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🧑‍🎨 | BAe-146, which the British royal family boarded and flew to Japan, to be exhibited at the museum

Photo BAe146, which the British royal family boarded and has also flown to Japan

BAe-146, which the British royal family boarded and flew to Japan, to be exhibited at the museum

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The Royal Air Force has announced that all four aircraft will be close and will leave for a new owner.

The Royal Air Force has two British Aerospace-manufactured BAe-2022s to be retired by 146 ... → Continue reading

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Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force(Ouri Tsuku Ugun,English: Royal Air Force) IsUnited KingdomOwned byair forceIs.There are abbreviations such as RAF and RAF.JapaneseThen.Royal Air Force,Royal Air ForceIs also written.

19184/1ToBritish ArmyIndependent as part of. RAF is the longest in the worldHistoryIs an Air Force with about 793 aircraft[1]And 3 troops[2]Owns.

Department of DefenseThe mission is to achieve the purpose of, but specifically with the United Kingdom.Overseas territoryTo ensure the security and defense of the government, especially to support the government's foreign policy in advancing international peace and security, and to provide the necessary capabilities for them.[3].


RAF isWorld War IOn April 1918, 4Hugh Trenchard(Later first generationViscount Trenchard)Army Air CorpsNaval Air CorpsWas founded by the fusion of.Naval Air CorpsRoyal NavyThe Army Air Corps is a unit of the same rank asBritish ArmyIt was a division of the engineer corps under the jurisdiction of, but it was decided to establish an independent air force because the air power was found to be decisive in World War I.The formation of the Independent Air Force at that time was a pioneering attempt, centralizing all aircraft operations into the Air Force.MTFOut ofaircraft carrierIs the navy,AboardWas operated by the Air Force through trial and error, but due to its inefficiency1936The carrier-based aircraft was returned to the Navy, and its strength was greatly reduced.The Air Force was relatively peaceful and engaged in simple security missions until the beginning of the next war.

Second World WarBoth the number of pilots and the number of aircraft were expanded at a rapid pace before,Battle of BritainThen.German Air ForceInvades the British mainlandOperation Sea Lion) Because of the mainland of EnglandDover Strait OfAir superiorityClash with RAF to win,1940The greatest challenge for the Fighter Command came in the summer. RAF maintained air superiority despite suffering from a shortage of crew, and contributed significantly to changing the course of the war.Also, as RAF's greatest effort, the Bomber Command to GermanyStrategic bombingCan be given.Bomber CommandNazi GermanyDestroyed industrial areas and cities in the bombing and indirectly contributed to the reduction of Allied casualties.The Coastal Corps had rented aircraft from the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm in addition to the Air Force, but initially only old aircraft were supplied.German Navy OfU boatI licked my opponent.

Korean WarDispatch a flying boat unit atUnited Nations ArmyTo supportSecond Middle East WarIn (Suez Crisis)Cyprus islandIsland of MaltaAlthough it played a big role by letting the aircraft sortie fromBritish EmpireThe decline of the world has reduced its global operations.197110/31The RAF Far East Air Force was disbanded.also,Cold WarOver a long period of time, RAFSoviet Union Ofnuclear weaponsからStrategic bomberbyNuclear deterrencePlayed the role of defending with, but to the NavySubmarine fired ballistic missileWas introduced and handed over its mission.

1982Started onFalkland conflictThen, because the battlefield was far from the air force base of the friendly country, the British Navy and the British Army became the main force, but the RAF Harrier was also the Navy's.Aircraft carrierAnd was recruitedContainer shipIt was installed in the Falkland Islands and provided close air support.Avro BalkanBomberVictorAerial refueling machineAlsoAscension IslandExpanded to and famousOperation Black Buck (Operation Black Buck) was performed.

Even in recent years when the Cold War ended, RAF1991 OfGulf WarWith more than 100 aircraft participating and using guided bombs for the first time in combat, it became an important turning point in the history of RAF, and continued to be an aerial refueling aircraft.Reconnaissance aircraftMobilizeMultinational forcesSupported.Kosovo conflict(Kosovo War) is the first time since the end of World War IIEuropeIt became an operation action in.

