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🤖 | Roland reveals his father's profession as a musician and talks about it as a "great person"


Roland reveals his father's profession as a musician and talks about "a great person"

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By the way, Roland is "Love Live!" Which depicts the struggle and growth of the school idol group.

[Roland who appeared in "I tried to compare tonight".Why is there a connection with Hironobu Kageyama and Rica Matsumoto? 26 ... → Continue reading


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Love Live! Series > lovelive!

"lovelive! School idol project(Love Live School Idol Project)KADOKAWA(ASCII Media Worksbrand),Lantis(CurrentBANDAI NAMCO Music Live),Sunrise(CurrentBANDAI NAMCO Film Works) Project "Love Live! Series") The first work.


A school idol group "Otonokizaka Gakuin"μ's(Muse) ”is the first work in the series, and it is a work that has established the popularity of the series.[1].

Sunrise has proposed a co-production of a beautiful girl project to the editorial department of "Dengeki G's magazine", and of the three patterns proposed from the "G's" side, "Idol", which Sunrise had been considering for some time, was adopted. Later, because music elements are needed, "G's" worked on "G's" in the past.Sister princessThe participation of Lantis, who was also involved in[2].

Serialization began in June 2010 in "G's" magazine, and in August of the same year, μ's (then named "Love Live!")'S first single "LIFE with our LIVEReleased. The highest rankOriconIt was ranked 167th[3].

In 2011, the manga drawn by Koda Aluminum began to be serialized in "G's" magazine, and in 2012, the first live performance by μ's voice actors was held. Through energetic activities by the voice actors in charge such as one-man live performances and release events, sales of CDs increased with each release.[Note 1].

In 2013, a TV animation with a completely redesigned setting was broadcast, the second period of the TV animation was broadcast in 2014, and the movie version, which will be the final version, was released in 2. Female fans will increase after TV animation[4], At the 2015th one-man live in early winter 5Saitama Super ArenaHeld over two days in stadium mode, mobilizing a total of more than 2 spectators[5][6]In addition, social recognition has risen, such as participating in the 66th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.Sakurako KiminoIt was also during this period that the novel series "School idol diary" was published by. Also, with the December 2015 issue of "G's", it was the longest until then.Marriage royaleIt became the longest serialized reader participation project in "G's".

Final single at the end of 2015 "MOMENT RINGAfter the release and the announcement of "the last one-man live" in April 2016, the serialization in "G's" magazine and "Love Live! School Idol Festival] The activities of works, characters, and voice actors, such as the development of the series and the appearance of various events by the cast voice actors, are still ongoing.

As mentioned above, this work started as a beautiful girl project of "G's", an anime and game magazine with many male readers, but the impression that the ratio of female fans is high as a work in which the characters appearing are almost exclusively female. The reason is that we will work hard to overcome various barriers that we encounter through idol activities and deepen our bonds, so-called "Spo rootIt has been pointed out that this work has an element of a youth drama, and that it may have been accepted as content that can be sympathized and supported by both men and women.[7][8].

The works in this series are often set in real-life areas, and Otonokizaka Gakuin, where μ's attends in this work,Tokyo OfJimboSince it is set to be in the vicinity, collaborations at nearby stores and famous places were actively carried out (for details, see#collaborationSee). In addition, it became a model of the parents' house of the main character, Honoka.TakemuraAlthough there is no collaboration such as, there are cases where real stores and famous places become models or appear in the play, especially when it appears in TV animationEnd creditYou can check with.

In addition, it is only this work in the series that the point system called "Loveca" or "Loveca +" was implemented. This point was attached to a trading card enclosed in the product, and could be exchanged for a rare prize by collecting it. As for the card itself, there were some that could not be obtained unless it was adopted in the reader posting corner of "G's", and some that were randomly enclosed from multiple types, and had the aspect of collection.

Hereinafter, unless otherwise specified, the following abbreviations are used.


TokyoChiyodaIn the ordinary girls' high school "Otonokizaka Gakuin(Otono Kizakakuin) ". This school, which has a history and tradition nurtured by the memories of the local people, could not keep up with the times and was on the verge of abolishing schools three years later. Meanwhile, nine students stand up. They wanted to act as idols, spread the name of the school to the world, and increase the number of applicants for admission. Now, the story = school idol project that can be realized by girls and fans who have not seen it yet has started.


Mainly describes basic settings and settings common to multiple media. Settings specific to each media will be described separately. Unless otherwise specified, it is addedVoice actorRefers to the person in charge in TV animation, and characters without a voice actor's note do not have any dialogue in media with voice such as animation and voice drama. For some sub-characters, part of the face is not depicted due to the production.

National Otonokizaka Gakuin

The reading is "Kokuritsu Oto no Kizakakuin". The popular name in manga is "Otonoki", and in anime it is exclusively called "Otonokizaka Gakuin". Honoka Kosaka and others go there,Akihabara,Kanda,JimboA traditional school located between the three towns[9].. It is a girls' school, and there are currently few applicants for admission, and it has been announced that the school will be closed.

"G's" was the number one school in the region as a prestigious school that started in the Meiji era and has been in business for 115 years.Uniforms were not unified until the beginning of TV animation, only the blue blazer of winter clothes was common, and skirts, ties, shirts of summer clothes, etc. had different colors and shapes depending on the character.After the start of TV animation, it conforms to TV animation.

In TV animation, 1st grade is 1 class, 2nd grade is 2 classes, and 3rd grade is 3 classes.The color of the tie is fixed for each grade, with light blue for first graders, red for second graders, and green for third graders.Even club activities require a minimum of 1 people to establish, but after that, the number may be 2 or less.The use of the auditorium at the school festivalGarapon lotteryIt has been a tradition for a long time to decide with.School education lawAboveNational schoolAlthough the name is classified as, in this workSchool corporationEstablished and operated byprivate schoolHas a personality close toDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt is described as. The closed school was withdrawn in the first phase.

In the manga, the winter clothes in the early stages follow the initial version of "G's", but the summer clothes have a unified pattern (color is unknown because it is monochrome) according to the TV animation. As a requirement for new applications for club activities, the minimum number of people is nine.

μ's (Muse)

Appeared in all media. The main character group of this work.

Due to a decrease in the number of applicants for admission to Otonokizaka GakuinClosed schoolTo save fromDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular OfPropagandaA school idol group formed for the purpose of.Group name reading "MuseIsGreek Mythology OfMusaDerived from[10].. In addition, although the group is divided into mini-units of three people each, only the voice drama recorded on the CD is mentioned, and there is no description of the mini-unit activities in TV animation, manga, and novels. (Details of activities#storySee).

In the TV anime, he belonged to the idol research department, and when Honoka, Kotori, and Umi got together, he called himself "μ's" and held the first live. He abstained before the 3st "Love Live!" And won the 1nd "Love Live!" The sequel to the TV anime version "Love Live! Sunshine!!』, Although it does not appear directly, while it is depicted as a legendary existence that the main character group Aqours longs for, something that remains in the form of Otonokizaka (records and souvenirs of the victory) It is said by active students that they have not left anything.

In the manga, he belonged to the idol club, and held the first live when Honoka, Kotori, Rin, and Hanayo got together, and when 4 people got together, he called himself "μ's".

Manga"Love Live! Sunshine!!], The composition is unknown, but the activity started with three people and won the first "Love Live!".

It's been a while since the story started with 9 people as μ's in "Skusta", and they are working exclusively for the purpose of holding "School Idol Festival" instead of participating in "Love Live!". The issue of closing down Otonokizaka Gakuin is not mentioned.

Until the November 2010 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine", the unit name was open to the public, and the title of the work, "Love Live!", Was used as the unit name in magazines and CDs. In addition, when the voice actors who play the characters make guest appearances at live events as performers of this work, they may give the unit name "μ's from Love Live!".

The blood type, height, three sizes, birthday, image color, roll call number, and subscription order in each media of each member are "μ's # μ's member basic data listSee.

