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🤖 | "Knights of Sidonia" Tsutomu Nihei x Polygon Pictures is tagging again!Announcement of new project "Kaina in the heavy snow sea"

Photo "Kaina of the Taisetsukai" Original draft visual (C) Tsutomu Nihei / Kaina of the Taisetsuumi Production Committee

"Knights of Sidonia" Tsutomu Nihei x Polygon Pictures is tagging again!Announcement of new project "Kaina in the heavy snow sea"

If you write the contents roughly
Kodansha plans to simulcast the English version on Crunchyroll all over the world except Asia!

Originally written by Tsutomu Nihei, a manga artist known for "Knights of Sidonia", and animated by Polygon Pictures ... → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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Crunchyroll, Inc. (Crunchyroll, Inc)It is,Sony GroupUnder the umbrellaAnime,manga,DramaSpecializing in streaming distributionAmericaof,Infomation,Production company, License company.CaliforniaSan FranciscoHeadquartered in Japan, the Japanese subsidiaryTokyoShibuyaShibuyaThey are located in each.

Launch is2006/September.Initially an anime posting site, mainly Japanese animeFansubWas posted.These are copyright infringement acts, but the site continued to grow rapidly.[3]..Another feature is the ability to forum and chat.

Under these circumstances, we established a Japanese corporation and started negotiations on a partnership with an animation company.Delete illegal videos on your own site, provide software to detect illegal posts on video posting sites, etc.[4], Finally contract with TV TOKYO (video distribution 1 hour after airing in Japan. This style is the world's first at a key station[3]).With this as a triggerGdh,ToeiI also made a contract.


  • 2006/September-Site launch.
  • 2008/
  • 2009/2 month - Japan Video AssociationBelong to.
  • 2012/ --The number of paying members has exceeded 10.
  • 2013/
    • March-The number of paying members exceeds 3 million.
    • October-Comic distribution started.
  • 2014/November-The number of paying members exceeds 11.
  • 2015/November-The number of paying members exceeds 10[5].
  • 2016/
  • 2017/
    • March-The number of paying members exceeds 2[7].
    • April --Vincent Scholtino, CEO of Japanese corporation, retires.Since then, CEO Kung Gao of the US headquarters will also serve concurrently.[8].
    • 7 month - TwitchIn partnership with Crunchyroll, broadcast all 19 anime episodes at once.The viewing was free.This is the first time that Twitch, a dedicated game distribution site, has broadcast an anime.Also, for a limited time, the Crunchyroll mascot character "Crunchyroll-Hime" could be used as a stamp.[9].
  • 2018/
    • April --Rita One becomes CEO of Japanese corporation.
    • September-Joan Voga becomes Crunchyroll GM.
  • 2019/
    • March-The number of paying members exceeds 3 million.
    • December --Completion of capital tie-up procedures with VIZ Media Europe (Group companies VIZ Media Europe, VIZ Media Switzerland, AV Visionen, KAZÉ, KAZÉ Manga, Anime on Demand, Anime Digital Network) across France, Germany and Switzerland.In addition, John Esome will be newly appointed as the head of Clanroll's EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) division, and will oversee Crunchyroll's European business, VIZ Media Europe.
  • 2020/
    • April --VIZ Media Europe renews its company name and service brand and changes to Crunchyroll EMEA to match the parent company "Crunchyroll".
    • May 5-Service starts in the United States from the same dayFlat-rate video distribution service"HBO MaxStarted distributing popular works to[10].
    • August 12- SonyAnnounces acquisition of Crunchyroll operator Illation for 1222 billion yen[11][12].
  • 2021/
  • 2022/March 3-Announced brand integration with Funimation[16].

Related person

  • Khun Gao (founder)
  • Joan Voga (Crunchyroll GM)
  • Vincent Shortino (first representative of Japanese corporation)
  • Rita One (Representative Director of Japanese corporation)

Anime works

Crunchyroll original



Production participation work

In most of the works, the Japanese corporation and the Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund often participate as one of the production committees.