Iraq warHowever, he dispatched a large number of aircraft to carry out large-scale operations.In the same operationU.S. Forces OfPatriotBy misfireTornado attack aircraftWas shot down, killing two people, a pilot and a system operator on board.Also, with anti-aircraft fireTransport aircraftA C-130 Hercules was shot down, killing 10 personnel.

In 2015(I.e.Act in the territoryHEATStarted air strike operation on[4].

Composition and organization unit


RAF is the Defense Council's Air Force Committee (Air Force Board) Is the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and is the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CAS; Chief of the Air Staff).In addition to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Air Force Committee also includes the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force (Assistant Chief of the Air Staff) And several senior commanders from the military. As of 2016, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force(English editionAir Force General.Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force(English editionMajor General of the Air Force has been appointed.

Air Force Committee

Until the current Ministry of Defense was created, the Royal Air Force and its personnel were controlled by the Air Force Council of the Ministry of Aviation. In 1964, the responsibility of the Air Force Council was taken over by the Defense Council, and a new land, sea and air committee was formed, of which the Air Force Committee was entrusted with the management of the Royal Air Force.


  • The Secretary of State for Defense
  • Minister of State for the Armed Forces
  • Minister for International Defense and Security
  • Minister of State for Defense Equipment and Support
  • Under Secretary of State for Defense and Minister for Veterans
  • 2nd Permanent Under Secretary
  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force-Air Chief Marshal
  • Commander-in-Chief Air Command
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief Personnel / Air Member for Personnel
  • Chief of Materiel (Air)
  • Air Member for Equipment Capability
  • Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force-Major General of the Air Force (Air Vice-Marshal)


1936The establishment of a corps has begun to specialize in the management of a wide variety of aircraft. As an organization that has jurisdiction over RAF fightersFighter CommandWas created and the bombers came under the jurisdiction of the Bomber Command.A coastal corps was also established to deal with threats from the sea by aircraft.Second World WarAt the start of the war, there were Fighter Command, Bomber Command, Coastal Command, Balloon Command, Maintenance Command, and Training Command.Among them, the training corps1940から1968It was divided into a flight training corps and a technical training corps.

The Airlift Corps was founded in 1941 as a corps to manage transport aircraft. In 1943 it was renamed the Transport Corps, and in 1967 it was renamed the Air Support Corps.

RAF batter corps1968It was created by integrating the Fighter Command and the Bomber Command.1969Absorb the coastal corps and signal corps to1972Also absorbed the air support corps.

In 1973, a support corps was created by the integration of the Maintenance Corps and the 90th Air Group. In 1977, it absorbed the training corps, and in 1994, it was divided into the personnel and training corps (commonly known as PTC) and the logistics corps.In addition to training all RAF personnel, the personnel and training corps was responsible for contracts within the RAF, livelihood protection for personnel, recruitment of personnel, and management of reserves and transfers.The Logistics Corps was abolished in 1999 due to the number of rear personnel being used to accommodate the Options for Change, and its functionality has now been taken over by Defense Equipment and Support through the Defense Logistics Organization.

After these consolidations,2007There was a striking corps and a personnel and training corps, and these two corps were delegated authority by the Air Force Committee.From April 2st, the Strike Corps and the Personnel / Training Corps were integrated.Air CommandWas organized.The Royal Air Force is the only corps in the current Royal Air Force, and the command lines of the two pre-integration corps are fully integrated into the current corps headquarters.Headquarters (HQ)RAF High Wycom (High Wycombe) Located at the base.

  • Fighter Command (Fighter Command) 1936
  • Bomber Command 1936
  • Coastal Command 1936
  • Training Command 1936
  • Balloon Command 1938
  • Maintenance Command 1938, Support Command 1973
  • Air Support Command 1941, Transport Command 1943, Air Support Command 1967
  • Signals Command 1958
  • Strike Command 1968
  • Logistics Command 1994
  • Personnel and Training Command 1994
  • Air Command 2007


Wing (Group)[Annotation 1][Annotation 2]Is organized for a specific mission.Work in a limited environment or area and take on specific missions.