Honoka Kosaka (Honoka Kosaka)
Voice- Emi Nitta,Marieve Herington(English)
"lovelive! 』Mainhero.. 16 year old high school sophomore[11].. The first person is "I" and "Honoka". My favorite food is strawberries, and my dislike is peppers.
The founder of school idol activities and the actual leader of μ's. He is a hard worker who works hard on everything, is very sociable, and treats people he meets for the first time without hesitation. My parents' house is a long-established Japanese sweets shop "Homura"[12][Note 2]And sometimes I also have a store number. When calling a member's name, they are called with "chan", but in some media, Hanayo is called "kayo-chan". In the mini unit, he belongs to "Printemps" as a leader.
In "Dengeki G's magazine", the family consists of a grandmother, a father, a mother, and two younger sisters. In other media, my sister's settings are partially different (see below).
Nitta, who plays, describes Honoka as "I think it's really like the sun, like you're facing forward, yet you're lined up."[13].
I belong to the Kendo club for a year. When the closing of the school was announced, I thought that I could avoid closing the school if I won the kendo tournament and became a hot topic, so I enthusiastically won the Tokyo rookie tournament but failed. It ends in. Under such circumstances, he learned that school idols were popular and decided to quit the Kendo club and form a school idol group as the next means. The creator of the unit name of "μ's" in the manga version, who thought of the name "μ's" when entering "Love Live!".
Television Animation
At the beginning of the story, he did not belong to club activities. My grandmother and mother are graduates of Otonokizaka Gakuin and have an attachment to the academy. In the second term, he will succeed Eri and become the student president.
School festival
The basic attribute is the smile attribute. Scouted the main character (player) as a μ's manager. While continuing activities day and night, I decided to participate in the School Idol Festival, a school idol festival. "Takara Monoz" will be shown at the actual event. Thanks to the results of my daily practice, I was able to perform at my best. There was almost no description in the animation, but there are times when I am busy with the help of Homura, and at that time I sometimes ask the members for help.
Eli Ayase
Voice- Aino Nanjo, Erica Lindbeck
17 year old high school sophomore[11].. First person is "I", "Erichika"[Note 3].. My favorite food is chocolate, and my disliked food is umeboshi and seaweed.
In the first phase of manga and TV animation, he is the student council president at School Idol. A cheerful personality who enjoys everything. I've never really worked on things, but I'm passionate about idol activities. Russian grandmother (voice-- Plain text)haveQuarterSo, when I was a kid, I was called "smart and cute Erichika"[14].. Basically, he is a common sense person and often plays a follow-up role for members with strong individuality. When calling a member's name, use the title abbreviation. In the mini unit, he belongs to "BiBi" as a leader.
The family structure is "Dengeki G's magazine" with two younger brothers and TV animationArisaI have a younger sister. I have a younger sister in manga and novels, but I don't know if her name is Arisa or if she lives with her.
Nanjo, who plays, describes Eri as "it's pretty solid, but there are also cute parts that are unknown and girlish." "Eri has a very cute part!"[15].
A childhood friend of Honoka, Kotori, and Umi, who has lived in the school district of Otonoki since she was a child, she has a longing for Honoka. Inspired by the enthusiasm of Honoka and others, he joined. I hadn't seen their performance until it was decided to play against A-RISE.
Television Animation
Before joining μ's, he was trying to save the school on his own route, so he sometimes took a stubborn attitude toward μ's, but later he got involved in μ's in earnest when Arisa and Umi met. It will be. After that, after receiving questions and answers from Arisa and Nozomi, she struggles between what she wants to do and what she should do, but is moved by the persuasion and enthusiasm of Honoka and others, and joins μ's. After joining, he will be in a position to give instructions to μ's, and he will be able to talk with the members as such. An experienced ballet player, he said that even A-RISE looks like an amateur. Described as a naive person who does not know hamburgers and arcades.
Born in Japan, but by the time I got the hang of it, because of my father's workSt. PetersburgI lived in my grandmother's hometown nearby. My grandmother runs a Russian restaurant "Red Sarafan" in a town with otonoki. The mother lives in Russia.
Kotori Minami (Kotori Minami)
Voice- Uchida Aya,Cristina Vee Serra(English)
16 year old high school sophomore[16].. The first person is "I" and "Kotori". My favorite food is cheesecake, and my disliked food is garlic.
Honoka's childhood friend, her mother is the director of Otonokizaka Gakuin. It is a dojikko who is said to be a natural blur from the surroundings, and this tendency can be seen especially in voice dramas. I'm not confident in idol activities, but I like singing and dancing. He is good at clothing and illustration, designing and producing live costumes, and drawing caricatures of members of posters for live announcements. In addition, the hair on the front of the head is raised like a bend, and this part is also reflected in the hairstyle of the mother. When calling a member's name, they are called with "chan", but in some media, Hanayo is called "kayo-chan". In the mini unit, it belongs to "Printemps".
The family structure is said to have an older sister and a younger sister in "Dengeki G's magazine", and is an only child in the novel, and is not mentioned in manga and TV anime.
Uchida, who plays, describes Kotori as "a girl with a fluffy, sweet, soft, marshmallow-like atmosphere."[17].
At first, I was worried about Honoka's invitation to work as a school idol, but I was moved by Honoka's invitation to "all-you-can-wear and make cute clothes" and joined.
Television Animation
He was the first to agree with Honoka's proposed school idol activity, and joined μ's second to support her. Responsible for live costume design, production, and dance step design. In the second term, I participated in the student organization (position unknown).
The hair color has never been stated in the work, but the hair color in the animation was reproducedbeige colorNoAsh colorThe hair color is unofficially known as "Kotori Beige", which has escaped from the work.[18].
I was born with a weak knee on my left leg, and the scars of the surgery I had when I was 5 years old were a complex, but I wiped it out with Honoka and Umi. At the school festival, μ's activities such as making costumes for the chorus club, making costumes for the cosplay club, and helping the theater club with skit costumes at the school festival. There are other episodes about costumes.
Sonoda Umi
Voice- Mimori Suzuko, Kira Buckland
16 year old high school sophomore[11].. The first person is "I". My favorite food is Manju from Honoka's house, and my dislike is carbonated drinks.
Honoka and Kotori's childhood friend. The house has lived in this city since the great-grandmother's generationJapanese dance OfHouse[19]Because of the influence of growing up in such a family environment, I always use honorifics. It has a calm atmosphere, but it also has a high level of competitiveness and spirit to aim for No. 1 in the game. In PV, I often throw kisses. When calling a member's name, the title is abbreviated. In the mini unit, he belongs to "lily white" as a leader.
The family structure is said to have a younger brother who is aged away in "Dengeki G's magazine". There is an older sister in the novel. A mother appears in the movie.
In the first grade, with HonokakendoI belonged to the club and retired when I belonged to the idol club.
Television Animation
ArcheryBelongs to the club and concurrently serves after belonging to the idol research department. He tends to be delusional and is in charge of writing lyrics because of his hobby of drawing poems. At first, he opposed the school idol activity proposed by Honoka, but later joined μ's because he was moved by Honoka's motivation. In the second term, he was the Vice Student President.
Rin Hoshizora
Voice- Riho Iida, Faye Mata
15 year old high school sophomore[11].. The first person is "Rin". My favorite food is ramen, and my dislike is fish.
A sports girl who specializes in hurdles and soccer. Things start late and I'm a little crybaby, but I'm too energetic. My favorite animal is a cat, and I add "nya" to the end of the word. In the mini unit, it belongs to "lily white".
The family structure is said to have two older sisters in "Dengeki G's magazine", but it has not appeared in other media. A mother appears in the movie. Hanayo is called "Kayochin" and others are called "Chan" to the members.
Honoka and his juniors from junior high school are loved by Honoka as much as their younger sister. He is taking the lead in participating in the school idol group started by Honoka.
Television Animation
