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🎥 | Mai Shiraishi, an absolute area with a mini above the knee!


Mai Shiraishi, an absolute area with a mini above the knee! "The opposite" played by a flashy character with a loud voice

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This work is a live-action version of the popular gambling manga of the same name by Toshio Sako.

The Japan premiere of the movie "Usogui" (released on February 2) was held in Tokyo on the 11th, and Ryusei Yokohama, Hayato Sano, Shiraishi ... → Continue reading

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Toshio Sako

Toshio Sako(Toshio Sako)Japan Ofmanga artist.Yamaguchi ShimonosekiI'm from.The masterpiece is "Usogui』.


  • Moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school.BarberGet a job.
  • At the age of 27 and 28, he aspired to become a manga artist.Free of chargeTakeshi Hinata OfassistantBecome a manga skill.
  • 2005/ --48th Young Jump MonthlyMANGA Grand Prix"Usogui" won the honorable mention.In the same year, the same work was published in the 2005th issue of "Weekly Young Jump" 48.
  • 2006/ -Started serializing the same work from the 2006th issue of "Weekly Young Jump" 24. Serialized until the March 2018, 3 merger issue.
  • 2018/ ――Started serializing "Batuki" from the 2018st issue of "Weekly Young Jump" 31.



  • Usogui("Weekly Young Jump2006 No. 24 --2018 March 3 merger issue, 4 volumes in total)
    • Usogui-Witness Nocturnal Princess Koichi- ("Weekly Young Jump" No. 2021-45, 52)
  • Batuki ("Weekly Young Jump" No. 2018, 31-No. 2020, 27, "My Neighbor Young Jump''Yang Jiang!July 2020, 7-serialized, 4 volumes already published)

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  • Blood TypeIs B type.Married.I gave it to my wife on her birthdayferretI had. According to the beginning of the 10th volume of "Usogui", he seems to have died.
  • I had a part-time job to remove a bicycle in the past.
  • For lunch while writingDelivery curryWhen ordering, I once ordered a child's curry because "I longed for it when I was a kid."The bonus is that it comes with juice and gummy candies.
  • From September 5th to 2007th, 9 to commemorate the release of Volume 19 of "Lie Eating"Junkudo bookstoreAn original painting exhibition was held at the Ikebukuro main store.



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