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🧑‍🎨 | The mask of the young man Bruce who hides his true face is impressive! "THE BATMAN" US version art lifted

Photo "THE BATMAN" Main Cut (C) 2021 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved TM & (C) DC

The mask of the young man Bruce who hides his true face is impressive! "THE BATMAN" US version art lifted

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Matt Reeves portrays Bruce Wayne as he tries to become Batman in the film, while "focusing on the previously unspoken life of Serena Kyle."

US version of art from the movie "THE BATMAN" starring actor Robert Pattinson ... → Continue reading

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バ ッ ト マ ン

バ ッ ト マ ン(British: Batman) IsDC ComicsTo publishAmerican comicsFictional appearing inSuper hero.. And the titles of comics, movies, dramas, and animated works.


Artist'sBob KaneAnd of the writer(English edition)It was first created in May 1939 in "Detective Comics #1939", published by National Allied (later DC Comics) in 5.

Due to contract issues, only Kane was paid as the original author, but in September 2015 DC Entertainment revealed that Finger would receive the reward for creating Batman. The survivors of Finger and DC negotiated,Batman vs Superman Justice Birth"When"GOTHAMReceived the second season reward for the first time as the creator of Batman. The comic book was labeled "Batman created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane."

In 2014, a video was created to commemorate the 75th anniversary[4]."Batman: Strange Days" - YouTube

This section mainly describes Batman's related works. For details on the character, see "Batman (fictional character)See.


The character settings have changed several times. Unless otherwise specifiedNow[When?]Shows the setting of.


Catwoman (Catwoman)
Batman's buddy and fiance[5].
Robin (Robin)
Batman's buddyDick Grayson,Jason Todd,Tim Drake,Stephanie brown,Damian WayneHas inherited the role.
Bat girl (Batgirl)
Barbara Gordon,Cassandra Cain,Stephanie brownHas inherited the role. Barbara is now back in Batgirl.
Alfred Pennyworth (Alfred Pennyworth)
Created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson, it first appeared in "Batman" #16 (1943).
Bruce Wayne's butler and raised him after the death of his parents. As one of the most faithful staff members, Bruce has always loved him as he knows Batman's identity.
Harriet Cooper (Harriet Cooper)
Bruce Wayne's aunt. First appeared in "Batman" #328.


James Gordon (James Gordon)
Created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, first appeared in "Batman" #27 (May 1939).
Gotham CityPolice chief.
Lucius Fox (Lucius fox)
Created by Len Wayne, John Karnan, first appeared in "Batman" #307 (1979).
Under constructionBlackThe first main character clearly drawn as. Worked at Wayne Enterprises as a Business Manager for Bruce Wayne. He is a technical expert and knows the secrets of his employer. It not only finances Batman's weapons, but also recovers necessary business profits.
Ace the Bathound (Ace the Bat-Hound)
Created by Bill Finger, Sheldon Maudoff, first appeared in "Batman" #92 (June 1955).
Batman's dog[6].. The breed isGerman shepherd.
Bat cow (Bat-Cow)
Created by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, it first appeared in "Batman Incorporated Vol.2" #1 (July 2012).
A cow that started to be kept in Bat Cave after an incident[6].


