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🎥 | akane is dubbing for the first time in "SING: Next Stage"!Decided to play the role of new character Noothy! …


Akane is dubbing for the first time in "SING: Next Stage"!Decided to play the role of new character Noothy! …

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Not only the song but also the dance scene is spectacular, and expectations are rising for the latest work with outstanding power-ups!

This time, akane, a bubbly dance choreographer, has been selected as the new character Noussie!Furthermore, the comfort unique to this work ... → Continue reading


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Power up

Computer gamesInPower up (power-up) is a functionPlayer characterAn object that gives temporary help and new abilities to[1].. Obtained may or may not have a permanent effectItemIn contrast to. I often get it by touching it, butBubble bobble』EXTEND bubble, if you collect more than one, it may power up. As a well-known example of power-ups,Pac-Man"[2]"Power food"[3],Super mario bros"of"Super mushroomAnd the latter isUGO NetworksNo. 11 in "Top 1 Power-ups for Computer Games"[4].

Items that have power-up effects are usually installed in the game and are obtained by randomly spawning, dropping enemies by defeating them, opening containers, or destroying them.RPGWhat makes it different from other items is that it has an immediate effect, a design that does not always fit the world view (many letters and symbols are designed), and that it exists in a specific genre. Power-up is a maze game,Run & Gun,Shoot 'em up,FPS,Platform gamesThere are many action-type works.

History and influence

"Power-ups" and "1UPIsJapanglishIs.The meaning of "xUP" in Japanese is "this will increase your x", which can be seen in advertisements.this is"Super Mario SunshineThis is the case like "x get!" Of "SHINE GET!"

Early example

1980's Pac-Man is known as the first computer game to implement power-ups[3].. There are four power feeds in the maze, and you can temporarily eat ghosts and fight back against enemies. Power-up effects first appeared in computer gamesCutsceneIn one of them, it is expressed in the form of a short comical appearance chasing after Pac-Man and Brinky.[5][6].. Power Feed is about the impact of computer games on childrenControversySpread to popular culture as a joke[7].

1984'sSaber Wulf], A flower-shaped power-up was used, and when the flower bloomed, it had effects such as speeding up and invincibility.[8]. Of the same yearXevius』In the player's fighterHidden commandThe setting to make it invincible is said to be "immortal", and the word spread to children, but game-related media stopped accepting this invincible command as information already published in other magazines that makes the game boring. ""Star force』Same command is introduced in some cases, invincible techniqueTricksIt became one of the flower shapes[9].

1985'sSuper mario bros"Super Mushroom" spread to popular culture as a "typical power-up"[4][10].. Originally bigMarioExisted, but a power-up was implemented to make him "super" as a bonus effect. The development team saidAlice in WonderlandI thought it would be interesting to eat magic mushrooms and make Mario more or less.[11].. In this game, there are other invincible "stars" and fireballs.Fire flowerThere is also. The same year "Gradius』Introduced for the first time a selection bar to use power-ups at the player's discretion instead of fixing instant effects[12].

Since 1986Action role playing gamesNow the concept of permanent power-ups has emerged in the form of perks[13].


There are "invincible", "musou", and "immortal" as words that mean the power-up state.

1978'sSpace invaders』In April 1979, there is a strategy that the player does not accept the enemy's attack due to" Nagoya shooting "that pierced the defect of the system, and it is expressed as" save tea zone "" vacuum zone ".Game center stormIn the second episode, the word "Phoenix" is used.[9]. 1980'sSpace Firebird], It is explained that pressing a button on the leaflet will make one spaceship "immortal", and this word is officially used as a pioneer in computer games.[9].. 1981 "VanguardIn the description of the case, "When you pass through the energy box, the spaceship powers up and becomes invincible, and you can hit the enemy", and the same state as Pac-Man's power-up was expressed as "invincible". Seems to be a fairly early example[9]. Of the same yearDonkey KongHowever, the leaflet explained, "If you have a hammer, you will be invincible," and the word "invincible" was widespread in the Japanese computer game world.[9].. In addition, in the same work, if you fail to hit the hammer against the enemy, the jump man will be killed, so it can not be said that it is invincible exactly.[9].. Eating Pac-Man's super power food mentioned above is called invincible when it becomes huge, speeds up, and passes through monsters.Super Locomotive], When you press the change button, the fuel consumption increases, but it is expressed as "invincible" in the explanation that it temporarily transforms into "super locomotive" and touches and defeats the enemy, and it is not a mistake and the enemy Was used as "invincible" to defeat[9].NES"Invincible" was used in the game manual with the advent of, and spread to children[9].

