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🤖 | "Onsen" cosplayer Kitaro shows off a bathing shot with a bath towel


"Onsen" cosplayer Kitaro shows off a bathing shot with a bath towel

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Fans commented on this post, saying, "Kitaro is beautiful."

Cosplayer Kitaro updated his Twitter on January 1st to show off his hot spring shots.Kitaro said, "Warm ... → Continue reading

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Kitaro(Kitaro,2001/May 10 -) Is a cosplayer from the People's Republic of China.GuangdongGuangzhouResident[2].


2001/10/12[2], In Guangdong[3]to be born.I've loved anime since I was little. I became interested in cosplay because I saw a very beautiful cosplay photo on the Internet. In 2014, the beginning of cosplayer Kitaro was to take the courage to do a simple cosplay.Participated in anime-related events, product exhibitions, photo sessions, etc. in China.Cosplay 5 times a month[4].

2018/, Come to Japan to participate in "Comic Market".2019/May 8 - May 8, Participated in "Comic Market" (C96).Kizuna eyeAttract attention with cosplay[4].

2019/May 9 - May 9, "Tokyo Game Show 2019" held at Makuhari Messe (Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba)DellAppeared as a companion at the (Dell) booth[5].

Cosplayer'sEnako[6]Because I loved it, I applied for the "Next Generation Cosplayer National Audition" sponsored by PP Enterprise.Win the Grand Prix and decide to belong to the company[7].

2019/May 11, An exhibition "Godzilla EXPO 65-History of Godzilla seen in photos-in OlOl" will be held in Yurakucho Marui (Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) to commemorate the 2019th anniversary of Godzilla's birth.Appeared in a cosplay photo session held at the venue (co-starring: Saki Miyamoto, Kokoro Shinozaki, Enako, Fire commander rosiel)[8].

2019/May 11, Appeared in the 2nd "Charity Photo Session" sponsored by Enako at Starrise Tower (Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo).Sales areKyoto animation, Japanese Red Cross Society, sent to animal protection groups[9].

2019/May 12 - May 12, At Comic Market (C97),NekoparaAppeared in a photo session in collaboration with "Enakos TV". She shows off her "vanilla" cosplay.Enako, Saki Miyamoto,nautical mile, Kokoro Shinozaki,Fire commander rosiel,Ku ri え MiCo-starred with[10].

2020 isNew coronaI haven't come to Japan because of the influence ofArk Knights,Le Ciel Bleu,Sankai KyokaActive as an official cosplayer.Also, expand the range of activities to fashion advertisements, runways, videos, etc.[11].

"Cosplay has changed me a lot. My personality has become brighter and I can interact naturally with a lot of people," Akira Nogi told me.[4].. As of July 2021, studying Japanese[3].


According to him, he is bisexual.[2].

Of the officePP EnterpriseToEnako,Yi weaving, Yoko Inui,Shinozaki heart, Tsunko,Saki Miyamoto,Saki Yoshida, Manatsu, etc.


  • DVD
    • 2020/6/26 "Enakos TV Volume 1" (movic, ASIN: B085RZGC71) * Co-stars: Enako, Erika Ishitobi, Kokoro Shinozaki, Eriko Tanaka
    • 2020/9/25 "Enakos TV Volume 4" (movic, ASIN: B085RZG4J7) * Co-stars: Enako, Erika Ishitobi, Ryo Yamabuki, Yoko Inui


  • E-book
    • Released on 2021/06/28 "The Paradise of Ideas" (Shonen Gahosha)
  • magazine
    • "Young Gangan" No. 2020 released on April 4, 3
    • Released on April 2021, 4 "Young Animal" 23 merged issue
    • Released and published on June 2021, 6 "Young King" Vol. 28, No. 35


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