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🎭 | Expectations for local “sacred place pilgrimage” Tochigi / Minagawa district local library on the stage of Akutagawa Prize candidate is also PR

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Expectations for local "sacred place pilgrimage" Tochigi / Minagawa district, where the Akutagawa Prize candidate is set, also promotes the local library

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Kazutada Aoki, a 60-year-old director, is pleased that "while the number of visitors has decreased due to the effects of refraining from going out due to the new coronavirus, the number of visitors has increased mainly on Saturdays and Sundays."

[Tochigi] Yusuke Norishiro (...), who was selected as a candidate for the 166th Akutagawa Prize (sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Literature). → Continue reading

 Shimono Shimbun

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