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🎥 | Interview with 7ORDER "60ORDER / QUESTION?" 2 minutes special program February 4 (Friday ...)


Interview with 7ORDER "60ORDER / QUESTION?" 2 minutes special program February 4 (Friday ...)

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7ORDER is expanding its field of activity not only in music but also in various genres, and its scale is also increasing.

The special program "2ORDER / QUESTION?" Will be released on February 4th (Friday) at 23:XNUMX. → Continue reading


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7ORDER(Seven Order) is a Japanese 7-member male artist.His record label is Nippon Columbia. Formed in 2016. It made its major debut on January 2021, 1. In this item their activitiesproject"7ORDER project(Seven Order Project), and with the same member compositionJohnny's OfficeBelonged toJohnny's Jr.7 people inMale idol group-Love-tune(Love Toon)[2]Is also described. 


Not limited to dance and singingBandDo a lot of things that emphasize the format[Note 1]..Members have a wide variety of skills and interests,entertainmentVery good in general[5].. From November 2018 to March 11, all of them left Johnny's office, but the new program ``Ikedan MAX』(TOKYO MX) will be a regular appearance of 6 people except Yasui[6]All of them resumed their entertainment activities. "Ikedan MAX" will be performed by 7 people[7],7ORDER project"Started.Since then, a wide range of performances and music activitiesEntertainmentWe are developing activities.7ORDER was the first time that all the groups formed at Johnny's office left the group, and then all the members of the former group were left as they were and the group was formed again.[8].

7ORDER project

Started on May 2019, 5, by the same 22 peopleproject.. The motto is "to create happiness together" and the theme is "ハ ッ ピ ー".The catch phrase is "Make Happy ORDER"[9]..Expanding the range of interests and activities while making use of the skills of members such as music, theater, art, fashion, etc.GenrelessShare irreplaceable moments with your fans by working on[5]..The goal is a project team based on the experience that each member jumped out into various worlds and brought back.[Note 2]Creating new entertainment with.
Regarding the origin of the project name, Abe said, "I want to go beyond the order and expand the activity," but said that "there are various meanings," but everything was not yet revealed at the start-up stage. ..[11]Later, the main was "order" and "order", and the back theme was "knights".[9]The project will be developed in a format in which the work participates.[Note 3]..Participating works were announced as the firstStage "7ORDER"In addition, the TV program "Ikedan MAXThere is

"7ORDER"Is a group that develops entertainment activities with the name of seven people in music activities and the same motto as the project. Sometimes referred to as a "creative team"[13]..Yasui is a name that indicates the difference between "7ORDER project" and "7ORDER" that the members are aware of, while the former indicates the entire challenge including the individual activities of the seven people, while the latter is simply a group name. It is said that it is the name of[14].


BYR color wheel.svgIn this sectionColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Listed in order of date of birth.Profile Source[15][16]

MembersDate of BirthBlood TypeBirth PlaceIn charge of performance[17][18]Member color[19]Remarks
Kentaro Yasui
(Easy Kentaro)
(1991-07-21) 1991/May 7(30 years old)A typeKanagawaBackgroundVocal XNUMX    pinkleader[20]
Yuma Sanada
(Yuma Sanada)
(1992-11-21) 1992/May 11(29 years old)OTokyoBackgroundGuitar    "Red"
Shoki Moroboshi
(Morohoshi Shoki)
(1994-10-13) 1994/May 10(27 years old)A typeBorn in Kanagawa prefectureVocal XNUMX
Morita beauty
(Morita Myuto)
(1995-10-31) 1995/May 10(26 years old)A typeFrom Tokyobass    yellow [21]
Keigo Hagiya
(Hagiya Keigo)
(1996-11-07) 1996/May 11(25 years old)OSaitamaBackgroundDrums    绿
(Abe Aran)
(1997-08-30) 1997/May 8(24 years old)A typeFrom TokyoVocal XNUMX
    purple [22]
Reo Nagatsuma
(Nagatsuma Leo)
(1998-06-05) 1998/May 6(23 years old)A typeIbarakiBackgroundKeyboard    tag [23]Deputy leader