  • 1st Air Wing (Air Combat, High Wycombe Air Force Base): Operates fighters.Widely used as a training base in Canada(English editionHas 7 bases in addition.
  • 2nd Air Wing (Air Combat Support, High Wycombe Air Force Base): Strategic and Tactical Transport Aircraft, ISTAR,Aerial refueling machine, Operate a search and rescue aircraft.The Air Force Regiment is under command.
  • 22nd Wing (High Wycombe Air Force Base): Employs, trains and manages.
  • 38th Wing (High Wycombe Air Force Base): Responsible for engineering, logistics, communications, medical care, military band, etc.
  • 83rd Expeditionary Air Wing ():Permanent Joint HeadquartersUnder the command of, support missions in the Middle East, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Flight group

Flying group (Wing)[Annotation 1]Is organized as a unit under the wing for a specific mission.It is also organized from the base as a management department.

An independent flight group consists of two or more squadrons, a squadron or a ground support squadron.In recent years, it has been organized when needed.Iraq warIn Operation Telic, Tornado flights were organized to operate from air force bases in Kuwait and Doha.


A squadron is an aviation unit that carries out its main mission and changes the aircraft operated by the mission.Most squadrons are commanded by the Air Force Commander.It has some similar characteristics to the British Army regiment, is organized regardless of base, and has history and tradition.Ground support teams will be deployed at the base on the same scale as the squadrons.

Flight team

The Flight is a subordinate organization of the squadron.Commanded by Major Air Force, a squadron is formed with 2-16 flight teams.Since it is a small organization, it may be organized independently.for example,Falkland IslandsNo. 1435 flight team and so on.



Overseas and overseas

Overseas expansion

RAF GibraltarMoreGibraltar1940s –
RAF Unit Goose BayCanada1940s –
RAF Akrotiri
RAF NicosiaMore
RAF LuqaMore
RAF Hal Far
Cyprus1956 -
Bardufoss air stationNorway1960 -
RAF Ascension IslandAscension Island1981 -
RAF Mount PleasantFalkland Islands1984 -
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
1995 -Bosnia and Herzegovina Conflict
Kosovo conflict
International Security Support Unitアフガニスタン2001 -Afghanistan Conflict (2001-)
Basra(I.e.2003 -Iraq war


Fixed wing aircraft




Due to the rise in prices of various military systems, the force composition (provisional) (provisional) compared to decades agoORBAT), Although the diversity is diminishing, the RAF still owns a wide variety of aircraft.Below, the equipment currently owned is listed by mission.[7].

The code that follows the name of the aircraft indicates the mission that the aircraft will perform.for example,Tornado F.3Is crowned with an "F" for Fighter, which means it is the third derivative of Tornado.


Typhoon FGR.4But now in the UKAirspaceAir defense to protectFighterIt is deployed at the RAF Leuchars and RAF Coningsby bases.the 1980sI have been engaged in air defense missions since the endTornado F.3Was replaced by Typhoon and retired. Since 2008, the RAF Boscombe Down base has become a 24-hour alert base, covering southern and southwestern England.[8].

Currently, the core of RAF's attack force isTornado GR.4Is.Tornado has supersonic flight capability,SCALP-EG / Storm ShadowCruise missile-Laser guided bomb-ALARMIt can carry various weapons such as anti-radar missiles.

Harrier (GR.7 / GR.7A / GR.9) complement Tornado, which is used on land or on board missions such as Air Interdiction (AI), Close Air Support (CAS), and Enemy Air Defense Network Suppression (SEAD). However, it was decided to retire by April 2011. The last operation from the aircraft carrier was carried out on November 4, 2010.

In the future, Typhoon and introduction have started in attack missions as well.F-35BWill be the mainstay.

