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📺 | TVISION, Analyzing where the viewers paid attention in the first broadcast of "The 13 Lords of the Kamakura" / Screens


TVISION analyzes where viewers focused on the first broadcast of "The 13 Lords of the Kamakura" / Screens

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On the other hand, the scene that received the least attention was the scene where Munetoki, the brother of Yoshitoki, played by Ainosuke Kataoka, took him to Minamoto no Yoritomo, played by Yo Oizumi, who was hidden in the Hojo clan.

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Yoritomo Gengen

Minamoto no Yoritomo(From Minamoto,Old font : Minamoto no Yoritomo) IsHeian periodFrom the endKamakura PeriodEarlyJapan OfMilitary commander,政治家.Kamakura ShogunateFirst generationConqueror General.


Gen SeiwaFirst-classGen Kawachi OfMinamoto no dynastyBorn as the third son ofHeiji RebellionIf you lose inIzukuniDistributionWill be done.In IzuIinou Ofcommand of a princeWhen you receiveHojo Tosei,Hojo justiceSuch asBandoWith samuraiHeikeList the overthrowing soldiersKamakuraBased onKantoSuppress.弟たちをYounger brothersDeputy officialAsMinamoto YoshinakaThe youngest brother who defeated Ya Heike and was successfulYoshitsune MinamotoTo countries after expulsionGuardianGroundTo strengthen the power,Oshu BattleOshu FujiwaraDestroy.Takehisa3 years(1192/) Was appointed as Shogun.

ThisImperial courtalike京都Boasted power centered onTaira administrationDifferent fromEastern countryIndependentSamurai governmentWas opened and laterKamakura ShogunateWas called.After Yoritomo's deathLordYoritomo's torrent was cut off by the power struggle, and after that,Hojo justiceTorrent (ProfitHouse) became the ruler of the Kamakura Shogunate.



Hisasu3 years(1147/May 4,Minamoto no dynastyAs the third son ofOwariAichi-gunAtsuta(CurrentAichiNagoya cityAtsuta[Annotation 2][Annotation 3][Annotation 4][Annotation 5][Annotation 6] OfAtsuta ShrineJingu Omiyaji on the west sideKihara FujiwaraVilla (currentlyVow temple) Born in[Annotation 7].Childhood TheOnimusha, ま た はOnitake Maru[2].

The ancestorEmperor SeiwaWith grandchildrenSubject descent officialMinamoto Ki.Gen TadaOf the ancestor ofGenmanchu,Gen KawachiOf the ancestor ofMinamoto no Yoritomo,Role of the last nine years OfMinamoto,The role of the next three years OfOriginator,Parent-in-law,grandfather'sSource meaning..His mother is the daughter of Fujiwara no SuenoriYura Gozen.Nanny TheHiki,Kangawa Nun,Nun Yamauchi.

HomotoNew Year (1156/), My father's YoshitomoHomoto no Ranso,Emperor GoshirakawaOn the sideKiyomori TairaWin with them,Emperor ChongdeHe was not allowed to replace his father's life with his own military service, but he defeated his father and his younger brothers.Left horse headBe entrusted to.

3 years of Hogen (1158/), Yoritomo is Emperor Go-ShirakawaJunboAs a resultPrincess Muneko OfEmpress palaceAnd,HeijiNew Year (1159/) In February, when Princess Muneko received the title of the institute, KaminishimoninBrewerIs supplemented by. At the beginning of KaminishimoninTokudaiji Sanesada, Taira no Kiyomori, etc.courtierServe as a sake cup while gathering[Annotation 8].. Also in January of the same yearGeneral UkonoeIn JuneEmperor NijoIt is also assisted by the brewer of. Eldest brotherYoshihiraSeems to be unofficial, and the second brother who was appointed earlierMorning lordYoritomo, who has a high mother's family, is the successor to Yoshitomo because he is promoted faster thanLegitimate manIt is believed that he was treated as.

Heiji Rebellion

On December 1159, 12, YoshitomoFujiwara TrustWith Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Emperor NijoInner sideCatch in. On the 14th, 13-year-old YoritomoRight soldier GonzaIs entrusted to[Annotation 9].. On the 26th, the emperor and the emperor escape from the inside. 27th,Government armyKiyomori and others who became, attacked inside and out,BanditsYoshitomo and others who became defeated and escaped from Kyo,Eastern countryIt aims to.

Map of Kinki to Tokai region

Eternal calendarNew Year (1160/) February 2, YoritomoOmi countryCaught in KyotoRokuharaSent to[4],Death penaltyOf course, Kiyomori's stepmotherIke no ZenniThe first prize of death can be reduced by the petition of[Annotation 10].. In addition, Go-Shirakawa-in, for the petition for lifesaving,KaminishimoninThere is also a theory that the intention of[5]..Also, the essence of the Heiji rebellion isA close vassalIt is a conflict between each other, and Yoshitomo is only one of those who are subordinate to trust, and there is a view that it is natural that the disposition of the children was mild.[6].. On June 3IzukuniToexileWas done[Annotation 11].

The second elder brother, Tomonaga, was injured.Mino countryBlue graveYoshitomo lost his life in Owari ProvinceNomaAtTadashi NagataWas murdered by Yoshihira, and his eldest brother, Yoshihira, was executed in the capital.[Annotation 12], Of the same mother and younger brotherMinamoto no Mare TheTosukuniHave been exiled to.

Izu no Ryujin

There is almost no historical material left for the life of a drifter in Izu Province. As an exileHiruga Kojima(Hirugakojima) is known, but this place isHojoIt is unknown whether they lived there from the beginning in the area controlled by[Annotation 13][Annotation 14].

AroundHikiSon-in-lawAdachi Morinaga,Shigeyori Kawagoe,Yuuki ItoServed as an aide and lost his territory because he obeyed the Genji clan and was wanderingSasaki TetsunaThe four brothers served as servants.In this regionSpirit mountainIsHakone Gongen,Gongen GongenDeeply devoted toSutraWhile mourning his late father, Yoshitomo and Minamoto no Yoshitomo, he spent his days as a local samurai.Even so, the nephew of the nannyYasunobu MiyoshiI get information about Kyoto regularly from[9]..It is also part of martial artsMakigariI often participated in[Annotation 15]It is known.In "Soga Monogatari"Yusuke Kudo Yuyasu KawazuKnown for killingYasumotoAlthough Yoritomo's position was a fluent person, such as the appearance of Yoritomo participating in the Okuno makigari in October 2 (1176), it seems that he was treated as a "notable" in and around Izu. There is also a theory that[10].

In addition, during this exile, IzuAustralian-Hojo ToseiThe eldest daughter ofMasakoMarried with the eldest daughterOhimeI have.The time of this marriage is the year of birth of OhimeApprovalSince it is said to be 2 years (1179), it is estimated that it was around the first year of Jisho.In addition, the year of birth of OhimeYasumoto2 years(1176/)Michihisa HotateMarries Masako before the previous year, the first year of Angen.[10].

In addition, it is said that the fiction is high.Soga story] Has the following description.Ren'an2 years(1167/Around that time, 21-year-old YoritomoSukechika ItoWas under. Here later become a family memberMihei Dohi,Amano distant view,Kageyoshi OhbaHunting and sumo are held.Yoritomo is the third daughter while Sukechika is in Tokyo and absent.Yaehime) And the childChizuru MaruSukechika was furious and was afraid of hearing Mr. Taira, and threw Chizuru Maru to Todoroki Fuchi in Ito, and threw his third daughter.Koshiro Ema[Annotation 16]While marrying him, he attempted to defeat Yoritomo.Yoritomo, who heard it from Sukechika's second son, escaped to Gongen, and saved his life.In addition, Michihisa Hotate mentioned above had a time when Yoritomo had a relationship with both Yaehime and Masako, and he was son-in-law of Hojo Tokimasa.[Annotation 17]The cause of the attack is that Sukechika, who was supposed to be, had his face crushed.[Annotation 18].

Regarding the marriage with Masako,Genpei Morishiki』There is the following anecdote. Tokimasa, who opposes the marriage of Yoritomo and Masako,Kanetaka YamakiMasako is sent to Kanetaka to marry him, but Masako escapes from the wedding ceremony that night.However, regarding the marriage between Masako, who became Yoritomo's wife, and Kanetaka Yamaki, it seems to be a narrative creation because Kanetaka's Izu exile was in 1179 and the eldest daughter, Ohime, was born in 1178.

Raising soldiers

Map of Izu region

4 years of Jisho1180/), Prince of Emperor Go-ShirakawaIinouOrders Heike revengecommand of a princeWas sent to the Genji of each country. On April 4, at Yoritomo in Izu Province, my uncleSource houseMore decree was delivered.Prince MochihitoMinamoto no YorimasaTogether withUjiHowever, Yoritomo did not move and waited for a while.However, when the Taira clan attempted to pursue the Genji of the countries that received the order and realized that he was in crisis, Yoritomo decided to raise troops and called on each of the Bando tribes to cooperate in raising troops.[Annotation 19][Annotation 20]..While many of the Genji family members took a negative attitude toward raising troops, the cooperation of the samurai who were oppressed by the change of the landlord and the samurai who are in conflict with the family close to the Heike is expected. There was such a situation.

The first target is Izu ProvinceMokudai-Kanetaka Yamaki[Annotation 21]On August 4, 1180, Hojo Tokimasa and others attacked Kanetaka's Mokudai mansion in Nirayama and defeated Kanetaka by order of Yoritomo.[9][Annotation 22].

On the 19th, Yoritomo performed his first political act in Izu Province. Yoritomo who controlled IzuSagami countryToi TownshipHeaded for[Annotation 23].. Yoritomo and others are based(I.e.IssuedMiura clanIt was planned to join the Miura clan, but the water increased due to heavy rain.Sakawa RiverI couldn't join because I got stuck in, and on August 8, before thatManazuruIn the vicinityIshibashi Mountain BattleI ended up rushing into.Yoritomo army XNUMX horses are of the HeikeKeiko Ohba, Ito Sukechika and others fought against more than XNUMX horses and were defeated, and escaped to the mountains with a few servants[Annotation 24].. Yoritomo, who escaped death after several days of escape in the mountains, was on August 8th.Cape Manazuru(CurrentRock beach) By shipAwakuni(CurrentChibaEscaped to the south)[9].

