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🎥 | Crime mystery reminiscent of the finest Korean movies Jiro Sato shows two sides "Search"


Crime mystery reminiscent of the finest Korean movies Jiro Sato shows two sides "Search"

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In the shopping district of Osaka, a flashy car chase ... a running and bicycle chase is unfolded.

The main character of a movie is often looking for something.The main character of adventure fantasy travels in search of a legendary treasure, and love affairs ... → Continue reading

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Car chase

Car chase(English: because chase) IsAutomobileA spectacular chase between each other[1]..A race between a car trying to escape and a car trying to track it.


"Car chase" is mostly used for car chase and escape plays on public roads.The car chase on public roads will be described below.

米 国Then, the criminal (perpetrator) who committed some crime escaped using a car to avoid arrest,General road,highwayIt often happens that a police vehicle (or a victim's vehicle) tracks the vehicle (explosion).In addition, it was equipped with a device for recording such a situation from the sky.helicopterThere are many, and TV news in the United States frequently broadcasts such a situation.In addition, such images are distributed and broadcast to broadcasting stations around the world, and are familiar to us.In the United States, the business of shooting such images has been established (as a private business different from TV stations).A person with excellent helicopter control and a photographer form a team to own a dedicated helicopter, equipped with a remote control camera that fits in an acrylic dome at the bottom of the helicopter.Continue to intercept police radio, take off immediately after intercepting information on the occurrence of an incident (such as a car chase), rush to the sky above the scene, take a picture while visually tracking the car from the sky, and immediately after the shooting is over It is a system that brings video data to a TV station and asks them to buy it at a high price.

In general, in the case of car chase, both escape cars and chasing carsReckless drivingTends to be.

In most cases, escape vehicles do not comply with all traffic regulations (such as traffic light stop signals) because they are quickly overtaken by the pursuit vehicle.Tracking vehicles are positioned differently between general vehicles and police vehicles,Police carIn the case of, and if the warning light is functioning and the warning sound is soundingEmergency carIn that case, ignoring the signal does not mean that the traffic regulations have been violated.


movies,TV drama,Novel,ComicIn such fiction, car chase is often taken up as an exciting element.

Even in movies that do not focus on automobiles, car chase often appears in scenes that require tension, mainly at the end of the story.Sometimes it's a car, or a vehicle other than a two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle)[2], Carriage[3], Railroad[4], Motor boat[5], Helicopters, planes, spaceships[6] Etc., or confrontation between them and a car), and a special car in which the car itself is not a normal passenger car[7] Or a car that doesn't exist in reality[8] ,CGProduction using[9] Or it may be a location in a movie with a clear screen.[10]..This method is often used because it allows you to easily and inexpensively shoot powerful scenes such as the speed on the screen, the volume of the car, and the scene of a collision and wreck.Film MusicIt also functions as an important scene change that gives a tense element, even if it is significantly different from the theme of the whole movie.

Japanese TV drama "Western policeThe series was sold in the play with a police car of the Daimon army and a flashy car chase of the fleeing criminal's car.


Hollywood moviesIn 1968, the first movie centered on modern car chase was "Bullitt』(Peter Yates(Director).[11][12][13][14] The more than 10-minute car chase scene was much longer and faster than previous films, giving the audience the illusion that they were in the car.Despite the most tragic scene in the movie, the leading actorSteve McQueenI could clearly see on the screen that I was in the car.

Then the movie "French connection], Realism was pursued further.Filmed on closed roads, rural highways before opening to the public and on rural highways with few traffic, and early Sunday mornings (including Brit), the film is a car chase on the New York city's car transport network. I drew it beautifully.The producers of both films, Philip D'Antoni, continued to work on the film "The Seven-Ups" and told the leading actor "The Seven-Ups".French connection』From the continuationRoy ScheiderTo the stuntman againBullitt』From Bill Hickman was appointed.

These films led to the frequent adoption of the car chase scene in the films of that era. The car chase scene has evolved since "Brit" and has become one of the main elements of entertainment.Car collisions have also evolved as an important factor, with various cars wrecked on the screen and sometimes pleasing the crowd.In the early example, "McQ], There is an example of a car crossing the beach causing an accident.The movie budget soared, but it was a stuntman'sHal NeedhamIt was to support from the injury caused by the accident.

further"Vanishing in 60″In 』, a car chase for more than 40 minutes was unfolded, and many cars were wrecked.Some of those destruction scenes were unintentional and really collided as a shooting accident.

