prepared and screened.

For business use, the magnetic type was often used for single-type simultaneous recording (a method of recording on film without using another recorder) centered on news coverage (eg,).CanonMade of 16mm scoopic).Also, most of the 8mm film soundtracks that were commonly used were magnetic (Note: Commercially available prints use optical recording even at 8mm. Optical simultaneous recording equipment is also available. There is one model, but this was not very common).

Optical soundtrack

The optical soundtrack is optically created next to the image portion of the film (printed in the direction of travel of the film as a visible signal similar to the image).

There are two styles, "shade type" and "area type".The shading method is an old method, in which there are dark and light parts across the track width, and the darkness becomes a signal.The area formula is a new method, and the track width is divided into a black part and a white part, and the area ratio becomes a signal.

When creating a screening print, a "sound negative" is created in addition to the "picture negative", and the "sound negative" is burned.

Magnetic soundtrack

In the magnetic type, a magnetic band is provided in the same position as the optical soundtrack, and there.Tape recorderIt is recorded in the same way as.Due to the high cost, 16mm and above were only used to produce small quantities of prints and did not become mainstream.

Features and problems of the soundtrack on film

Regarding the soundtrack placed on the film, there is a gap between the image part and the sound part in both the optical type and the magnetic type.This is because the image is used by intermittently stopping the film at the time of screening and shining light through the shutter, whereas the soundtrack requires the film to be continuously flowed and read at a constant speed.Generally, the soundtrack precedes, and how much it precedes depends on each standard.For example, in the case of a 16mm movie, the optical type is supposed to precede by 26 frames and the magnetic type by 28 frames.

This is not a problem for the finished product video at all, but it is an obstacle when editing the material recorded at the same time as shooting.This is because when editing materials recorded at the same time, the phenomenon that the sound is switched first by the amount specified by each standard occurs (called "sound precedent", the sound is switched first and the video is switched later. There is an editing style, but not all editing points can be used).

Synchronous soundtrack

Play the audio of the record in time with the movie screeningRecord talkieThere was no soundtrack on the film, and the record was played back and synchronized with a human-recognizable signal as an image.

The sound quality of the soundtrack provided on the film was not very good, whether optical or magnetic.In addition, stereo (2.0ch) is the limit for multi-channel at best.The soundtrack placed on the film did not meet the later desire for higher sound quality.

Therefore, when high sound quality is required, a method has been developed in which a soundtrack is not provided on the film and another audio medium is provided.At first, a method of synchronous playback from a separately prepared magnetic tape synchronized with the projector was adopted, and multi-channel magnetic tape was standardized for 70 mm movies and the like.Also at the TV stationCine tapeThere was a case where a magnetic tape of the same shape as the film was played back synchronously (the cine tape had a feed hole and could be mechanically synchronized with the film. Also, because it was a magnetic tape, it was possible to synchronize it. It was as easy to record, play, and edit as a tape recorder).

After that, the soundtrack developed further.In terms of sound qualityCD-ROMSomething that synchronizes the high-quality sound source recorded inDolby Digital,SDDSSuch asDigital sound systemMany are adopting.As for the synchronization system, mechanical synchronization such as cine tape has disappeared, and an electronic synchronization system such as SMPTE has been introduced.The meaning of "sound track (band) on film" has already faded, and the term soundtrack has been transformed into "sound that synchronizes with video" in general.

Soundtrack as music accompanying a video work

Turning from the original soundtrack, the video workBackground musicAnd insert songs, or they were recordedalbumAlsosoundtrackCame to be called.

Of the albums, works created from the exact same sound source as the video work are called "original motion picture soundtracks".Products with the same total score and the same performer but with a sound source played separately from the video work are called "original sound scores" and are strictly distinguished.In recent years, an album that includes the theme song / insert song of a theatrical movie work and a song that has not been used in the play is called "Music From And Inspired By ○○○ (work name)" in English-speaking countries, but it is imported and sold in Japan. When it is played, it may be labeled as "○○○ (work name) soundtrack" (""Spiderman] Series etc.).

The main soundtrack that was a big hit

The soundtracks for popular movies, TV shows, and game softwareMusicchartIt goes up to the top of.

(The number of sales is the number in the world)

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