Bando Heisei

On August 8, Yoritomo landed in Awa Province.The landing site is ("Azuma Kagami")Awa-gunSusakiThere are two theories ("Genpei Jōsuiki"). The article about Yoritomo's behavior in Azuma Kagami is credible with little contradiction before and after.[13], It is highly possible that Yoritomo's landing point was decided in advance.[14]..Hunting Island was already developed as Minato Town in the latter half of the Heian period.[15]In addition, the power of Mr. Sagami Miura who supports Yoritomo was growing in Heikita-gun.[16]..From the above, it is appropriate to regard the landing point as a hunting island.[17]..After that, in AboNagasa High SchoolWill achieve Yoritomo's control of Awa Province.[18]Has more military and economic power than Mr. NagasaMr. AnzaiIt is thought that the resurrection of Yoritomo was virtually established when he visited Yoritomo.[19]..Furthermore, YoritomoBosoHave power inKazusa HirotsuguChiba TsunekataRequesting help from[Annotation 25], Leaving Awa Province on September 9th.after that,ShimosaKokufuJoined the Chiba clan, and Hirotsune led a large army.Hirotsune's participation, which is the largest force in South Bando, will have a decisive influence on the return of the battlefield later.Yoritomo, who added Kazusa and Chiba to the power, is October 10nd.Oi-SumidaCross both rivers[Annotation 26].Musashi countryWhen you enterAdachi Tomoto,Kiyoshige KasaiAnd the same by Kiyoshige's persuasionChichibuClanShigetada Hatakeyama,Shigeyori Kawagoe,Edo ShigenagaAlso decided to obey Yoritomo[Annotation 27].. On October 10th, I entered Kamakura, where my father, Yoshitomo, and my brother, Yoshihira, once lived.[Annotation 28].. Kamakura laterKamakura ShogunateWill develop as the home of[9].

Map of Izu / Kanto region

Heike who received the report of the rebellion in the eastern countryTaira no SeimoriI sent a follow-up messenger to lead.Yoritomo left Kamakura on October 10 to meet this, while controlling the unobedienced tribes on the way.Kise RiverTo set up. October 10thWorthEmitBattle of HachidaWonNobuyoshi TakedaTogether withBattle of Fuji RiverTo win[Annotation 29]..After that, accept the words of Tsunetane Chiba and Hirotsugu Kazusa.Hitachi country OfMr. SatakeHead to subjugation.During this timeOshu OfHidehira FujiwaraHalf-brother who relied onYoshitsune MinamotoIs participating[9].

On his way home, he won the first merit award in Sagami Kokufu and executed the captured Oba Kagechika. ThenHideyoshi SatakeAdvance to Hitachi Province to avenge. The battle ended with Hideyoshi fleeing due to the success of Hirotsugu Kazusa (Battle of Kanasa Castle). Returning to Kamakura, Yoshimori WadaSamurai OfBeliefTo supplement. The samurai-dokoro was later in the Kamakura ShogunateMilitaryPolicemenWill be responsible for[9].

By the end of the 4th year of Jisho (1180)ShikokuIyo OfMr. Kono,Oumigenji, Kai Genji,Gen Shinano,Gen Mino,Chinzei(Kyusyu)'S troops were raised and all parts of the country became turbulent.[23].. Heike tooFukuharaReturned to Kyoto and turned to counterattack, Oumigenji andSouthern citySuppress the power of temples and shrines.It was Mr. Taira who entered the counterattack, butPeaceNew Year (1181/) Leap February 2, Taira no Kiyomori, the most powerful person, died of a fever[Annotation 30].. Heike is in the midst of a nationwide rebellionBalanceTo conquer the eastern country east of Owari as general general.ShigehiraSource houseFromBattle of Sunomata RiverMino and Owari came under the influence of Mr. Taira.Yoritomo has Yoshimori WadaTotomiDispatched to[9], Taira returned to the capital without further eastward troops[26].

on the other hand,PeaceNew Year (1181/) MayBattle of Yokota KawaraMinamoto YoshinakaWon, Yoshinaka was growing in powerShinano,(I.e.に 加 え てEchigoAlso advanced to.Nobuyoshi TakedaMr. Kai Genji, who was centered on Kai, had Kai, Shinano, Suruga, and Totomi under his control.At this time, YoritomoSouth BandoWas under controlKita BandoThe record of fighting with the powerful family ofAzuma mirror』Scattered.Also, alwaysOshu FujiwaraAnd Mr. Satake were threatened by the invasion of the remnants.Around July of the first year of Yowa (1181), Yoritomo sent a letter of peace with the Heike to Emperor Go-Shirakawa, but he was the successor to Kiyomori.Hira SomoriRejected the peace proposal because of Kiyomori's will[23]..On the other hand, the Heike is a food supply area for the capital.HokurikuPoint the point of attack at[23],TokaidoHigashisendoKai Genji was in charge of the front line of the Heike family.Therefore, Yoritomo did not directly confront the Heike during this period.The next yearToshinagaNew Year (1182/From)Yowa famineAs a result, neither power was able to carry out large-scale military operations and became stalemate.Meanwhile, in August, his wife, Masako, became his son.Source sourceIs giving birth[Annotation 31]..In addition, Yoritomo during Masako's pregnancyIn front of the turtleMasako who loves the concubinage and knows it destroys the house where she lives in front of the turtle.Hitting the second wife (Uwanariuchi)It is carried out[27].

2 years of Juei (1183/)June,Battle of NogimiyaYoshihiro Gen,Tadashi AshikagaDefeat[9]As a result, the forces that are hostile to Yoritomo in Bando have disappeared.[Annotation 32]..Immediately after raising troops, Yoritomo used a method outside the traditional imperial court.LordGuarantee the territory of the enemy, provide the confiscation territory of the enemy,Real reliefWe realized the greatest desire of the Australians, "new benefits," and gained the support of the Bando Australians.

Battle with Yoshinaka

In the spring of 2 (Genpei War), he was raising troops in response to the order of Prince Mochihito.Minamoto YoshinakaHowever, Yoritomo and Yoshinaka are on the verge of an armed clash as they protect their uncle Yoshihiro and Yukiie, who are in conflict with Yoritomo. Yoshinaka's 嫡子 ・ in discussions between the twoYoshitakaWas sent to Kamakura as a substantial hostage in the form of the son-in-law of Yoritomo's eldest daughter, Ohime, and a consensus was reached.[Annotation 33].

Yoshinaka continued to win the battle with the Taira clan, and in July he drove the Taira clan out of the city.In the imperial court, discussions were held on the award of the Taira clan's revenge, and it was concluded that Yoritomo was the first warrior, Yoshinaka next, and Yukiie next, but Yoritomo was not yet upbeat.KyokanIt is said that it should be appointed after the appointmentFujiwara KeimuneShould be appointed immediatelyKujo Kanemi,Fujiwara Chokata("Tamaha" Juei 2nd July 7th article), Yoshinaka on August 30thSubordinateLeft horse headEchigoShou, Yukiie is under the fifth rankBingoAlthough he was appointed as a guardian, Yoritomo was only restored to the rank below the fifth rank, which was stopped by the Heiji rebellion on October 10.[28].

Yoshinaka, who led a large army and entered Tokyo, received an order from Emperor Go-Shirakawa to pursue Mr. Taira, but Yoshinaka's army, which was a collection of them, was out of control, worsening the food situation in the famine-stricken city, and the throne. Intervening in the succession caused the opposition of the institute and courtiers[23]..The imperial court and the people of Kyoto want Yoritomo's Joraku, and Emperor Go-Shirakawa sends Yoshinaka to pursue the Taira clan in Saigoku, and instead requests Yoritomo to go to Joraku. On October 10, Yoritomo and Hidehira FujiwaraTakayoshi SatakeHe returned the messenger and declined the request because of the two reasons that he might be attacked in Kamakura and that Kyo would not have enough if he led tens of thousands of horses.As mentioned above, on October 10, the imperial court regained the rank of Yoritomo, who had stopped due to the Heiji rebellion, and on October 9.TokaidoHigashisendoOriginalMain officeReturn to the areaTribute・ Yoritomo made a declaration that Yoritomo would advance the official property and that Yoritomo would take care of those who did not obey the order (Declaration of October, XNUMXnd year of Genpei[23]..Yoritomo had already taken control of the area's territory and imposed bonus penalties for his family, but it was unofficial from the imperial court's point of view.By the declaration of October XNUMXnd year of Toshinaga, the Kamakura administration led by Yoritomo, who was initially regarded as a "rebel army", became a force officially recognized by the imperial court.

On October 10th, Yoshinaka, who was afraid of Yoritomo's Joraku, returned to Kyo when he lost the battle for Yoritomo's revenge. rice field. In November, an army of 15-11 horses led by Minamoto no Yoshitsune sent by Yoritomo as a messenger to make a tribute to Emperor Go-Shirakawa.Omi countryTo. Yoshinaka, sandwiched between Mr. Taira and Yoshitsune,Hojuji BattleThen, he detained Emperor Go-Shirakawa and pulled out the declaration of Yoritomo's revenge. In December, Yoritomo ordered Kazusa Hirotsune to insist on the independence of the East and oppose Joraku.Kajiwara KeijiWas killed byMinori NoriDeparts Kamakura with an army for Yoshinaka's revenge.Juei 3 years (1184/) Yoshinaka in JanuaryGeneral SeitoHowever, on the 20th, Noriyori and Yoshitsune led tens of thousands of horses to Kyoto, and YoshinakaBattle of Uji RiverLost inBattle of AwazuWas killed in[Annotation 34].

Yoritomo considered the execution of Yoshitaka who was in Kamakura, but Ohime told Yoshitaka about this, so on April 4, Yoshitaka fled Kamakura as his wife.YoritomoHori parent familyOn the 24th, Musashi ProvinceIruma RiverI defeated Yoshitaka.At the request of Masako, who was indignant at this, Yoritomo defeated Yoshitaka's family member.At about the same time, Kai Genji'sIchijo TadayoriIs killed by Yoritomo's distant view in Kamakura.Also, by this time, each of the Kai Genji clan, who was originally a samurai builder of the same rank as Yoritomo, has succeeded in becoming a family member.