  • Mini binding -(Production --Hideyuki Saita, Producer --Nobuhiko Kurosu, Associate Producer --Song Seiji, Overseas License --Haruki Ashita)
  • The rising of the shield hero ―― (Production ―― Hideyuki Saita, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Associate Producer ―― saechan, Promotion ―― Christie Leu)
  • Kemono Friends 2 -(Planning-Hideyuki Saita, Producer-Hiroshi Akio)
  • Girly Air Force -(Planning & Producer-Hideyuki Saita, Assistant Producer-Kuma Sugita)
  • Orient ―― (Planning ―― To Wang, Executive Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Producer ―― Yukari Kuwayama, Overseas License ―― Sojong Lee)
  • In the land of rear dale ―― (Executive Producer ―― To Wang, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Assistant Producer ―― Yukari Kuwayama, Overseas License ―― Sojong Lee)
  • Love of kill ―― (Executive Producer ――Akira Wang, Producer ――Nobuhiko Kurosu, Executive Producer ――Kuma Sugita, Overseas License ――Sojon Lee)
  • Estab Life Great Escape ―― (Production ―― Asa Suehira, planning cooperation ―― Takaya Yamaguchi, Kimuriri)
  • Friendship game ―― (Planning ―― Asa Suehira, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Associate Producer ―― Yukari Kuwayama, Overseas License ―― Sojon Lee, Promotion ―― Eiko Nakamura)
  • Reincarnated as Villager A, the Greatest Demon Lord in history ―― (Executive Producer ―― To Wang, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Associate Producer ―― Yukari Kuwayama, Promotional Cooperation ―― Eiko Nakamura, Overseas License ―― Sojon Lee)
  • The rise of the hero of the shield Season 2- (Executive Producer-Ou, Producer-Nobuhiko Kurosu, Assistant Producer-Kuma Sugita, Sales Promotion-Eiko Nakamura, Overseas License-Sojong Lee)
  • Skeleton Knight, now going out to another world ―― (Planning ―― To the King, Producer ―― Hisato Usui, Associate Producer ―― Tomoko Kage, Advertising Producer ―― Christie Lou)
  • The dawn of the witch ―― (Planning ―― To the King, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu)
  • Shikimori who is not only cute ―― (Planning ―― Asa Suehira, Executive Producer ―― Emiko Iijima, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu)
  • This healer is annoying ―― (Executive Producer ――Asa Suehira, Producer & Cooperation ――Emiko Iijima, Assistant Producer ――Kanako Takahashi, Overseas Promotion ――Alexandria Norado)
  • Cuckoo's bride ―― (Executive Producer ―― To Wang, Producer ―― Nobuhiko Kurosu, Promotional Cooperation ―― Eiko Nakamura, Overseas License ―― Sojong Lee)
  • Orient XNUMXnd Cool
  • Shoot! Goal to the Future
  • Muv-Luv Alternative Phase XNUMX
  • Kaina in the heavy snow sea

Viewing and membership system

All the animations delivered are in the form of Japanese audio + subtitles.It supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles, and you will have to select the subtitle language from them.Depending on the work, the subtitles can be set to ON / OFF, and playback with only Japanese audio is also possible. It can also be viewed from set-top boxes such as PCs, smartphones, Internet TVs, and game consoles such as PS3 and XBOX360.

Initially, it provided only Japanese anime, but now it also distributes dramas, J-POP, and PV of anime song singers.It distributes content not only in Japan but also in East Asia.The number of work contents is more than 5,000 titles.

Formal services are provided in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia (English-speaking countries such as Singapore and the Philippines), and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia), and we plan to gradually increase the number of distribution countries and regions in the future. ..

Connections from Japan are flipped by the IP and cannot normally be viewed.Also, regarding services in Japan, "The Internet in Japan has the impression that it is closed, and the business is completely different from overseas. I don't think it can be developed as it is," said President Shortino.However, depending on the work, you may be able to watch it.[18].

The number of pirated downloads has dropped by 74% since Crunchyroll began distribution.The age group of users is mainly 14 to 25 years old, and there are many high school and college students.Since the market is special only in France and Japanese anime DVDs and manga can be sold, rights holders have instructed us to refrain from services in France.Many users see new and old works at a ratio of 7: 3.[19].

There are free and paid plans ($ 6.95 to $ 11.95 / month).

Even if you are a free member, you can watch all the works and all the stories, but only the SD image quality of about 200kbps, the CM for 15 seconds is inserted about 3 times.Simulcast will be available for viewing in a week.

For paid members, we offer services such as access to exclusive content only for paid plans, viewing in full HD image quality up to 1080P, no advertisement, and simulcasting of works broadcast in Japan that can be viewed in about an hour. can get.In English and Portuguese, more than 30 works support simulcast distribution (delivered on the same day as broadcasting in Japan).

The number of paying members exceeded 2012 in 10 and 2013 in March 3.[20].

As of September 2012, the number of monthly viewers including free viewing is estimated to be about 9 million (700% in North America).[21].

Paid member income exceeds 1 million yen a month.

As of May 2020, it is said that 5 million free members and 6000 million paid members are using this service.[10].

May 2020, 5, the parent company from the same dayAT&TとWarnerMediaIs a video distribution service scheduled to startHBO MaxAnnounced to participate.Popular works for which the company owns distribution rights[Note 1]Will be provided to the service, and works will be added quarterly.[10][22].

Manga distribution

From October 2013, 10, some Kodansha manga works will be distributed in English on the magazine release date in Japan.[23].

Crunchyroll Anime Award

Crunchyroll is an annual award for Japanese animation "Crunchyroll Anime AwardIs being held[24].


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