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📺 | Suddenly, Lockichiro ... "Come Come Everybody" 57th Synopsis

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 57th – (C) NHK

Suddenly, Lockichiro ... "Come Come Everybody" 57th Synopsis

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Rumor has it that Tommy (Taichi Saotome) and Nana (Nozomi Sasaki), who are taking care of Lockichiro and Tokyo, are going out all the time.

The 105th NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Eri Fukatsu plays the second heroine.Week 12 "1 ... → Continue reading

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Taichi Saotome

Taichi Saotome(Taichi Saotome,1991/May 9 -) isJapan OfAn actor.Mass theaterTheatrical company,Theatrical company SuzakuThe second generation of (Gekidan Sujaku).Real name, Taichi Nishimura.Blood Type TheType B.height174 cm.His ex-wife is a model and a talentMaki Nishiyama.


FukuokaKitakyushuI'm from. Born to the parents of a member of the Aoi Theater Company, he grew up as a member of the theater company from an early age.

The first stage was in 1995 when he was 4 years old.

Since elementary schoolBeat takeshiWas noticed as an actor and was appointed to a movie directed by him under his real name (Takeshi Kitano).The silver screen debut2003/Published “Zatoichi』.Played the childhood of the geisha sister's younger sister (younger brother).afterwards,2005/IsTAKESHIS'』Played the role of Taichi Saotome, who is also his stage name.

From the mediaNagashime Princeと 呼 ば れ る[1][2].

2006/Official fan club was established in.Female formIn addition to standing on the stage as an actor, he is also active as an actor and talent.

The agency was Saito Entertainment until March 2010, but from April 3, he transferred to the theater company Suzaku (SJK Co., Ltd.) run by his parents.However, the theater company Suzaku was disbanded in February 2010, and he has been active as a freelancer for a while.After a direct interview, he signed a management contract with LDH in July of the same year.[3].


  • From the age of 13Artist OfHajime TsutsuiAfter continuing to take photographic works, he published a photo book "13-15" from Wanibooks, and had a strong interest in art since he was a child.
  • Played the role of blame in "Zatoichi"Daigoro TachibanaAlthough it is a different theater company, they often go on stage together.Photographers OfMt. Sasayama KishinHe fell in love with the beauty and was careful to be careful of the woman.[4].
  • 2007/May 1ToFuji Television Network, IncWas broadcast onGekijo of DThe response was great, and it was said that the reservation phone for Daikatsukan, which had been performing at that time immediately after the broadcast, was on the verge of a flat tire.The next day, it was packed with thank-you bills.It was also the 20th birthday of Daigoro Tachibana, another protagonist, and it was said that there was a great deal of confusion with festive guests from afar.
  • NHK Red and White Singing BattleThen, he often performs as a support for female enka singer.
  • 2008 year 2 month,Osaka new Kabukiza・ The youngest chairperson is recorded.
  • May 2012, dating partnerMaki NishiyamaWas reported in a weekly magazine, but the relationship was restored.[5].
  • On September 2012, 9, during the performance of the theater company Suzaku, the landing failed in the scene of jumping about 18 meters below the pier seat on the 2nd floor of Nihonbashi Auditorium (Tokyo).Left heel (left)Calcaneus) Was broken, and he was injured for 3 months after healed.The performance was performed until Chiakiraku, with his younger brother Yuki Saotome acting as a substitute. [6]..In addition, in the additional performance of the stage "MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hidden-" in Tokyo, which started on September 8, eight days later, Taichi Saotome will be the part that does not go around and the voice part, and the action part will be his younger brother.Yuki SaotomeWas in charge and was performed in a role of two people [7].. (Actually, two people appeared at the same time in most scenes, and Yuki Saotome played the older brother "Yin".) Also, he returned to the stage from December 2th of the same year.[8].
  • In April 2013, it was revealed that Nishiyama was three months pregnant, and in June of the same year, he officially announced that he would marry Nishiyama.[9].
  • Submitted marriage registration on June 2013, 6[10].. The first baby girl was born on October 10th[11].
  • August 2015, 6,HawaiiCeremony at[12].
  • January 2016, 1, Nishiyama reveals that he is pregnant with his second child (1 months)[13].. On April 4th, a second baby girl was born.[14].
  • It was revealed that he was divorced from Nishiyama on June 2019, 6.[15].


Video work


  • Taichi Saotome, 15 years old (October 2007, 10, Pony Canyon)
  • Taichi Saotome 07 years old Bewitching picture scroll Beijing '08 Winter-Akasaka '2008 Spring (September 9, 17, Pony Canyon)
  • Taichi Saotome Thousand Year Prayer (November 2008, 11, Pony Canyon)
  • Taichi Saotome "Shun" (July 2009, 7, Kadokawa Entertainment)
  • Taichi Saotome Nursery Rhyme (March 2010, 3, Kadokawa Movie)
  • Monthly NEO Taichi Saotome "Confession" (January 2011, 1, E-Net Frontier)