Around that time, the imperial court re-deliberated the issue of rewarding Yoritomo, who had been put on hold earlier due to Yoritomo's defeat of Yoshinaka.Rebellion of Taira ShomonInHideto FujiwaraFollowing the precedent ofBelow the fourth rankAnd alsoFujiwara no TadafumiThere was an opinion that it should be appointed as "Shogun" following the precedent of, but to appoint it as a generalSwordAppoint a sergeant or sergeant to be attached to the shogunEye removalThere was also an opinion that[9].. Therefore, a messenger was sent to Kamakura on January 3, 1rd year of Juei (the day after the Battle of Awazu) to hear the opinions of Yoritomo himself, but Yoritomo had no unreasonable hope and everything was intended by the imperial court. Want to obeyDeclarationDecided to submit[23].. When the messenger returned to Kyoto on February 2, discussions were held again, and the appointment of the messenger to official positions, including the disagreed Shogun, was postponed again in line with Yoritomo's petition, and the rank was first preceded. As a result, only the fourth rank was placed below the fourth rank on March 20th.[9][23].. This information was delivered to Yoritomo in Kamakura on April 4 by Yoshitsune's messenger with a memorandum of understanding (a copy of the personnel change).[9][28].

Heike follow-up

Noriyori and Yoshitsune, who defeated Yoshinaka, leave Kyo to pursue Heike.Lunar calendarFebruary 1184, 2,SettsuBattle of IchinotaniVictory in, captured Taira no Shigehira and returned to Kyo[23][9]..After this battle, Yoritomo left Yoshitsune as his deputy in the capital, under the control of Yoshitsune.KinaiWhile trying to take control of the samurai, he wrote a letter requesting the samurai of Kyushu and Shikoku to pursue the Taira clan in order to pursue the Heike who fled to Shikoku, and sent Mihei Dohi and Kajiwara Kagetoki.SanyoDispatched to each country.

On June 6th,HiromoriIs reinstated[Annotation 35],Ichijo Noho(Sister or son-in-law), Noriyori,Genhiro Tsuna,Yoshinobu Hiraga KokujiBecame[9][Annotation 36].. On August 8, the Heike revenge army, headed by Noriyori, departed from Kamakura. The family member who obeyed was Hojo Yoshitoki,Ashikaga Yoshikane, Tsunetane Chiba, Yoshizumi Miura,Yuki Asako,Hiki Yoshikazu, Yoshimori Wada, distant view of Amano and others.Yoritomo bans Noriyori from staying in Kyo, and when the revenge army enters Kyo on the 27thOfficial signOn September 9stXihaiWent to[9].

Opened the public office on October 10thHiroe OeIs assigned to another person. Public office laterGovernment officeRenamed as, and will be in charge of political affairs and finances in the later Kamakura Shogunate[9].. Proceedings on the 20thQuestionnaireAnd make Yasunobu Miyoshi a butler[9].. At this timeNikaido administration,At Taira no MoritokiThese middle- and lower-level talented officials began to move down to Kamakura in search of a place to demonstrate their talents, and they formed the early shogunate bureaucracy.

BunjiNew Year (1185/) On January 1, Minamoto no Noriyori of the West Sea will send a letter complaining about the plight, such as the shortage of troops and ships, and the discord of the Togoku samurai who want to return to the Kanto region.YoritomoEmperor Ande,Kenreimon TempleBecause of his safety, he issued a letter stating that he would not move the army and would not get any opposition from the samurai in Kyushu, and asked the samurai in Kyushu to defeat the Heike according to Noriyori.[9].. After seeing this situation, Yoshitsune gave Emperor Go-Shirakawa a start to the West and obtained his permission.[Annotation 37]On the 10thSanuki countryYajimaOn the 19thBattle of YashimaHe drove Heike to the sea. On the 26th, Noriyori, who obtained troops and ships from the samurai in Kyushu,SuoからBungoCross over to. March 3Battle of DannouraThe Heike clan was destroyed and Taira no Munemori and others were captured.

After receiving this, Emperor Shirakawa announced on April 4th.Head valveIsMitsumasa FujiwaraDispatched to Kujo Kanezane and YoritomoSecond placeI told him that I wanted to talk to him and asked for his opinion.The idea of ​​the PopeThird placeMay be the same as Minamoto no Yorimasa, who is Genji Settsu, and Minamoto no Yoritomo of Kawachi Genji may be regrettable (treated the same as Minamoto no Yorimasa without great martial arts).Third placeHowever, he was worried that Yoritomo might be uncomfortable at the rank that Taira no Kiyomori gained from the Heiji rebellion (he was exiled after his parents were killed by the Heiji rebellion).On the other hand, Kanemi replied that Yoritomo wouldn't care about such a thing, but if the Pope was concerned, Yoritomo's merit would be unparalleled in the past, so it wouldn't be a problem. ..However, after Mitsumasa left, Kanemi complained that the second rank should be overkill and advanced to the third rank and then given a government office to make up for the shortage.[23].. Thus, on April 4, Yoritomo rose to second rank due to the success of the Heike clan.[28].

Expulsion of Yoshitsune

BunjiIn April of the first year (1185), Kajiwara Kagetoki, who assisted Yoshitsune as a samurai-dokoro boss in the Heike clan, received a letter impeaching Yoshitsune.[Annotation 38].. On April 4, Yoritomo violated the ban on free officers and was appointed by the imperial court without being given a secret.[Annotation 39]Abuses the officer and prohibits the return to the eastern country[Annotation 40]However, he did not blame Yoshitsune, who was also appointed. In addition to the letter of Kagetoki, there was a report appealing for Yoshitsune's profession, such as the act of over-righting the jurisdiction of Noriyori and the arbitrary punishment of the subordinate Togoku samurai, and in May, the family members were ordered not to obey Yoshitsune. Was done. Around that time, Yoshitsune returned to Sagami Province with his father and son Taira no Munemori. Yoritomo does not allow Yoshitsune to enter Kamakura, and only Munemori's father and son enter Kamakura.KoshigoeYoshitsune stays in, begs for forgivenessLetter from KoshigoeHowever, after finishing the meeting with Munemori, Yoritomo ordered Taira no Shigehira to return on June 6 without leaving Yoshitsune in Kamakura. Yoshitsune deeply resents Yoritomo and says, "Anyone who makes a grudge in the Kanto region should belong to Yoshitsune." Upon hearing this, Yoritomo confiscated all of Yoshitsune's territory.[9][Annotation 41].

Yoshitsune defeats Munemori's father and son in Omi Province. He burned down Shigehira himselfTodaiji TempleOn August 8, Yoritomo ordered Sasaki Sasaki to pursue his uncle, Yukiie. In September, to explore the state of Yoshitsune in KyotoKajiwara KagekiYoshitsune appeared before Kageki with a weakened body, and refused to ask for a follow-up to Yukiie because his illness and Yukiie were the same Genji. Yoritomo, who received a report from Kageki who returned to Kamakura in October, decided that Yoshitsune and Yukiie were in communication with each other, and decided that Yoshitsune was a member of the family.Tosanobo MasatoshiTo Kyo.Yoshitsune, on the other hand, asked Emperor Go-Shirakawa for permission to pursue Yoritomo. On October 10, Tosabo and other 17 horsemen who were ordered by Yoritomo attacked Yoshitsune's residence in Kyoto, but the attack ended in failure with the help of Yukiie in response to Yoshitsune.Yoshitsune confirmed that Tosabo was sent by Yoritomo's order, and asked the imperial court again to declare Yoritomo's revenge, and Emperor Go-Shirakawa sent him to Yoshitsune.DeclarationWas given. On October 10, Yoritomo gathered the Genji family and many gokenins, and his father, Yoshitomo's family temple,ShochojuinA memorial service was held.That night, in response to the imperial court's proclamation of Yoritomo, he immediately ordered the family members to go up, but of the 2,098 samurai gathered in Kamakura at that time, only 58 responded to their lives. ..Yoritomo decided to go out and left Kamakura on the 29th to defeat Yukiie and Yoshitsune, and Suruga Province on November 11st.Kise RiverI set out for.Yoshitsune, on the other hand, did not gather soldiers to pursue Yoritomo, and after letting Emperor Go-Shirakawa recognize control of Kyushu and Shikoku, he fell from Kyoto on November 11 without fighting with the Roh party and Yukiie.Aiming for the western part of the sea route, he met a storm on the way, the fleet was wrecked, the party was scattered, and Yoshitsune was lost.concubine OfShizu Gozen YoshinoyamaHas been captured in.To welcome Yoshitsune to KyushuOkajoWas buildingBungo OfOgata no SaburoIs KozukeNumataBungo Province was temporarily exiled toKanto GokokuIt became.

The creation of the world

On November 11, Yoritomo sent a messenger to the capital and left the Kise River to return to Kamakura. In early November, the attitude of the Togoku samurai, who went up to replace Yoshitsune and Yukiie, was tough.Branch country OfHarima countryThen, the deputy of the Pope is expelled and the warehouses are sealed. On the 11th, the imperial court, dismayed by Yoritomo's anger, issued a declaration to the countries to pursue Yoshitsune and Yukiie.[Annotation 42].. On the 12th, Hiromoto Oe told Yoritomo that he was thinking about treatment.Guardian-Ground"Installation" was recommended. Yoritomo, who agreed with this, puts pressure on the imperial court by showing a strong attitude.[Annotation 43].

On the 24th, Tokimasa Hojo entered Tokyo with a soldier of Senki as a substitute for Yoritomo, and told the hospital about Yoritomo's wrath and entered into negotiations.[Annotation 44].. On the 28th, Tokimasa succeeded in allowing Yoshitsune and others to be "protected and set up" through Yoshitsune Keibo (Bunji's charter). In December, he emphasized that "the creation of the world"TalkLordManagement of morning affairs byKujo KanemiToPreviewIt imposes three articles of mausoleum reform demands such as proclamation ("Azuma Kagami" December 3th article, "Tamaha" December 12th article).It is hard to say that Yoritomo's intentions were fulfilled because the lord of the controversy was not necessarily a pro-Kamakura faction, and his vassals later reinstated him at the request of the Pope's exemption. It had the effect of suppressing such behavior.

Bunji 2nd year (1186/) In March, the Pope's loveregent OfKonoe MototsumiIs resigned, and Kanezane is appointed to the regent instead. From around April, Yoshitsune was infested around Kyoto, and Yoritomo was indignant at the fact that the House of Peers was manipulating it behind the scenes. On May 4thIzumi countryI defeated the source family who was lurking in.Yoritomo intimidated the temple forces that concealed Yoshitsune by conducting an investigation and restricted their actions.Arresting and murdering Yoshitsune's confidant party discovered during that time raises confirmation that Yoshitsune and his close associates are in communication. In November, Yoritomo made a strong offer to the imperial court, saying, "The reason why Yoshitsune cannot be arrested is in the imperial court. Some people hide Yoshitsune or agree with Yoshitsune."When the imperial court repeatedly issued a statement to pursue Yoshitsune, it was decided to pray for arrest at each temple on a large scale.Yoshitsune, who was abandoned in Kyoto, escaped to Oshu and was under the patronage of Hidehira Fujiwara.