The most common cars that appear in car chasePolice carIs.On the other hand, many directors are also trying out unusual combinations of car chase, such as buses, trucks, snowmobiles, trains, tanks, and cars of the fictional world (with or without wheels).

Car chase has long been used extensively in comedy.Keystone Cops, WC Fields,The Three Stooges,Funny world funny world, "The Shaggy Dog", "No Deposit, No Return", "Freaky Friday, "The Gnome-Mobile", "The Million Dollar Duck", "What's up funny big chase], [Chaplin's fall], And many comedy movies show car chase.

An example of the most complex car chase isLA Great Investigation Line / City of Wolfs"and"RONIN』,highwayThere is a car chase at the end of the reverse run.

In some movies, a large car chase is unfolded in which a number of cars are intricately intertwined and tracked. "Bruce Brothers], [Transporter], [Raiders/The Lost Ark], [Mad Max 2], [Wild speed series] And so on.Another example of car chase complexity is to move a character from one car to another and fight another character in or on it.Wachowski brothers and sistersIsMatrix Reloaded』I used this method skillfully.

Even in TV dramas, there is a series in which car chase appears frequently.American drama "Explosion! Duke], [We are bounty hunters!! Fall guy], [Night rider], [Detective Hard & Mac, The German drama "Alarm for Cobra 11And recent examples are "CHASE" in 2010 and "Chase Bank" in 2012, a collaboration between France, the United States and Canada.Transporter The Series].

Recently, many car chase using CG are also seen. The risk of using CG can be ignored in terms of cost.Alsoリ ア リ ズ ムIt is possible to make the damage of a car or a person look bigger and appeal to the force and fear.in recent yearsMichael bayBy the directorBad Boys 2 Bad"When"Island] Is mentioned.An example of using a CG car chase in a low-budget film is "RSTC: Reserve Spy Training Corps". "Driven] Is particularly noteworthy for car chase using CGI.On the other hand, there are many negative criticisms of CG car chase, "RONIN], [Bone Supremacy], [Kingdom / Invisible Enemy], [dark Knight], The actual car chase is photographed, and the use of CG is suppressed as much as possible or completely eliminated.

Movies in other regions

  • BritishRiceCollaboration movie "The Italian Job (1969 movie)] Is a movie centered on car chase.The remake version of "The Italian Job (2003 movie)]VeniceThere will also be a boat chase on the canal.
  • French movieAlways atperformance incomeTop of[15] Recorded "Le Gendarme's Saint-Tropez series(1964-1982, 6 works in total), a character named Crotilde Nun, a speed enthusiast, appears.[16], Car chase and wreck scenes are unfolded in all series.The cars used are mainly French carsCitroen 2CV.
  • LikewiseLouis de FunèsPlays the quasi-leading role "FantomaThe car chase scene also appears frequently in the series (1964-1967).Even in the original novel, drawing the car chase of automobiles and steam locomotives, which was still a new technology in the early 20th century when it was written, led to the popularity of the novel.
  • Louis de FunèsIn the movie starring, "Paris Great MeleeIs a comedy movie set in a restaurant, but in the latter half of the movie, a long car chase scene with a helicopter is unfolded. "Big chaseThe whole movie is a car tracking story, from the beginningCitroen 2CVIs wrecked. "Great advance], A chase that makes full use of trucks, military vehicles, carriages, and gliders will be unfolded.
  • Also in the French movie "TAXi』Series (1998-2007), remodeledTaxiCar chase is unfolded every time.In the first film, the main character, Daniel, worked as a pizza delivery clerk before changing jobs to a taxi driver, and a runaway driving scene (with or without a chase) is depicted on a motorcycle.
  • French-Italian co-produced movie "Kathmans man(Language isFrenchIn), tracking scenes using various vehicles from walking to balloons, airplanes, and beds are developed.
  • Japanese manga "Initial D』(Shuichi Shigeno) Is a work depicting a car race on a general public road.On Japanese roads with many curvesDriftingThe driving technique centered on is shown.In the anime version, it is cited as the earliest example of Japanese TV animation that used CG abundantly, and it has also been made into a movie.It has also been made into a live-action movie in Hong Kong.
  • "Wild Speed ​​X3 TOKYO DRIFT], In the center of Shibuya (set shooting by VFX composition)Nokogiri mountain climbing expresswayA car chase set in Japan was unfolded on location in Japan, and after allDriftingThe story revolves around.However, this isHollywood movies.
  • Manga"Shin Takarajima』(Osamu Tezuka) Uses the entire page to show the angle at which a car approaching several frames from a distance, and looks at each frame of the movie film, giving a sense of speed in the car chase. Was expressed.

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