2016/Visited Yasui during the lesson on March 3thJanie KitagawaThe president decides the group name[2][24],Johnny's Ginza 2016』Homepage[25]In Jr. by updatingunitWill be announced to the public as.The members at this timeKentaro Yasui,Yuma Sanada,Morita beauty,Keigo HagiyaWas 4 people[25].

same yearMay 5, At "Johnny's Ginza 2016"Reo Nagatsuma,Shoki Moroboshi,ARASHI ARASHIThe members, including the three members of the group, performed as Love-tune, so the members have set this day as the formation date.[26]..Generally, on June 2016, 6, the stage "DREAM BOYSAt the production announcement press conference, it was announced that seven people, including the first members, the eldest wife, Moroboshi, and Abe, will perform on the same stage.[27], The same seven people performed at the concert "Samaste Johnny's King" held in July.[28].

2017/May 10 --The first solo live "Love-tune Live 20" will be held on the 2017th.[29].

2018/May 2 - May 3,Sixtons,Snow Man,Travis JapanAppeared in "Johnny's Jr. Festival 2018" which is a joint concert with. March 3th will be Love-tune's solo performance, the first in the groupYokohama ArenaIt became a solo live at[30].

2018/May 11, Everyone's departure will be announced on the paid official website "Johnny's Jr. Information Bureau".Yuma Sanada, Shoki Moroboshi, Keigo Hagiya, Aran Abe, Reo Nagatsuma on the same day, Myuto Morita on the same yearMay 12, Kentaro Yasui2019/May 3..Johnny's Jr. announced his unusual departure because he was able to work only with the support of his fans, and because of the special feelings of the members that he didn't want to be reluctant. The next day, the radio program "Saturday! SaturdayWas spoken from Yasui's mouth[31].

2019/May 5,7ORDER project』Start of announcement.Official YouTube channel opened on the same day[Note 4]It was delivered live from 8 pm.For distribution, the TV program "Ikedan MAX"[Note 5]Yasui, who did not show up at the event, also appeared together with seven people who joined.May 8The first solo performance from "Stage "7ORDER"』It was also decided to hold all 27 times[11].

2020/May 3,7ORDERUnder the name of the first song "Sabãoflower[Note 6]] Was released from an independent label, and made a CD debut with complete build-to-order manufacturing.The song is a self-produced work written and composed by Yuma Sanada.At the same time as the release, only the title song will be digitally distributed. In addition to the title song, the stage "RADICAL PARTY -7 ORDER-"LIFE (Dance ver.)" That was shown in "" was also recorded.It was devised so that the members could make it a "special memory item" at their own will, such as by sealing it directly with a sealing stamp.[13]

2020/May 9, The first photo book "WE ARE 7ORDER 1st PHOTO BOOK"Treasure IslandReleased from[32]..At the reservation stageThe Amazon It became the first place in this category overall ranking, and the reprint was decided even before the release[33].

2021/May 1,Nippon ColumbiaFrom the 1st album "ONEAnd LIVE Blu-ray / DVD "UNORDER』Released and made a major debut.Also on the same day her first soloNippon BudokanPerformance "WE ARE ONEWas also held[34].

2021/May 3からMay 3The first photo exhibition "WE ARE 7ORDER IN PARCO" was held at Shibuya PARCO.This photo exhibition is a photographerMasashi Asada Nippon BudokanIt is closely related to the performance[35].

2021/May 7, Selected as 2021th place in "Female students choose! Trend forecast for the second half of 7"[36].

2021/May 8, The start of "7ORDER x Sanrio Characters" has been announced.Of the membersReo NagatsumaWith the 7ORDER character "Oda-chan" made byHello Kitty,My melody such asSanrioThe sale of collaboration goods of popular characters and the development of pop-up shops took place after September.[37].