Yoritomo began to receive many proceedings from various countries, and also worked on the reconstruction of Todaiji Temple, which was burned by Taira no Shigehira.

In the same year, Masako is the second daughterSanmanGave birth.Yoritomo during Masako's pregnancyGreat advanceIn March, Daishin no Tsubone was a child of Yoritomo.JogyoHowever, the ritual of giving birth is omitted because of Masako's mercy.Daishin no Tsubone hid himself for fear of Masako's jealousy, and Jyogyo was brought up in a disgraceful manner, such as having no nanny.

Oshu Battle

For Yoritomo after the Heike defeat, it was necessary to defeat Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, a potential threat, in order to stabilize the Kamakura administration. In April 2, Fujiwara no HidehiraDeclaration of October, XNUMXnd year of GenpeiYoritomo offered to take over the annual tribute from Oshu to the capital because of the control of Tokaido Tosan-do, which was acquired in the above, and Hidehira responded.

Bunji 3nd year (1187/) When Hidehira Fujiwara died in October and Yoshitsune's Oshu hiding was discovered in February 10, Yoritomo announced to the court that Yoshitsune's son should be proclaimed Yoshitsune.In response to Yoritomo's application, the imperial court opened in February and October.Motonari FujiwaraYasuhira FujiwaraYoshitsune is declared to be revenge.5th year of Bunji (1189/) Leap April 4, Yasuhira succumbed to the pressure of KamakuraKinugawakanHe attacked Yoshitsune, who lives in Japan, and drove him to suicide.

Yoshitsune's head arrived in Kamakura on June 6, and Yoshimori Wada and Kajiwara KagetokiHead huntingdid. On the 25th, Yoritomo asked the imperial court to declare Yasuhira's revenge, saying that the crime of concealing Yoshitsune was more than rebellion, but no edict was given.However, on July 7, he led about 19 horses and headed for Yasuhira's pursuit, following the suggestion of Kageyoshi Oba, "Don't listen to the command of the shogun and not the apology of Tenshi." (Oshu Battle). The Yoritomo army did not receive any resistanceShirakawa BarrierFrom to the southern part of Oshu, on August 8thDate CountyKunimi stationHas been reached.

Map of Rikuoku (Pacific side of Tohoku region)

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Battle of Ishinazaka(CurrentFukushimaIizaka), Yoritomo's separate corpsIsa Tamemune NobuoShojiMotoharu Sato(Tsunobu Sato-Tadanobu SatoDefeated (Father) and took place from August 8th to 8thBattle of AtsukashiyamaInKunihira FujiwaraYoritomo, who defeated the Oshu army led by him, goes north in pursuit of Yasuhira. On the 22ndHiraizumiHowever, Yasuhira set fire to the mansion and escaped. On the 26th, a letter of Yasuhira seeking forgiveness was thrown into Yoritomo's lodgings, but Yoritomo ignored this and on September 9nd.IwaiKitchenStart marching toward (currently Kuriyagawa, Morioka City).Kitchen fenceOnceRole of the last nine yearsMinamoto Abe no SadatoIt was the place where they were defeated, and Yoritomo wanted to subdue Yasuhira at the kitchen fence, following the good example. On September 9, Yasuhira is his servantJiro KawadaBetrayed by the betrayal ofJinokaIt was delivered to Yoritomo who was in Japan.Yoritomo has Kawada no JiroEight crueltyHe was punished for guilty of guilty (including betrayal to his lord), and exposed Yasuhira's head following the fact that his ancestor Minamoto no Yoriyoshi exposed the head of Abe no Sadato in the role of nine years ago. 9th, KyotoIchijo NohoYasuhira's reconsideration statement dated July 7 has arrived under Yoritomo.

On the 12th, Yoritomo left Jinoka and entered the kitchen fence, and stayed until the 19th to pardon the descendants and erected Mr. Fujiwara Oshu.Chusonji Temple,Motsuji Temple, UjiByodo-in TempleImitatedMuryokoinThe temple territory of the temple was processed.After returning to Hiraizumi and visiting various temples, Yoritomo was impressed, and after returning to Kamakura, he went to Chusonji.境内Imitated to DaichojuinEifukuji TempleIs erected. On the 22nd, Yoritomo to solidify the Oshu rule systemKiyoshige KasaiTheOshu General ServiceHe left Hiraizumi on the 28th and returned to Kamakura on the following October 10th.

Not only Kanto but also samurai from all over the country were mobilized for this Oshu battle. In addition, those who were once hostile and taken prisoners of war were also given the opportunity to recover by following this battle. Furthermore, by taking the precedent of Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, who played the role of the previous nine years, as needed, he also played a role in further strengthening the master-slave relationship between the samurai of Bando and Yoritomo.

It happened in the 4th year of Jisho (1180) at the end of this Oshu battle.Responsibility and Rebellion of ToshinagaThe civil war that has continued since then will come to an end.

Conqueror General

Bunji 5nd year (1189/) On November 11, Yoritomo received a letter from the imperial court praising the conquest of Oshu.PressYoritomo declined, although he was urged to recommend a gokenin who had a merit. In OshuRan of concurrently serving as OkawaOutbreaks,Ashikaga Yoshikane,Tadashi ChibaOrdered to go to work, 6th year of Bunji (1190/)In MayOkawaWas defeated.Izawa family viewAppointed as Mutsu Kuni Absence,Officials in the officeAnd strengthened control over Oshu.TakehisaNew Year (1190/) On October 10, Yoritomo finally left Kamakura to move up. Owari Kuninoma, where his father was defeated by the Heiji rebellion, and Mino Province, where his parents stayedBlue graveAfter that, he entered Tokyo on November 11th with the Gokenin of a thousand horses, and entered the new residence built in Rokuhara, where Taira no Kiyomori once lived.

On the 9th, we had an audience with Emperor Go-Shirakawa and had a long talk with no one else. YoritomoGondainaku-General KonoeWas appointed to, but resigned from both sides on December 12rd. The reason for the immediate resignation of the appointed official position was that both officials were in the imperial court in Kyoto.Public affairsIt is believed that it will be difficult to return to Kamakura unless both officials, who are in an important position in the operation of the company and are obliged to participate in public affairs, resign.[34].. On the night of November 11, Yoritomo met with Kanezane Kujo to confirm his political tie-up. Yoritomo stayed in Tokyo for about 9 days, but he met with Go-Shirakawa-in eight times, opening up a new phase in the morning curtain relationship. The position of Japan's general assistant ambassador and Jito, who had been held for the purpose of searching and arresting Yoshitsune and Yukiie, was switched to a permanent one that exercises more general security police rights, and on March 40, the following year.Kenkyu new systemYoritomo's right to protect the countries was officially recognized. Yoritomo left Kyoto on December 12th and returned to Kamakura on December 14th.

2 years (1191/) On the night of March 3, Kamakura was hit by a large-scale fire, and many of the residences of the Gokenins in and around the Okura Shogunate were destroyed by fire.Yoritomo escaped to Adachi Morinaga's mansion in Amanawa, a suburb, and was safe, but Kamakura's city planning had to be revised.However, there was a description in "Azuma Kagami" that suggested a suspicious fire, such as a person who predicted a big fire in Kamakura the day before, and Yoritomo or the leaders of the shogunate around it prepared the building that would be an obstacle to city planning. Intentionally caused toarsonSome researchers advocate the theory that[35].

3 years (1192/) In March, Emperor Go-ShirakawademiseThen, on July 7, the same year, he was crowned.Emperor GotobaBy YoritomoConqueror GeneralWas entrusted to. "Sanki Ryo Ryoshosho"YamatsukiAccording to the July 3th and 1192th articles of Kenkyu 7 (9), Yoritomo wanted "General", And in the imperial court that received it,"Officer""General Seito"Shogun" "Superior GeneralAs a result of the proposal and examination of the four candidates, Taira no Munemori's appointed "Soukan"Minamoto Yoshinaka"General Seito" was dismissed as a bad example, and "General" was also unprecedented in Japan.Sakaue Tamura MaroIt is said that the "Shogun" who was appointed by the company was selected as a good example.[36].. In recent years, the theory that Yoritomo wanted to be a shogun but was blocked by Emperor Shirakawa has been questioned in recent years.[37]..In addition, I dare to take up this position, which until then was only the commander of the Eastern Military, up to the third rank.Left ministerHaving taken the second rank, which is equivalent to (originally the highest rank in the administration as a permanent position), added the meaning of being in charge of the administration based on military power, and since then.BakumatsuA custom that lasted nearly 700 years was created.

In August of the same year, Masako became the third son (the second son of Masako's child).Minamoto morningGive birth.Three months before that, in May, when Daishin no Tsubone gave birth to Jyogyo, when he was seven years old, he was sent to Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto to send Masako out of the house.On the day of departure, Yoritomo secretly visits Jyogyo and gives him a sword.

Fuji winding

4 years (1193/) In May, gather the gokenins and hunt in Suruga ()Fuji winding). On the 16th, 12-year-old Yoriie was the first in this makigarideerI shot it.After this, hunting was stopped and in the eveningYamagami / Yaguchi FestivalWas carried out. In addition, Yoritomo happily sent a messenger to Masako, but Masako repelled the messenger, saying that it was natural for a military commander's son. In this regard, Yoriie's deer hunting had the effect of making people acknowledge that he was regarded by God as the successor to Yoritomo, which made Yoritomo particularly pleased, but Masako could understand it. There is also an interpretation that it did not exist[38]..On the other hand, Masako's remark is a songwriting of "Azuma Kagami" to despise Yoriie, and there is a theory that there was no such remark in reality.[39].

On the night of the 28thYusuke Kudo Soga brothers' revengeEncountered and defeated. "Holy calendarAccording to the report, the post station was temporarily confused, and when the false alarm that Yoritomo was defeated was transmitted to Kamakura, Noriyori comforted Masako, who lamented, "I have Noriyori. Don't worry about anything."This remark is to YoritomorebellionIs said to have caused the suspicion of. On August 8, Minamoto noriyo denies rebellion against YoritomoInvoiceHowever, Yoritomo was furious that Noriyori used the name of "Gen". On August 8, Minamoto no Nori's man lurking in Yoritomo's bed is arrested.As a result, Noriyori was sent to Izu.

