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🎥 | Popular physical actress goes to divorce for the XNUMXth time "Dazzling romance" disappears


Popular physical actress goes to divorce for the XNUMXth time "Dazzling romance" disappears

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Pamela, known for her hit drama "Bay Watch," is planning to apply for a divorce from her husband, Dan Hayhurst, who married on Christmas Eve in 2020, in Canada, the home country of Pamela, where the couple lived.

Actress Pamela Anderson (XNUMX), who was active as a playmate in the magazine Playboy, is said to have broken up with her husband.Hi ... → Continue reading


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Bay watch

"Bay watch』(BAYWATCH) IsAmericaで1989/から2001/A TV drama series that was broadcast over.It was produced until Season 11 (however, from Season 10 the stage was moved to Hawaii. Baywatch Hawaii Broadcast as).

in Japan1993/Broadcast from, season 1 onlyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.な どCommercial broadcastTerrestrial waveで1994/Broadcast from season 2 to season 6NHK OfSatellite broadcasting OfNHK-BS2At1995/から1999/Was broadcast (not broadcast after Season 7).

Other,Spin-offTV series "Baywatch Knights" ( Baywatch Nights )But1995/ から 1997/44 episodes were broadcast overoriginal videoIn 19951998/2 pieces,TV movie 2003/One episode has been produced.Also, the movie version with a completely redesigned cast2017/It was released in Japan, but it was not released in theaters in Japan and was released as a Blu-ray + DVD set.


California,Santa MonicaLife and safety of bathers on the beaches along the bayBay watch(Water Accident Surveillance Team) puts his life to salvage and works therelife guardAn action-adventure that depicts the activities of (lifesaving crew members).In addition to regulars, it is also a highlight that new members of the beautiful women will appear every season.A drama that was a huge hit in 142 countries around the world.


Mitch Buchanan
Act:David Hasselhoff, Dubbed:Taniguchi Festival[Season 1] / Takayuki Sugo[Season 2 ~]
Craig Pomeroy
Performance :, Dubbing:Masashi Ehara[Season 1] Regular appearance / [Season 8 (3 episodes), Season 9 (4 episodes) guest appearance]
Jill Riley
Act:Shawn weatherly, Dubbed:Kumiko Takizawa[Until Season 1 Episode 19]
Eddie Kramer
Act:Billy Warlock, Dubbed:Kappei Yamaguchi[Season 1] / Yu Mizushima (currently:Yu Mizushima) [Season 2-3 Episode 2]
Shauni McClain
Act:Erika Eleniak, Dubbed:Yuko Kobayashi[Season 1]) / Atsuko Tanaka[Season 2-3 Episode 2]
Hobby Buchanan
Performance: [Season 1] / [Season 2 ~], Dubbed:Yoshiko Kamei[Seasons 1-4] / Soichiro Hoshi[Season 5 ~]
Captain Don Thorpe
Act:Monte Markham, Dubbed:Takeshi Ninai[Season 1] / Nobuo Tanaka[Season 2]
Gina Pomeroy
Performance :, Dubbing:Takashima Mara[Season 1 Episode 1] / Yuko Sasaki[Season 1 Episodes 2-22]
John D. Court
Performance :, Dubbing:Yoshitsuka Otsuka[Season 1 Episodes 14-23] / Kazuhiro Yamaji[Season 2 ~]
Trevor Cole
Performance :, Dubbing:Shinya Otaki[Season 1 Episodes 14-23]
Harvey Miller
Performance :, Dubbing:Hiroaki Hirata[Season 2]
Ben Edwards
Performance :, Dubbing:Toshihiko Kojima[Season 2 ~]
Summer quinn
Performance :, Dubbing:Three Stones[Seasons 3 and 4]
Matt Brody
Performance :, Dubbing:Tomohiro Tsuboi[Season 3 ~]
CJ Parker
Act:Pamela Anderson, Dubbed:Tomizawa Michie[Season 3 ~]
Garner Ellerby
Performance :, Dubbing:Nobuaki Fukuda[Season 1] / Masayuki Komuro[Season 2 ~]
Jimmy Slade
Act:Kelly Slater, Dubbed: [Season 3 ~]
Captain Stephanie Holden
Act:Alexandra Paul, Dubbed:Mami Koyama[Season 3 Episode 3 ~]
Caroline Holden
Performance :, Dubbing:Nobuko Shinokura[Season 4] / Yuko Sasaki[Season 5 ~]
Logan Fowler
Performance :, Dubbing:Shinichiro Miki[Season 5 ~]
Cody Madison
Performance :, Dubbing:Takashi Yoshida[Season 6 Episode 3 ~]
Performance :, Dubbed: Miho Yamada (currently:Miho Yamada) [Season 6 Episode 3 ~]



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As Mitch BuchananDwayne Johnson, As Matt BrodyZac EfronThe drama series is a new movie version with a renewed cast.David Hasselhoff, who played Mitch Buchannon in the television series, also has a guest appearance as a master.

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Japanese subtitle version
  • BAYWATCH SEASON1 DVD The Complete Box (released March 2007, 3)ASIN B000M05V7A
  • BAYWATCH SEASON2 DVD The Complete Box (released March 2007, 3)ASIN B000LZ6FI0
English edition
  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (released November 2003, 11)ASIN B0000TEVR4


Japanese subtitle version
  • Air Turbulence ~ Baywatch ~ [Subtitled Version] (Released on July 1999, 7)ASIN B00005H6JE
English edition


  • Baywatch [Compilation] [Soundtrack] [Import] [from US] (released September 2004, 9)ASIN B000679QYI
  1. I'm Always Here
  2. I Believe
  3. All I Wanna Be (Is With You)
  4. harder
  5. Lifeline
  6. Summer of Love
  7. Days of Our Love
  8. Color Me Blue
  9. Ooh la La
  10. Let a Few Go By
  11. Current of Love
  • Baywatch [Compilation] [Soundtrack] (released September 1993, 9)ASIN B000000U87
  1. I'm Always Here
  2. I Believe
  3. All I Wanna Be (Is With You)
  4. harder
  5. Lifeline
  6. Summer of Love
  7. I'm Gonna Miss You
  8. Days of Our Love
  9. Color Me Blue
  10. Ooh la La
  11. Let a Few Go By
  12. Current of Love

paper bag

  • Baywatch (Penguin Readers, Level 2) (released in November 1998)(English))ISBN-978 0582401150

Blu-ray + DVD set

  • Movie "Bay Watch" Blu-ray [English Dolby Atmos / Dolby TrueHD / Japanese 5.1ch Dolby Digital / Subtitles: English / Japanese] DVD [English 5.1ch Dolby Digital / Japanese 5.1ch Dolby Digital, Subtitles: English / Japanese] (Released on October 2017, 10) Paramount Part No. PJXF-25

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