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🎥 | Hiroshi Abe x Takumi Kitamura "Tonbi", Yuzu's theme song newly written This notice & poster lifted

Photo Movie "Tonbi" Book Poster Visual (C) 2022 "Tonbi" Production Committee

Hiroshi Abe x Takumi Kitamura "Tonbi", Yuzu's theme song newly written This notice & poster lifted

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Yuzu's theme song "Hiyashinsu" was announced this time.

The theme song of the movie "Tonbi" starring Hiroshi Abe has been decided to be the song "Hiyashinsu" written by Yuzu, and ... → Continue reading

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Hyacinth(Funobuko, Hyacinth,scientific name: Hyacinthus orientalis) IsAsparagus familySubfamily ScilloideaeHyacinth OfBulbsexPerennial.HyacinthAlso written as[2][1].Cold resistanceTreated as autumn-planted bulbs,Potted plant,HydroponicsEtcWatchingIs done.


Spring:Fragrant firstflowerTo bloom.The original flower color of the original species isBlue-purpleHowever, cultivars come in a wide variety of colors, from warm to cool.


地中海Eastern coast (Turkey,(I.e.,Lebanon,IsraelFrom)(I.e.,トルクメニスタンOriginated in the vicinity.

Relationship with humans

Ottoman EmpireでCultivationAndGardeningWas transformed.SultanMurat V The1583/ToMountainFrom 5 hyacinthsIstanbulIt is said that it was collected by.16st centuryIn the first halfEuropeBrought toItalyWas cultivated in. At the end of the 16th centuryUnited KingdomIntroduced toFloristAttention (gardening lovers),18st centuryから19st centuryActivelybreedingHas been done, hundreds ofVarietyWas made.However, British hyacinths20st centuryIt declined at the beginning, and now there are few varieties left.Apart from this, the Dutch hyacinths native to the northeastern Mediterranean are now commonly cultivated, mainly from the 18th century. NetherlandsImproved with over 2,000CultivarWas created.This is oneStemMany flowers such as blue, red, white, and pale yellow are attached to the flower.Also, Roman Hyacinth (H. o. there. albulus) CalledVariantIt is not very cold-resistant and has slightly smaller blue and white flowers.

The name of hyacinth isGreek MythologyBeautiful young manHyacinthDerived from.HomosexualityHe who was a person lovesMedical scienceGod ofApollon(HeBisexualWas) withDiscusWas entertaining (Ancient greeceHomosexuality is normal, but rathervirtueWas supposed to be).However, the westerly god who was watching the happy appearanceZephyrus(He also loved Hyacinth)YakimochiBake,MeanIt caused a great wind.The wind changed the orbit of the disk thrown by Apollo, and Hyacinth'samountI hit directly.Apollo treats hard with the power of the god of medicine, but Hyacinth died with a large amount of blood.Hyacinths are said to have been born from the large amount of blood that flowed at this time.From this episodeFlower languageIs "love beyond sadness".

JapanTo1863/(Bunkyu3 years).Keisuke ItoWas under the gate ofYoshio TanakaSaid in "Tanaka Yoshio-kun XNUMX Exhibition Memorial Magazine", "It's February, XNUMXrd year of Bunkyu.FranceからAnnual OfFlowersSeeds, bulbous plants and many other things were transmitted.Among the flowers are wheat karahana,Snapdragon,Yagurumasou,LarkspurAnd so on.This is the first time that I came from France and made it in Japan.For bulbsTulip, Hyacinth, etc.NarcissusThere was a strange mystery, which was rare for Japanese people. "a.also,Watanabe NoritsunaWritten by Keisuke Ito, Koharu, the fifth daughter of Keisuke Ito, wrote a manuscript in the "Shinwatari Hanaha Zukan" gon (Volume 2) under the name "Fushiyashi Tou".YaesakiThere is a figure of purple flower species and single bloom orange flower species,1867/(KeioThere is a description that it came from the Netherlands in 3 years).


Hyacinth(Zoku,scientific name: Hyacinthus) IsAsparagus family[2] OfGenusone of. There are three types.However,H. litwinowii と H. transcaspicus A separate genus Hyacinthella Moved toHyacinthus There is also a theory that there is only one kind[3].


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