Joker (The Joker)
Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn)
Penguin (The Penguin)
Riddler (The riddler)
Two Face (Two-Face)
Mr. Freeze (Mr. Freeze)
Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy)
Bain (Bane)
Lars Al Goul (Ra's Al Ghul)
Scarecrow (Scarecrow)
Clay face (clayface)
Death Stroke (Deathstroke)
Dead shot (Deadshot)
Fire fly (Firefly)
Hugo Strange (Hugo strange)
Real name: Same
Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, it first appeared in "Batman" # 36 (1940).
He is also one of the first villains to appear permanently in Batman.A mad scientist who is also a surgeon and psychologist.He is also the villain who first identified Batman, and is a brain sect who hunts down Batman psychologically and mentally.
Carmine Falcone(Carmine Falcone)
Also known as: Roman
Created by Frank Miller and Dave Matsukelly, they first appeared in "Batman" #404 (1987).
Mafia's commander who controls the underworld of Gotham City. Unlike other monsters and monsters wearing masks, they are enemies as normal humans. From that standpoint, villains are often targeted for life, and Batman can help them. As a mafia boss, he is a cruel person who is willing to violate or kill, but he is not a madman, so he does not go too far.
Killer clock (Killer Croc)
Created by Gerry Conway and Gene Quran, in "Detective Comics" #523 (February 1983) and "Batman" #2 (March 357).Cameo appearanceAnd appeared completely in "Batman" #358 (April 1983).
FloridaBorn with crocodile genes in a slum. And Waylon Jones grows into a dangerous and animal criminal. The range of similarities between him and the crocodile varies greatly, from large men with just hardened skin to anthropomorphization of the crocodile. Often the cannibalistic tendency is depicted.
Black mask (Black Mask)
Real name: Roman Zionis
Created by Dog Monk and Tom Mandrick, they first appeared in "Batman" #386 (August 1985).
His father is a businessman and grew up in a wealthy family. His father, Charles Zionis, forced Roman to become friends with Bruce Wayne in order to establish a connection with Thomas Wayne. Roman's parents disliked Thomas and his wife Martha internally, but continued to interact to enhance their social status. His parents' hypocrisy had a profound effect on him.
After graduating from high school, he was given an executive position in his father's "Janus Cosmetics" (Janus Cosmetics). So heWorking class OfsecretaryI fell in love with. His parents were uncomfortable with the relationship and advised him to stop dating. Furious Roman burned down his family's mansion, killed his parents, and inherited the property and business. However, Kirke broke up with Roman in front of all staff. After failing to do business and tilting the company, Bruce Wayne, a director of Wayne Enterprises, offered to bail out the company on the condition that he gave up his control of the industry and was appointed to the board. Roman agreed, but was angry at his humiliation.
No one blames the mistakes of life, invading the cemetery where their parents were buried. Entering the basement and breaking the father's black sandstone with stones, Roman carved a mask that symbolized a new identity. He becomes the ruler of the crime, the "Black Mask," and begins to build his own criminal empire, wearing his own mask.
Red hoodRed hood)
Identity: Joker Jason Todd
A fictional character created by several criminal organizations to hide their identity. CurrentlyJason ToddUses the red food identity.
First appeared in "Detective Comics" #168 (February 1951). A factory worker who intended to rob a chemical factory and steal $2, his costume consisted of a large domed red helmet and a red cloak. Red Food hunted down by Batman and jumped into a tank of chemicals. He is free to swim in chemicals with a special breathing device built into the helmet. Due to the influence of chemicals, it permanently turns white skin, red lips and green hair,ジ ョ ー カ ーBecomes the biggest enemy of Batman.
Robin, Jason Todd, dies in "Batman: A Death in the Family". However, in "Batman: Under the Hood" it was revived by Thalia Al Ghoul using the Lazarus Pit, becoming a new red hood. Red Hood launches a war alone against the Black Mask criminal empire, subject to various gang controls. It actively suppresses illegal drug trafficking and gangs in an attempt to cleanse the corruption of the city in ways that are violent and lack of hero qualities. FinallyNight wing,Tim Drake, Onyx, andGreen arrowStart attacking other heroes including Batman.
Hash (Hush)
Identity: Thomas Elliot
Created by Jeff Robe and Jim Lee, they first appeared in "Batman" #609 (January 2003) as Thomas and "Batman" #1 (September 619) as Hash.
Bruce Wayne's childhood friend was born into a wealthy family. Two often(English edition)Playing, Bruce could never beat Thomas. Thomas taught Bruce, "To win, think like an enemy and use your abilities against them." This idea was often used by Bruce.
When he was a child, he attempted to kill his parents who abused him and worked on the brakes of a car to cause an accident. However, Thomas Wayne, who was a doctor, resented Bruce because he saved his mother. After a successful surgeon at Harvard University, Thomas continued to hold irrational grudges on Bruce.
Riddler diagnosed with cancer uses the Lazarus Pit of Lars al-Ghouls to treat. From this mysterious remedy, he experiences an unexpected inspiration and realizes that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Riddler then seeks to sell the secret he finds in exchange for cash. Looking at Riddler's criminal record, Thomas offers to kill Bruce instead of paying cash. They share Wayne's common hatred, and Thomas and Riddler recruit personnel to defeat Batman. To this end, Elliott creates the "hash" persona. His name is"(English edition)It was named after.
From attempts to destroy Batman, he manipulates villains including Joker, Harley Quinn, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Killer Clock and Clay Face as his own pieces. Cooperate with BatmanSuperman, Enhanced,Cat womanBrainwash with the Poison Ivy pheromone and fight against Batman. Use Clayface's transformation ability to create Thomas's corpse and make Joker appear to have killed Thomas, make a dead Jason Todd decoy, and inspire Batman's trauma.
Azrael (Azrael)
Real name: Jean Paul Valley Jr.
Created by Denny O'Neill and Joe Quesada, it first appeared in "Batman: Sword of Azrael" #1 (October 1992) as Azrael and "Batman" #10 (February 489) as Batman.
