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🎥 | 7ORDER Aran Abe's ball child appearance! "Two Out Full Base" This Notice Released

Photo Flyer Visual-(C) 2022 "Two Out Full Base" Production Committee

7ORDER Aran Abe's ball child appearance! "Two Out Full Base" This Notice Released

If you write the contents roughly
You can also see former manager Saki (Haruka Kudo) and the worst yakuza Onihei (Kiyohiko Shibukawa).

From the movie "Two Out Full Base" (released on March 7) starring Aran Abe (3ORDER), 25ORDE ... → Continue reading

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Kiyohiko Shibukawa

Kiyohiko Shibukawa(Shibukawa Kiyohiko,1974/May 7[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,maleFashion Model.. Oldstage name,KEE(Key).GunmaShibukawaBackground[1].DecadeBelongs. married.


Height 175cm[1].. Blood type A. HobbyDrum.. My younger brother was also playing drums.

The stage name "Shibukawa" was taken from Shibukawa city, where he was born.

Shibukawa City Kaneshima Elementary School, Shibukawa City Kaneshima Junior High School,Gunma Prefectural Shibukawa High SchoolI spent 18 years in Gunma and moved to Tokyo aiming to be a professional band.Tokyo Communication Art CollegeEnrolled in the drum department, and dropped out in less than a year. I was just visiting Japan when I was 1America OfPhotographers-Nan GoldinAnd became the model for the photo book "Tokyo Love". After that, I was taken to Nan GoldinShinjuku OfJazz barAnd photographerTakashi HommaWhen I met him,KEEWith the stage nameFashion ModelDebut as[2].. 『MEN'S NON-NOAnd 'smart] And other magazines.

1998/,Porn star], the movie debut. Since then, is the director of the same workToshiaki ToyotaAppeared in all the director's works[3].

2006/Renamed to the current stage name.2008/ToStardust promotionMoved to the current office, Decade.

2013/,26 Tokyo International Film FestivalThe first movie starring in "And Mudake Haiku"[4].

There is an activity as a drum of the psychobilly band "DTKINZ".

2021/, Appearance work "Imagine by chanceIs the 71thBerlin International Film FestivalSilver Bear AwardWon[5].



TV drama

V cinema

  • Road to the New Leader (2008)
  • Tokyo NEO Magic Night 2 (2009) --Tokyo Magic Night Shadow
  • Jungle Crow! (2010)-Stray Dog

Television Animation



  • PEALOUT"SOUL RIDER" (2001) "GOOD BY EBLE" "Traveler's Song" (2002)-Trilogy, DVD "Stay freeRecorded in
  • Nothing's Carved In Stone"Cold Reason" (2010)
  • VOLTA MASTERS ``Thank You feat.DOUBLE,Doitall from Lords Of Underground,Treach from Naughty By Nature" (2011)
  • "In Shirafu" (2016)[46]


Delivery drama

TV program

  • Nonfiction W"Punks to say! Ken Yokoyama ~ 311 Hysta, Beyond ~" (March 2013, 3, WOWOW)-Narration



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外部 リンク

Haruka Kudo

Haruka Kudo(Haruka Kudo,1999/<11>May 10 -) isJapan Ofactress[1].vocal&ダンスMainly womenIdolgroup"Morning Musume.Former member (10th term)[2]. Nickname isKudou,Doo[3],Haru-chan[4].. Image color isOrange[1].

SaitamaBackground[5].. Blood type A[5].. Height 161 cm[6].Jaypee RoomBelongs(Just proBusiness alliance with[7]).