2021/May 9, Concluded a growth partnership agreement with Birdman Co., Ltd.[38]..Norihiko Ito, one of the company's directors, said that he had an equal relationship with the entertainment agency, and hoped that it would be a new example of the entertainment world.[39].

2021/May 11, The first hall, arena tour ""Date with ......." 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022Starts[40].National Yoyogi Stadium,Pia Arena MMThis tour, which goes around the world, mobilized a maximum of 8 people.[41].

2022/May 2,7ORDER Samurai Training TOUR ~ NICE “TWO” MEET YOU ~Is dated February 2thOricon chartWon first place in the weekly music DVD / Blu-ray overall ranking[42].. This is the first time that 7ORDER's live video has been ranked first in the weekly overall ranking.

2022/May 4, The third photobook "3 ORDER Special PHOTO MAGAZINE Shall we .......?" Recorded weekly sales of 7 copies and ranked first in the "Oricon Weekly BOOK Ranking Photobook" on April 1.1. Won[43].


Describe the work of 7ORDER project.The ranking isOricon weekly rankingShow the highest rank.


#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberFirst week salesRankingFirst recording album
Independent production2020/0May 3Sabãoflower[44]CDNormal EditionSORC-1001--ONE
Independent production2020/0May 5GIRL[45]CDNormal EditionSORC-1002--ONE
12021/0May 7Signal of the beginning of rain / Mr. SUMMER[46]CD + DVDRainboardCOZA-1785-6-2 bit[47]Re: ally?
CDClear boardCOCA-17906
Normal EditionCOCA-17905
Two2022/0May 3Les Paul[48]CD + DVDSeven boardCOZA-1883-4-4 bit[49]-
CDIchi boardCOCA-17991
Normal EditionCOCA-17992

Delivery single

#Release datetitleFirst recording album
12019/0May 1BOW !! / Time Traveler[50]ONE
22020/0May 3Sabãoflower[44]ONE
32020/0May 5GIRL[45]ONE
42021/0May 11stir[51]Re: ally?
52021/0May 12If[52]Re: ally?


#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberFirst week salesRanking
12021/01013 daysONECD + DVDLimited EditionCOZP-1710-1-3 bit[53]
FC Limited EditionCOZP-1712-3
CDNormal EditionCOCP-41386
22022/0202 daysRe: ally?[54]CD + DVDLimited EditionCOZP-1854-5-4 bit[55]
FC Limited EditionCOZP-1856-7
CDNormal EditionCOCP-41674

CD not included

JASRACDescribed based on the information in the search results of songs that include "7ORDER" in the artist name in the "work database search service" on the official website.

  • 7ORDER SESSION --JASRAC Work code: 253-7048-1
  • 1234567 --JASRAC work code: 256-1827-0
  • COUNTDOWN --JASRAC Work code: 256-2902-6
  • BREAK THE SYSTEM --JASRAC Work code: 261-6384-5
  • INTRO-UNORDER --JASRAC Work code: 261-6389-6

Video work


#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberFirst week salesRanking
12021/1/13UNORDERDVDLimited EditionCOBA-7216-DVD 2st place[56]-
Normal EditionCOBA-7217
BDLimited EditionCOXA-1199BD 3st place[57]
Normal EditionCOXA-1200
22021/7/7WE ARE ONE[46]DVDNormal EditionCOBA-7240-1-DVD 5st place[58]-
BDNormal EditionCOXA-1279-BD 5st place[59]
32022/2/27ORDER Samurai Training TOUR ~ NICE “TWO” MEET YOU ~DVDNormal EditionCOBA-7272-3-DVD 5st place[60]Overall 1 place[42]
BDNormal EditionCOXA-1290-BD 1st place[61]
42022/6/29"Date with ......." 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022DVDNormal EditionCOBA-7298-9---
BDNormal EditionCOXA-1297--


