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🎥 | The live-action version of "Usogui" is sure to die !? The reason why the horror director's entertainment movie is so moss

Photo Yokohama Ryusei (C) Maijitsu 

The live-action version of "Usogui" is sure to die !? The reason why the horror director's entertainment movie is so moss

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It was serialized in "Weekly Young Jump" from 2006 to 17, and is a very popular work with 49 volumes and a cumulative circulation of 880 million copies.

The movie "Usogui", which is a live-action version of the popular manga by manga artist Toshio Sako, will be released nationwide on February 2.Repeated original work ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Cumulative circulation of 880 million copies of the series

Weekly Young Jump

"Weekly Young Jump』(Shukan Young Jump, WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP),ShueishaIssued byJapan OfWeekly publicationyouthCartoon magazine.1979/(Showa 54) In MarchPublished twice a monthmagazine"young Jump』First published as1981/The magazine name was changed due to the weekly publication of (56).WeeklyThursdayReleased.Abbreviation is "Yangjan","YJ. "

In this section,Web comic distribution siteIsMy Neighbor Young Jump] Will also be touched upon.


1979/First published in May. "Weekly Shonen JumpWas the second editor-in-chief ofNakano YusukeServed as the first editor-in-chief.It has the longest history as a weekly seinen manga magazine currently being published.Shueisha is a seinen manga magazine1969/"Joker" has been published since (44), but the magazine has been suspended for half a year, and it was the first seinen manga magazine in 10 years.[2].. The origin of the magazine name of "Young Jump" was at that timeWeekly Shonen Jump Newcomer Manga AwardIt is a diversion of the name of.

The editorial policy at the time of the first issue was "(including sex)愛-violence-power(Liberation from) ".this is"Weekly Shonen Jump"The three major policies of"Friendship / effort / victoryWhile inheritingBoy cartoonIt was born from the perspective of what to draw in a seinen manga with a high degree of freedom, and all of them are walls that everyone hits in their late teens to early 10s, which is the assumed readership. there were[2].

Weekly Shonen JumpIs the same jump series magazine, but there is almost no interaction between the editorial departments.Former editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen JumpShigeo NishimuraAccording to the report, "Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Young Jump are rivals within Shueisha and are basically not involved in each other's editorial policy or promotion."

The cover page is for a while after the first issueSusumu MatsushitabyMac Bear Ofイ ラ ス トHowever, after that, it was published in the latter half of the 1980s, changed to female idol gravure from the early 1990s, and since then gravure has been on the cover in principle until 2014.[3]..In rare cases, a man may be appointed on the cover (Keisuke Kuwata(No. 1993, 1),trf(No. 1995, 18),Daisuke Matsuzaka(2000nd cover of issue 16 of 2),FudanjukuMember (No. 2010, 40),Otani Xiangping(No. 2015, 17),Fernando Torres(No. 2018, 47) etc.). In the 2000s, designs centered on color illustrations of published works began to be used. "Office worker Kintaro(No. 2001, 35), "Rozen Maiden(No. 2013, 31), "All You Need Is Kill(No. 2014, 15), "Brynghilde in Gokukoku(No. 2014, 19), "Tokyo Ghoul] (No. 2017, 35). 2015 issue 16 "One Punch Man] And No. 17 Shohei Otani, etc., the cover of the illustrations of men or manga works other than gravure idols may be the second consecutive issue. The covers of the merged issues in the 2s that are not gravure idols are the 2000rd and 2017th issues of 3,4 and the 2019st and 21,22nd issues of 2022, both of which are the covers of "Kingdom", and the 4,5th and XNUMXth issues of XNUMX are the covers of Umamusume.

Not just comicsgravure,Pouch binding,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンInterview articles such as are also included in the magazine.Also,Ryoko HirosueWas posted on the gravure immediately after debut,1996/It strongly supported the "popularity of Hirosue" that started around that time.From that relationship of trust1998/ToMediaOnly "Young Jump" published an article that expressed Hirosue's own feelings at a time when he was eager to cover the name of the university to which Hirosue went to school.[4].

Since the 1990s, he has produced many works featured in other media, such as "Salaryman Kintaro" and "Sky high""Hot man""Mystery Folklore Yakumo""Yaoh""LIAR GAME""Hachiwan Diver, Etc. are made into a drama, "Elfen lied""How to keep kappa""GANTZ""Boy ashibe""B type H series""Kingdom"Gokukoku no Brynhildr" and other works have been animated, and "ALIVE", "Sky High" and "GANTZ" have been made into movies.

The published work is "Young Jump ComicsIs recorded in.

Distribution of the electronic version started from issue 2018 released on March 3, 29[5].