Hanayo is a childhood friend and a close friend, but he met other members for the first time in the play. I don't usually wear a vest under my uniform. Initially, he intended to join the track and field club, but with the flow of joining Hanayo to μ's, he himself joined μ's as a member at the same time as Maki. A mood maker of the first graders who pulls cool Maki and withdrawal Hanayo with their own energy, and when they feel uplifted, it is standard to shout "Meow that raises tension!". Good at dancing.
When I was little, I was proud to be mistaken for a boy, but gradually I didn't want to be mistaken, and I was in charge of shorts costumes for μ's costumes, so I directly appealed that I wanted to wear a miniskirt costume. You will be able to cast "magic" on it. It seems that he doesn't remember the encounter and episode with Hanayo well, but he often made him cry. When I was little, I helped a kitten with Hanayo, and from that one I started to add "nya" to the end of the word, and I was willing to keep the helped kitten, but I found out that I was allergic to cats and kept it. could not.
Maki Nishikino
Voice- Pile, Caitlin Glass
15 year old high school sophomore[11].. The first person is "I". My favorite food is tomatoes, and my disliked food is mandarin oranges.
A girl with a cool atmosphere. ComprehensivehospitalHave the director and his wife as parents and succeed the parentsdoctorI have learned various lessons to aim for. 15 years without a boyfriend[20][Note 4].. In "G's" and voice dramas, a little narcissist and self-respecting words and deeds stand out, but in manga and TV anime, he is depicted as a cool girl who does not show his true feelings to the surroundings. Most of the members are called differently depending on the media (described later). In the mini unit, it belongs to "BiBi".
The family structure is an only child in all media.
UTX AcademyI wanted to enroll in Hagwon, but at the recommendation of my parents, I was forced to enroll in Otonokizaka Gakuin. He hates parents who care only about their grades and appearance as "genre". Similarly, I was invited to join the school idol group with the aim of transferring to UTX Academy. For the members, the title is omitted for Rin, "Kayochin" for Hanayo, "Erie" for Eri, and "chan" for the other members.
Television Animation
Honoka, who fell in love with her own talent, asked her to compose, and although she gave up once, she decided to take on the composition, and with the support of Hanayo, she joined μ's at the same time as Rin. Also, although he hated idol songs because of his own ideas, he began to change his mind after joining μ's. In charge of composition. For the members, "chan" is attached to the smile, and the others are called by honorific titles. I have a habit of fingering my hair. While he is a realist who gives up his musical activities to succeed his parents who are doctors, he is also an innocent person who believes that Santa Claus actually exists (or worse, he does not know common sense).
He kept his idol activities secret from his parents, and his father told him that he was banned from his activities due to his poor grades, but he was able to continue with the cooperation of μ's.
Nozomi Tojo
Voice- Aina Kusunoda, Laura Post
17 year old high school sophomore[21][22][Note 5].. The first person is "Uchi". My favorite food is yakiniku, and my disliked food is caramel.
KansaiNot from[23]However, he speaks the dialect of the Kansai region. He has good luck and never gets bad results in lottery, and he is particular about fortune-telling and spiritual power.Tarot cardGood at fortune-telling. In the mini unit, it belongs to "lily white".
Born and raised in Akihabara, he speaks the dialect of the Kansai region. The paranormal study group with one member is in danger of being abolished. After that, he was pulled out by Eri, and as a result of his own crystal ball fortune-telling, he became a fateful community with the members, so he joined the school idol group in the form of integrating with the idol club.
Television Animation
In the first term, he was the vice president of the Student Organization Inside School and is a close friend of Eri, the president. Usually as a shrine maidenKanda Akijin[24]I'm helping out. With Eri joining, she also joined μ's for the ninth time. The inventor of the unit name of "μ's" in the TV anime version, which was posted with "μ's" in the unit name open call for participants conducted by Honoka and others. Good at English conversation[Note 6].. Eri is called "Erichi", Niko is called "Nikocchi", and others are called "Chan".
Like the TV anime, my parents are transferees and live alone. As a result of the transfer, the language of various regions was mixed, and as a result, I naturally began to speak in the dialect of the Kansai region. From a young age, I could see various things that others could not see, but as I grew up, I could see them less frequently.
Hanayo Koizumi (Hanayo Koizumi)
Voice- Kubo Yurika, Zanza Hein
15 year old high school sophomore[25].. The first person is "Hanayo" and "I". My favorite food is white rice, and I don't dislike it.
Although she is a good listener, she is a retreating girl who is not good at talking, and she is self-deprecating if she is not very good at exercising and singing, but she overcomes it with her own efforts. I like children. Rin is a childhood friend. In the mini unit, it belongs to "Printemps". Members are called with "chan".
The family structure is "Dengeki G's magazine" with one older brother, but other media have only one child. A mother appears in the movie.
Honoka's juniors from middle school. Rin is half-forced to be drawn into the school idol group and hates it, but he decides to join the school idol because he is impressed by the appearance of Kotori sticking a plaster on the scratches on Hanayo's knees. Four people up to Hanayo will be the initial members of the first live.
Television Animation
Wear dark brown tights during winter uniforms. An idol enthusiast who is talkative when it comes to idols. He himself dreamed of being an idol, but he still didn't have the courage to take action, but in the end, with the support of Rin and Maki, he joined μ's fourth. I used to wear glasses before joining, but after joining, I changed to contact lenses.
His mother was an idol candidate, but he never became an idol because he met a man who would be Hanayo's father. Hanayo himself was registered in the office as a baby model because of that incident. Rin is a friend from kindergarten. It was difficult to play together because of the difference in favorite play, but we are friends who help each other when there is a problem.
Nico Yazawa (Niko Yazawa)
Voice- Tokui blue sky,Erica Mendez(English)
17 year old high school sophomore[11].. The first person is "Niko" and "I". My favorite food is sweets, and my disliked food is spicy.
I like fashion and think that I can wear various costumes, so I participated in idol activities. Of the nine, he likes to be flashy and loves to dance, but the songs are not good enough. In manga and novels, the ending may be "Niko" or the name may be written as "Yazawa Niko". In the mini unit, it belongs to "BiBi".
The only member of the group did not show their childhood in anime or music videos, but in 2018, the "School Idol Festival"April FoolFirst appeared in the project[26].
He has abandoned admission to UTX Gakuen because of the high tuition fees, and joined μ's with Maki in order to transfer to UTX Gakuen, which is a privilege to win the "Love Live!" He is always cheerful and does not forget his behavior as an idol, but since μ's including himself is inferior to A-RISE, there is also a strong side of trying to take dirty measures to win the game. Call members with "chan".
Television Animation
When he was in the first grade (two years before the formation of μ's), he led a school idol group as the director of the idol research department, but all of them withdrew due to poor relationships with other members. I tried to continue school idol until the second grade, but after I became the third grade, I was about to give up school idol activity. Knowing the existence of μ's, at first they didn't like them and tried to crush them by doing sabotage work, but in the end they were pushed by the persuasion and enthusiasm of Honoka and others who learned that they were doing school idol activities. Being the 1th member of μ's. He is extremely self-conscious and behaves as an idol in front of a third party, but in front of the members, his true nature as a good-looking poisonous tongue appears. Although the role of blurring the behavior backfires, he has a sincere feeling for the existence of an idol. Although it is not mentioned whether it is a family environment like a manga or a novel in Akihabara's condominium, he sometimes makes jealousy of Maki who was raised by a young lady. In principle, the members are called by honorific titles, but Maki is sometimes called "Maki-chan".
Raised in a single-mother family, she has a complex with the unfavorable family environment. The bust size of the official profile is "74 cm", but in fact it was cheated by 3 cm, and it turned out that it was actually "71 cm". The origin of the habit of saying "Nikko nikko ni" was the song that my father sang when I was a child, and the smile I got from my father gave me a smile all over the world and I was the happiest in the world. I have decided to aim for an idol. I have a part-time job at a maid cafe.