5 years (1194/) Of Mr. Kai GenjiYoshisada YasudaI'm looking forward to it.Kenkyu 6 years (XNUMX years1195/) In March, in SettsuSumiyoshi TaishaOn a large scale gathering the shogunate gokenins inhorseback archeryTo host. 8 years of Kenkyu (1197/) HasSatsuma country,Osumi countryEtcOtabumiAiming to strengthen local control.

Iriuchi policy and later years

"TamabaAccording to the report, in 2, there are rumors that Yoritomo is trying to get his daughter into Emperor Go-Toba in the ears of Kanezane Kujo.However, it has been stopped once, probably because of the death of Emperor Shirakawa and the accompanying acquisition of Kanezane's government after the 1191rd year of Kenkyu (3).

In February 6, Yoritomo went up again with Masako and Yoriie, Ohime and other children to attend the memorial service for the reconstruction of Todaiji Temple. Daughter, to make the eldest daughter, Ohime, the princess of Emperor Go-TobaNikoNot KanezaneSource parent,Tango stationIn contact with him, he made a large number of gifts and relieved a huge mansion to work on the imperial court. In November 7 (Kenkyu 1196), Kanemi was ousted with the clan, and Yoritomo is said to have tolerated this (Political change in the XNUMXth year of construction).However, in July 8, Ohime died of illness.1197 years of Kenkyu (1198/) On New Year's Day, ignoring Yoritomo's opposition, Emperor Go-Toba was born by his adopted daughter.Emperor DomonBecame an emeritus and started cloister rule.Michika strengthened his power as a consort kin of the emperor.It is said that Yoritomo sent a letter with a sense of crisis and applied for a re-tie-up because Ichijo Yoshiyasu and Kono father and son, who were the spokespersons in the imperial court, died of illness one after another.

However, they are Kanezane's diary "Tamaha" and his younger brother.Jienof"IdiotIn fact, there is a view that the commuter parents give the utmost consideration to Yoritomo and Yoriie, and the rebellious lord does not point out.[40]..The imperial court control is indispensable for Yoritomo, who has begun to use dynasty authority to control his family, and his daughter's most straightforward measure is that if a vulnerable parent of the administration base is hostile to Yoritomo. It is also said that it was the throne of Iriuchi and Yoritomo.[41]..In fact, Yoritomo continues to be his second daughter,Princess MihataMihata from the imperial court led by MichikaWomanHas been declared.

However, in the 9th year of Kenkyu (1198)May 12, YoritomoSagami RiverI feel sick on the way back from the bridge memorial service held at. The cause isFallen horseIt is said, but it is not certain.10 years of Kenkyu (1199/May 1Buddhist priesthood.May 1Died in.Year-round52 (died 51 years old).

Chronological Table

  • The date is the calendar used by the source, and at that timeProclamationIs used
  • AD TheNew YearIs changed to the Xuanming calendar
Japanese CalendarADDate
(ProclamationLong calendar)
Hisasu3/1147/May 4birth(Counting years1 years old)?
Homoto3/1158/May 2Empress Palace(12 years old)Assistant Lord
HeijiFirst year1159/May 1General UkonoeDual postAssistant Lord
May 2KaminishimoninBrewerAssistant. Stop the empress palace.Assistant Lord
May 3Dissolved by the death of my motherAssistant Lord
May 6Assistant brewer (Emperor Nijo).Assistant Lord
November 12-9Heiji RebellionHyakurensho
Heiji story
May 12SubordinateRight soldier GonzaTransferred to the position.Assistant Lord
May 12DismissalAssistant Lord
Eternal calendarFirst year1160/May 3IzukuniExiled to (14 years old)Xiezhi Eye Extract
不詳不詳不詳Sukechika ItoThird daughterYaehimeBetweenChizuru MaruIs killed by SukechikaSoga story
Yasumoto3 years?1177/Around不詳Hojo ToseiEldest daughterMasakoMarryAzuma mirror
Sonpi Bunmyaku
Approval4/1180/May 4IinouReceive the order (34 years old)Azuma mirror
May 8Raised soldiers at the Izu stationTakashi HirakaneTo avengeAzuma mirror
May 8Ishibashi Mountain BattleAzuma mirror
May 8AwakuniEscape toAzuma mirror
May 9Received a declaration of rebellion as a rebellionTamaba
May 10KamakuraEntering the prefectureAzuma mirror
May 10Battle of Fuji RiverAzuma mirror
May 10youngest brother·Yoshitsune MinamotoParticipateAzuma mirror
May 11Hitachi country OfHideyoshi SatakebreakAzuma mirror
May 11Receive a declaration of revenge againAzuma mirror
May 11Yoshimori WadaTheSamuraiMake up for itAzuma mirror
PeaceFirst year1181/Leap February 2Kiyomori TairaDemise of the Crown (35 years old)Tamaba
ToshinagaFirst year1182/May 8Manju (Takao)Yoriie) Birth (36 years old)Azuma mirror
Juei 2 years1183/May 2Battle of NogimiyaUncleYoshihiro GenSubjugation (37 years old)Azuma mirror
Spring:Minamoto YoshinakaShinano countryFaced with, Yoshinaka's eldest sonMinamoto no YoshitakaTo be held hostageHeike story
May 7With YoshinakaSource houseEntered TokyoTamaba
9Receive Yoshinaka follow-up orderTamaba
May 10Reinstated under XNUMXth placeAssistant Lord
May 10Declaration of October, XNUMXnd year of GenpeiHyakurensho, Tamaba
Lunar calendarFirst year1184/May 1Battle of Uji River, Yoshinaka (38 years old)Azuma mirror
May 2Battle of IchinotaniAzuma mirror
May 3Below the fourth rankAscended toAzuma mirror
4Escaped from KamakuraMinamoto no YoshitakaKilledAzuma mirror
May 5Convene the Gokenins and order them to send troops to Kai ShinanoAzuma mirror
May 6Kai Genji Ichijo Tadayori killedAzuma mirror
May 5Convene the Gokenins and order them to send troops to Kai ShinanoAzuma mirror
7Mr. Mikahira's disturbanceTamaba
May 8Minamoto no Noriori leaves Kamakura as a ambassador to SaigokuAzuma mirror
May 10Hiroe OeAs a bettoPublic officeopenAzuma mirror
May 10Yasunobu MiyoshiAs a butlerQuestionnaireopenAzuma mirror
BunjiFirst year1185/May 2Battle of Yashima(39 years old)Azuma mirror
May 3Battle of DannouraThe Taira clan is destroyedAzuma mirror
May 4Second placeAscension toAzuma mirror
May 5YoshitsuneHira SomoriKiyomuneReturn with father and sonAzuma mirror
May 5Meeting with Munemori and KiyomuneAzuma mirror
May 6Return to Kyoto with Yoshitsune accompanied by Munemori and KiyomuneAzuma mirror
May 10Yoritomo's follow-up order is given to Yoshitsune and YukiieTamaba
May 10Shochojuin memorial serviceAzuma mirror
May 11Yoshitsune and Yukiie leave the cityTamaba
May 11Yoshitsune and Yukiie's revenge are announcedTamaba
May 11Bunji's charterAzuma Kagami, Tamaba
May 11To countriesGroundInstallation is permittedAzuma mirror
Bunji 5 years1189/May 1Second placeNoboru (43 years old)Assistant Lord
Leap February 4Battle of KoromoYoshitsuneYasuhira FujiwaraBe defeated byAzuma mirror
7 month to 9 monthOshu Battle,Oshu FujiwaraRuinAzuma mirror
TakehisaFirst year1190/May 11SuperiorityAzuma mirror
May 11GondainakuAzuma mirror
May 11General KonoeAzuma mirror
May 12Resignation of both officialsAzuma mirror
May 12Return to KamakuraAzuma mirror
Takehisa3/1192/May 3Goshirakawa PopeDemise (46 years old)Tamaba
May 7Conqueror GeneralAssistant Lord
May 8Second son (as Masako's boy) ・Minamoto morningBirthAzuma mirror
4 years old1193/May 5Fuji windingAt the time ofSoga brothers' revengeOccurs (47 years old)Azuma mirror
May 8Younger brother·NoriyoriExiled to IzuAzuma mirror
6 years old1195/May 2Departure for the second time with family (49 years old)Azuma mirror
May 3Todaiji TempleAzuma mirror
May 7Return to KamakuraAzuma mirror
7 years old1196/7Political change in the XNUMXth year of construction(50 years old)
8 years old1197/May 7Ohime dies (51 years old)
9 years old1198/May 12Sagami RiverBridge memorial service (52 years old)Kamakura Omachi Diary
10 years old1199/May 1Priest
Assistant Lord
May 1Demise of the Crown (53 years old / 51 years old)Inokuma Kampaku



"Heiji story"Is more mature than my age," said The Tale of Heiji.Picture scrollThe figure of a young warrior who seems to be Yoritomo remains in the brief. "Genpei Morishiki"The face is big and the appearance is beautiful."As a word that I met Yoritomo in Kamakura in August 2, "Heike story], "Face-sized, short-sighted. Graceful appearance and linguistic civilization."Kujo Kanemis diary"Tamaba』Written as" Yoritomo's body, solemnity, its sexual strength, success or failure civilization, unreasonable decision "(October 10th article). How tall are youMt. Ooyama Gion ShrineDedicated toarmorIt is estimated that it was around 165 cm, which is taller than the average at that time.