Early warning aircraft

Aircraft anti-aircraftradarTo installSentry AEW.1Detects invading hostile planesEarly warning aircraftAt the same time, it also adjusts the battle airspace.Sentry AEW.1 is deployed at the RAF Waddington base.Tornado and Sentry(I.e.,Balkan PeninsulaHe also performed missions abroad.

Reconnaissance aircraft

Tornado (GR.4A), which is a derivative of the attack aircraft, is equipped with a dedicated reconnaissance pod.Reconnaissance aircraftIt is operated as.It is equipped with a camera, infrared sensor, and radar over a wide wavelength range.The Ministry of Defense announced in 2007 to respond to the imminent frontline situation.Drones OfMQ-9 ReaperWas purchased and tested for operation. In 2008ネ バ ダ 州Deployed to the 39th Squadron of Krich Air Force Base, dispatched to Afghanistan,IntelligenceEngaged in surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) missions [9].

Nimrod R.1Was engaged in electronic reconnaissance and wiretapping missions,US Air ForceWas in operationBoeing RC-135RWas purchased, remodeled to RC-3W, and replaced with Nimrod R.135.[10]..To supplement the mission of Nimrod R.1Shadow R.1Was introduced.

Bombardier Global Express (BD-700) Was developed based onUS Air ForceE-8 JSTARSIt is equipped with ASTOR ground radar to carry out ground force support missions similar to those performed by.

Patrol aircraft

BAE NimrodMR.2 was engaged in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW) missions.In addition, the aircraft also played a coordinating role in search and rescue missions by bridging communications between rescue helicopters, ships, and coastal bases, taking advantage of its long cruising range and powerful communication equipment.Furthermore, for those who drift on the seaLifeboatIt is also possible to drop a pod carrying survival equipment. MR.2 started remodeling to MRA.4, but it was canceled halfway and retired in 2011 and is considered to be scrapped.

9 aircraft as successorsP-8It has been decided to introduce it in 2015.

Transport aircraft / aerial refueling aircraft

1995The Royal Flight Team (Queen's Flight)BAe 125 CC.3It was absorbed by the 32nd Squadron, which was equipped with the above, and became the 32nd Royal Squadron, which was in charge of VIP (VIP) transportation.The 32nd Royal Squadron is nowAgusta A109Mangusta,BAe 146 CC.2It is stationed at the RAF Northolt base located in the west of London.

RAF Brize Norton (Brize Norton) At the base, not only regular transport planes that transport cargo, soldiers and their equipment, but alsoAerial refueling machineIs also in operation. RAF adopts a buddy type, between tankersAerial refuelingIs also possible.Of obsolete aerial refueling aircraftTristarVC-10It is,(English edition Under the planVoyager KC.2 / KC.3Was replaced with.

Stationed at Lyneham base for transportC-130 HerculesIs dispatched for each mission, either single or several.Hercules replaces K typeC-130J Super HerculesEquipment1998It started in, butBoeingLong term from companyleaseC-17 Globemaster IIIStarted operation.Globemaster III, which is in operation, was also purchased at the time of the lease expiration, and RAF strengthened its strategic transportation capacity by increasing the number of Globemaster III owned.[11].. C-130K HerculesAirbus A400MIs being replaced with[12].


Sending soldiers and equipment to the battlefield and transporting them from one battlefield to another to support ground forces is an important task of the RAF.Support helicopters to unify the command system1999Founded in Joint Helicopter Command (Joint Helicopter Command) Belongs to.

Large-scaleTandem rotorAnd undertake the transportation of heavy goodsChinookAt the RAF Odiham base, smallerPuma HC.1Has a RAF Benson base.In addition, a new type of Chinook HC.3 was developed with increased cruising range and improved avionics for special forces missions. Deployment of HC.3 was delayed due to software and legal issues.

Merlin HC.3Has been a member of the Navy since 2014.