In 2019, the 40th anniversary of the publication was celebrated, and in commemoration of that, the Yangjan Cultural Festival was held on October 10th of the same year.[6][7].

Trademark character

The first generationMac BearAnd the second generationBuddy BearThere is.BothbearAs a motifSusumu MatsushitaIs in charge of the design.The motif became a bear when designing the first generation, so I asked Matsushita to design it.Kakunan attackAt the request of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief (at that time)[8].

The first generationMac BearIs Matsushita's first original character[9], It was on the cover of each issue for a while after the first issue.

The second generation of the 1999th anniversary of "YJ" in 20Buddy BearTake turns.Even as of 2014, when the front cover is decorated with gravure, it is always drawn on the front and back covers.

Past Editor

  1. Nakano Yusuke(1979, Volume 1, Issue 1-1983)
  2. Kakunan attack(1984/ - 1992/) --One of the first issue staff[10], First Deputy Editor-in-Chief[8].
  3. Noritaka Yamaji (1992-1995)
  4. Yoshinori Hino (1995-2000)
  5. Hideki Furuta (2000-2004)
  6. Jun Tanaka (2004-2009 issue 29)
  7. Takaaki Imai (No. 2009, 30-No. 2012, 31)
  8. Tomoyuki Shima(No. 2012 32-No. 2013 47)
  9. Taizo Nakamura(No. 2013, 48[Note 1] -2014)
  10. Tomoyuki Shima (2014-2019)
  11. Tomotaka Itaya (2019-2021)
  12. Yoshikazu Masuzawa (2021-current position)

Works being serialized

The following works are currently being serialized on January 2022, 5 (No. 12, 2022).Includes monthly serialized works and irregular serialized works.

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
KinkutamuKingdomYasuhisa HaraYasuhisa Hara-2006 Issue 9
FunkoBUNGONinomiya YuushiYuji Ninomiya-2015 Issue 3
Kakuya-sama is a goodwill of sugar beets.Kaguya wants to tell
~ Love brain battle of geniuses ~
Akasaka AkaAkasaka red-2016 Issue 17"Miracle Jump] From
Sunatsuku HasueSnack BasueFuohito UnshifukawaForbidden Shibukawa-2017 Issue 33
I want to get rid ofI want to talk about KaguyaI was sickAkasaka AkaAkasaka red(Original)2018 Issue 34"Kaguya wants to tell』Spin-off work
Shiya and OhusuShadow houseSo wear-2018 Issue 40
Kuho does not forgive MofuKubo does not forgive me (mobs)Yukimori Nene-2019 Issue 47
Kuuron Shieneri TsukuromansuKowloon Generic RomanceMayutsuki ShiyunJun Mayuzuki-2019 Issue 49Normal serialization → Cycle serialization (2 work 1 holiday serialization)
→ Serialization
It ’s hard to say that you ’re a big fan of Thai suki.I love you big big big big big
100 girlfriends
Yukiko NosawaYukiko NozawaNakamura RikitoRikito Nakamura(Original)2020 4/5 merger issue
CancerGANTZ: EKaketsushinHiroya OkuHiroya Oku(Original)2020 6/7 merger issueSpin-off work of "GANTZ"
Serialized once a month
Let's goBoy AbyssMinenamiRyo Minenami-2020 Issue 13
Shinoko[Oshi no Ko]Yokoyari MenkoMengo YokoyariAkasaka AkaAkasaka red(Original)2020 Issue 21Cycle serialization after 10 episodes (4 weeks serialization, 1 week off)[11]
Futari Hotsuchi no OtasanohimeTwo princesses of OtasaKuuruki YoshinshiyaCool believers-2020 22/23 merger issue
Umamusume Shintere ReiUma Musume Cinderella GrayHisami TaiyoSukiura MasafumiMasafumi Sugiura-Ito Shiyun no SukeJunnosuke Ito
Saike MusuCygames(Original)
2020 Issue 28"Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
Comicalized version of
After stan and hotStand UP startFukuta Shiyu-2020 Issue 29
Shiyanketsu and HankuJunket bankWhen is thisKazuyuki Tanaka-2020 Issue 35
The Irregular at Magic The Irregular at Magic The Irregular at Magic The Irregular at MagicThe youngest student of the Royal Magic Academy
~ The Greatest Magicmaster of the Poor Town
Unmatched in a school full of aristocrats ~
I'm goingKankitsu YusuraCitrus Yusura(Original)2021 Issue 9

Dash x libraryIs on sale from
A comicalized version of the novel of the same name