#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberFirst week salesRanking
12020/3/16Stage "7ORDER"DVDNormal EditionNPDV-2006-DVD 16st place[62]-
BDNormal EditionNPBD-2003-BD 13st place[63]
22020/8/24RADICAL PARTY -7 ORDER-DVDNormal EditionNPDV-2008---
32020/9/2827 -7ORDER-DVDNormal EditionNPDV-2010---


YearstitleLinksdirected byFirst recorded workRemarks
2019INTRO-ONE-[Video 1]--
2020Sabãoflower[Video 2]-ONE
GIRL[Video 3]-ONE
2021& Y[Video 4]--
LIFE[Video 5]Teppei Nakamura[64]ONE
BOW !![Video 6]-ONE
A signal that the rain has begun[Video 7]Naoichi Mitsuishi[65]Signal of the beginning of rain / Mr. SUMMER
SUMMER[Video 8]Kato Umisato[66]Signal of the beginning of rain / Mr. SUMMER
2022stir[Video 9]-Re: ally?
If[Video 10]Takatoshi Tsuchiya[67]Re: ally?
Feel So Good[Video 11]7ORDER-
Les Paul[Video 12]Toshitsugu Ohno[68]Les Paul
Ups & Downs[Video 13]Masahiro Karube[69]Les Paul


YearsSong titleTie-up
2020/GIRLStage "GIRL" theme song[45]
&Y"Ground Y × 7ORDER Collaboration Project ”campaign song[70]
2022/Les Paulmovies"Two-out full baseTheme song[71]


Describe the appearance as 7ORDER project.





Delivery event

  • Sozo Fes Online ~ Seven Fukuocarat ~ (April 2021, 4)[88]
  • 7ORDER ONLINE Xmas Party 2021 ~ Holiday wish list ~ (December 2021, 12)Hulu) --Delivery event[89]
  • "Makiru vol.2 / 7days Happy Jack!" (January 2022, 1-February 28, Natalie)-Delivery event[90]
  • 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022 "Date with ......." After Talk (February 2022, 2,Hulu) --Delivery event[91]

Live alone

YearstitlePerformance scaleRemarks
2020/7ORDER DIGITAL SHOW "UNORDER"1 venue 1 performanceThe first solo concert.It was done by a non-audience limited to delivery.[92]
2021/7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021 “WE ARE ONE”[93]2 venue 8 performanceThe first solo tour.The Nippon Budokan performance was delivered as "<WE ARE ONE PLUS> 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021 for DIGITAL" from February 2021th to March 2th, 27.[94]
7ORDER Samurai Training TOUR ~ NICE “TWO” MEET YOU ~8 performances at 20 venues (including 5 additional performances)[18][95]The first live house tour that mobilized 2 people.Tickets were sold out on the same day.[96]
2021-2022"Date with ......." 7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022 [40]13 venue 33 performanceThe first hall, arena tour.Mobilized the largest of 8 people.[41] The February 2th Yoyogi National Stadium performance was exclusively distributed on April 27nd at the Hulu store.[41].

Fan meeting

YearstitlePerformance scaleRemarks
2019/7ORDER Project Fan Meeting in Shanghai1 venue 3 performanceThe first fan meeting.Made in Shanghai, China[97].
7 no ieeeeeee! 7ORDER "FUN" MEETING2 venue 4 performanceFan club member-only event
2021/7ORDER “WE ARE ONE” ~ A lively festival for the Budokan ~ [99]1 venue 2 performanceFan club member-only event
7 no ieeeeeee! De Bath deeeeee!1 venue 1 performanceFan club member-only event[46]..It was held to commemorate Kentaro Yasui's 30th birthday.
7ORDER day trip Presented by JR Central1 venue 1 performanceJR TokaiAs part of the "Pushing Trip Update" campaign [100].
2022/7ORDER 3rd Anniversary Thanksgiving "Seven Beats"1 venue 4 performanceThanksgiving to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the formation. 7ORDER was held with the concept of producing a neighborhood association festival [101].