PortraitIs small for its name recognition, and most of themThe early modern periodIt is a work after becoming[Annotation 45].. In "Azuma Kagami"Houji BattleAt the time ofYasumura MiuraThere is a description that he stood in Hokkado in Kitayama and talked about the past in "Picture Mikage Gozen", but this image and works based on this do not exist.京都JingojiPortrait of the warehouse (Three statues of Jingoji) Is transmitted as a drawing of Yoritomo,Yamato pictureAs a portrait masterpieceNational treasureIs specified in.Heisei7 years(1995/)Michio YonekuraHowever, from the painting method and clothesNaoyoshi AshikagaAfter announcing the theory that is a copy of, the discussion about the image owner continues (for details, see "Three statues of JingojiSee).Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineWas transmitted to Hakusan MyojinKariginuThe wooden statue of the figure isEdo PeriodIs said to be a statue of YoritomoMeijiOutflow earlyHara SankiAfter the hand of, nowTokyo National Museum(Tohiro) storesImportant cultural propertyIs specified in (e national treasureThere are images and explanations in).Kofu CityZenkoji TempleKai Zenkoji TempleThe wooden statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo in the collection isSengoku periodToShingen TakedaShinano when Kai Zenkoji was built byZenkoji TempleTransferred from, from the inscription in the wombBunho3 years(1319/) OrBunei5 years(1268/) Is made.The inscription in the womb is that it was made by Masako's life and Yoritomo'sDeath dayIs written, it is considered to be the oldest surviving statue of Yoritomo.[43]..Although it has been highly evaluated (described later), such as being published in junior high school and high school textbooks as the best representation of Yoritomo's real image, it was severely damaged.Reiwa2 years(2020/) Repair work started in May[43]The restoration was completed in March of the following year, Reiwa 3 (2021).[44].

HistorianHideo KurodaAfter organizing and examining the portrait that is said to represent Minamoto no Yoritomo, he concludes as follows. The statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, Higashi HirozoKenchoji TempleIt is inHojo Tokiyoriimage(Images and explanations of Kenchoji official website) And compare. There is a part where the technique is a little hard, but it is two melons until it reaches the facial expression and size, and later it is not originally in Kariginu.Stone beltIs attached and is a general dressBandageOriginally it was made as a Hojo Tokiyori statue at the end of the Kamakura period in the 14th century based on the statue of Kenchoji because there is evidence that it was remodeled into a figure, but it is replaced with the Minamoto no Yoritomo statue that was lost later. It is said that it was remodeled and placed in Hakusan Myojin.On the other hand, the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo at Kai Zenkoji was read as a repair inscription instead of an image inscription in the womb, and it was the only statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo that was made at the request of Masako Hojo in the first quarter of the 13th century. Due to the fire, only the head remained as it was at that time, and the body was supplemented during the repair at the end of Kamakura.[45].

Reflecting this research situation, three works are used in parallel in the current elementary, junior high and high school textbooks. In elementary schools, there is a tendency for well-preserved statues of Tohaku to be posted, and there are no examples of Kai Zenkoji books. In junior high school, Jingoji books are still widely used. At high school, the publication of the Jingoji book was stopped at a relatively early stage, and the research results were sensitively reflected, such as changing to the Higashihiro book and Kai Zenkoji book, but the Yoritomo statue itself was removed and the Jingoji book was continued to be used. There are also publishers, and the confusion of research trends appears in the portraits as they are. However, the number of textbooks containing the statue of Jingoji is decreasing.[46].


Yoritomo openedSamurai governmentWas institutionalized and gradually deprived the imperial court of political power, laterShogunateNamedRoyal reconstructionIt will continue for about 1868 years until (680). During Yoritomo's life, there is still a strong dual-government element with the imperial court, but the guardian priesthood system has laid the foundation for rule not only in the eastern country but also in the whole country.

In addition, the position representing the samurai governmentConqueror GeneralThe custom of beingGenjiThe idea that he must assume that position, only the shogun is isolated and reigns over the shogunate as a noble status (until later years, the shogun'sFirst place~Second placeNext toCustody(Kamakura),Jurisdiction(Muromachi),The elder(Edo) is almostXNUMXth place~XNUMXth place.. By the way, this difference is modernHonorThen.Prime MinisterIt corresponds to the chief of the ministry, and there is a corresponding difference in the position in the imperial court at the same time.However, in later years, the authority may not be accompanied by actual authority, and the authority of the latter half of Kamakura, etc., prostrated between the boards as a far lower vassal and held the right to take the shogun's life and death). There is.Yoritomo's achievements as the founder of the samurai government are highly regarded, and most of themJapanese TheCompulsory educationI am learning the name of Yoritomo.

On the other hand, personality is often described as a "ruthless politician."This is partly due to the destruction of the Heike who helped him, as well as the death of many of his relatives, brothers and subordinates in the process of consolidating his power base.especiallyHoganbiikiThe youngest brother who is very popular inYoshitsuneYoritomo's popularity is not so high despite his achievements, and he is rarely depicted as the main character in novels.

In addition, although Yoritomo is said to have been good at martial arts, he rarely leads his own soldiers and has not shown any particular achievements as a battle commander.Mainly in political negotiationsKamakura ShogunateAlthough he was a warrior, he was a warrior because he achieved the establishment ofSudareThe image of issuing a command from the back of the Japanese may be different from the image of a hero that Japanese people like.However, the writer's point is that the military system that entrusts each site with a combination of the general commander who is his own name and the military commander who is a supervisor is a pioneer in world history.Michiko NagaiPoints out.

Nagai argues that Yoritomo is a symbol of the rising Togoku samurai power, and warns against overestimation that all his achievements are attributed to his personal ability, but on the other hand, his political power and human resources grasping power are highly evaluated. , A genius of organizational formation in Japanese history, his skill was modeled after him in posterityTokugawa IeyasuIt is said to be even more sophisticated (Michiko Nagai, "The World of Genryo"Chuko Bunko).

The above is generally a modern evaluation, but Yoritomo has been evaluated by many people in the past.

Masako HojoLord
Woke up after Yoritomo's deathSeku no RanWhen the imperial court and the shogunate fought, Masako Hojo told the gathered gokenins, "The late Shogun Yoritomo (Yoritomo)Morning enemySince the destruction of the Kanto region and the opening of the Kanto region, the grace of both the official position and the salary is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. (Omitted) Anyone who knows and misses his name should quickly avenge his unfaithful praise and reward him. " The gokenins who heard this just shed tears and swore their rewards. You can know the position of Yoritomo in the shogunate and the high evaluation from the Gokenin.
"Holy calendar"
Minamoto no Yoshihiro, Yoshitsune, Yukiie, who destroyed Yoritomo's cause of deathEmperor AndeAccording to the ghost of. It can be said that the life was regarded as sinful from that time.
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
""according to,Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineWhen he visited the statue of Yoritomo at Shirahata Shrine, he said, "Both I and I flattened the world from a small body. However, I was a descendant of the emperor, and my ancestors followed Kanto. Even so, many people obeyed. I have no ancestors or genealogy, but I took the world. I win over myself. But I and I are friends with the world. ", Praising Yoritomo's achievements along with his achievements. However, he jokingly commented that Yoritomo's achievements depended on his pedigree.
Tokugawa Ieyasu
I collected and copied "Azuma Kagami", which describes many of Yoritomo's achievements.Genji'sMr. NittaIt is said that Ieyasu, who called himself the style, worshiped Yoritomo and learned the behavior of Yoritomo by reading "Azuma Kagami".
Arai Shiroishi
"Tokushi Yoron』, While giving a certain evaluation to the political achievements, Yoritomo's actions are generally negatively evaluated as being disrespectful to the imperial court.The land of the eastern country has not been raised for four years since the troops were raised.SeizureIt is assumed that he already had the aspiration of independence to give to his family.The reason for defeating Minamoto no Yoshinaka is that he hated Yoshinaka's giving to the morning scholarship, and blamed Yoshinaka for not guilty of imprisoning Emperor Go-Shirakawa.Regarding the confrontation with Minamoto no Yoshitsune, he said that it was not the work of his vassals to attack Yoshitsune, who had been lined up with Ason, as the reason why he attacked him as well as Yoshitsune's soldiers. It is because he was afraid.He argued that Yoshitsune was dismissed by Kajiwara Kagetoki's praise in addition to his swearing, citing the example of Minamoto no Noriyori, who was scorned without swearing and praising. "I should say" and finished the review.

In addition to this, "Successful and unsuccessful division" ("Tamaha", Fujiwara no Kanezane) "Idiot"Jien), "If you have to try Yoritomo's merit" ("Orthodox writing"Kitahata Family) Etc.Political ability is generally highly evaluated, but commentatorsEmperorWhether it's home or notConfucianismThe overall evaluation tends to fluctuate depending on whether it is close to the ethical view of the above, and it can be said that the evaluation fluctuates depending on the times.


Kiyomori's will

"After my death, I don't need a temple or filial piety, just take the head of Yoritomo and offer it in front of my grave."Heike story』It is the wording written in, and there are voices who doubt its authenticity because it is a story.However, 5 years of "Tamaha" Jisho (1181/) In the August 8st article, Munemori rejected the Pope's peace plan with Kiyomori's will saying, "If my descendants, one person and Yoritomo survive, the skeleton should be exposed before Yoritomo." The fierce hatred of is believed to be true.

Conflict with Yoshitsune

youngest brother·Yoshitsune MinamotoSince ancient times, many people have been interested in the process that led to the pursuit of this, and stories have been created and research has been carried out.

In "Azuma Kagami", Yoritomo first told Yoshitsune in July of the first year of Yowa (1181) at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.carpenterIt is said that Yoritomo was furious because Yoshitsune was dissatisfied when he ordered the role of a horse to give a horse as a reward to him (July 7, 20st year of Yowa).Subsequently, on August 1184, 8, Yoshitsune, who was in Kyoto, was appointed without Yoritomo's secret, and Yoritomo, who was indignant, removed Yoshitsune from the Taira clan's pursuit army. (Article of August 6, the first year of the Genryaku calendar).However, Yoritomo became Yoshitsune on August 8rd.Ise OfTaira no NobukaneThis description is not found in other "Azuma Kagami", such as ordering a follow-up (August 8rd article) and Yoshitsune receiving a follow-up messenger's official letter on the 3th (August 26th article). There is a discrepancy with the article. It is believed that Yoshitsune was out of the Saikai expedition before his appointment, and since Yoritomo did not punish him at all, there are views that question the conflict between Yoritomo and Yoshitsune at this point. On the other hand, it is natural that Yoritomo had given some life to Yoshitsune before August 5, when he learned of the unauthorized officer, and the imperial court did not consult with Yoritomo even though he was given the official letter of the follow-up messenger. Since Yoshitsune was appointed as a non-improper use of inspection, it is no wonder that he gave the official sign of Mr. Taira's follow-up without consulting Yoritomo.

There is also a theory that he was afraid of Yoshitsune. Yoritomo, who often lost the battle, won a series of victories in the pursuit of Mr. Taira, so Yoritomo became afraid of Yoshitsune's military talent. YoshitsuneYasuhira FujiwaraImmediately after being defeated byOshu BattleThe fact that we started is used to support this theory.