Academy officials

Kotori's mother / Chairman
Voice- Noriko Hitaka
Appeared in TV animation. Even in the manga, it is mentioned in the conversation of the characters.
CollegeDirector(In the manga, the director of the school). While stopping Eri from trying to prevent school closures with a sense of duty as a student council president, μ's activities are permitted as part of club activities to the extent that they do not interfere with schoolwork. Daughtermaid CafeI don't know that I work at.
Hiroko Yamada (Hiroko Yamada)
Voice- Mina
Appeared in the TV anime Sukufesu.
Woman at Otonokizaka Gakuinteacher.. The credit notation says "teacher" and the real name was unknown, but the real name was revealed at School Idol.
Female teacher (name unknown)
Appeared in manga.
Originally, he was a rarely weakened adviser to the Paranormal Study Group, but as the club disappeared due to the decrease in enrollment, the study group and the idol club merged, and as a result, the idol club adviser. It becomes. He is not active in advisory activities and does not seem to appear in the activities of the idol club.
Hideko, Fumiko, Mika
Voice- Marie Miyake(Hideko),Yamamoto hope(Fumiko),Sayuri Hara(Mika)
Appeared in the TV anime Sukufesu.
Honoka's classmate and friend. Support μ's activities. The short-haired girl is Hideko, the ponytail girl is Fumiko, and the pigtailed and petite girl is Mika.
Voice- Mugiho Anna(Simultaneous dual role of male and female)
Appeared in the TV anime Sukufesu.
Male white alpaca and female brown alpaca kept at the academy. One of the iconic beings used in the goods of this work. Kotori, I miss Hanayo, but it doesn't go well with Eri, and she spits.

In addition to the above,MathInoki, the male teacher in charge,GeographyMale teacher in charge, Kitamura,Sixtieth birthdayPassedEnglishThe male teacher in charge, Peterson (above, novel), the male teacher in charge of mathematics, Yasuda, the female teacher in charge of ancient writing, Okano, and the female teacher in charge of music, Sakai (above, manga) are mentioned by the characters. ..

UTX Academy / UTX Academy

The most popular escalator-style high school in the surrounding area in Akihabara. I still have a lot of students. The school buildingAkihabara UDXModeled on a building[27].. "-Gakuen" in the manga version, "-Gakuin" in the TV anime version[Note 7]The school name is different, and co-education in the manga version[28]However, the TV anime version is different from the girls' school.


Appeared in manga and TV anime. UTX Gakuin's three-member signboard idol group. In the rival group of this work, it appears as a powerful rival of μ's.

In the manga, the UTX student council president's strategy is to fight μ's for the right to participate in "Love Live!". Since he has no direct acquaintance with μ's, he tries to do his best as a top school idol, even though he is worried that he cannot find the meaning of the confrontation itself.

In the TV anime, he made contact with μ's in the second period. He appreciates μ's, fights as a good rival, and occasionally gives advice. In the movie version, it will be decided to make a professional debut after graduation, and will actively cooperate with events hosted by μ's.

Kira Tsubasa (Kira Tsubasa)
Voice- Sakuragawa Megu
High school third grader[29].. A girl who takes the center position as the leader of A-RISE. Performs a sharp dance with a small figure. Forehead is a charm point[30].
Erena Toudou
Voice- Maho Matsunaga,Erika Harlacher(English)
High school third grader[29].. A tall girl with an adult-like atmosphere. Many female fans because of their cool appearance[30].
Yuuki Anju (Yuki Anju)
Voice- Ayumu Ohashi
High school third grader[29].. A princess gal girl with thick bangs and curly hair. Characterized by a sweet little devil voice[30].

UTX officials

Student Organization Inside School (name unknown)
Appeared in manga.
Serves as the student council president of UTX. Eri, the student council president of Otonoki, often meets at a joint meeting by a nearby high school, and she rushes into something. After Eri joins μ's, we propose a confrontation between μ's and A-RISE.
He is a high-flying car and makes a fool of Otonoki, who has a small number of students. I admit a little about Eri and wish she had enrolled in UTX.

Relatives of μ's members

Yukiho Kosaka
Voice- Nao Higashiyama
Appeared in manga, TV anime, theatrical version, and novel version.
Honoka's younger sister, a realistic and solid person who is different from her sister.
Junior high school sophomore. Since Otonokizaka will be closed, I would like to enroll in the popular UTX, but I also want to go to Otonokizaka, where my sister and mother attended.
Television Animation
Third grade in junior high school. I wear shorts at my parents' house. Before going to bedpackIt is also noisy for beauty, such as sticking on the face.
Initially, UTX Gakuin was the school of choice, but due to the influence of Honoka's school idol activities, Otonokizaka Gakuin was changed to the school of choice, and in the movie, he entered Otonokizaka Gakuin with Arisa. Honoka sometimes complains, but basically she is a good friend. It is basically similar to her sister, such as falling asleep in Eri's long story. At the end of the second term, he helped Honoka, who was worried about how μ's should be after graduating from the third grade, and at the same time advised Arisa, who wanted to join μ's.
Honoka's mother
Voice- Masumi Asano
Appeared in manga, TV anime, and theatrical version.
Honoka and Yukio's mother.Japanese sweetsRuns a shop "Homura" with her husband. He was a graduate of Otonokizaka Gakuin and served as the student council president. It's usually kind, but it's tough when it comes to Japanese sweets. On the other hand, there are some similar parts to the daughters, such as eating Japanese sweets in the store.
Honoka's father
Appeared in TV anime and theatrical version.
Honoka and Yukio's father.He is a Japanese sweets craftsman who runs a Japanese sweets shop "Homura".He supports Honoka's idol activities and sometimes comes to see her live performances.
Maki's mother
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
Appeared in manga, TV anime, and theatrical version. Mrs. Director of General Hospital.
nurse. I ignored Maki's will with her husband and enrolled her in Otonokizaka. I don't think the idols of the world are terrible. It is hated by Maki as a "profane thing".
Television Animation
doctor. I have my daughter Maki do various lessons. She seems to have an understanding of her daughter's activities, such as visiting μ's live. There is a depiction that Kotori's mother is old-fashioned.
Maki's father
Appeared in novels, manga, and theatrical versions. Existence is mentioned in other media.
Director of a general hospital.
In Comicalize, he is portrayed as a man with glasses. Like his wife, he has his daughter, Maki, do various lessons. She scolds Maki, whose school grades have fallen, to quit her school idol, but she changes her mind with the persuasion of Umi Tatsu μ's and admits Maki's continuation of Ai activity.
Television Animation
In the second season of TV animation, it is mentioned that he wrote a message from Santa to Maki who believes in Santa Claus.In the movie version, Maki is sent to the airport by car.
Alisa Ayase (Arisa Ayase)
Voice- Sakura Ayane
Eri's younger sister.
Appeared in manga, TV anime, and theatrical version.
Age unknown. It appears only in the photos displayed in Eri's room.
Television Animation
Third grade in junior high school. Due to the long life in Russia, he is depicted as a person who is not familiar with Japanese life. μ's, especially Umi's fan.
He was close to Yukio of the same grade, and after entering Otonokizaka, he worked together as a school idol.
Eri's parents
Eri and Arisa's parents.Appears only in the photographs displayed in Eri's room in manga.
To this mother
Voice- Three Stones
Appeared in the 2th episode (final episode) of the second season of the TV anime, and also appeared in the movie version.
Nikoto Kokoro and Torataro's mother.At this graduation ceremony, she came to Otonokizaka Gakuin with Kokoro, Kokoa, and Torataro.
Yazawa Kokoro (Yazawa Kokoro)
Voice-Sora Tokui[Note 8]
This eldest sister.Her age is unknown in the film.She appeared in TV anime, novels, and manga.
Television Animation
The second daughter of the Yazawa family.It looks like a melon, but it has a two-sided up on the right side.Personality to treat with honorifics regardless of older or younger[Note 9]However, she has a strong sense of respect for her sister, Niko, and supports her school idol activities.However, my sister Niko was not a member of μ's, but a solo "No. 1 idol in the universe", and believed in the horror story that "the other eight are back dancers." A rewritten scenario that "Niko held a retirement live as a solo idol only for three younger sisters with eight wits other than Niko, and Niko joined μ's immediately after retiring solo." I decided to believe.
The rest is a twin sister relationship.
Yazawa Cocoa (Yazawa Cocoa)
Voice-Sora Tokui[Note 8]
This next sister.She is unknown in age.She appeared in TV anime, novels, and manga.
Television Animation
The third daughter of the Yazawa family.Among the Yazawa sisters, it is the only one that features brown-haired eyes.Two-sided up on the left side.Like her heart, she has a sister-like scene, believing in the horror story that "Niko is the No. 1 idol in the universe, and the other eight are back dancers," and sends an ale that makes the live a success.
Kokoro is a twin sister relationship.
Torataro Yazawa
Voice-Sora Tokui[Note 8]
Appeared in TV anime and theatrical version[Note 10].
The eldest son and youngest of the Yazawa family.The age during the work is unknown.
Umi's mother, Hanayo's mother, Rin's mother
Appeared in the movie version.
Each song in the play "SUNNY DAY SONGAppearance of only the part. I have a fan with Umi, Hanayo, and Rin drawn on it.

