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📺 | Big Impact ... "Come Come Everybody" 58th Synopsis

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 58th – (C) NHK

A big impact ... "Come Come Everybody" 58th Synopsis

If you write the contents roughly
Heisuke (Takehiro Murata) and Kazuko (Mari Hamada) of the cleaning shop care about such a thing.

The 105th NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Eri Fukatsu plays the second heroine.Week 13 "1 ... → Continue reading

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Murata Takehiro

Takehiro Murata(Takehiro Muratake,1960/May 3[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.. Height 180 cm, weight 81.5 kg[1].By the wayBelongs.


TokyoBackground[2]..From 5th gradeKoshigayaGrowing up inKoshigaya Municipal Hokuyo Junior High School,Saitama Prefectural Misato High SchoolBorn (1st gen member was the student council president).

As a boyjudoEncourage, Disney andKurosawaAt the age of 16 because of my longing for moviesTroupe sunflowerJoined.Later, he started making independent films with his friends.[3], Troupe "Actors Thrill & ChanceFormed (1998/Disbanded).

1979/"If you think about it』(Yoshitaka AsamaScreen debut with director)[2].

"Mio Tsukushi』And so on1992/of"Minbo WomanAnd 'Okage』By actingKinema Junpo Award-Hochi Film Award-Japan Academy AwardWon numerous movie awards such as[2], Established a position as an actor.

In the movieNobuhiko ObayashiIn addition to being appointed multiple times in the workGodzillaIn the series, he has appeared in a total of five works in various positions from starring to bit parts.

At the beginning of his debut, he had many strong and strong roles, but he gained popularity due to his mild personality and simple atmosphere ("For some reason (even though he is from Tokyo), there are many roles from Tohoku.Tohoku dialectThere are many roles to speak. "Has a reputation for simple smiles, natural and tasteful performances, and astringent performances that set aside.[4].

Although the number is small, he has experience of appearing in Western dubbing,Stanley KubrickThe director's "Full metal jacket』In charge of the role of Leonard who causes a mental change after rigorous training.The director also sent a compliment to Murata's acting.[5].

After appearing in "Wataru Seken wa"Izumi PinkoHe often co-stars with Pinko and his wife, even in private, as a family member, and is loved like a younger brother.

Hobbyhorse riding,BowlingIn particular, bowling achieved perfection (2012 points) in 300.With the skill of a professional, "Downtown DX"When a stranger told me,'I'm bringing my ball at this time,' I really felt murderous."2015/ToJapan Pro Bowling AssociationThanHonorary professional bowlerThe emblem was awarded as the first issue)[6].

In privateKen Watanabe,Yanagiba Toshiro,Masahiko NishimuraI have a friendship with such.

FashionEasy to moveJerseyIs called everyday wear.

2006/May 1020 years youngeractress,Rika NakaeMarry[7].


  • 1992 15thJapan Academy Award Best Supporting Actor
  • 1992 Kinema Junpo Japanese Film Supporting Actor Award
  • 1992 47th Mainichi Film Awards for Best Actor
  • 1992 17th Hochi Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Award
  • 1992 5thDaily Sports Movie Awards Best Supporting Actor
  • 1992 2nd Japan Film Critics Award Actor Award
  • 1992 All Nippon Producers Association Elan d'or Newcomer Award



TV drama

Other TV programs 


V cinema

  • Gokudo no Rule 1,2, 2016 (2) All XNUMX works --Kenichi Yamazaki, Assistant to the Young Head of the Keiwakai
  • Solitary Cry 1,2, 2018 (2) All XNUMX works --Katsuhana Group Leader Takashi Mitamura
  • GOKU ・ OH Gokuou 1,2,3 (2019) --Master role of Osaka Dotonbori Cafe Bar




Music works

  • No matter how good a lie (Takashima ReikoAnd Duet) (November 2000, 11) -CD single
    Kizakura "Drink" CM image song (TKDA-72048,Minorphone)


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外部 リンク

Mari Hamada

Mari Hamada(Mali, still1968/May 12 -) isJapan Ofsinger,actress,narrator,talent.