Describes the stage works of the 7ORDER project series.

YearstitlePerformance scaleRemarks
2019/Stage "7ORDER"[11]2 venue 27 performanceThe first solo starring stage as 7ORDER.


RADICAL PARTY -7 ORDER-[102]2 venue 13 performanceA spin-off of the stage "7ORDER" series.The lead is Myuto Morita.Only Yasui and Abe appeared as special guests in the second act.[103]
2020/27 -7ORDER-[104]2 venue 27 performanceA spin-off of the stage "7ORDER" series.The lead is Yuma Sanada.
7ORDER new performance "GIRL"[105]1 venue 13 performanceOn April 2020, 4, it was announced that all performances would be canceled in response to a state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. [106]

Photo exhibition

  • WE ARE 7ORDER IN PARCO (March 2021, 3, PARCO FACTORY / June 5, PARCO EVENT HALL) [35][107]
  • Say Cheeeeeeese! (February 2022-2, 1, Shibuya PARCO) [108]


Photo album


Love-tune(Love Toon) is the predecessor of 7ORDERJohnny's Jr.A group of 7 male idols.

The following describes the activities as Love-tune.

group name

Janie KitagawaNamed by the president.group name"Love-tune"" Is a four-member group (at the time of formation) that imaged a band, so words related to sound are incorporated.In addition, "love sound" and "exciting sound" were listed as candidates.How to read is "Love toon, Not "love tune"[2][24].. Love and tune are not independent words, but because we want them to be read in one word like a coined word, "t" is a lowercase letter and is connected by "-".[24]..As a first impression of the same name, Yasui and Sanada said that they were surprised to see "Love" in the unit name, but they were impressed, and Hagiya and Morita said that they thought it was "good" with an idol feeling. Each member likes the same name[24].

Dissolution, all members of the group leave

On November 2018, 11, Johnny's office's paid official website "Johnny's Junior Information Bureau" announced the departure of all members, and after that, all members were discharged, but regarding this exit, Johnny's office and the group side The contract problem between the two is the beginning.Daily CyzoIt is,Weekly Bunshun"At the briefing session that Johnny's office and Johnny's Jr. and others exchange contracts, only seven members of Love-tune hold the contract. When I said" I want to take it home and think slowly ", the exposure is extremely reduced. , Which led to the subsequent dissolution and discharge. "[111]. still,cyzo womanAs of March 2018,King & PrinceWith the announcement of the CD debut this spring, Johnny's office will sign an exclusive contract with Johnny's Jr., which has not been done so far, and Love-tune refused to do so. " , Reports that there is a contract problem between the office side and the group side[112]In response to the announcement of the dissolution and exit of the group, cyzo woman said, "There were almost no cases where the Johnny's office officially announced the dissolution or exit of the units and members in Johnny's Jr., but it was popular. It seems that it was decided to announce it in view of the impact on the fans and fans. "[113].

Died September 2019, 6Janie KitagawaIn response to this, "There is a rehearsal for the (stage) Kobe performance, and I can't go directly (to the" farewell party "at Tokyo Dome on September 9th), but all seven of them (see off) in my heart. I want to) "[114].

Work (Love-tune)

Songs not included on the CD (Love-tune)

JASRACDescribed based on the search results of songs that include "Love-tune" in the artist name on the official website "Work Database Search Service".

  • CALL[115] --JASRAC work code: 1J5-6483-1
  • Fire[116] --JASRAC work code: 1L0-4404-4
  • THIS IS LOVE SONG --JASRAC Work code: 1L2-4677-1
  • SUPERMAN --JASRAC Work code: 1L7-0911-9

Appearance (Love-tune)

TV show (Love-tune)

Stage (Love-tune)

Joint concert

Event (Love-tune)

Solo live (Love-tune)

YearstitlePerformance scaleRemarks
2017/Love-tune Live 2017[29]1 venue 3 performance

CM (Love-tune)


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注 釈

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