Other people

Akiba Reporter
Voice- Natsumi Takamori
Appeared in TV animation.
A female reporter who is in charge of live performances at events in Akihabara.In the 2th episode of the 6nd term, she first appeared as an interviewer for the Halloween event of a school idol held in Akihabara.
Next workSunshine !!』Also appeared.
Female singer
Voice- Takayama Minami
Appeared in the movie version.
Guide Honoka who got lost overseas to the hotel. It also appears in front of Honoka who returned to Japan. It is depicted as a mysterious existence, such as being unrecognized by members other than Honoka and appearing in the fantastic scenery that Honoka saw.

Reader participation plan

In this work, the development was influenced by the posts and votes of the readers of "Dengeki G's magazine" and the fans of this work, and a quiz-style project was planned. This section introduces typical projects.


Among the school idol groups appearing in this work, "" by all the heroinesμ's (Muse), The unit names of the mini-units "Printemps", "BiBi", and "lily white", which consist of three people each, have been decided by open recruitment from users. The member composition of the mini unit is based on the condition that Honoka Kosaka, Eri Ayase, and Umi Sonoda are the leaders, and from the five composition proposals presented by the production side, the one with the most votes by the user is the one with the most votes. It has been selected (see the table below). The member composition and released songs of each unit are "μ's # work"Or"Love Live! discographySee.

Unit nameUnit name devisedUnit name decision timeUnit name recruitment periodSelection methodMember composition Voting time
μ'sYuma Miko2010/11/30Primary selection: September 2010th-October 9th, 30
Secondary selection: October 2010, 10-November 30, 11
Primary selection: Selection by G's editorial department
Secondary selection: fan voting
SpringYuma Miko2011/3/30August 2011-September 2, 28Selection by G's editorial department2011 year 2 month 1 day - 14 day
lily whiteForest teahouse

In addition, the group names of school idols from all over Japan appearing in this work were also solicited and adopted under the selection by the G's editorial department. Some were actually used in TV animations.

Love Live Club G's Extracurricular Activities ~ Nozomi Eri ~

Serialized from the July 2011 issue to the May 7 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". A fan page of this work in "G's" magazine. Nozomi Tojo, Maki Nishikino, and Eri Ayase are in charge. Post text and illustrations posted by users. Comments from μ's members other than the above three are also included in each post. From Vol.2014 (May 5 issue), not only color pages but also monochrome pages have been developed. The main corners are as follows.

  • Goods Development Office-"Love Live! 』Post ideas for goods related to.
  • Gallery-"Love Live! 』Post an illustration based on the theme.
  • μ's Questions and Answers-The μ's members answer the posted questions. Ended in the February 2013 issue.
  • Push that girl! --Post a message to a specific μ's member. Ended in the February 2013 issue.
  • Aikatsu Diary-"Love Live! 』Post the fan activity report done for. Ended in the February 2013 issue.
  • Tell me! ○○ -chan ♥ --Ask private questions to μ's members. The member in charge changes each time. Started from the March 2013 issue.
  • Shine! μ's No. 1 --- Mini-vote according to the theme announced every month. Started from the March 2013 issue.
  • Love Live member bulletin board-Free talk. Started from the March 2013 issue.

μ's hotline

Serialized from the July 2014 issue to the August 7 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". A new fan page that replaces "Nozomi Eri". The main corners are as follows.

  • Shine! μ's No. 1-Similar to "Nozoma Kieri", a mini-vote by theme.
  • FAN ART --Illustration posting.
  • Tell me! ○○ -chan ♥ --A question corner for μ's members, similar to "Nozoma Kieri".

School idol diary request request

Conducted in the July 2014 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". Vote for a combination of 7 themes with 9 μ's members, and create a new episode based on the results. As of 12, no results have been announced.

Chibi μ's Goods Idea Wanted

Conducted in the July 2014 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". We are soliciting proposals for goods using illustrations by one of the official illustrators, Akame Kiyose. Goods were sold as appendices to this magazine and sister magazines, prize prizes, and so on. The result announcement schedule is#historyreference.

Μ's song made by everyone

"Dengeki G's magazine" serialized from the August 2014 issue to the August 8 issue. Incorporate the opinions of fans at the stage of songwriting and costumes, and produce one song. At the same time, a monthly illustration novel from a first-person perspective by μ's members about music production was serialized. The produced song is "Mi is μ'sic". The flow of production#historyreference.

School idol quest

Serialized from the September 2015 issue to the June 9 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". In the quiz project linked with the novel, when I answered completely correctly, I got a goods using the spread illustration at the beginning of the novel as a prize.

Voting plan

Here, the position and image girl in the dance formation determined by user voting, the position and unit composition not based on voting, etc. are described.

Since "I want to go with you ♪ Journey Girl Finals" was voted all over the world, the first place for each language version will also be posted.