The Kamakura administration after the fall of the Taira clan had come at a critical time.When the civil war subsides, it will not be possible to exercise military control in the name of Taira's revenge.Yoritomo faced a difficult situation in which he could secure what he had acquired with military power through political negotiations with the imperial court even in peacetime conditions and had to reinforce it.Because of this time, no matter how close you are and what you have done, you cannot forgive anyone who rebels against you.Behind Yoshitsune were the imperial court and Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, who were the opposition forces to establish the samurai government.[47].

He was summoned to Kamakura for hiding Yoshitsune who had fallen into the city.Kofuku-ji TempleThe monkSeihiroTo Yoritomo, who questioned Yoshitsune's asylum, he said, "The reason why Kanto is safe now is due to Yoshitsune's martial arts. Isn't it? Call back Yoshitsune and have a fellowship of water fish with your brothers. I'm not saying only Yoshitsune, but wishing for the safety of the world. " Yoritomo was so impressed with the words that he appointed Seihiro as a priest at Shochojuin, so it can be said that he did not hate Yoshitsune. Yoritomo was a politician and Yoshitsune was a soldier. The difference was revealed after the fall of the Taira clan.[48].

However, not only Yoshitsune, but Yoritomo shows the superiority of Seiwa Genji as a builder to the Genji clan ("Kadoha") including Noriyori, while giving preferential treatment to them as a feudal lord of the shogunate.[Annotation 46]There are criticisms that it is a one-sided view that Yoshitsune and his family were treated coldly and did not use it heavily even if the policy failed as a result.[52].

cause of death

In each historical material,Sagami RiverIt is consistent that he suffered from a disease on the way back from the bridge memorial service, but the cause has not been determined. "Azuma mirrorIs "falling horse", "" is "drinking water disease", "MemoirsIs "controlled by the water god", "Holy calendar"Is"Yoshitsune Minamoto,Emperor AndeSeeing these ghosts, I fainted and fell ill. " Based on these, many theories about the cause of Yoritomo's death are still being discussed. As for the date of death, there is no theory to question because other books have consistently reported it.

Falling horse theory
9th year of Kenkyu (1198)Shigenari InageBridged the Sagami River for his late wife, and Yoritomo attended the memorial service for the completion of the bridge on his way home.Fallen horseIt is written in "Azuma Kagami" that it was done, and it is the most well-known theory as the cause of death of Yoritomo.However, the story appeared in "Azuma Kagami" 13 years after Yoritomo's death, and the bridge broke and the locals were in trouble. It is the content that it was done.At the time of his death, "Azuma Kagami" has no description of Yoritomo's death, from the bridge memorial service to the funeral.Regarding this, because the end of Minamoto no Yoritomo was disgraceful.Tokugawa IeyasuThere is a myth that he hid the relevant part as "things that would be shameful to the master should not be posted", but "Azuma Kagami" has various books that are transmitted to other than the Tokugawa family, so it is not a fact. ..Also, what is written in "Azuma Kagami" is that Yoritomo died shortly after the fall (hence the bad luck), and it is not necessarily stated that he died due to the fall.
The interpretation differs depending on the causal relationship between the cause of death and the fallen horse. If falling horses are the resultstrokeな どCerebrovascular diseaseWas happening before the accident, and if the fallen horse itself was the cause, it was head traumatic.Intracerebral hemorrhageProbably caused[53].. Since there are 17 days from the fall of the horse to the death, after the strokeAspiration・ There is a possibility.
Diabetes theory
"Drinking water disease" in "Inokuma Seki Hakuki" is a disease that wants water.Diabetes mellitusTo point to. However, there is no record of such symptoms, and it is unlikely.[53].. In the first place, diabetes is not a disease that causes direct death, but a disease that causes complications. If it were a death due to diabetes, it is unlikely that humans at that time would recognize it as the cause of death and record it as a "drinking water disease" (FujiwaraThere is a theory of diabetes from "drinking water disease", but there is no record that he died due to this. Also in later yearsvisionIt is speculated that this may be a complication of diabetes, as there are records that it has decreased).
Diabetes insipidus theory
By falling horsebrain OfCentral nervous systemDamagedAntidiuretic hormoneI have an abnormality in the secretion ofDiabetes insipidusThe theory that caused. In this illnessPeeThe amount of water suddenly increased and a large amount of water was ingested (= "drinking water disease"), and in the bloodsodiumThere is no suitable treatment because the concentration decreases12st centuryIs likely to die[53].
Ghost theory
It is written in "Hokkaido". At that timeGhost,curseIs a time when is deeply believed, and it is said that the ghosts of Yoshitsune and Emperor Antoku may have been seen in the devout Yoritomo. In medicineConsciousness disorderIt can also be considered that there was ataxia such as.However, it cannot be said that it is a theory just to swallow the description "I saw a ghost" as it is, and it is meaningless that the name of the disease is not specified in modern medicine.The cause and effect are the opposite, and it is undeniable that Yoritomo, whose consciousness was clouded by some kind of illness, saw the ghost.However, it is not the "cause of death".
Drowning theory
There are many historical materials that are associated with water, such as "drinking water disease," "Sagamigawabashi memorial service," "haunting of the water god," and "Emperor Antoku who appeared on the sea," and it seems that drowning led to death. AlsoSagami RiverEstuaryThe area is also called the Mairi River, and it is said that it originated from the fact that the horse that Yoritomo straddled suddenly went wild and entered the river and fell.In the case of the drowning theory, "drinking water disease" is considered to mean drowning in a river and drinking too much water.But all are just unfounded speculations.
Assassination theory
Yoritomo is a childSource source,Real morningTo someone likeassassinationIt is assumed that the description in "Azuma Kagami" was avoided in order to hide the fact. Or to Mr. HojomercuryIt is also said that he died after being drunk (mercury is produced in Izu).However, there is no basis for either.
Misidentified murder theory
To the mistressnight crawlingOn the way to, he was mistaken for a suspicious person and was killed. This is also completely unfounded, and it is not a theory that it is not possible to identify the person who killed the person or the mistress who is going to meet before the evidence.


YoritomoGenmanchuThe third son ofMinamoto no YoritomoAncestorGen KawachiIt is the XNUMXth generation of.Minamoto no YorimitsuAncestorGenji SettsuIs the mainstream of Seiwa Genji, and Kawachi Genji is the mainstream, but apart from the torrent, it is the mainstream of the samurai Genji.The battle with Mr. Taira and the power struggle within Genji and the Shogunate have killed (or reportedly) the paternal great-grandfather and grandfather, father, most of the sons, all the grandchildren of the man, all the brothers, and most of the father's brothers. It is reported that Yoricho himself and his third son died on the tatami mats among men within the third degree of fatherhood (up to thirty).JogyoOnly.


Many of Yoritomo's family members were samurai living in the Kanto region.Their home is Yoritomo's ancestorMinamoto no Yoritomo,Minamoto,OriginatorYoritomo's father, who once had a master-slave relationship withMinamoto no dynastySome have followed. Yoritomo made use of that connection. Also, for raising troopsHeike administrationMany samurai who were suffering below participated, but also welcomed those who were their adversaries.In addition, the Genji clan, who originally had the same rank as Yoritomo, was also incorporated into the Gokenin.Furthermore from KyotoCivil servant(Bunshi) was invited to Kamakura to help with political affairs.The family members who served these YoritomoLordCalled the countryGuardianGroundThe descendants spread all over the country.The main family members are listed below.Even among the gokeninsKadoha(Yoritomo Ichimon),HomeThere is also an opinion that it is classified as (Yoritomo Guard) and Samurai (Other).[54].

TaiziIs from Yoritomo's generationXNUMX-person consensus systemOrganizer

Gate leaf, associate gate leaf




Former independent power

Genji and others

Religious Faith

1180 (Jisho 4),BalancebyNanto burningAs a result, Minamoto no Yoritomo became a guardian of Todaiji Temple, which was severely damaged, following Emperor Go-Shirakawa, and greatly supported the reconstruction.東大寺では毎年春のEvery spring at Todaiji TempleShujikai(Water removal)Past bookAt the time of reading and dancing, he read aloud as usual in a louder voice, "General Yoritomo, the chief of the temple's construction," and has long passed down his great achievements to posterity.

1063 (Kouhei 6),MinamotoIn YuigoIwashimizu HachimanguIn 1180 (Jisho 4), Minamoto no Yoritomo moved to Kobayashi-go Kitayama.Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineWas relocated.

In 1185 (Bunji era), Shochojuin, a temple to mourn the bodhi of his father Yoshitomo, was built. 1192 (Kenkyu 3), for the requiescats of the war deadEifukuji Temple(Yofukuji) was erected.

Also locallyIzuyama ShrineHakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine)He has a great deal of reverence for him and is actively visiting both companies.

Correspondence to temples and shrines

The Kamakura Shogunate did not actively engage with the leading temples and shrines, which had great religious authority, strong economic power, financial management power, armed force, and production engineering power at that time. Mt. HieiEnryakuji TempleEnjoji TempleWhen Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine fought, he favored Sonjoji and Iwashimizu, and when Kofukuji and Todaiji fought, he favored Todaiji.Yoritomo made a generous donation to Todaiji Temple during the reconstruction of Nanto, but neither the Shogunate nor Yoritomo cooperated with Kofukuji Temple.Also, when Yoritomo went up,Kamo FestivalAfter attending to "Azuma Kagami"Kamo ShrineArticles are scattered, but on Mt. HieiShrineIsGionshaIs a festivalGion-kai"Azuma Kagami" is not mentioned about[55][56].

Lotus Sutra Faith

Minamoto no Yoritomo saidHokke Sutra"ofCopyHe performed recitation, recitation, and recitation, and was called "the owner of Houka Hachiman."

  • On January 1185, 1 (Bunji Gen), Minamoto no Yoritomo dedicates two Shinme swords to Tsuruoka Shrine, and then works as a Buddhist priest (Azuma Kagami) who holds a memorial service for the Lotus Sutra.
  • On April 1188, 4 (Bunji 4), Minamoto no Yoritomo started the Lotus Sutra lecture at the Mochibutsudo.Worked as a singer of Hozobo Yoshinori (Azuma Kagami).
  • August 1190, 8 (Kenkyu), Tsuruoka PalaceHoseikaiThen, the Lotus Sutra memorial service is held.There is a dance (Azuma Kagami) to visit Minamoto no Yoritomo.
  • On August 1191, 2 (Kenkyu 8), Tsuruokamiya Hoseikai, Minamoto no Yoritomo worshipers, and then the Lotus Sutra memorial service, Guru Anrakubo Chongqing, and Domai serve the children of Kagami (Azuma Kagami).
  • On February 1195, 6 (Kenkyu 2), there was Kagura, and he visited Shogun Yoritomo, and then served as a memorial service for the Lotus Sutra in front of the treasure (Azuma Kagami).