Mr. Shikure who wants to be a kidShigure who wants to be positiveOhama Kanata-2021 Issue 27
Kurotetsu UaruharianBlack Iron ValharianMatsuhara ToshimitsuToshimitsu Matsubara-2021 Issue 31
Tokuta Asero Suho Tsukekai no Namishiya no Shou NetsuDoctor Zeros
~ The passion of sports surgeon Nonamisha ~
Hashimoto SusuhiraIshikawa HiteyukiHideyuki Ishikawa(Original)2021 33/34 merger issue
OtsutomanOttoman-OTTOMAN-Kanasawa Shinnosuke-2021 36/37 merger issue
Let's goHeisei Shonen DanSankaku HetsutoSunkaku Head-2021 Issue 49
I want to get rid of itShikizaki sisters want to be exposedAsakura Riyosuke-2022 Issue 1
Shinkutsu ToshiyofuNew good jobMotomiya HiroshiHiroshi Motomiya-2022 Issue 14
HatsuhareBatsuhareInaha MinoriMinori Inaba-2022 Issue 15
Nisene Tsukushi Nenre Heru Atsushika Ikami Kara Sakaskari New Arachikara20XX level-up disaster
~ A new power given by God ~
Uchitakuya-2022 Issue 18
IriosIliosEnsushi Masaki-2022 Issue 20


Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
realRealTakehiko InoueTakehiko Inoue-1999 Issue 48Series serialization
Terafu OmaasuTerra FormarsKenichi HanaKenichi Tachibana(Picture)Yuu SasukaYu Kiya(Production)2012 22/23 merger issue"Miracle Jump] From

Past serialized works

Visualized work


Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Boy ashibe1991 (1st term)Life work
1992-1993 (Phase 2)
Azumi Mamma Mia1997/Toei video
Living together1998/Public & Basic
COLORFUL1999/Triangle staff
Office worker Kintaro2001/JCF
GANTZ2004 (1st and 2nd term)GonzoThere is a movie
Elfen lied2004/ArmsThere is one unbroadcast episode
How to keep kappa2004 - 2005 Picture magic
Samurai gun2004/Egg
I am a high school girl2005/Mad house
B type H series2010/Hull film maker
ZETMAN2012/Thoms Entertainment
Kingdom(Anime)2012-2013 (1st series)Piero
2013-2014 (2st series)
2020-2021 (3st series)Piero
Studio sign post
2022 (4th series)
Rozen Maiden2013/Studio Dean
Brynghilde in Gokukoku2014/ArmsWith OVA
Terra Formars2014/LIDENFILMS
TYO Animations
Tokyo Ghoul2014 (1st term)studio PieroWith OVA
2015 (2st term)
2018 (3st and 4nd term)
Himouto! Umaru-chan2015 (1st term)Video studioThere is OVA (1st term)
2017 (2st term)
Aoyama-kun!2017/Studio hibari
Golden Kamui2018 (XNUMXst and XNUMXnd term)Geno Studio
2020 (third term)
2022 (XNUMXth term)Brains base
Kaguya wants to tell you ~ Geniuses' love brain battle ~2019 (1st term)A-1 PicturesThere is OVA (2st term)
2020 (2st term)
2022 (3st term)
Shadow house2021 (1st term)Cloverworks
2022 (2st term)
Kubo does not forgive meunpublishedPINE JAM
Theater animation
worksRelease yearAnimation productionRemarks
I'll give everyone1987/
GANTZ2016/Digital Frontier
Web anime
worksDelivery yearRemarks
Cyclops Girl Saipu ~2013/
Hey Sei Police Men !!2013/
worksYear of releaseAnimation productionRemarks
The Samurai1987/Galactic Empire
Peacock king1988-1991 (1st work)AIC(Episode 1 and 3)
STUDIO SS (Episode 2)
1994 (2st work)Mad house
NINETEEN 191990/Mad house
Midoriyama High School1990/Bulk
Animal shop
Lemon angel1990/MI
Oshido!! Karate club1990 - 1992
Mad Bull 341990 - 1992 Magic bus
Nozomi Witchies1992/Group tack
Yes Sukuru Hitoshi1992/JCSTAFF
Hanahira Bazooka1992/Studio signal
BB fish1994/Production ig
My marie1996/Piero
Tattoon Master1996/AIC
Strange1997/Group tack
Demon Fighter Kocho1997/Dax International
KIRARA2000/Reed production
High school Tekken tough2002 (Volume 1, Volume 3)AIC
2004 (Volume 3)


TV drama
worksBroadcast yearProductionRemarks
I'll give everyone1987/
The Samurai1986/Tsuburaya Production
Strange1996/TV Asahi,Kinoshita Production
Office worker Kintaro1999-2004 (First work)TBS
2008-2010 (First work)TV Asahi
Web drama
worksDelivery yearProductionRemarks
Terra Formars2016/Warner bros movies,OLM