2001 『Shin Sangoku Musou 2Was a big hit, and the word "Musou" came to be used as the same meaning as "Invincible."[9].. The difference between "invincible" and "immortal" is the characteristics and state of the characters that are directly related to the rules, and it is used in cases such as "immortal for a short time from the start", but Musou is not, and such techniques It is a word used when looking at the state of using, the situation, the style of the whole work, etc.[9].. 『Shin Sangoku Musou SeriesIn the early days, there was a special attack "Musou Ranbu" that made the player invincible, but in "Musou Mode", by advancing multiple modes in the order of the story, the meaning is not constant even in the official, and it characterizes the work. Was the keyword of[9].


Gain new weapons, make player characters look more aggressive, increase their power, and leave some enemies vulnerable. Defeat all enemies on the screen at onceNukeCan be found in vicular combat, run & gun, platform games and more.The effect has a time limit, a limit on the number of times, until it hits the player or death,Game overThe effect continues until.

  • "Rockman series]: Weapons can be obtained by defeating boss characters and irregulars. The weapon runs out of battery (unless you use a password) and remains until the end of the game.
  • "Donkey Kong]: Mario (Jumpman) is a hammer that can destroy Tal and chicks.
  • "Pac-Man]: Pac-Man can attack fatigue and ghosts in Power Feed. It also becomes immortal temporarily.
  • "Super mario bros』: Obtaining Super Mushrooms can break bricks, Fireflowers can throw fireballs, and if Mario is damaged, it will be ineffective.
  • "Jak and Daxter』: In the first work, if you get the red eco, Jack's high and low power will increase, and if you take the yellow eco, you can shoot energy cannonballs. Dark Eco transforms into a Dark Jack for powerful attacks and additional unlocking abilities.


Surround the charactershieldConsists of items such as, which deflect projectiles and absorb damage. If invincible, it is a temporary effect.

Player characters will no longer accept harmful objects or will damage enemies if touched[9].. Both characters are often vulnerable to places like holes that die when dropped.[9].. In many cases, they are temporarily invincible immediately after being attacked or damaged, and are not repeatedly damaged or killed in a row. As for the effect, characters etc. blink, and a signal is given by music.

  • "Mario series]: A "star" who temporarily becomes invincible and defeats enemies when touched.
  • "Sonic series』: There are several types of defense power up systems,First workThen you can protect it from one damage with a shield. Surround Sonic with a spherical barrier to prevent loss of rings and strength. Variations include Thunder, Aqua, and Flame. Some items can be immortal or defeat enemies just by touching them.
  • "Blur]: Prevents car wreckage with highly defensive power-ups such as shields and repairs. Some power-ups can be fired to destroy the opponents behind the player.
  • "Clash of Clans』: Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability makes a range of surrounding allies invincible against attacks from defense facilities for a few seconds depending on the level.
  • "Splatoon』: Armor power-ups coat the player even more to prevent enemy attacks. If you take some damage, you will be in a short immortal state while your health recovers, and the armor layer will break. Unlike many defense gains, a player can have multiple layers of armor at once.


An item that helps the player avoid or escape enemy attacks. It also includes temporary, permanent, cumulative power-ups that affect time, such as speeding up, and "invisibility" that can avoid enemies.

  • "Rainbow island]: "Shoes" that speed up the movement of the player character.
  • "R-TYPE]: Item "S" icon that speeds up each time you collect.
  • "Unreal Tournament], [Quake III Arena]: "Invisiblity" that transforms the player into a wireframe or shadow that makes it invisible. "Radiation Suits" change certain weapon abilities.
  • "Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII]: A "dash" materia that allows Zack to move at double speed to avoid enemy attacks.
  • "Jak x Daxter": A blue eco that makes Jak run faster and jump higher. It is used to activate the Piricursor devices in various places to open doors and activate floating platforms. For this reason, blue eco also corresponds to access capability,
  • "Sonic the Hedgehog": There are items that temporarily improve the speed, acceleration, and jump height of the player character.

Directions & Parking

Players go to a new area, enter an area that was inaccessible, or anotherstageTowarpItems to use when doing. Depending on the game, it may be necessary or optional for progress.

  • "Super Mario Bros. 3』: The whistle that allows the player to go to the warp zone can go further, and the player gets a hammer that can be a shortcut on the world map, and a tail Mario leaf that can go to the hidden area.[14].
  • "Mega Man Series": A power-up of "Rush" that cannot be obtained by ordinary means. There are rush jet, rush coil, rush marine, rush search and so on.Rockman X seriesThen there is also a capsule upgrade.
  • "Metroid series』: Various weapons such as ice beams and power bombsSamus AranIn addition to the additional attack power, a permanent power-up that allows you to accelerate to various doors.