An assassin of the sinister and religious secret society "The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas". With the death of his father, Jean Paul Valley Senior, he took over the role of Azrael. Brain-drained at a deep level. Usually a graduate student in computer science in Gotham City. Encounter Batman while investigating the truth of his father's death.
Take over the role of Batman in "Knightfall", "Knightquest", and "KnightsEnd". In "Knightfall," Batman has Bane's spine broken and nominates Azrael as his successor. In "Knightquest", Azrael beats Bain, but he became brutal and reluctant to kill the criminals. At "KnightsEnd", Azrael is defeated by Bruce Wayne, who treated the spine, and Bruce resumes Batman's activity. He served as Batman from 1993 to 1994. The name derives from the angel who controls death in IslamAzura eel.
Killer Moth (Killer Moth)
Real name: Van Clear
Created by Bill Finger, Dick Sprang and Lou Schwartz, it first appeared in "Batman" #63 (February 1951).
Killer Moss is an orange cape and moth-like mask, wearing a flashy costume with purple and green stripes.
Killer Moss was a prisoner identified in prison as number 234026. Read a newspaper article about Batman in prison and decide to sell himself as "anti-Batman". And they let the criminals of Gotham City hire themselves to avoid police arrest. Simultaneously with his release, he uses his criminal proceeds to build Moscaves. It is inspired by the Cave photos he saw in the newspaper articles he read.
Killer Moss establishes the identity of philanthropist Cameron Van Clear. With this identity, he becomes Bruce Wayne's friend.
Bruce Wayne finds himself in "Detective Comics" #173 (July 1951), but is shot by other criminals. Then, he suffers from memory loss due to a skull injury and forgets his identity. Killer Moss was a regular Batman villain until "Detective Comics" #7.
Mad Hatter (Mad Hatter)
Identity: Jarvis Tetch
Created by Bill Finger, Rousseau Schwartz, first appeared in "Batman" #49 (October 1948).
Jarvis Tetch has all the hats,Lewis CarrollIs a novelAlice in WonderlandとAlice in the land of mirrorsFascinated by and especially likes the "Mad Tea Party" chapter.
Mad Hatter is depicted as a scientist inventing technology, manipulating the victim's mind with a device that manipulates the mind of the human. He wears a slightly larger than normal green cap to house the device.
Like other Batman villains, Mad Hatter was originally drawn in a rather whimsical way and turned into a dark character over the years.
Manbat (Man-bat)
Identity: Kirk Langstorm
Created by Frank Robins and Neil Adams, it first appeared in "Detective Comics" #400 (June 1970). Mambat was the protagonist of the series that took his name from 6 to 1975.
Specializing in the study of zoologistsEcholocationMake a drug that gives the feeling ofDeaf personTest yourself. The effects of serum had side effects, turning humans into bats. Serum robbed its intellect, so it turned violent and rampaged.
His wife, Francine Langstorm, also drinks the drug and becomes a bat. In some cases, Langstorm remains fully intelligent after taking a drug.
Kirk and Francine have a daughter, Becky, and a son, Aaron. He was born with a deadly disease because serum affected Aaron's DNA. Francine turns into a mambatte to save his life.
Solomon Grundy (Solomon grundy)
Identity: Cyrus Gold
Created by Alfred Vester and Paul Rainman, it first appeared in "All-American Comics" #61 (October 1944).
In the latter half of the 19th century, a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold was murdered and his body was disposed of in a swamp in Gotham City. Fifty years later, the corpse revived as a huge figure composed of wetland material accumulated around the body for decades. Losing most of his memory of the past, one thing he could remember was the word "born Monday". One of the men who asked for his name at the hobo campMother GooseHe mentioned that he was Solomon Grandy (born Monday). And Gold adopted that name.
Grundy was introduced as a villain for the Green Lantern, but became a prominent villain for Superman and Batman. The name comes from a 19th century fairy tale.
Ventrillo Quest (Ventriloquist)
Identity: Arnold Wesker
Created by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Nome Brefogle, it first appeared in "Detective Comics" #583 (February 1988).
Arnold Wesker is a multipersonal ventriloquist. A gentle gentle man. Perform crimes through the 1920s gangster persona and Scarface doll personalities, complete with pinstripe suits, cigars and Tommy Gun. The doll's name isAl CaponeIt was named after his nickname.
Born to a powerful mafia family. Wesker saw his parents assassinated by a hostile family,Dissociative identity disorderDevelop. The shock of witnessing the deaths of his parents forced him to curb all Wesker's emotions and continued his anger and hostility over the years.
Wesker is imprisoned in Blackgate Prison, killing a man while his restrained anger erupts violently at the bar. The cellmate Donegan makes a doll by carving from the front gallows. And the Scarface personality is born from the doll, Donegan escapes, and Scarface proposes to Wesker to kill Donegan. Wesker becomes "Bentrilo Quest" and becomes a murderer who kills people through dolls.
Mr. Zsasz (Mr. Zsasz)
Identity: Victor Zaaz
Created by Alan Grant and Nome Brayfogle, it first appeared in "Batman: Shadow of the Bat" #1 (April 1992).
As a serial killer, he cuts a tally mark on his body with a knife as many as the victims he killed.
Victor Zaars is an executive at an international company, accumulating vast wealth in addition to family wealth as his parents died in a boat accident at the age of 25. He later became a gambler and lost money at competitions around the world. One night at the casino known as Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, he bet everything he owned and lost them all. Then, when he jumped off the bridge of Gotham and tried to commit suicide, a homeless man demanded money. Refusing to give money, a homeless man threatened him with a knife. Instinctively grabbing a knife, Thez realized that all life was meaningless and not important to everyone. After that, as a "gift" to protect my life, I killed a person and proceeded. Since then, he has dedicated himself to others to free himself from meaningless existence. I don't feel any blame for the murder case. Cut the victim's throat and make sure to engrave the tally mark on yourself. Diagnosed as a mentally ill person, according to Batman's rulesArkham AsylumIs imprisoned on a regular basis. And escape at the opportunity to continue killing.