  • Japanese flag:Japanese version
  • United States flagBritish flag:English edition
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China: Simplified Chinese version
  • Republic of China flagHong Kong flag: Traditional Chinese version
  • Republic of Korea flag: Korean version
heroineHonoka KosakaAyase EriMinami KotoriUmi SonodaRin HoshizoraNishikino MakiNozomi TojoHanayo KoizumiNico Yazawa
1st singlepositionCenter front rowCenter light front rowCenter left front rowLeft front rowLight front rowBack row of lightsCenter light back rowCenter left back rowLeft back row
1th general election
2nd singleposition
1 bit
Center front row
8 bit
Left back row
9 bit
Center light back row
2 bit
Left middle row
4 bit
Light front row
6 bit
Back row of lights
3 bit
Light middle row
7 bit
Center left back row
5 bit
Left front row
2th general election
3rd singleposition[31]
4 bit
Center light middle row
9 bit
Left back row
2 bit
Light front row
5 bit
Left middle row
6 bit
Back row of lights
8 bit
Center left middle row
3 bit
Left front row
7 bit
Light middle row
1 bit
Center front row
Mini unit"Printemps"
"Lily white"
"Lily white"
"Lily white"
3th general election
4th singleposition
1 bit
Center front row
7 bit
Center light middle row
2 bit
Left back row
3 bit
Back row of lights
8 bit
Center left middle row
6 bit
Light front row
4 bit
Light middle row
9 bit
Left middle row
5 bit
Left front row
4th general election
5th singleposition
6 bit
Back row of lights
9 bit
Center light front row
1 bit
Center front row
5 bit
Light front row
8 bit
Center left front row
3 bit
Center left back row
7 bit
Left front row
4 bit
Left back row
2 bit
Center light back row
Duo trioLively livelyCool & beautyRomantic maidenCool & beautyLively livelyCool & beautyLovely voiceRomantic maidenLovely voice
5th general election[32]
6th singleposition
3 bit
Center right
2 bit
Center left
9 bit
Left left
7 bit
Light center
4 bit
Left center
1 bit
Center center
8 bit
Left right
6 bit
Light left
5 bit
Light right
heroineHonoka KosakaAyase EriMinami KotoriUmi SonodaRin HoshizoraNishikino MakiNozomi TojoHanayo KoizumiNico Yazawa
Dengeki G's Magazine Cover Girl Final Battle1 bit5 bit4 bit2 bit8 bit6 bit9 bit7 bit3 bit
"Love Live! Cafe" μ's Image Girl Voting[33]
1 bit
"Love Live! Cafe" μ's Chocolate Girl Voting[34]
7 bit6 bit2 bit3 bit8 bit8 bit5 bit1 bit4 bit
"Love Live! Cafe" μ's Cafe Image Pair Voting[35]
1 bit2 bit3 bit
μ's darts girl vote[36]1 bit
Weiss Schwarz Level 3 Contest Election[35]Second grade level 2
(1854 votes)
Second grade level 1
(2076 votes)
Second grade level 3
(2044 votes)
Amusement Girl Final Battle 1st
"Who suits the prize game best?"[37]
1 bit2 bit3 bit
Amusement Girl Final Battle 2st
"Who suits the best arcade games?"[37]
1 bit2 bit3 bit
Amusement Girl Final Battle 3st
"Who is the best print sticker?"[37]
2 bit3 bit1 bit
Amlux Tokyo passenger seat queen general election[38]8 bit5 bit1 bit6 bit7 bit4 bit2 bit9 bit3 bit
G's Magazine Appendix Nitengo Figure Battle[39]1 bit3 bit2 bit
Kotobukiya swimsuit figure deciding match[40]1 bit2 bit3 bit
lovelive! School Idol Festival
Christmas card deciding match[41]
1 bit3 bit2 bit
Bishoujo game app crossing general election
1st election “Decide the best 48!”[42]
15 bit
(8th in μ's)
12 bit
(7th in μ's)
10 bit
(5th in μ's)
11 bit
(6th in μ's)
5 bit
(4th in μ's)
3 bit
(2th in μ's)
2 bit
(1th in μ's)
33 bit
(9th in μ's)
4 bit
(3th in μ's)
Bishoujo game app crossing general election
Second election "Decide God Heroine 2!"[43]
20 bit
(9th in μ's)
17 bit
(8th in μ's)
11 bit
(5th in μ's)
16 bit
(7th in μ's)
12 bit
(6th in μ's)
5 bit
(2th in μ's)
3 bit
(1th in μ's)
8 bit
(3th in μ's)
10 bit
(4th in μ's)
lovelive! Lawson image girl deciding match[44]1 bit
lovelive! School Idol Festival
Summer girl deciding match
1 bit
Windy picnic girl vote[45]2 bit3 bit1 bit
lovelive! Wafer
Tea time girl vote[46]
3 bit1 bit2 bit
lovelive! Sega staff
Image girl deciding match[47]
2 bit1 bit3 bit
lovelive! School Idol Festival
Christmas gift strategy
2 bit4 bit1 bit5 bit3 bit
lovelive! School Idol Festival
I want to go with you ♪ Travel girl deciding match
Overall 2 place
Republic of China flagHong Kong flag1 bit
Overall 3 place
United States flagBritish flag1 bit
Overall 1 place
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaRepublic of Korea flag1 bit
Japanese flag1 bit
lovelive! The School Idol Movie
Public relations decision vote on Amazon.co.jp[48]
1 bit2 bit3 bit
lovelive! School Idol Festival
Midsummer fruit girl deciding match
2 bit3 bit1 bit
Kiss Mint Girl2 bit3 bit1 bit
lovelive! × JOYSOUND Utaski Girl Final Battle ♪3 bit2 bit1 bit
Sukufesu 5th Anniversary Campaign Girl 27 General Election[49]3 bit2 bit1 bit
Pasha together! Autumn girl general election ♪1 bit2 bit3 bit
heroineHonoka KosakaAyase EriMinami KotoriUmi SonodaRin HoshizoraNishikino MakiNozomi TojoHanayo KoizumiNico Yazawa


Delivered and implemented on the mobile site "Dengeki G's Mobile".

Character shooting!
An application that allows you to take a composite photo with a character using the camera function of the corresponding feature phone. The characters that can be photographed change depending on the user's location information and time zone by GPS. The character change time is 0 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes every hour.
Service started on August 2010, 8. Until August 13th of the same yearTokyo International Exhibition CenterYou can shoot with idol costume characters in the surrounding area. After 16th of the same monthAkihabara Station-Ogawamachi Station-Suehirocho StationYou can shoot with uniform characters in the surrounding area. After September 9, the same year, it became possible to shoot with uniform characters nationwide.
Voting for all heroines. It was held immediately after the release of the single under the name of μ's, and the character who ranked first can get the center position in the PV of the next single. Regarding voting time etc.Later.

Other standby images,FLASHStand-by images and incoming voices are delivered.



Published from the January 2011 issue to the May 12 issue after the pre-serialization of the December 2012 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine". Later"Dengeki G's comicWas transferred to "Dengeki G's magazine" and serialized, but after being published in Vol.10 (March 2015 issue), it was suspended due to the editorial department's convenience, and then re-transferred to "Dengeki G's magazine" in March 3. Serialization resumed from the issue. After that, the November 2016 issue was the last to be suspended for a long time.


Honoka Kosaka devoted himself to the activities of the Kendo club in order to save the National Otonokizaka Academy from the crisis of closing the school. However, winning the tournament did not become a big topic so much that the situation improved. Frustrated Honoka visits Akihabara and sees the latest school, UTX Gakuen, which is one of the causes of the decrease in the number of students in Otonoki. Fascinated by the school's in-school idol "A-RISE," she says she will quit the Kendo club and become an idol in order to raise the profile of Otonoki. Kotori Minami, a childhood friend, Rin Hoshizora, a junior, and Hanayo Koizumi, who had been pulled by her, immediately agreed. Umi Sonoda, who was in the same kendo club, blamed Honoka for her transformation, but when she saw that she was serious, she joined herself. However, in order to participate in the national idol club contest "Love Live!", Which is the last chance for them, it was necessary to start a formal club activity with nine members and advisors. (Volume 9)

Nozomi Tojo, who couldn't gather the members of the Paranormal Study Group, joined with an advisor, and Maki Nishikino and Niko Yazawa, who are aiming for the non-examination transfer frame of UTX Academy given to the winner of "Love Live!", Joined. As a result, the required number of people is one more. They expect Eri Ayase, but she refuses the invitation because of her busy schedule as student council president. (Volume 1)

Μ's has completed the entry application for "Love Live!" And is working on music and costume production. Meanwhile, Eri, who was ridiculed by Otonokizaka at a joint meeting by the student organization of a neighboring school, begins asking herself whether she should take action to save the school. After seeing μ's activities, Eri reconsidered and decided to join μ's. Eight people accepted it, and μ's, who became nine people, uploaded the PV of the debut song "Our LIVE Kimi to LIFE" that had been prepared for a long time to the "Love Live!" Official website. The members are excited about their expectations and anxieties, but what they were waiting for the day after the upload was the ruthless reality that no one but the members voted for PV. (Volume 8)

Eri and Nozomi, who visited UTX Gakuen, are offered a match between μ's and A-RISE by the student council president of UTX Gakuen who saw the PV. Eri was initially reluctant to participate in "Love Live!" On the condition that the loser declined to participate in "Love Live!" .. To know the power of A-RISE, he proposes a method of playing karamete-mon, but Eri and Honoka devised a "game of video views by anonymous new song announcement" and "game of increasing name recognition by school promotion pamphlet". Three games of "Stage battle inviting 50 students from Otonokizaka and UTX" will be held. Maki is entrusted with a new song for the game, but unknowingly receives pressure and falls into a slump. (Volume 4)

