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🎥 | Suzu Hirose x Tori Matsuzaka W starring "The Wandering Moon" to be released in May

Photo (C) 2022 "Wandering Moon" Production Committee

Suzu Hirose x Tori Matsuzaka W starring "The Wandering Moon" to be released in May

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Co-starring Ryusei Yokohama, Mikako Tabe, Shuri, Takahiro Miura, Akira Emoto and others.

It has been decided that the movie "The Wandering Moon" starring Suzu Hirose and Tori Matsuzaka will be released in May.Together with the poster ... → Continue reading

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Akira Emoto

Akira Emoto(Akira Emoto,1948/May 11 -) isJapan OfAn actor,comedian,Director..Nicknames are Emo-chan and Emoaki. knock outBelongs.

TokyoChuoGinza(OldSawyer TownI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Oji Technical High SchoolGraduated from the mechanical department. WifeKazue Kazue, SonYumoto Emoto,Tokio Emoto.Sakura Ando(Yu's wife),Mari Iriki(Tokio's wife) is a daughter-in-law.


FatherTadashi TonoyamaWas my best friend when I was in elementary school. My maternal grandfather is in Ginza, TokyoHakoya(Geisha mediation business) was run. BirthplaceKabukizaBehind the scenes, and spending his childhood surrounded by his parents and family who love movies and theater, he became an actor. Technical high schoolAfter graduation,trading companyI got a job. However, longing for an actor,Nobuo KanekoBecame a student in the theater class of the theater company "Malyy", which is presided over byYusaku MatsudaGet to know

NHKI was working part-time as a prop. To a colleague at that timeRen Osugi,Kaoru Kobayashi,Akita UniversityAnd so on. At home,1974/Participated in and became appointed as an actor (Sasano Takahashi,Hideko YoshidaEtc. were enrolled at that time)Kazumi KushidaI don't like the style of1976/I left the group and met during the free theater era in the same year,Bengal-Toshiki AyadaWithTroupe Tokyo batteryTo form. After that, I met him during the free theater era,Junji Takada,Ryo IwamatsuJoined the group. April 1976- 1978/Until around March, with Bengal Ayata, "Hirake! PonkikkiI have served as an older brother.

With his unique appearance and unique presence, he will appear on TV and movies.

From age 24ShimokitazawaMoved toHonda Theater OfFlutterAlso appeared,Shimokitazawa The SuzunariBut I was active. Due to such a connection, the residents' movement against the redevelopment of ShimokitazawaSave the ShimokitazawaIs also invited.

1998/,Mr. KanzoThe 23rd Hochi Film Award for Best ActorJapan Academy AwardReceived the Best Actor Award.2004/,Zatoichi』And the 58thEvery day movie contestReceived the Best Supporting Actor Award.2011/,Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology AwardAward.

1992/, Is the director of the movie "". Since then, there has been no directorial work, and he says, "I will never do it again."[2].

2006/, NHK Taiga DramaAchievement is Tsuji』And the second sonTokio EmotoAnd played a parent-child co-star. "Hello from Studio Park』When called as a guestHideyoshi ToyotomiAppeared as a role. He talked about the history of Tokyo Dry Battery for 30 years.

He is good at not only serious acting but also acting that makes you laugh. "Ken Shimura is okay.And 'Ken Shimura's fool] Etc.Ken ShimuraRegarding the Tale, he clearly states that "Tale only works with Mr. Shimura." In Tale, Shimura plays the role of a bokeh with a strong personality (a XNUMX-year-old woman who missed her marriage, a suspicious office worker, an older geisha, etc.).TsukkomiThe pattern that induces laughter is consistently taken. 2010年代になると刑事や寺の住職など癖のある初老の男性を演じるようになったIn the XNUMXs, he began to play habitual elderly men such as detectives and temple priests.[3]..At first, he suddenly received an offer from an unfamiliar Shimura, and the script only contained the settings at the beginning, saying, "I was scared that I was trying my skills."一方で志村は「笑いとかやるには得な顔」という理由で、直感的に柄本にオファーを出したと明かしているOn the other hand, Shimura has revealed that he intuitively offered an offer to the pattern book because he said, "It's a good face to laugh and do."[4].

Sasano TakahashiIs a close friend of 30 years since the free theater era, and both saidThe man is painfulseries","Fishing idiot diaryHe has co-starred in the series many times, and when one of them appears in a variety show, he is a friend who complains about each other.

Little attempt to have private interaction with entertainersKiyoshi AtsumiHe is one of the few entertainers who has a close relationship with him.Sasano TakahashiIt is said that the three people who added the above sometimes went to see the play and went to the bar for a drink.[5].

2011/January,Purple ribbonThe award[6].

At Shimokitazawa The Suzunari in January 2012Troupe Tokyo battery35th Anniversary Performance, "Hamlet].

In August 2013, the NHK program "The power of travel』\ With staff for recordingPeruWhen I was visiting the theater company, I was involved in a robbery case.強盗団は銃で威嚇しながら放送機材などを奪って逃走したが、柄本や番組スタッフらに怪我はなかったThe robbers escaped by stealing broadcasting equipment while threatening with a gun, but the pattern book and the program staff were not injured.[7].

2019 year 11 month,Asahi day small badgeThe award[8][9].