(English edition)
A monthly magazine that was first published in 1937. Batman first appeared in 1939. It ended with issue 2011 in 881. Vol. 2011 started in 2.
Batman (comic)(Batman (comic book))
(vol. 1) 1940-2011, all 715 issues
(vol. 2) 2011-2016, all 57 issues
(vol. 3) 2016-


Batman: Year One (Batman: Year One)
It was published in "Batman" #1987-404 in 407.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
Published in 1986Frank MillerMini series by.
Batman: War on Crime (Batman: War on Climb)
Published in 1999one-shot.. A work based on the "crime chain" by the screenwriter Paul Dini and the animation Alex Ross.
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Again)
A mini series published in 2001. Sequel to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
Batman: The Dark Knight Master Race (Batman: Dark Knight Master Wraith)
A mini series published in 2015. Sequel to Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again.
Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album (Batman: Wedding Album)
A work depicting the marriage of Batman and Catwoman published in 2018.
Dark Nights: Metal ()


Batman '66
Played Batman in the 1966 drama BatmanAdam WestA series that combines the comic settings.
Batman (1966)
Jiro KuwataWorks by. 『Weekly Shonen King"When"Shonen Gaho] (BothShonen Gaho-shaPublished). OverseasBat-Manga!Published as.
Kia AsamiyaWorks by. 『Monthly magazine Z』(KodanshaPublished). All 2 volumes of the book (published by Kodansha). The English version was published with a formal contract with DC Comics.
Yoshinori NatsumeWorks by.Softbank CreativePublished.
Batman and Justice League
Shiori TeshirogiWorks by. 『Champion RED』(Akita ShotenPublished).
Ninja Batman
Hisato MasatoWorks by. 『Monthly Heroes』(Shogakkan CreativePublished).
Eiichi Shimizu,Tomohiro ShimoguchiWorks by. 『Morning』(Published by Kodansha) serialized.