Cemetery, mausoleum, shrine

  • After his death, Yoritomo's corpse was hisMochibutsudoWas buried in. MochibutsudoShoji2 years(1200/), It is called Hokkado, and many memorial services are held.Ernst & Young8 years(1779/) In FebruarySatsuma Domainmain·Shimazu ShigegoBuilt the current stone pagoda.MeijiWhen you enterAbolition of BuddhaThe Hokkado, which was in front of the stone pagoda, was destroyed byMeiji 5(1872/), Enshrine Yoritomo in the traceShirahata ShrineWas built. The stone pagodaShowa2 years(1927/) As "Hokkado Ruins (Minamoto no Yoritomo Tomb)"Historic siteIs specified in.
  • Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineThere is also Shirahata Shrine in the precincts, and according to the shrine, Masako Hojo is from the imperial court.GodThank youShoji2 years(1200/) Is said to have been built.Source sourceIt is also said to be the founding of. Meiji 21 (Meiji XNUMX)1888/) Moved to the current location. The stone materialBook Komatsu stoneIs used.
  • After the Meiji eraNikko Toshogu ShrineIt is also enshrined in the Aiden.Currently, the Minamoto no Yoritomo Tomb Festival is held every year on the anniversary of the death of April 4th at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.PriesthoodIs done by.KagoshimaThe representative of the Shimazu family is also in attendance.Also, at the Sennin Warrior Procession held in spring and autumn at Nikko Toshogu, Yoritomo'sMikoshiThe procession that carries the is going back and forth on the approach.
  • HyogoKawanishi CityIt is inTada Shrine OfGenji FestivalThen, you can see the horse-riding warrior dressed as Yoritomo.
  • IwateIchinosekiHigashiyama TownIn Yanomori Hakkei, there is a tomb of Yoritomo, which is said to have been built by the descendants of Seiwa Genji, who was indigenous to the Middle Ages, in love with Yoritomo. Yoritomo, who fled to the present Iwate prefecture with his vassals,Yoshimori WadaIs said to have been defeated as a chase.


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  27. ^ According to "Azuma Kagami", Kasai Kiyoshige was ordered to murder Edo Shigenaga who never returned on September 9, but it is presumed that Kiyoshige declined this.[20]..Then, on October 10, when Shigetada Hatakeyama, Shigetada Kawagoe, and Shigenaga Edo obeyed Yoritomo, theyTerritory OfYoshiaki MiuraYoritomo persuaded the Miura clan who had been defeated, and reconciled the Miura and Chichibu clan.Sagami's influential hand by YoritomoSamuraiThe reconciliation between Mr. Miura and Mr. Chichibu, a leading Musashi samurai corps, had important implications for stabilizing Kamakura.[21].
  28. ^ Later became a home in OkuraOkura GoshoIt became the political base of Kamakura. Also, the ancestor Minamoto no Yoriyoshi is in the suburbs of Kyoto.Iwashimizu HachimanguSolicitedTsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineTo move to the northern foot of the mountain and mourn the bodhi of his father YoshitomoShochojuinWas built in 1180.
  29. ^ There is a theory that the main force of the rebel army was Kai Genji who controlled Suruga, and Yoritomo was stationed in the Kise River and watched the situation.[22].
  30. ^ The will was "My descendants, if one and the dragon survive, the skeleton should be exposed before Yoritomo."[24]..In response to Kiyomori's death, Yoritomo boasted, "I will not be punished, I should be with the Buddha's god, and I should encourage my graduates." That[25].
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  34. ^ Yoritomo had the army carry enough food to enter Minamoto noriori, and alsoLootingSince the act of wolf and wolf was strictly prohibited, the confusion that was seen during the Yoshinaka army's rush did not occur.
  35. ^ YoritomoHeiji RebellionSaved my lifeIke no ZenniHe is negotiating with the Pope through his son, Hiromori, and when he went down to Kamakura, he was robbed of his official position when the Taira clan fell.ManorIs returned and hospitality is generous[9].
  36. ^ At this time, Yoshitsune was leaked from the commissioner, and it is said that he was angry because he later obtained the position of non-Kebiishi without permission from Yoritomo.The story that this commissioner bought Yoritomo's disappointment has recently been viewed negatively.The reason why Yoshitsune was not entrusted with attacking the West was that Yoshitsune was requested to "maintain the security of Kyoto" and could not send troops to the West because of the necessity.[29], Immediately after the Battle of IchinodaniIse-IgaI couldn't sortie because the remnants of the Taira clan rebelled.[30]Etc. are presented.
  37. ^ The 2th day of the New Year in the 1185nd year of the Genryaku (6) of "Azuma Kagami" contains a letter of Yoritomo of the same date addressed to Noriyori.The content is refraining from hasty attacks, the emperorArtifactIt was a reminder to give top priority to ensuring the safety of.On the other hand, Yoshitsune departed four days after the Yoritomo letter was created.[31],Yashima attackThe early settlement by Yoritomo is also clearly inconsistent with the long-term war concept described in the Yoritomo letter.Yoshida KeiboHowever, he said, "The situation has not changed even if Rojo (Mihei Dohi, Kajiwara Kagetoki) did not produce any results toward the follow-up, and even if he put in Noriyori," he said, "I dispatched Yoshitsune." Considering that the sex should be decided, it is highly possible that the Yashima attack was Yoshitsune's "self-reliance" and was boosted by the area around the hospital, which was afraid of the Heike's counterattack. In "The Tale of the Heike", Yoshitsune called himself "the messenger of the Ichiin".Yoshimori IseAlso said, "I received a decree."From these facts, there is a view that Yoshitsune's departure at the order of Yoritomo is a fiction created after the fall of the Heike.[32].
  38. ^ It is said that Yoshitsune's devotion and the antipathy of the Togoku samurai were recorded.[9].
  39. ^ Unauthorized officials are Lieutenant Bei,Tadanobu Sato,Shigekazu Shigeoka,Shigesuke Shibuya, Ogawa Masaki,Motokiyo Goto, Maji Yusuke ,,,Kajiwara Kagetaka,,, Notada Ma, ,,,,,,,,,,Kishige Hirayama,Kajiwara Kageki, Seidosuke, Miyauchi Yukoku,Shutoshi Yamauchi,Tomoie Hatta,Asamasa Koyama24 people.
  40. ^ This case is often discussed in connection with Yoshitsune, but "prohibition of free officers" (such regulations were common for those who have a valet / roster party) and "emphasis on success" (Kamakura Shogunate). To the imperial court when recommending a government officesuccess(Recommended from those who fulfilled the above), "Encouragement of working in Tokyo after the appointment" (Emphasis is placed on the balance between the morning curtain relations and maintaining the peculiarity of the shogunate rule in the eastern country. Offering to the imperial court to return the officer of his subordinate gokenin[9]It is important that the basic policy for the imperial court officials of the Kamakura Shogunate was shown.[33].
  41. ^ 延慶本『平家物語』によると義経は鎌倉入りを許され頼朝と対面、慰安されたのち鎌倉の外れで待機したという。『愚管抄』にも義経は鎌倉の館に赴き、京に戻ってきた頃から頼朝に背く心を抱いたとある。
  42. ^ Around that time, in Kamakura, he sent a letter to the Gokenin west of Suruga, and although he canceled Yoritomo's upcoming battle, he ordered him to strengthen his armament without fail, and he was prepared for a large number of troops to go up in the event of an emergency.
  43. ^ The popeYasushi TakashinaThe messenger of the defense that was issued through arrived in Kamakura on November 11th, but was scared and did not come to the operation.Ichijo NohoGo to the mansionKamakura-donoI told him that I brought a letter to him.One letter to Noh said, "Yoshitsune and others were not designed by Yoshitsune at all, but were merely presented to the hospital for fear of Yoshitsune's troops." ..Yoshiyasu took the messenger to Yoritomo and presented a letter addressed to Yoritomo by Taisuke.It says, "The rebellion against Yukiie and Yoshitsune is nothing but the cause of Tenma. It is said that he will commit suicide in the palace if he does not declare Yoritomo's revenge. It was an excuse according to the Pope's intention, "I didn't." On November 11, when the messenger of Kamakura brought a letter of reply to Taikei and asked Taisuke of the Imperial Palace, he was very angry because he answered that he was absent, and threw the sentence box into the corridor of the central gate of the temple. I went away.The letter was delivered to you, and the table says "Reply from Lord Okura", and there is no signature below. Is a person who is a hindrance to Buddhist law and is a disaster of humanity. Yoritomo destroyed many enemies in the morning and left the administration to the Pope, but for some reason he was immediately turned into a rebel. Regardless of your thoughts, in the first placedecree of emperorIs it something that is given?The nations are exhausted and the people are in trouble because they are called Yukiie and Yoshitsune and are not captured.I'm not going to say anything else about Japan's number one Daitengu, "he said, hurting Emperor Go-Shirakawa's transformation and irresponsibility.
  44. ^ The dismayed Pope and Taisuke repeatedly declare on the 25th that they will order the search for Yukiie and Yoshitsune. "It is a punishment for Yukiie Yoshitsune to suffer from headwinds," he accuses Yoshitsune and orders Taisuke to be reticent.
  45. ^ For the portrait of Yoritomo, see the catalog of "[Special Exhibition] XNUMXth Anniversary of the Death of Minamoto no Yoritomo and the Famous Treasures of Temples and Shrines Related to Minamoto no Yoritomo"[42]In addition, reference drawings are attached to non-exhibited works, and they are comprehensively posted and explained.
  46. ^ For example, it was appointed to receive in June of the first year of the Genryaku (1184).Mikawa3 people, Minamoto no Noriori[49], Also in August of the first year of Bunji (1185)Receipt6 people including Yoshitsune Minamoto no Yoshitsune[50]Was a clan of Seiwa Genji, who was appointed by the recommendation in exchange for Yoritomo's military service.[51].


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