TV drama



Television Animation

  • Oldness and reproduction Japanese old story(April 2012, 4 --March 1, 2017, TV TOKYO) --Narrator
  • Hometown Tour Japanese Old Story (April 2017, 4 --March 2, 2018, TV TOKYO) --Narrator
  • Folktales from Japan Selection (April 2018, 4 --September 8, 2019, TV TOKYO) --Narrator

Theater animation


Radio Drama


+ Passion continent(December 2021, 11,Every day broadcasting)




Music works


  • What's happenin (1986)
    • Program
      1. Why that person
      2. My bossa nova
      3. Office workers are always OK
      4. 無 題
      5. Ikebukuro tragic love
      6. What's Going On
      7. Tonyare office worker
      8. Sadly normal


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外部 リンク


Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe(Mikako Tabe,1989/〈HeiseiFirst year>May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress.TokyoBackground[2].Hirata InternationalAffiliation.My husband is Takaki Kumada, a photographer.


When I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, the musical "AnnieWas auditioned until the second year of junior high school with the aim of appearing in the same work.[3].

2002/, Scouted and belonged to Hirata Office (before thatMoon the childBelonged to[4]).Janne Da Arcof"Rainy ~Love investigation~"ofPVShe made her debut as an actress.Also, "HAPPY! HAPPY! Special" (BS Nippon Television) To make his first appearance in a TV drama.

2003/,movies"HINOKIOWill be selected as the main cast of Jun Kudo from over 1,000 applicants at the audition. "HINOKIO" and "Whereabouts of the blue sky』By2005/ Of48nd Blue Ribbon AwardReceived the New Face Award.

2007/, July cool drama "Taro Yamada's story''(TBS) For the first time in a commercial TV drama series.

2009/,NHKContinuous tv novel"Wing』, Selected from 1,593 people at the audition[5], Starring.

2010/,Ellandol AwardReceived the New Face Award.

2011/, July cool drama "Big dog』(Nippon TV) Will be the first starring role in a commercial TV drama series.

2015/, July cool drama "De S detective』(Nippon TV) to make a role, change the hairstyle to Bob style[6].

2017/, Theatrical anime movie "Go for it! Anpanman Bull Bull's treasure hunt adventure!] To challenge the voice actor for the first time.From the same year to 2021, she is in charge of a serialization that introduces recommended books in the Web magazine (GINGER Web).[7].

2018/,Hirata OfficeFrom "Hirata InternationalIn-house transfer to[8].

Private life

2019/May 10Announces marriage to photographer Takaki Kumada[9]..Tabe appears as the second daughter of the three sisters,UQ Communications"UQ MobileI met Kumada who worked on the commercial for the same CM, and after three years of dating, I got married.[10].

2021/May 3, Reported on the official website that she was pregnant with her first child, and said that her subsequent activities would be "I would like to work while consulting with her about her physical condition."[11].. same yearMay 12, The animated movie "Boss Baby Family MissionReported at the public commemorative stage greetings[12].



Of the role nameTaiziIs the leading work.

TV drama




  • "CarsPublic Memorial SP! Japanese Forgotten Things Found on America'Route 66'(July 2006, 7, NTV)
  • Global Crisis 2008-To those who live casually- (January 2008, 1, TV Asahi 4th Anniversary Special Program)
  • Superb view! Traveling in Asia(August 2008, TBS)
  • Asian smile(December 2009, NHK) --Narration
  • Extracurricular class Welcome senior (November 2009, 11, NHK) --Narration
  • The Nonfiction(February 2010, Fuji TV) --Narration
  • (December 2010, 12,Fuji Television Network, Inc) - traveller
  • Earth Travel that Really Thinks about Eco-The Power for Tomorrow- (June 2011, 6, NTV) -Reporter
  • BS-TBS 15th Anniversary Special Project "Japanese Dream, Hayabusa. To Space Again" (March 2015, 3, BS-TBS) --Navigator[44]
  • The best paradise on earth, the unknown sea of ​​miracles! Traveling to Brazil (July 2015, 7, Chukyo TV production, Nippon TV series) --Navigator[45]
  • A Journey to the Brilliant Mucha Homeland ~ The Story of the Two Capitals of Paris and Prague ~ (March 2017, 3, NHK) --Navigator[46]

Educational program

  • Gachapon!(April 2005-March 4, Fuji TV) -Miria Imaizumi

Music program


  • NTT West The 4th Communication Grand Prix Grand Prix Winner "Hatsukoi"- Sakura Suzuki Role
  • OCNFree video show Talking Japan
  • UulaOriginal drama "I LOVE YOU ~ Magic Button ~"- The role of Moe
  • Netflix
    • NETFLIX original workmid night canteen-Tokyo Stories- (Midnight Diner)
      • Episode 10 (Excluding the movie version, episode 40 in total from the TV series) Michiru Kuriyama
    • NETFLIX original work Rilakkuma and Kaoru (delivery date: April 2019, 4) Kaoru





Advertising model


  • "Bye-bye, Bear-Blue Airmail" ("Yuming Films Project")
Yumi Matsutoya's best album "SEASONS COLOURS -Autumn Winter Collection-As a PR for ", a plan to produce a short film based on Yumin's song.Appeared in the second installment.2007/May 10Free exclusive distribution on Yahoo! Video.
  • NHK-FM broadcastingJingle"Believe in Music Believe in Voice" (2009/ -)
  • Konica Minolta Planetarium "Antarctic Healing-At the Fruit of this Earth-" Narration (December 2015-August 12)
Planetarium narration held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City "Manten"
  • NHK General-Matsuo Suzuki Hour Appeared in a comedy called "Koi wa Your Soba". (March 2016th and 3st, 30)



Photo book

Photo album

Other books

  • Sleeping Beauty (Written by Yasunari Kawabata, starring in gravure, June 2008, 6)ISBN-978 4903267708


News (Chinese)



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