  • I have two younger brothers (2 and 2 years old)[27].
  • my brother"The wizard's brideWhen Kudo did "The Ancient Magus' Bride", he was advised "Don't let the quality of the original work down."[28].
  • Husky voiceHe was called boyish because he used his hair as a shortcut.[29]Although he called himself "Kudo Shonen"[30],Theatrical Girls' Club Musical "LILIUM"After playing the role of Fals in, the handsome characters that both self and others recognize have taken root.[31].
  • Kudo's mother initially said, "Morning Musume. 』Although he was against joining, the father persuaded his mother to allow him to join.
  • A solid person, "Morning Musume. 』In the initiative to clean up the dressing room[31][32], Always kept my surroundings clean[33].
  • Since I learned swimming when I was in elementary school, both my special skills and my favorite sportsæ°´ æ³³[3].
  • "Morning Musume. 』\ Only among the 10th term membersHalo pro eggFrom[34].
  • The first concerts at Hello Pro Egg often failed in dance, but as the lessons continued, the dance improved and less scolded.[11]..また、高い音が出るようになり、ダンスを長い時間練習するおかげで体力もついたIn addition, I started to make high-pitched sounds, and I gained strength thanks to practicing dance for a long time.[11].
  • At 11 years and 11 months, "Morning Musume. Is the youngest record to join[35].
  • "Morning Musume. 』In spite of being the youngest (September 2011-as of September 9), he has a high commenting ability, saying," It is the most solid of the 2014 terms. "Yoshida GoIs evaluated by the person himself and admits it[36].
  • "Morning Musume. 』\ At the beginning of joining, I became a senior member of the 9th termMouthTalking in[37]I said only bullish things because I wanted to partition, but looking back on that one or two years, I myselfBlack historyCalling[31].
  • The longed-for seniorRisa Aragaki,Tanaka Reina,℃ -ute OfChiaki Okai[13]..目標の先輩はThe target senior isHitomi Yoshizawa,Tanaka Reina[38].
  • Juice = Juice OfSayuki TakagiHave been good friends since the time of Hello! Project[39]..She says she's like an older sister who loved her.[40].
  • "Morning Musume. About the 10th term members, "I can only see it as a synchronization now, but I wonder if I will be friends when I graduate."Haruna IikuboIs your sisterAyumi IshidaIs a companion,Yuki SatoDescribes as a companion[41].
  • 10th term memberHaruna IikuboAnd 12th term membersOgata spring waterAAA (Triple A) with 3 people[Note 1]Was forming an unofficial unit called[42].
  • 13th term member (Kaede Kaga,Reina Yokoyama) Served as an educator[43].
  • Since childhood, "Super squadron seriesI love "blue", and when I was 13, I went to the video corner "Tsun Club II" of "Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Live 2013 Winter" and said, "Have a lot of transformation belts." When he said, "I want to be a squadron hero" and "I want to transform," he co-starred.Mano ErinaSaid, "But maybe it will be out in 5 years?"[44]Just five years later, I said that dreamLupine Ranger VS Patranger』It was decided to come true[45][46]..In the same work, "Morning Musume. 』It is said that it was a challenge to match the husky voice to the role in order to play a cute character, which is different from the times.[47].
  • In "Lupin Ranger", at the request of KudoalpacaとChickPhantom appeared[48]..Especially the latter is Kudo's "Morning Musume. The debut song of the era "Pyoko Pyoko UltraIs associated with[48]..In addition, the color of the flower in episode 17 is "Morning Musume. The image color of Kudo in the era, and the chick's headgear in episode 46 also homage to the costume of "Pyoco Pyoco Ultra".[47].
  • 12th term memberAkane HagaIs very much loved by[49], Of the 10th term membersAyumi Ishida,Tsubaki FactorySub-leader ofRisa OgataWith Kudo and HagaHomeStaying partyHome partyI'm close enough to do[50][51][52].
  • BEYOOOOONDS OfMaeda KokoroBrother (actor'sKentaro Maeda) Is a childhood friend and is a good friend of the whole family[53].
  • Hard-core even within Hello! ProjectLove lover[Note 2]Is (recommended)μ'sMembers are Rin Hoshizora)[54].
  • The GospellersHe is a big fan of and is a member of the fan club.FM Tokyoof"TOKYO SPEAKEASY", Is a recommendationYoichi KitayamaThe dialogue with was realized.


Video work

  • Space jelly"Before Now" (February 2011)[55]
  • Greeting ~ Haruka Kudo ~ (June 2012, 6,UP-FRONT WORKS) --E-Hello! Series (e-LineUP! Limited time sale), UFBW-2060[56][57]
  • HARUKA (June 2012, 11,zetima / UP-FRONT WORKS) --EPBE-5452[58]
  • Haruka -thirteen- (May 2013, 5, UP-FRONT WORKS) --e-Hello! Series (e-LineUP! Limited time sale), UFBW-16[59]
  • Simple (October 2014, 10, zetima / UP-FRONT WORKS) --EPBE-22[60]
  • Spring / Summer -Haruka- (July 2016, 7, zetima / UP-FRONT WORKS) --EPXE-6[61]
  • Do The Vacation (November 2017, 11, zetima / UP-FRONT WORKS) --EPXE-22[62]

Delivery music

  • Miss conversion !! / Haruka Kudo &Yuki Sato(Morning Musume. '17) (May 2017, 5, UP-FRONT WORKS)[63]

Character song



  • 2010 Hello! Project Rookie Performance March ~ Yokohama GOLD! ~ (March 3, 2010) Yokohama BLITZ)
  • 2010 Hello! Project Newcomer Performance June ~ Yokohama HOP! ~ (June 6, 2010 Yokohama BLITZ)[64]
  • 2010 Hello! Project Rookie Performance September ~ Yokohama STEP! ~ (September 9, 2010 Yokohama BLITZ)[65]
  • 2010 Hello! Project Newcomer Performance November ~ Yokohama JUMP! ~ (November 11, 2010 Yokohama BLITZ)[66]
  • Hello Pro Egg 2011 Presentation-September Raw Egg Show!-(September 9, 2011 Yokohama BLITZ)[15][67]
  • Morning Musume.Concert Tour 2011 Autumn Ai BELIEVE ~ Ai Takahashi Graduation Special ~ (September 2011th and 9th, 29)[68]
  • モーニング娘。としての活動期間2011å¹´9月29日当時小学6年生11歳〜2017å¹´12月11日当時高校3年生17歳までの約6å¹´(2266日)、その間に行われた全てのコンサートツアーに参加している。
  • Hello! Project 2020 Winter HELLO! PROJECT IS [] ~ side A ~ / ~ side B ~ (January 2020, 1, 11, 12th, 18) --MC Assistant[69]
  • Haruka Kudo LIVE 2020 “New Face!” (February 2020, 2,Nagoya Club Quattro / August 2th,Zepp Osaka Bayside)
  • M-line Special 2021 ~ Make a Wish! ~ (February 2021, 2)Namba Hatch / July 2th and 13th,Nakano Sanguraza)



