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📺 | Kis-My Miyata is in the handsome frame! "Dr. White" performed well and was highly evaluated.

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Kis-My Miyata is in the handsome frame! "Dr. White" performed well and was highly evaluated.

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"Miyata has been so ugly that he can be included in the group's derivative unit," Busaiku, "but if you look closely, you'll see that his reputation has skyrocketed recently.

From January 1, the drama "Doctor White" (Fuji TV series) starring Minami Hamabe will start broadcasting.Johnny's ... → Continue reading


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Dance festival

Dance festival(Bushik) isJapan OfMale idol group.Kis-My-Ft2Of the members ofWataru Yokoo-Toshiya Miyata-Nikaido Takatsuki-Kenaga ChigaIt is a "derivative unit" formed by four people.[2].. BelongsThe office TheJohnny's Office.. BelongsRecord label TheMENT RECORDING[3].

The group name is the producer of the unitMasahiro NakaiNamedJohnny's OfficeThe presidentJanie KitagawaGuessed the Chinese character "Busaiku"[4].


Johnny & Associates Official Website Profile[5]Described based on.


Broadcasted on May 2013, 10Kismai BUSAIKU!?』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Guest appearanceMasahiro NakaiBut,Kis-My-Ft2Then the front memberHiromitsu Kitayama-Taisuke fujigaya-Yuta Tamamori[Annotation 1]In comparison, it is mentioned that the four "back row" of Yokoo, Miyata, Nikaido, and Senga are not attracting attention.[7].. Proposed on the spot to sing with only four people, and also offered to provide music[8].

In "Kismai BUSAIKU !?" (Fuji TV) broadcast on November 2013, 11, the new unit "Busaiku" of four people made their debut song "Botamochi from the shelfAnnounced to be released on December 12th[9]..Broadcasted on the same day, Nakai will be the moderatorSound Room』(TBS) Was the first appearance on a TV program as a Busaiku[7]..Nakai choreographs in addition to providing music[7],furtherMusic videoAlso in charge of planning and supervision[10].."Botamochi from the shelf" was unveiled for the first time at the Kis-My-Ft11 Tokyo Dome performance on November 15th of the same year.[11].. On December 12th, a debut commemorative event was held in Osaka.[12].


  • August 1th, 4th single "Signpost] Is released.The title song is the first self-produced song and a ballad song.Won No. 1 on the Oricon chart for the first time[13].
  • A high-five and public recording entitled "Busaiku New Year's Campaign-A Journey to the Roads of Japan" will be held for 1 days from January 5th to 8th.
  • December 12th, the first album "The dance festival group, wow!Was released.
  • From February 2th, the stage "The End of XX People-The XX Choices We Have Selected-" will be performed.
  • On December 12th, the DVD "The End of XX People-The XX Choices We Selected-" will be released as a mail-order limited / completely made-to-order product.


The ranking isOriconHighest in the weekly ranking announced by


PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product numberRanking[14]Recording album
12013/12/13Botamochi from the shelfFirst Press Limited Edition ACD + DVDAVCD-48919 / B2 bitKis-My-Journey
The dance festival group, wow!
BEST of Kis-My-Ft2[Annotation 2]
First Press Limited Edition BCDAVCD-48920
Normal EditionAVCD-48921
Kis-My SHOP Board (Yokoo Board)CD + benefitsAVC1-48922
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Miyata Edition)AVC1-48923
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Nikaido Edition)AVC1-48924
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Chiga Edition)AVC1-48925
22014/0May 7Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee Tee TeeFirst Press Limited Edition ACD + DVDAVCD-83070 / B2 bit[1]The dance festival group, wow!
First Press Limited Edition BCDAVCD-83071
Normal EditionAVCD-83072
Kis-My SHOP Board (Yokoo Board)CD + benefitsAVC1-83073
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Miyata Edition)AVC1-83074
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Nikaido Edition)AVC1-83075
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Chiga Edition)AVC1-83076
32015/0308 daysI goofed!!First Press Limited Edition ACD + DVDAVCD-83228 / B3 bit
First Press Limited Edition BAVCD-83229
Normal EditionCDAVCD-83230
Kis-My SHOP Board (Yokoo Board)CD + benefitsAVC1-83231
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Miyata Edition)AVC1-83232
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Nikaido Edition)AVC1-83233
Kis-My SHOP Edition (Chiga Edition)AVC1-83234
42017/0104 daysSignpostFirst Press Limited Edition ACD + DVDAVCD-83759 / B1 bit[13]
First Press Limited Edition BAVCD-83760
Normal EditionCDAVCD-83761


Original album

PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product numberRanking
12017/12/13The dance festival group, wow!First Press Limited Edition ACD + DVDAVCD-93782 / B1 bit[15]
First Press Limited Edition BAVCD-93783 / B
Normal EditionCDAVCD-93784

Video work

PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product numberRanking
12018/0May 8Busaiku Village Wow! Surprised! 1st lolFirst edition2DVDAVBD-92712 ~ 31 bit
Regular Edition (DVD)DVDAVBD-92714
Regular Edition (Blu-ray)Blu-rayAVXD-927151 bit


TV drama

Music program

  • UTAGE! [18](October 2014, 4-March 21, 2015,TBS)
    • In the revival special program, Toshiya Miyata will appear as an assistant on behalf of the second generation from 2020.
  • Momm !!(December 2015, 10-January 26, 2017, TBS)


  • Asahi Beverage Spiral Grape "Appearance" and "Development" (2014)
  • Kowa Cave Series "Before and After" (December 2014-)[19]



2018/Busaiku Village Wow! Surprised! 1st lol6 venue 21 performance
(Including 5 additional performances)[23]
The first solo live tour. Mobilized 5 people.[24]


注 釈

  1. ^ Later, on July 2017, 7, "I think that there are more Busaiku members appearing in music programs.Music Station], A one-day limited special unit, Maeashi from Kis-My-Ft3, was formed by these three front members.[6].
  2. ^ Only the first edition B is included.
  3. ^ Initially, the performance was scheduled until March 3th, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the performance after February 15th was canceled.[20].


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