There are also three squadrons of search and rescue helicopters.this houseSeekingThe 3nd and 3nd Squadrons equipped with (HAR.22 and HAR.202A) are in England andGriffin HAR.2The 84th Squadron equipped withCyprusIt is in.Military unit(Search and Rescue ForceHowever, in reality, most of the missions are to rescue civilians from marine vessels and mountains.

Training machine

For primary trainingTraining machineas,Slingsby fire fly RetiredReciprocating engineOne-shotTutor T.1Is used.The tutor is Viking T.1 (Viking) And Vigilant T.1 (Vigilant), It is also used to secure time for pilot candidates' flight experience.

In the secondary course, the fixed-wing aircraft has a single turboprop.Tsukano T.1To the helicopterEculeil T.1Are using.

In the higher course,Hawk T.1And its successor, the new Hawk T.2 (Mk.128), which has the same equipment and performance as the actual combat unit.[13]Is a high-speed jet,Griffin HT.1Is a helicopter,Super King Air T.1Is used in the course of multiple aircraft.

At the stage of completing the advanced course, the experience and ability required for front-line units are insufficient, and in order to support them by model and mission, in the reserve squadron, a derivative for training of actual combat aircraft such as Typhoon T.1 The type machine is used.

Some of the training helicopters belong to the Defense Helicopter Flying School, which is a common service for all services.


NATO class codeRank insigniaclass
OR-1No rankaircraft manAviation
OR-2British RAF OR-2a.svgLeading AircraftmanSenior aviation soldier
British RAF OR-2b.svgSenior AircraftmanSenior aviation soldier
British RAF OR-2c.svgSenior Aircraftman (Technician)Senior aviation soldier (skilled soldier)
OR-3British RAF OR-3.svgLance corporalSenior aviation soldier
OR-4British RAF OR-4.svgBodycorporal
OR-6 / OR-5British RAF OR-6.svgSergeantSergeant
British RAF (Aircrew) OR-6.svgRAF Sergeant AircrewFlight Sergeant
OR-7British RAF OR-7a.svgChief technicianSkilled Sergeant
British RAF OR-7b.svgFlight SergeantSergeant
British RAF (Aircrew) OR-7.svgRAF Flight Sergeant AircrewMaster Sergeant Flight
OR-8No applicable class
OR-9British RAF OR-9.svgWarrant OfficerWarrant Officer
British Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer.svgWarrant OfficerWarrant Officer
British RAF (Aircrew) OR-9.svgRAF Master AircrewWarrant Officer
OF (D)UK-RAF-OFD.svgOfficer cadetCadet
OF-1British RAF OF-1a.svgPilot officer / acting pilot officerLieutenant
British RAF OF-1b.svgFlying officerLieutenant
OF-2British RAF OF-2.svgFlight lieutenantCaptain
OF-3British RAF OF-3.svgSquadron leaderMajor
OF-4British RAF OF-4.svgWing CommanderLieutenant colonel
OF-5British RAF OF-5.svgGroup captainColonel
OF-6United Kingdom-Air force-OF-6-collected.svgair commodoreBrigadier general
OF-7United Kingdom-Air force-OF-7-collected.svgAir vice-marshalMajor General
OF-8United Kingdom-Air force-OF-8-collected.svgair marshalLieutenant general
OF-9United Kingdom-Air force-OF-9-collected.svgAir chief marshalgeneral
OF-10United Kingdom-Air force-OF-10-collected.svgMarshal of the Royal Air ForceMarshal

OfficerWas appointed by the monarchHigh officerThis supports the authority to issue orders to subordinates.Air Force officers as professional military personnel before the appointmentLincolnshireLocated in Cranwell's CranwellCollegeMust complete a 32-week beginner officer training course.Cranwell also has other Air Force research institutes.

The title and emblem of the officer are mainly derived from those used by the Royal Navy, especially the Naval Air Corps of World War I, because it was established by integrating the Army and Navy aviation units.For example, the rank of Major Air Force is quoted from the title of Squadron Commander of the Naval Air Corps.Royal Air Force officers are classified into three categories: aviation officers, officers, and junior officers.

US Army in Britain


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