Japanese translation

BATMAN original comic Japanese version (1989/,ISBN +978-4-7648-1633-6)
Modern movie companyPublished. Recording representative episodes until the 80s.
Batman's English conversation (1993/,ISBN +978-4-88321-124-1)
Published by Japan Mix. 『Legends of the Dark Knight】 Is the English conversation teaching material.
Batman vs Predator (1994/,ISBN +978-4-89389-104-4)
Published by Victor Entertainment. 『Predator] And the crossover.
Batman/Punisher (1995/,ISBN +978-4-7968-4023-1)
Shogakukan ProductionPublished. Marvel comicsPunisherWas competed with.
Superman/Batman No.1 (1996/,ISBN +978-4-7968-4101-6), Superman/Batman No.2 (1996,ISBN +978-4-7968-4102-3), Superman/Batman No.3 (1997/,ISBN +978-4-7968-4103-0)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. Contains a remake of the secret story of birth. The secret story of Superman's birthMan of Steel (Comic)] Are all recorded. 1 and 2 areYear one], 3 includes only the first half of "Year Two".
Batman/Spawn Japanese version (1998/,ISBN +978-4-07-310456-8)
Media WorksPublished.SpawnAnd a competition. Contains "secret file" for character introduction.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns(1998,ISBN +978-4-7968-4033-0)
Published by Shogakukan Productions.
Batman: Black & White (1999/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7010-8)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. It was produced in black and white with the participation of many artists. From JapanKatsuhiro OtomoParticipated.
Batman/Hellboy/Starman (1999,ISBN +978-4-7968-4047-7)
Published by Shogakukan Productions.HellboyIncludes two episodes of Batman produced by Mike Minora.
Batman: Arkham Asylum(2000/,ISBN +978-4-7968-4050-7)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. Set in Arkham.
Batman: War on Climb(2000,ISBN +978-4-7968-4104-7)
Published by Shogakukan Productions.
Batman: Mad Love (2000,ISBN +978-4-7968-4114-6)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. 『Batman (Anime)] Comic book.Harley quinnIs the leading title work and Christmas episode collection.
Batman: Black & White 2 (2003/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7020-7)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. A sequel to the same title.
Batman: Killing Joke Alan Moore DC Universe Stories (2004/,ISBN +978-4-902314-26-7)
Batman: HUSH 1 (2004,ISBN +978-4-902314-55-7), Batman: HUSH 2 (2004,ISBN +978-4-902314-56-4)
Published by Jive.
Batman: Harley & Ivy (2005/,ISBN +978-4-86176-082-2)
Published by Jive. 『Batman (Anime)] Comic book. Contains the episode of Lars Al Ghoul.
Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Again(2005,ISBN +978-4-86176-154-6)
Published by Jive. Sequel to "Dark Knight Returns".
Batman: Year One(2005,ISBN +978-4-86176-155-3)
Published by Jive.
Batman: Tales of Demon (2005,ISBN +978-4-86176-156-0)
Published by Jive.
Batman: The Perfect Guide (2005,ISBN +978-4-7968-7023-8)
Published by Shogakukan Productions. Batman's commentary book. The history of the character is recorded.
Batman: Long Halloween Vol.1 (2009/,ISBN +978-4-86332-058-1)
Batman: Long Halloween Vol.2 (2009,ISBN +978-4-86332-146-5)
Village BooksPublished. It was produced as a sequel to "Year One". It deals with the Mafia serial murder case. It is also a remake of the secret story of Two Face's birth.
DARK KNIGHT Batman: The Dark Knight (2009,ISBN +978-4-7968-7061-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. A collaboration between Elsworld's work "Dark Knight Returns" and "Dark Knight Strikes Again".
Batman Year One/Year Two (2009,ISBN +978-4-86332-209-7)
Published by Village Books. Contains "Year One" and "Year Two".
Batman: Killing Joke Complete Edition (2010/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7065-8)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. All the pages of "KILLING JOKE" were recolored and recorded.
Batman: The Last Episode (2010,ISBN +978-4-7968-7071-9)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. 『Superman: The Last Episode』(ISBN +978-4-7968-7070-2) And simultaneous release.
Batman: Dark Victory Vol.1 (2010,ISBN +978-4-8633-2272-1), Batman: Dark Victory Vol.2 (2010,ISBN +978-4-8633-2277-6)
Published by Village Books. Sequel to "Long Halloween".
Batman: Mad Love / Harley & Ivy (2011/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7086-3)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Includes "Mad Love" and "Harley & Ivy".
Batman: Lovers & Mad Men (2011,ISBN +978-4-7968-7088-7)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The secret story of Joker's birth.
Joker (Batman) (2011,ISBN +978-4-7968-7087-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Released at the same time as "Lover's & Mad Men".
Batman: Noel (2011,ISBN +978-4-7968-7103-7)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.Dickens OfChristmas carolIs the subject.
DC Super Heroes (2011,ISBN +978-4-7968-7102-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Reprinted "Batman: War on Climb".
Batman and Sun (2012/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7107-5)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Batman's son Damien appears. Also included is the first appearance of "Batman: Tales of Demon".
Batman: The Revival of Lars Al Ghoul (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7108-2)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The sequel to "And Sun". The dead Lars Al Ghoul is revived.
Batman: Black Gloves (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7112-9)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The sequel to "Resurrection of Lars Al Ghoul" The first half of "Black Case Files" is also included.
Batman: RIP (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7113-6)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The final part of the first part of "Batman Saga" following "And Sun". Includes the second half of "Black Case Files".
Catwoman: When in Rome (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7116-7)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Draw the trends of Catwoman, who disappeared in "Dark Victory".
All Star: Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder (2012,ISBN +978-4-8633-2390-2)
Published by Village Books. The day before "Dark Knight Returns". The combination of Frank Miller and Jim Lee depicts how Batman and Robin became a dynamic duo.
Batman vs. Bain (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7117-4)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The secret story of Bane's birth.
Batman: The laughing man (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7128-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Batman and Joker meet for the first time. Also includes a competition work with the first generation green lantern.
Flashpoint: Batman (2012,ISBN +978-4-8649-1007-1)
Published by Village Books. Batman and the Joker fight in "Flashpoint". Also includes two "Flashpoint" crossover titles.
Batman: Death in the Family (2012,ISBN +978-4-7968-7131-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The shocking work that Robin dies. Also includes "Lonely Place of Dying" featuring a new Robin.
Batman: Owl Court (2013/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7141-9)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Batman: Town of Owls (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7156-3)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Draw the final battle with the secret society "The Court of Owl".
Batman: The Night of Owls (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7161-7)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. A crossover work that records the battle that took place on the other side of "Owl Town".
Batman: Fear without a form (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7142-6)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Batman: HUSH full version (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7165-5)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. In addition to the full recording of "HUSH", setting materials and sketches are added at the end of the book.
Batman: Earth One (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7144-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. A work depicting Batman in Earth One.
Batman: Under the Red Hood (2013,ISBN +978-4-7968-7194-5)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Batman: Gate of Gotham (2014/,ISBN +978-4-7968-7177-8)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The chronological history of Gotham City, which was unraveled after the bridge blast.
Batman & Robin (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7181-5)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The second part of "Batman Saga" has started. Dick and Damien's adventure.
Batman: Bruce Wayne's Return (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7183-9)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The second part of "Batman Saga".
Batman: Bruce Wayne's Choice (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7186-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The final part of the second part of "Batman Saga". Bruce returns to modern Gotham.
Batman: The Lost Bond (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7503-5)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Joker: The Lost Bonds (above) (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7505-9), Joker: The Lost Bond (below) (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7506-6)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. A crossover over Joker's dark leap in Batman: The Lost Bond.
Batman: Norman's Land 1 (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7170-9), Batman: Norman's Land 2 (2015,ISBN +978-4-7968-7187-7), Batman: Norman's Land 3 (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7648-3), Batman: Norman's Land 4 (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7700-8)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. Batman fights to restore law and order to Gotham City, which has become anarchy after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Batman Anthology (2014,ISBN +978-4-7562-4566-3)
Batman Incorporated (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7524-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The third part of "Batman Saga" begins. Bruce establishes a company to scout Batman from all over the world.
Batman Incorporated: Demon Star's Akemi (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7524-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The battle between Batman and the criminal association "Leviathan" intensifies.
Batman Incorporated: Twilight of Gotham (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7524-0)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. The final part of the second part of "Batman Saga" following "And Sun".
Batman: Lil Gotham 1 (2014,ISBN +978-4-7968-7508-0)
Batman: Lil Gotham 2 (2015,ISBN +978-4-7968-7543-1)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions. A series of three Batman-related characters.
Batman: Zero Year Conspiracy Town (2015,ISBN +978-4-7968-7511-0)
Batman: Zero Year Dark City (2015,ISBN +978-4-7968-7546-2)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Batman/Superman: Cross World (2015,ISBN 978-4-79687541-7)
Published by Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.
Superman/Batman: Public Enemy (2016,ISBN +978-4-8649-1263-1)
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Batman VS. Superman: Best Bout (2016,ISBN +978-4-7968-7589-9)
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Trinity Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman (2016,ISBN +978-4-7968-7600-1)
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Batman: Midnight Case Files (2016,ISBN +978-4-7968-7578-3)
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Batman: End Game (2016,ISBN +978-4-7968-7616-2)
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Batman: Eternal <Up> (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7640-7), Batman: Eternal <below> (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7641-4)
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All Star Batman: The Worst Enemy (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7696-4), All-Star Batman: End of Earth (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7739-8), All-Star Batman
First Arai (2019,ISBN +978-4-7968-7770-1)
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Batman: Super Heavy (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7662-9)
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Batman: Bloom (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7668-1)
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Batman: I Am Gotham (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7683-4)
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Batman: I Am Suicide (2017,ISBN +978-4-7968-7695-7)
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Batman: I Am Bain (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7736-7)
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The Button (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7741-1)
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バ ッ ト マ ン
War of Joke & Riddle (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7742-8)
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バ ッ ト マ ン
Noel [new edition] (2018,ISBN +978-4-7968-7761-9)
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ジ ョ ー カ ー
Last Rough (2019,ISBN +978-4-7968-7765-7)
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バ ッ ト マ ン
Year 100 (2019,ISBN +978-4-7968-7767-1)
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Live-action movie

