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🎥 | Tom Hanks starring in a remake of the Swedish movie "A Man Called Ove"


Tom Hanks starring in a remake of the Swedish movie A Man Called Ove

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The script is written by David Magee, who teamed up with the director for "Neverland."

Tom Hanks from "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" remakes the Swedish comedy movie "A Man Called Ove" ... → Continue reading


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Neverland(Neverland) Is,James Matthew Barrie OfDrama"Peter PanThe country that appears in.


Peter Pan,Tinker bellIt was before the birth of, and how was it born?Or it is unknown what kind of people came to live here.

When fairies come and goMainland(Human world)United Kingdom,UKYou can fly from to Neverland in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

PirateHook captainIncluding IndianTiger LilyWhen I moved to the different world where fairies live, Never Land (Neverland), I decided to spend the same time as the children (Lost Boys) who were separated from their parents and did not grow old. (On the contrary, if you go out of Neverland to another world such as the human world, you will get older by the time you are in that world).

Wendy, John, Michael TheUKHave been brought to Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.


Some peopleArtistsThe map is drawn by, but there are many parts supplemented by the artist's imagination."Complete" consistent with all stories to this dayMapDoes not exist.

Focal miles

Of the storystageIs one ofNEVER LAND..As part of thatThe seaSurrounded by(I.e.There is.ThereSwamp,森林IncludingThrillum Mountain,イ ン デ ィ ア ン OfVillage,pirate shipIs anchoredPort townAnd so on. 

Fairy Valley "Pixie Hollow"
Hometown of Tinker Bell.Various other妖精There is also.
Hangman's Tree 
森林A hideaway in the hinterland of.
Originally it was just a big tree and a dead treeTreeThe fairy Tinker Bell was a 7-day-old baby (Peter Pan) and a bear at the time.Plush Doll"TaddyIt was created as a new home.
A bed was set up in the back of the interior, where a 7-day-old baby (Peter Pan) was laid down with the teddy bear "Taddy", and the fairy Tinker Bell was also sleeping there.
By the time Peter Pan became a 12-year-old boy, from MainlandWendy, John, and Michael were welcomed, and they spent time playing and taking a nap there.
Indian Camp
In a corner of NeverlandcliffThe village above.
Including,イ ン デ ィ ア ンLives there.
Mermaid Lagoon
mermaidThe place where you live.
Listed as one of the most dangerous places in Neverland, Wendy has been attacked by mermaids and almost drawn into the water.
Skull Rock
Also known as skull rock.PirateOf the opponent who foughtBootyThe place where you are hiding.
mainlyPrecious metal Ofnecklace,crown.diamond,RubySuch asjewelry.arms,ArmorEtc. are placed.
Crocodile Creek
ワ ニLive inSwamp.
Hook captainThere are also ferocious crocodiles that have cut their hands.
Port town (Cannibal Cove)
movies"hookThe place depicted in.
Including housing店,WorkshopAre lined up,A pierThen.boatIs piled up inBaggageIs also being unloaded and loaded.
pirate shipMay also be moored.
StadiumIs also provided.


Lost Boys(Lost Boys)
Children who are no longer old with their parents.I live mainly in the hinterland of the forest, whereDollyI enjoy riding and playing various games.
When Peter Pan became a 12-year-old boy, he became a companion, some of whom became subordinates.AnimalWearing a costume in the shape of.
Native American(Native American tribes)
Unlike the Lost Boys, there are men and women of all ages.
イ ン デ ィ ア ンLives in the village of Tiger Lily, including the Picanini tribe, and their families also live in Neverland.
Hook captainAnd its gang.
pirate shipActing in, hostile to the Lost Boys.
Fairy Valley "Pixie HollowI live in.
Fairies are born according to the phrase, "When a human baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born at the same time."On the other hand, if you say something negative, such as "I don't believe in fairies," the fairy will die.
The production of fairy flour is a frequent task.
When I go to the mainland (human world), I'm dying and crying because I'm abandoned in parks and forests.赤ちゃんThey are also responsible for collecting, but most of them are dead.In some cases, they can be brought alive safely, but childcare such as discipline and meals is left to the residents of Neverland.
The resident was also responsible for raising the 7-day-old human baby, but in some cases Tinker Bell later devoted himself to raising the child's mother.
mermaid(Mermaids or Mermen)
Neverland's "Mermaid LagoonAn upper-body female and lower-body fish spirit that lives in.Sometimes I swim and play in the ocean, or come to a cove and take a rest.
Sometimes it entertains Peter Pan, but it's a nuisance to fairies.


  • Most people living in Neverland are born and live here.
  • Some children, like the Lost Boys, have lost their parents and lived here.
  • It is unclear if anyone else has migrated.
Human baby (Baby)
In the mainland (human world)United Kingdom,UK7-day-old human man born in赤 ん 坊..A white baby dress, coveralls, baby shoes, and a brown bearPlush Doll"Taddy"(Teddy bear" Taddei ").
I was brought to Neverland in the suburbs of LondonKensington GardensWhile my mother is absorbed in talking with a friend, she is parked by the bench.baby carriageRolls down the slope due to strong winds and hits a circular cobblestone in the back of the forest.The baby carriage falls on its side, and the baby is jumped along with the stuffed animal and slammed to the center.The fairy Tinker Bell found her crying out loud while fluttering her hands and feet in the rain.
Forgetting the pain and loneliness at the first encounter, after stopping crying out loud, fairy powder was sprinkled while staring at them together, holding the hand of the teddy bear "Taddy" and holding the hand of the fairy Tinker Bell, I left for the world "Neverland" far away.
When I first entered Neverland, I wasn't getting old, and I was having a hard time in a state where I couldn't walk or talk with my 7-day-old baby.
The baby later "Peter PanIt becomes.


Michael jacksonPurchased in CaliforniahomeCum privateamusement parkNameNeverland RanchI named it (Neverland Ranch).

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