Live-action movie

worksRelease yeardirected bydistributionRemarks
I'll give everyone1985/Shusuke KanekoNikkatsu
The Samurai1986/Suzuki NorifumiToei
Oshido!! Karate club1990/Toru MurakawaShochiku
Yes Sukuru Hitoshi1991 (1st work)Takashi KomatsuDaiei
1992 (2st work)
1994 (Gaiden, 3rd work)Gaiden: Original video
Demon Fighter Kocho1997/original video
ALIVE2003/Ryuhei KitamuraClock works
Skyhigh Movie version2003/Ryuhei KitamuraToei
GANTZ2011/Shinsuke SatoToho
Terra Formars2016/Takashi MiikeWarner bros movies
Kingdom2019/Shinsuke SatoToho / Sony Pictures Entertainment
Kaguya wants to tell you ~ Geniuses' love brain battle ~2019 (1st work)Kawai HayatoToho
2021 (2st work)


  • 2004 (September 2003-August 9) 2004 copies[12]
  • 2005 (September 2004-August 9) 2005 copies[12]
  • 2006 (September 2005-August 9) 2006 copies[12]
  • 2007 (September 2006-August 9) 2007 copies[12]
  • 2008 (September 2007-August 10) 2008 copies[12]
Number of circulation (since April 2008) (Japan Magazine Publishers Association)
1 to 3 months4 to 6 months7 to 9 months10 to 12 months
2008/935,417 copies920,834 copies900,917 copies
2009/851,667 copies838,334 copies820,834 copies805,834 copies
2010/770,834 copies755,000 copies746,154 copies738,334 copies
2011/723,084 copies675,637 copies682,084 copies675,834 copies
2012/662,500 copies650,000 copies636,667 copies624,167 copies
2013/611,667 copies602,500 copies599,167 copies598,462 copies
2014/598,182 copies598,334 copies591,667 copies588,462 copies
2015/577,273 copies574,167 copies564,167 copies563,462 copies
2016/561,250 copies553,333 copies550,000 copies546,250 copies
2017/535,000 copies532,500 copies534,167 copies530,833 copies
2018/522,500 copies512,500 copies505,417 copies485,538 copies
2019/467,209 copies466,075 copies449,000 copies433,077 copies
2020/421,909 copies415,083 copies414,636 copies404,077 copies
2021/376,364 copies354,167 copies340,000 copies328,750 copies
2022/326,667 copies

Derivative magazine / special issue

"YJ" is the origin of the seinen manga magazine in Shueisha, and many of the company's seinen manga magazines have started as "Young Jump special edition".For this reason, the books of derivative magazines are also available.Young Jump ComicsIt is published from under the label.

However, even in the seinen manga magazine, "Super jumpIs "YJ" after the first issueWeekly Shonen JumpIt started as a special issue of "YJ" and is not a derivative of "YJ".For this reason, booksYoung Jump ComicsNot fromJump ComicsIssuance from.

2011/In place of the monthly Young Jump, which was suspended on January 1, a new brother magazine "Miracle JumpWas launched.

Special issue

Derivative magazine


"WebYJ (Web YOUNG JUMP)" is an abbreviation for Young Jump official website.In the past, new episodes of this magazine's serialized works were serialized on the site, but now, "My Neighbors Young Jump" has given up the place to announce new works on the web, and webYJ's "Online Manga" is exclusively for this magazine's works. It is used as a place for trial reading and announcement of MANGA Grand Prix winning works.

The following is a list of manga works serialized in "webYJ".

My Neighbor Young Jump

"My Neighbors Young Jump"[13]Is of "Young Jump"Web comic distribution site.. The abbreviation is "Tona Jean'[14].

Serialized work

Past serialized works

Animated works

worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
One Punch Man2015 (1st term)Mad house
2019 (2st term)JCSTAFF
Rifle is beautiful2019 - 2020 Studio 3Hz
Tomorrow's sailor clothes2022/Cloverworks

Yang Jiang!

"Yangjan!" Is the official manga app of Shueisha. You can read the latest stories of "YJ" magazine and "Tonajan" serialized works, and popular works in the past.

New face award

Of the following two awardsNew face awardIs being held.The recruitment of the new original grand prize is irregular,2011/The number of applications for the 6th, which was closed at the end, is about 500 works.[15].

  • Young Jump Monthly MANGA Grand Prix(Manga section, GAG section, Proname section)
  • New Original Award-The Road to Professional Manga-

Gravure award


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注 釈


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