Hit points, life

LostHPRecovery item(A lot of medicine kits, food, energy),lifeIt consists of 1UP, an item that increases the number of players (a system that gives you a chance to continue playing even if you lose).

  • Mario Series: Super Mushrooms and 1UP Mushrooms Increase Mario HP, Life Stock[4].
  • "Monster World Series』: Fruit restores the player's energy.
  • "DOOM]: Partially recover the player's life with the first aid kit.
  • "The Legend of Zelda Series』:" Heart Container "permanently increases the player's life amount, and" Heart Fragment "replenishes the lost life.
  • "Jak x Daxter": Restore Jack's life with green eco.
  • Clash of Clans: Heal spell restores life to all allies by pulse level for 12 seconds.
  • "Sonic the Hedgehog": The Extra Lifebox was initially the icon of the character you were controlling, but later became "1UP".

Ammunition, remaining amount

Depending on the game, certain items, ammo and fuel for using abilities,Magic pointEtc. will be consumed. Some resources are single, such as MP, while others use multiple resources. There are also power-ups to increase maximum ammo and power capacity.

  • "Half life』: Gun ammunition.
  • "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time]: Magic points will be restored when you acquire "Magic Acupoints".
  • "Descent II]: Energy power-up restores the energy required to use the primary weapon, and some equipment such as headlights and afterburners can be used.
  • Mega Man Series: The default weapon has no limit on how many times it can be used, but the other six weapons can only be used if they consume energy. Obtaining a capsule will partially charge the energy of the selected weapon.
  • "": Monsters have a certain number of energy points depending on their rarity, and need to be replenished at the cost of the turn (there is also a technique to use the points for the user or the entire team).


An item that often appears to encourage you to go to a specific place. It has various cumulative effects and often increases the life of the main character.

  • "Super Mario Bros.: 100UP for 1 coins.
  • "Super Mario Bros. 2]: When you get 5 cherries, a star power-up will appear.
  • "Sonic the Hedgehog": Obtaining 100 Gold Rings will increase your life. In many of the series, get all 7 Chaos Emeralds and collect 50 Rings to activate Super Sonic Mode. It gives you the ability to speed up and immortalize, but over time the ring is consumed and the effect ends when you run out.
  • "": Collecting 100 apples will increase the number of people remaining by one.
  • "Donkey Kong Country]: Collecting 100 bananas will increase the number of people remaining by one.

Trick power up

It is installed to deceive the player and may try to catch it, damage it, or even cause death.

Power-up method

There are various ways to power up.

  • In many cases, especially in platform games, there are power-up containers on each stage as objects. "Castlevania DraculaSeries andNinja RyukendenIn the series, it is a candle or a lantern, and in the Mario series, it is a hatena block. In the Sonic series 2D games, it's in a cubic static monitor, and in 3D games, it's in a capsule-like box.
  • Belt scroll action gameThen wooden boxes, barrels, mailboxes, etc. function as containers.
  • In "Rockman series" etc., you will get power-up items when you defeat the enemy.
  • "RC Pro-Am], Power-ups are hidden in some games. You can move in a specific way orSuper metroidOften requires specific actions, such as blasting a specific block.
  • "Spy Hunter], It may be obtained by using the object at a specific place on the stage.

Treasure Chest

In many computer games, especially RPGsTreasure ChestContains various items, currencies, and sometimes monsters. Even if some treasure chests look like that, they may actually attack you when you try to open them by disguising yourself as a monster. "Sacred sword legendseries""Dragon Quest series] Is often seen.

It's a way for players to get items without paying at the store, and may contain items that aren't sold at the store. Sometimes it's locked and sometimes you need to find it. Once you use the key, it will be destroyed and you may not be able to use it elsewhere. If you have a particular type of key, you may open a box with the correct key.

In many cases, the box remains empty when you open it and take it out, but it contains different items depending on the stage. Unlike wooden boxes and bottles, it reappears when the player moves through the area and returns.

Selection bar

Players may be able to choose which one to use instead of collecting power-up items. In order to access the bar, you will have to collect power-up items, and the more you collect, the more functions you can use. It takes a lot of effort to use powerful power-ups. This system first appeared in 1985's Gradius[12].


Benefits (Perks) are power-up variations[15], Permanent rather than temporary. The permanent one is 1986Deadly TowersAnd 'Argos Warrior], ButAction adventure gameAnd the borderline of RPG was blurred[13].. The early computer games implemented using this name were described in 1997 as "Fallout There is 『Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare"[15],Call of Duty Modern Warfare''Killing floorFPS such as "Metal Gear OnlineIt is used in various works such as action games such as.


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