Maki who managed to get out of the slump completes the song, and the work is touched by Umi who is in charge of lyrics. The new songs of both groups, which were released anonymously, are driven by the speculation of fans that one is A-RISE, and μ's songs are also talked about. However, due to the net news that one of the anonymous songs is A-RISE, the game goes up to A-RISE. However, μ's, who tried to appeal to viewers who were interested in the new song by uploading an introductory video of μ's that Nico secretly made, will start the next pamphlet distribution game. Compared to the originally famous UTX, the unknown Otonoki was μ's, which had an advantage in terms of "increasing name recognition through pamphlets." (Volume 5)

Bibliographic information

lovelive! School idol diary series

See belowNovel series of the same nameA cartoonized work based on. However, there are some parts where the personality, visuals, tone, etc. are similar to those of TV animation.

lovelive! School idol diary

Serialized from "Dengeki G's Comic" Vol.1. Drawing: Deceive. Based on the first period of the novel (from Honoka to Eri).

Bibliographic information

lovelive! School idol diary second season

Serialized from the April 2016 issue of "Dengeki G's Comic". Drawing: Shoji Shibasaki. Based on the second period of the novel (after "μ's Summer Vacation").

Bibliographic information

lovelive! School idol diary Special Edition

"lovelive! General magazine ("LoveLive! Days" after Vol.3)] Vol.1 (issued on July 2019, 7) will be serialized. Drawing:Yuki Takami.. Based on the "Special Edition" (unbooked) serialized from the July 2016 issue of "Dengeki G's magazine".

Bibliographic information
  • Sakurako Kimino (Original), Yuki Takami (Drawing), Yuhei Murota (Character Design) "Love Live! School idol diary Special Edition ”KADOKAWA <Dengeki Comics NEXT>, all 3 volumes


The animation of this work is roughly divided into PV recorded on DVD / BD included in μ's CD and TV animation that started in 2013. Both productionsSunrise.


The PV recorded on the DVD attached to the CD is 2D drawing and3DCGIt is a composite animation of. A short animation of about 5-6 minutes takes more budget and effort than a normal 30-minute work, and it is a high-quality one that combines 2D and 3D at a high level.[50].. In addition, the voice actors in charge will demonstrate the dance performed by the characters on this PV on the stage of the live event, and the highlight is that it will be reproduced almost completely, including the position and formation of each character that is different for each song. ing. In order to realize the movements in the anime drama that seem difficult to live, the performers may be given more dense special training than general live performances.[51].

  1. LIFE with our LIVE
  2. Snow halation
  3. Natsuiro Egao de 1,2, Jump!
  4. Mogyutto "love" is approaching!
  5. Wonderful Rush
  6. Music START !!
  7. lovelive! μ's Live Collection

Television Animation

TV anime with μ's as the main characterlovelive!The first period is from January to March 1TOKYO MX-Yomiuri Television-TV Aichi-BS11All 13 episodes[52][53], The second period was aired in all 2 episodes from April to June 2014. As a sequel to the movie "lovelive! The School Idol MovieWas released.


Computer games

Love Live! School Idol Festival
Service started in 2013. BushiroadSmartphoneRhythm & Adventure delivered as one title of the application game company "Bushimo" for.
lovelive! School idol paradise
PlayStation VitaRhythm action game for. On August 2014, 8, three titles, "vol.28 Printemps," "vol.1 BiBi," and "vol.2 lily white," were released.Kadokawa GamesReleased from. DevelopmentDingo[54].

Trading card game

Game titleProduct NameRelease date
Victory SparkBooster pack "Baby Princess & Love Live! 』\2011/10/1
Trial deck "Love Live! ]2013/6/21
Booster pack "Love Live! & Dengeki G's Magazine ”2013/8/16
Weiss SchwarzTrial deck "Love Live! ]2013/4/13
Booster pack "Love Live! ]2013/7/26
Booster pack "Love Live! feat. School Idol Festival ”2014/1/24


"lovelive! School idol diary] Is a palm-edited version of the activity diary written by the μ's members themselves. At the end of each chapter are comments from members other than the one who wrote the diary. As an appendix, "Loveca +" using the cover illustration is attached. In addition, both are cartoonized (#Cartoon).

The 13th work "Spring Color Valentine ☆" was scheduled to be released on February 2015, 2, but after several postponements, the release date has not been decided after July 28.[55], `` G's'' was announced in serial format from the December 2018 issue, and the book was released on May 12, 2019[56].

In addition, μ'sAfter the announcement of the June 2016 issue of "G's" released immediately after the final live, "Special Edition" (abbreviated as "Sid SE") will be released from the July 6 issue to the September 2016 issue. It was serialized. This is not a book as of 7.

Sakurako Kimino (Author) Yuhei Murota, Natsu Otono, Akame Kiyose (Illustration), KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works

  1. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Honoka Kosaka ~ ”, published on May 2013, 5,ISBN +978-4-04-891583-0
  2. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Sonoda Umi ~ ”, published on June 2013, 6,ISBN +978-4-04-891720-9
  3. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Kotori Minami ~ ”, published on July 2013, 7,ISBN +978-4-04-891721-6
  4. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Maki Nishikino ~ ”, published on August 2013, 8,ISBN +978-4-04-891722-3
  5. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Hanayo Koizumi ~ ”, published on September 2013, 9,ISBN +978-4-04-891723-0
  6. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Rin Hoshizora ~ ”, published on November 2013, 11,ISBN +978-4-04-891724-7
  7. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Nico Yazawa ~ ”, published on December 2013, 12,ISBN +978-4-04-891725-4
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  9. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Eri Ayase ~ ”, published on April 2014, 4,ISBN +978-4-04-891727-8
  10. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ μ's summer vacation ~ ”, published on August 2014, 8,ISBN +978-4-04-866758-6
  11. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Autumn school festival ♪ ~ ”, published on October 2014, 10,ISBN +978-4-04-866818-7
  12. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ μ's Christmas ~ ”, published on December 2014, 12,ISBN +978-4-04-866819-4

Sakurako Kimino (Author) Yuhei Murota, Shoji Shibasaki, Akame Kiyose (Illustration), KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works

  1. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ Spring Color Valentine ☆ ~ ”, published on May 2019, 5,ISBN +978-4-04-866820-0
  2. "lovelive! School idol diary ~ New semester of the beginning ~ ”, published on January 2020, 1,ISBN +978-4-04-866821-7


List in alphabetical order by title or corporate name.