Continuous action Batman (The Batman) (1943)
Director, Starring Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J. Carrol Naish.Not open to the public in Japan.
Batman & Robin (Batman and Robin) (1949)
Director, Starring Robert Lory, Johnny Duncan, Jane Adams, Lyle Talbot, William Faucette, Eric Wilton
Batman/original movie (Batman) (1966)
Director, appearanceAdam West,Burt Ward,Caesar Romero,Burgess Meredith,Lee Mary Weather,Frank Ghoshin
バ ッ ト マ ン (Batman) (1989)
directed byTim Burton, AppearanceMichael keaton,Jack Nicholson,Kim Basinger
Batman returns (Batman Returns) (1992)
Director Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton,Danny DeVito,Michelle Pfeiffer,Christopher Walken
Batman forever (Batman Forever) (1995)
directed byJoel Schmucker, AppearanceVal Kilmer,Tommy Lee Jones,Jim Carrey,Nicole Kidman,Chris O'Donnell
Batman & Robin Mr. Freeze's Counterattack (Batman & Robin) (1997)
Directed by Joel SchmuckerGeorge Clooney,Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris O'Donnell,Yuma Thurman,Alicia Silverstone
Batman Begins (Batman Begins) (2005)
directed byChristopher Nolan, AppearanceChristian Bale,Liam Neeson,Katie Holmes,Michael cane,Gary Oldman,Morgan Freeman,Kilian Murphy
dark Knight (The Dark Knight) (2008)
Director Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale,Heath ledger,Aaron Eckhart,Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Kane, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman
Dark Knight Rising (The Dark Knight Rises) (2012)
Director Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale,Tom Hardy,Anne Hathaway, Michael Kane, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman,Marion Cotillard,Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Batman vs Superman Justice Birth (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) (2016)
directed byZack Snyder, AppearanceBen Affleck,Henry Cavill,Gal Gadot,Amy Adams,Jesse Eisenberg,Diane Lane,Lawrence Fishburn,Jeremy Irons
Justice League (Justice League) (2017)
Director Zack Snyder, starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gar Gadot,Jason Momoa,Ezra Miller,Ray fisher,Kiaran Hines
Justice League: Zack Snyder's Cut( Zack Snyder's Justice League ) (2021)
Director Zack Snyder, starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gar Gadot,Jason Momoa,Ezra Miller,Ray fisher,Kiaran Hines
THE BATMAN- (The Batman) (2022)
directed byMatt Reeves, AppearanceRobert Pattinson,Zoe Kravitz,Paul Dano,Jeffrey Wright,John Turturro,Andy Serkis,Colin Farrell