HyogoKobe CitySuma WardI'm fromPapadooBelongs.Mukogawa Women's University High SchoolGraduate.


Focusing on live houses in KansaiSandbox Ofvocalist(andギ タ リ ス ト) As an activity,TBS"Yuji Miyake's cool band heaven』And appeared in music programs.

By the way, when the group "Sandpit" appeared in "Ikasu Band Heaven", Hamada thought, "If you play Mystery, the judges may like it," so he appeared as Mysterious character. However, the judges were so strict that they didn't deal with me at all, and I was told by Borokoso.After all, "Sandpit" was disbanded soon after returning to Osaka.

In 1991Modern Choki ChokiesJoined and made a major debut the following year.Two tailTo the hairstyleDressesIn the style of clothes, he performed with a strong Kansai-style trowel color.At the time of band activity, the late-night program "Side dish night"so,Nakamura volunteersServed as a moderator.

With a characteristic voice that removes high notes, he is also active as a narrator and actress on TV programs.1998/から2005/ToTV Asahi"Tomorrow』I acted as a fast-talking narrator.2002/,movies"Cat repayment]Voice actorAppeared as.

Beat takeshiIs cute when she is in the Modern Choki Chokies eraKitano Fan ClubI called him repeatedly and used it for his own gag as well.later"Blood and bones』Co-starred as a couple.

HobbyFree climbing..He has a muscular and well-trained body, and makes use of his outstanding athletic ability, TBS "Hiroshi Sekiguchi's Tokyo Friend Park II] InAbe SadaIn combination with, he made a record of winning 3 gold coins in a wall crash.

Ex-husbandMaki Fujii(OriginalSOFT BALLET・ CurrentSUILEN) Is because Fujii was a big fan of her and realized a dialogue using the connection of a magazine reporter.After that, "I got a chance right after my broken heart (Hamada talk)" and became an intimate relationship, and Fujii's "Stalker-like (Hamada talk)" contact was fruitful.1996/Married to.1999/Although I gave birth to my eldest daughter2005/Divorced in spring.Hamada took over the custody of the eldest daughter.

In recent years, he has been prominently active as a supporting player who sometimes makes use of the Kansai dialect, including NHK, and as an actress who challenges the bold nude scene.2008/Remarried to a 51-year-old office worker in spring[1].

September 2020, 9, ``Modern scissors featuring Mari Hamada(from Modern Choki Chokies) ”,YouTubeLimited resurrection with video release until October 10st[2][3][4].

2021/May 9Was postponed for a one-night reunion live of "Modern Choki Chokies"[5][6].


  • Akashi familyHe was an enthusiastic fan of the movie, and even asserted that he could divorce Fujii (the husband at that time) if he could marry pacific saury-san.
  • Parents' homecleaningStore management.According to himself, "a signboard girl of a dry cleaner".
  • New yearI have an older brother1Hamada was born in the same year12birth).
  • Tianjin chestnutslike[7].



Release datetitlec / wspecificationStandard product number
Ki / oon Sony Records
1st1995/4/21Son of manWild boar8 cm CDKSD2-1090
2nd1995/7/1One personGood apology (Conniption edit)KSD2-1085
3rd1995/10/21Let's go on a regular basisLet's go on a regular basis somedayKSD2-1104
4th1997/9/18It's My LoveKi-AiMaxi singlePSCR-5640
The Sensation Orgasum
5th1999/12/1Pajamas tripperPajamas Tripper (Original Karaoke)8 cm CDPSDR-5338


Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Ki / oon Sony Records
1st1995/11/22Futu peopleCDKSC2-135
2nd1997/10/15Woman knittingCDPSCR-5648

Tie-up song

Son of manShinken seminar junior high school course CM song1995/
One personmovies"Hanako of the toilet"Image Song
Let's go on a regular basisFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Ryutaro Ueoka will not do anything!"Ending theme
Pajamas tripperHalloween Image Song1999/


TV drama

Delivery drama

  • Hulu U35 Creators Challenge "Escape Ball" (February 2022,Hulu)



Variety and others

Educational program






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外部 リンク


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