  • Hello! Project Presents ~ Halo ☆ Festival in Odaiba Gourmet PARK ~ (May 2010-5, 1, special stage in Odaiba Gourmet PARK)[12]
  • Shiodome Expo 2010(December 2010, 8,Shiodome AX)[77]
  • "Ganbaro Nippon Ai wa Katsu" Project (April 2011, 4,Yamashita Park other)[78]
  • "One Love Life Live" Music & Comedy Live (May 2011-5, 3,Fuji Television Network, Inc1st floor open space special stage)[79]
  • Hello Pro Egg Shiodome AX Event (June 2011, 6)[Note 3], Shiodome AX)[81]
  • Hello Pro Egg Summer Vacation Special! ~ Rookie !?, Welcome ~! ~ (July 2011th and 7th, 12,Pacific Haven)[82]
  • Shiohiro"Shiodome ☆ Idol Carnival! 2011 in SHIODOME-AX" Welcome to Hello Pro Egg New Men ~ Summer Vacation Dela AX! ~ (August 2011th and 8th, 11, Shiodome AX)[83][84]
  • Morning Musume. 10期メンバー お披露目握手会イベント(2011å¹´11月26日、大阪・XNUMXth member unveiling handshake event (November XNUMX, XNUMX, OsakaArio Otori1st floor outdoor event plaza / Nagoya / Imaike Gas Hall, live & MC only for the 10th period)[85][86]
  • Morning Musume. 10th unveiling event (December 2011, 12, Yokohama BLITZ, co-star: Risa Niigaki)[87]
  • Mizuki Fukumura & Haruka Kudo Birthday Event 2013 (October 2013, 10)
  • Morning Musume. '14 Haruka Kudo Birthday Event 2014 (October 2014, 10)
  • Morning Musume. '15 Mizuki Fukumura & Haruka Kudo Birthday Event-Fukudu Birthday Party! ~ (October 2015th and 10th, 27)
  • Morning Musume. '16 Haruka Kudo Birthday Event (October 2016, 10)
  • Morning Musume. '17 Haruka Kudo Birthday Event (October 2017, 10, co-star and guest: Mizuki Fukumura, Akane Haga)
  • Morning Days Happy Holiday 10th member Haruna Iikubo, Ayumi Ishida, Masaki Sato, Haruka Kudo Fan Club Tour in Yamanashi (November 2017th and 11th, 8)
  • Morning Musume. '17 Haruka Kudo Solo Special Live (December 2017, 12, co-star and guest: Haruna Iikubo, Haruna Ogata)
  • Yoshikawa Police Station "110th Day" Public Relations Campaign (January 2019, 1)
  • Haruka Kudo FC Event-Celebrate the whole thing! ~ (February 2019, 2)
  • Haruka Kudo Fan Club Tour in Nagano HARU COUNT DOWN 19 → 20 (October 2019th and 10th, 26)
  • Haruka Kudo Birthday Event (October 2020, 10, Guest: Ayumi Ishida, Masaki Sato)

TV drama

Delivery drama


original video



Online delivery



  • Super squadronData card Kaitou Sentai Lupine Ranger VS Police Squadron Patranger (February 2018,Bandai) --Umika Hayami / Lupine Yellow
  • Nintendo Switch Nari Kids Park Kaitou Sentai Lupine Ranger VS Police Squadron Patranger (November 2018, 11,BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) --Umika Hayami / Lupine Yellow


Photo album

  1. Do (October 2012, 10,Crocodile books, Photo by: Tsuyoshi Kumagai)ISBN +978-4-8470-4503-5[109]
  2. Get tomorrow's weather! (September 2014, 9, Wanibooks, Photo:Masafumi Nakayama)ISBN +978-4-8470-4686-5
  3. Harukaze (February 2016, 2, Wanibooks, Photo: Maki Oe)ISBN +978-4-8470-4822-7[110]
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  6. Lively (March 2020, 3, Wanibooks, Photo: Maki Oe)ISBN +978-4-8470-8276-4[112]

Personal book

Magazine serialization


Affiliation group unit


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注 釈

  1. ^ The unit name comes from the small breasts of the three people.Music group of the same nameHas nothing to do with.
  2. ^ Television Animation"lovelive!"and"Love Live! Sunshine!!』Fans.
  3. ^ Originally scheduled for March 3th, but occurred on March 26thGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe event was postponed due to the influence of[80].
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  5. ^ At the beginning, it was "Ma-chan & Kudou's Hello! Project" Senior "Expedition Team", but from the 4th (October 2012 issue), it was renamed to "Ma-chan & Kudou's Hello! Project" Senior "Expedition Team". Finally, it became "Machan Kudō's Hello! Project Senior Expedition".In the table of contents, it was "Masaki Sato & Haruka Kudo's Hello! Project Senior Expedition".
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