Anime movie

LEGO® movie (2014)
Voice- Will Arnett, Japanese dubbing- Koichi Yamadera
Lego batman the movie(2017)
Voice-Will Arnett, Dubbing in Japanese-Koichi Yamadera
Ninja Batman(2018)
Voice-Koichi Yamadera, dubbed English- Roger Craig Smith
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies(2018)
Voice- Jimmy Kimmel
LEGO® Movie 2(2019)
Voice-Will Arnett, Dubbing in Japanese-Koichi Yamadera
Do your best DC! Super pet(2022)
Voice- Keanu Reeves

TV drama

Starring drama

Monster bird batman (Batman) (1966-1968)
A work with a strong comedy aspect. Characteristically, when Batman or Robin punches a bad guy, an onomatopoeic sound like the original comic is synthesized on the screen. In Japan from 1966 to 1967Fuji Television Network, IncIn addition,Kansai TVとTokai TVとTV West JapanThe distribution at the time of TV broadcasting, which was broadcast inTrans global(CurrentlyWarner Home Video, Provided byMatsushita Electric (now-Panasonic)was. At the ending of this broadcast as "Batman's theme"Johnny'sWas appointed. The Fuji TV version and WOWOW version have different contents, and the Batgirl does not appear in the Fuji TV version (WOWOW version is the third season). The WOWOW version of the producerAkihara Masatoshi, The directorFutoshi Sato.
In addition, in conjunction with the Fuji TV version broadcasting, "Shonen Gaho』(Shonen Gaho-sha) June 1966 to April 6, andWeekly Shonen King] (Also from Shonen Gahosha) from 1966 No. 23 to 1967 No. 15, respectively.Jiro KuwataThe manga version was serialized by.
In 2002, the cast of this work appeared "Batman & Robin Declaration of Lifelong Active!''(Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt ) Was broadcast.
Every time you infiltrate the skyscraper wall with a wire, the stars usually talk with guests as they open their windows.Green hornet"ButBruce LeeIt appears with Kato who plays.

Related drama

Gotham City Angel (Birds of Prey) (2002-2003)
Birds of PlaySpin-off work depicting the success of the. Batman does not appear,Barbara GordonIs the main character.
GOTHAM (GOTHAM) (2014-2019)
A spin-off work that depicts Gotham City before Batman activity.David MazuzPlays Bruce Wayne as a boy.
TITANS (2018-present)
Teen titansA work depicting the success of. As a guest characterIan GlennPlays Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Television Animation