Theatrical company SuzakuAlmost all works of

  • National Museum Sengoku Fantasy (2005)-Ranmaru Mori
  • Directed by Amon Miyamoto Turandot(2008)-As Min
  • "Warabeuta" (January 2009, Aoyama Theater / February, Osaka Shin Kabukiza / July, Aichi Meitetsu Hall) (Director: Tsunehisa Saito)
  • "Thousand Year Prayer" (July 2009, Shibuya CC Lemon Hall)
  • MISSING BOYs ~ Because I'm Me ~ (2009) --Kouhei
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen "Barbaric Ghost" (2009)-Toshikata / Katana
  • "Beautiful Flower" (January 2010, Le Theater Ginza)
  • "Tabarazaka, Taharazaka" (April 2010, Meijiza / Aichi Misonoza) (Director: Shunichi Okamoto) --Shinnosuke Yuki
  • Hakuoki Shinsengumi Flame Dance Record(October 2010, Galaxy Theater) (Director: Kitamura Toshihiro)- starring Toshizo HijikataRole
  • Shin Kabukiza new opening commemoration "Beyond the fox whistle& Snow Flower "(2011)
  • "Tenichibo& Dance Show ”(2011, Meijiza)
  • Recitation swashbuckler Rechita Carda June is a crimson rose Souji Okita (June 2011, Tokyo Ji Honganji, Kyoto Konkai Komyoji, Nagoya Higashi Betsuin)- starring Okita Soji Role
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen "The seven people in Skull Castle(2011) (Director:Hideno Inoue) --Mukaiya Ranbei
  • Stage version "GOEMON" (March 2012, Misonoza / May, Meijiza) (Director: Shunichi Okamoto) --The role of Goemon Ishikawa
  • Stage "MOON SAGA -Yoshitsune Hidden-" (July 2012, Akasaka ACT Theater, Nagoya Misonoza, Fukuoka Civic Center, Osaka Umeda Arts Theater, Tokyo International Forum) (Director:GACKT) --Shadow
  • RecitationScarlet research(October 2012, 10, Tennozu Galaxy Theater) (Director: Nobuhiro Mouri) --Daily Cast Taichi Saotome & Masataka Kubota
  • "Shinshu Temmak(April 2013, 4-10th, Meijiza / June 27, 2013-July 6, Nagoya, Chunichi Theater) (Director:Shunichi Okamura)- starring Takeda Inamaru
  • Recitation drama Eraser in my head 5th letter (June 2013th, 6th, 5, Tennozu Galaxy Theater) (Director:Takaya Okamoto) --Daily cast Taichi Saotome x Aimi Satsukawa
  • Taichi Saotome “Origin Evolution” (June 2013-6, 18, Parco Theater) (Director:Shunichi Okamura[16](* Theatrical company Suzaku's performances "Jiro Cho Journey Diary", "Amberjack Hitoshi", "Tadaharu Futari", "Itaro Journey", and "Benten Kobo" are performed on a daily basis)
  • "Naniwa Ahogarasu" (September 2013, Shin Kabukiza, Osaka) (Director: Kensuke Yokouchi) --Kinbunshichi
  • "Yamato Sangunshi" (October 2013-10, 3, Shinbashi Enbujo, Tokyo) (Director:Kida Tsuyoshi) --The role of Momotaro Daruma
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen Inoue Kabuki "Ao no Ran" (March-April 2014, Tokyo Tokyu Theater Orb / May, Umeda Arts Theater, Osaka) (Director:Hideno Inoue) --The role of Yaksha Maru in the book
  • "Kaidan / Fake Bancho Sarayashi" (June 2014-6, 19,Children's Castle, Aoyama Theater) (Direction:Shunichi Okamura)-Part of Aoyama Harima
  • VAMP ~ Devilish Dancer Lola Montez ~ (August 2014th-September 8th, 24) EX THEATER ROPPONGI) (Direction:Goro Kishitani) --The role of darkness
  • "You are the most beautiful in the world after 2014 years" (August 8-9, 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West) (Original: Yukio Mishima, "Graduation tower]) (Direction:Norihito Nakayashiki
  • "Original Silent Ami" (August 2015-8, 1, Shinbashi Enbujo / September 25-9, Osaka Shochikuza) (by Hisashi Inoue)-Kikuo Hisamatsu
  • Theatrical company EXILE Matsugumi flag-raising performance "Kabuki -KABUKI-" (February-March 2016, Tokyo / Osaka)
  • Stage "World" (2017/1 / 11-1 / 28) (Director: Masaaki Akahori) --Henmi
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen"The seven people in Skull Castle Season Bird ”(2017)-Ranbei Mukaiya
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen"The seven people in Skull Castle Season Moon ”<First quarter moon> (2017 --2018) --The role of Tenmaou
  • Music swashbuckler "SHIRANAMI" (January 2019,New National Theater Tokyo) (Direction:G2)- starring Benten kid Kikunosuke
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen39 Kabuki "Kemuri no Army" (July-October 2019) --Rizaemon Tobizawa

TV drama

WEB drama


Red and White Singing Contest

Theater animation

All voice appearances.



  • Land Create Co., Ltd. Uchi Navi Support Navigator (2010)


Photo album

  • Taichi Saotome Photobook (August 2007, 8, Shogakukan) Photo: Masashi Hashimoto
  • Taichi Saotome Photobook "Great Stage" (February 2008, 2, Koike Shoin) Photo: Takao Ogata
  • 13⇔15 (July 2008, 7, Wanibooks) Photo: cameracamen
  • Taichi 16-year-old Millennium Prayer (December 2008, 12, Asahi Shimbun Publishing) Photo: Amitamari
  • Taichi Saotome Photobook "Shun" (March 2009, 3, Goma Books) Photo: Masaaki Miyazawa
  • Monthly NEO Taichi Saotome (January 2011, 1, E-Net Frontier)
  • Shun [MABATAKI Desital Edition] (May 2011, 5, Digital Book Factory)
  • THE TAICHI SAOTOME BOOK (May 2013) Photo: Masashi Hashimoto


  • 2004 Received the "Japan Entertainment Awards" in the entertainment category of the 13th Tokyo Sports Film Awards
  • 2008 25th Asakusa Performing Arts Award Received "Rookie Award"


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