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🎥 | RIKU (THE RAMPAGE), Akira Kagimoto (Lead) and other two-person play musical "Angel ...


RIKU (THE RAMPAGE), Akira Kagimoto (Lead) and other two-person play musical "Angel ...

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Such a blockbuster will be staged at the Jiyu Theater in Tokyo in February 2022 by a Japanese cast.

A music featuring vocal RIKU from THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE and Akira Kagimoto ... → Continue reading


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Free theater

Free theater(Jiyuugekijo) is a writerKaoru OyamauchiとkabukiActorSecond generation Ichikawa SajiStartedNew playIt is an exercise.1909/から1919/We performed 9 performances (trial performances).


It is a membership-based organization with the goal of performing twice a year in an "intangible theater" that does not have a theater or an exclusive actor.Ibsenof"John Gabriel Borkman],Gorky"Night Inn",ChekhovTranslation plays such as "Dog"Mori Ogai-Isamu Yoshii-Ujaku AkitaAnd other plays were performed.The Jiyu Theater was launched before and afterTsuyouchi OfLiterary AssociationAt the same time, it became a sign of the Shingeki movement and was well received by intellectuals at the time.

The model of Koyamauchi's movement was the European "Jiyu Theater Movement' (Théâtre LibreThere was a time when it was said, but the facts are not exactly the same.Koyamauchi didn't know in detail about the French Free Theater[1]..According to Koyamauchi, the British (JT Grein)of(Independent Theater Society) Was imitated.However, the Independent Theater was also established under the influence of the French Free Theater.[2]Therefore, the Jiyu Theater in Japan starts in France.Free Theater (Theatrical Movement)It is no mistake to say that it was influenced by.

Until establishment

The second generation, Sadanji Ichikawa, first called himself Ichikawa Ensho.Started a new playOtojiro KawakamiIntrigued and resonated with the theater movement of[3]..From the predecessorMeijizaIn 1906, he inherited the name of Sadanji Ichikawa, but the box office of the name was a big hit, and he went on a nine-month outing based on his profits.PlaywrightMatsui MatsubaAt the same time, I visited various parts of Europe and the United States and was inspired by the new production methods and entertainment methods.After returning to Japan, aiming to innovate the Kabuki world, he tried reforms such as abolishing the teahouse system and appointing an actress in Meijiza, but it did not go well and Matsui resigned taking responsibility.

Sadanji collaborated with the writer Kaoru Osanai and decided to start a free theater that mainly performed translation plays. The two are of the same age (one year older than Sadanji), and both are in their mid-teens.Kinsho NagaiIt was a friend who entered the gate and learned Zappai.


The first performance (trial performance) was held in November 1 at a Western-style theater.YurakuzaMade in.

KoyamauchiToru Iwamura,Shimazaki FujimuraI talked with them about the program, and Ibsen's "John Gabriel BorkmanI chose.Translation isMori OgaiAsked.Nobody actually saw the stage of "Volkman", so Koyamauchi contacted his friend, Sakae Okubo, who was studying abroad, and asked him to write down the stage.[4]..The dialogue, gestures, production, etc. were all in a state of groping.

Appearances are young Kabuki actors from the Sadanji Ichikawa troupe.Female formIn addition, there was an actress.The role of Volkman is Sadanji, and the role of Folder isIchikawa Sadanji, The role of ErhardRitsuko Ichikawa(Later Sarunosuke), the role of GunhildSonosuke Sawamura, The role of EllaIchikawa straw mat, Mrs. Eruton (ChojuroAunt), the role of FriidaIchikawa ShochuPlayed by (Sadanji Ichikawa's younger sister)[5].

The full-scale performance of the Ibsen drama was the first in Japan.It was well received by intellectuals and young people at that time, and the pattern is based on Ogai's novel "youth』It is drawn in.

After that, the performances of the Jiyu Theater will be Yurakuza until the 4th (1911), and after the 5th.Imperial Theater(1911年3月開場)で行われた。第6回までは公約通り年2回ペースであったが、7・8回は年1回、1915年から1918年の間は中断し、第9回(1919年)が最後になった。

In the 3rd (1910), Koyama's translation of "Night Inn" (Gorkyof"Bottom』) Was picked up.After that, Koyamauchi visited European countries from 1912 to 1913 for theater research, and in the Soviet Union.Moscow Art TheaterI watched the stage of the same work ("Donso") by.After returning to Japan, he performed "Night Inn" again in the 7th time (1913), making the best use of the results.It seems that this time was the most fulfilling time of the Jiyu Theater.

Performance of each performance

  • 1st Trial (November 1909)-John Gabriel Borkman (November 11)Ibsen)
  • 2nd Trial (May 1910) --First half of departure (May 5)Wedekind), Ikutagawa (Ogai Mori), dog (Chekhov)
  • 3rd Trial (December 1910)- Night inn(Gorky), Yumesuke and the monk (Isamu Yoshii)
  • 4th Trial (June 1911)-Yohei Kawachiya (Isamu Yoshii), Akatsuki Daiichi (June 6)Ujaku Akita),miracle(Maeterlinck)
  • 5th Trial (November 1911) --Lonely People (November 11)Hauptmann)
  • 6th Trial (April 1912) --Dōjōji Temple (April 4)Kayano XNUMX), Death of Tantajir (Maeterlinck)
  • 7th Trial (October 1913) --Night Inn (Gorky)
  • 8th Trial (October 1914) --To the World of Stars (October 10)Andreyev)
  • 9th Audition (September 1919) --Faith (Buriu)en: Eugène Brieux)
The 1st-4th and 8th are Yurakuza, and the others are the Imperial Theater.

注 釈

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  5. ^ Earlier (January 1908) when reforming at MeijizaIchikawa MidoriAnd Asahi Ume (daughter of Danjuro), Shisen, and Matsutsuta were appointed.Venice merchant』Played Posha.This is the beginning of a Japanese actress. "Meiji Taisho Shingeki History Material" p.53.

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