Starring anime

Manga Batman (The Adventures of Batman / The Batman / Superman Hour / Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder) (1967-1970)
FilmationProduction. in Japan1975/4 - 6ToChannel 12 in Tokyo (currently TV Tokyo)It was broadcast on TV Tokyo, and even before this, it was broadcast on TV Tokyo channel 1969 even around 12.Batman's voice actor is the same as the drama "Phantom Bird Human Batman"Taichiro Hirokawa
Super friends (Super Friends) (1973-1986)
Hannah Barbera ProductionsProduction.Justice LeagueIt is a work that depicts the success of, and was produced for more than a dozen seasons.
An animation produced by Hannah Barbera Production, which was also broadcast at the same timeScooby doo』(The New Scooby-Doo MoviesBatman and Robin made guest appearances in ).
Lightning fire batman (The New Adventures of Batman) (1977-1981)
All 16 episodes. in Japan,1986/12から1987/3It was broadcast on Nippon Television.The original opening and ending have been added to the Japanese specifications.SingingSUE CREAM SUEWas in charge (opening "BAT MAN ~ crescent night story ~", ending "I LOVE Batman").
1990/Changed the cast to, from January 1[7]Until 3 month 13 day[8], TV TOKYOAmuseCooperated in production and was broadcast as "Amuse Theater Batman".In the TV TOKYO version, many famous entertainers belonging to Amuse are appointed as voice actors.The theme song isTHE PRIVATEWas in charge (opening "Criminal Fighter", ending "SHERRY (reason for tears)").
Role nameOriginal versionNTV versionTV Tokyo version
バ ッ ト マ ンAdam WestGalactic ManjoYuji Miyake
ロ ビ ンBurt WardRyo HorikawaHisahiro Ogura
Bat girlMelendy BullittDoi MikaMiyazaki Masumi
BatmiteLow ShamerMayumi TanakaFukatsu Eri
Gordon General ManagerLenny Wayne ribTamio OhkiDaisuke Yamazaki
ジ ョ ー カ ーMasaru IkedaPappara Kawai(Blast slump)
PenguinNozomu RemotoKamon Tatsuo
Cat womanMelendy BullittRihoko YoshidaYayoi Nishihata
Clay faceYuka Shima
ZaboaYanami child
LookoutMasayuki Komuro
Blue Bug Phantom Zaboa / ElectroNaoto Takenaka
Sweet tooth DevlinYasufumi Terawaki
NendomanKoichi Nagata
Other mobsSET corps(Goro Kishitani-Yasufumi Terawaki-Yukinobu Yamada)
narratorOsamu Yagihashi
Broadcast list (TV Tokyo version)
Broadcast timestitleOriginal title
1Joker's Counterattack"The Pest"
2Catwoman's plot"Trouble Identity"
3Fear! Penguin Man Thief School"Reading, Writing & Wronging"
4Transforming man Chameleon's true identity"The Chameleon"
5Sweet tooth Devlin's fat strategy"The Bermuda Rectangle"
6Introducing Suzuzuri Ray Man Electro"Bite-Sized"
7The greatest enemy of all-time worms"This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite!"
バ ッ ト マ ン (Batman: The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures) (1992-1995)
in JapanCartoon NetworkandTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Broadcast on.
The following "Batman the Future", "Justice League",and"Superman] Has a world setting linked toDC Animated UniverseIt is called.
Batman the future (Batman Beyond) (1999-2001)
A work depicting the future era after Batman. Batman replaces Terry McGinnis from the old Bruce.
Justice League (Justice League / Justice League Unlimited) (2001-2006)
Super heroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman form a team to fight evil.
The Batman (The Batman) (2004-2008)
Bruce started Batman from the third year.
Batman: The Brave & Bold (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) (2008-2011)
Characterized by a comical style.DC ComicsA series of series developed in "The Brave and the BoldIt is based on.
(English edition) (Beware the Batman) (2013-2014)
フ ルCGAnime.
(English edition) (Batman Unlimited) (2015-2016)
YouTubeWeb animation distributed on the official channel. Set in the near future with advanced technology, Batman plays an active role by making full use of various vehicles and robots.
Justice League Action (Justice League Action) (2016-2018)
Tokyo 12 Channel Thursday 19:25-19:55
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Sing! Yang Yang!
Comics batman
(Animation version)
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system Tuesday 19:00 frame
Lightning fire batman
(Animated version, January 1990-March 1, 23)
Nippon TVsystem Sunday 10:00 frame
Lightning fire batman
(Animation version)

Guest appearance anime

Feature animation

About the above worksBatman (Anime) # FeatureSee section.

About the above worksThe Batman #featureSee section.

An omnibus that collects 6 short animations.STUDIO 4 ℃,Production IG,Mad houseIs in charge of animation production.


Arkham series

Competitive fighting game

Audio program

  • BATMAN The buried truth
From 2022 year 5 month 3 daySpotifyOriginal audio program delivered by[9]..All 10 episodes will be delivered[10].


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