  • Event "Amlux x Love Live! (March 2013, 3-April 2, 4)- AmraxIn collaboration withAlphardOfficialDecoration carAs an exhibition carAquaIn addition to the official decoration car of the above being prepared as a test drive, the original radio program "Love Live![57].
  • "Xinging(September 2015, 9-October 1, November 10, 31-January 11, 1)- JOYSOUNDIn collaboration with, the first time the target song was sung a total of 1 million times, and the second time using a smartphone, a plan was implemented aiming for a total of 300 million points in the national scoring GP.[58][59].
  • game"The Paradox of God and the Destiny Revolution(Released on January 2013, 1) --All μ's have voice appearances as voice actors.[60].
  • "Kanda Akijin] --Appeared under the real name in the play. We sell votive tablets and amulets with μ's members drawn on them.KaiyodoNozomi Tojo's votive tablet is lined up in the Gacha Gacha "Kanda Myojin Lucky Things" released by[61][62].. Also held in May 2015Kanda FestivalTo commemorate the production of collaboration posters, the sale of commemorative goods, the holding of festivals and the release of movies.Atre AkihabaraA collaboration project with[63].
  • "Granblue Fantasy』- CygamesA social game developed and operated by.Hold a collaboration event[64].. At the collaboration event, it is possible to play with the male hero (Gran), but like "Sunshine !!", here as well, "We hope that you can enjoy the collaboration event by changing the gender of the hero to female according to the world view you are working on. Recommended. "Is displayed.
  • "Cross company--Earth music & ecology Japan Label brand image coordination of 3 Printemps and collaboration necklace for 9 people[65].
  • "Kobe Leather Cloth" --- "Chakechoke" brand "Mogyutto" love "approaching! 』Sale of collaboration pumps for 9 people and collaboration pumps of" We are in the present ". One bromide is included with each pair[66].
  • "Cocos Japan(January 2016, 1-March 19, 3) --In collaboration with the family restaurant "Cocos", you will receive limited goods when you order the target combo set.[67].
  • "Nebuta Festival』--In the summer of 2015AomoriOf the ones held in various parts of the countryAomoriof"Aomori Nebuta(1st grade team),Hirosakiof"Hirosaki Neputa(2st grade team),Goshogawaraof"Goshogawara Tachibuta』(3rd grade team), the Nebuta of each μ's character was operated. In addition, these Nebuta were held in September of the same year.Kyoto International Manga/Anime Fair2015 ”was also exhibited at each venue[68][69].
  • Motor sports "PACIFIC RACING TEAM[70]』- SUPER GTAs PACIFIC DIRECTION RACING in GT300 class2014/ ThePorsche 997GT3R (National Otonokizaka Gakuin)NACPorsche with DR[71][Note 11](driver:Takuya Shirasaka-Yuya Sakamoto-Andre Couto・), Annual ranking: 25th driver, 19th team),2015/DIRECTION leaves and reduces the system to PACIFIC alone and reduces the machineMcLaren MP4-12C[Note 12](PACIFIC McLaren with μ's[72](Driver: Shirasaka Takuya ...Ryohei Sakaguchi・), Change to 27th place in the annual team ranking) and participate in the race.
    D1 Grand PrixThen PACIFIC RACING TEAM with FLASHAs a D1 legend driver to the driverKen NomuraInvited to 2014Toyota 86(NAC Love Live! 86 with BRIDE FALKEN)), 2015 was ER34, which was once synonymous with NomuraNissan skylineParticipate in 4 doors.
    Both SUPER GT and D1 wore 9 μ'sItasha[Note 13]Run in a racing car with specifications[73].GSR Hatsune MikuAs a novelty, we introduced a supporter system as well asNendoroid PetiteΜ's original goods with race queen specifications including the above were distributed.
  • "Hello Kitty(June 2015, 6) --To commemorate the release of the movie version, "KiRa-KiRa Sensation!Hello Kitty goods in costumes are on sale at the movie theaters showing the movie version[74].. For details on the collaboration with Sanrio in 2018, seePuchiguru Love Live!].
  • "Powerpuff Girls(November 2015, 11-December 20, 12) --μ's members and other characters were drawn with Powerpuff Girls-style illustration design.[75].
  • "Pizza hut(February 2014, 2-March 24, 3) --In collaboration with Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Kanda store will become "Pizza Hut Otonokizaka store" during the period, and delivery motorcycles will be love live! It becomes a specification. Also, if you take it home at the Otonokizaka store, you will receive a special clear file, and if you order from the WEB branch that will be opened during the same period, you will win a weekly gift by lottery.[76][77].
  • "Lawson』――Campaign such as getting a clear file by purchasing the target product. Also limited to LawsonLunch pack(Yamazaki bread) Love Live! Collaboration specification "Egg and Tuna" has been released[78].


The issue number is from "Dengeki G's magazine". The voice actor who plays μ's is written only in the surname.

2010 year 7 month number
The notice of this work is posted.
2010 year 8 month number
Pre-story, character introduction (same as the one posted on the official website), planning development explanation posted.
2010 year 9 month number
The 2nd pre-story "Prologue Story; 2", a message from the heroine, and a popular vote announcement are posted.
September 2010-8, 13
Comic marketAt 78, the first single "LIFE with our LIVE"Summer Comic Market Limited Sale. The first popularity vote was held on the mobile site "Dengeki G's Mobile" (until 1st of the same month).
2010 year 10 month number
Messages from members after the release of the first single, standing pictures of members wearing new costumes, future developments, character shooting! Information are posted.
2010 year 11 month number
In charge of the heroineVoice actorpublish. An illustration story of Honoka, Kotori, and Nozomi is posted. Group name recruitment plan 1st selection acceptance started (until October 10th of the same year).
"Character shooting! ] Nationwide service started. Internet streaming program "For the time being, live (third cup)』(Nico Nico Live Broadcast)Emi Nitta-Uchida Aya-Riho Iida-Pile-Aina Kusunoda-Kubo YurikaAppeared as a guest.
2010 year 12 month number
An illustration story of Umi, Maki, and Hanayo is posted. Group name recruitment plan Announcement of the results of the first selection and announcement of the second selection.
On the special site of "Dengeki G's Mobile", the second selection voting for the group name recruitment project started (until November 2th of the same year).
TV program"Club AT-X』(Anime theater x) At the 204th meetingMimori Suzuko8 voice actors appear in the corner[79].
2011 year 1 month number
Group name recruitment plan result announcement, group name is "μ's(Muse) ”. This illustration story is posted on Eri, Rin, and the announcement of the appearance on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.
2011 year 2 month number
A spread illustration, an illustration novel that reproduces a scene from a voice drama recorded in "Snow halation", and a message from the heroine are posted. Announcement of the 2nd general election (2010/From December 122011/Accepted until January 1th).
2011 year 3 month number
A 4-page illustration novel is posted. Announced the formation of 3 units of 3 people and the release of 3 types of unit singles. Announcement of voting to determine unit composition (accepted from February 2011st to 2th, 1).
2011 year 4 month number
No. 3 consecutive SPECIAL gravure first (Niko Yazawa) posted. Unit configuration announced. Announcement of recruitment of unit names for each unit (accepted until March 1, 2011).
2011 year 5 month number
Announced the release date of each unit name and single CD by unit. No. 3 consecutive SPECIAL gravure 2nd (Kotori Minami), National Otonokizaka Gakuin Gakuen introduction posted.
2011 year 6 month number
Printemps "Love marginal" special feature, 3rd consecutive SPECIAL gravure 3rd (Nozomi Tojo) posted. Announcement of the launch of the magazine fan club "Love Live! (Tentative)" and start accepting submissions.
Internet program "Love Live Club Nico Live Extracurricular Activities-Kotoho no Umi-" started broadcasting[80].
2011 year 7 month number
BiBi "Diamond Princess's Melancholy" special feature, μ's 3rd single special feature, magazine fan club "Love Live Club G's Extracurricular Activities ~ Nozoma Kieri ~" Vol.0 posted.
Internet radio "Love Live! Radio extracurricular activities-Nikorinpana-" started distribution[33].
2011 year 8 month number
μ's 3rd single special feature, lily white "Unknown Love * Tell me Love" special feature. "Love Live Club G's Extracurricular Activities-Nozomi Eri-" serialization started. Announced serialization of manga.
2011 year 9 month number
μ's 3rd single special feature, notice of the 3rd general election posted.
January 2011-8, 5
Event "Love Live! Cafe" held at Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara[33].
Start accepting votes for the 3rd general election (until September 9 of the same year).
2011 year 10 month number
Announcement of μ's 4th single and solo CD.
2011 year 11 month number
Announcement of the results of the 3rd general election. Announcement of 1st live. Posted collaboration gravure (Umi Sonoda) with Cure Maid Cafe.
2011 year 12 month number
Manga pre-serialization. Start accepting votes for the μ's Christmas Girl Finals (until November 11 of the same year). Announcement of 11st live.
2012 year 1 month number
Started manga serialization. Eri Ayase will be the Christmas girl.
2012 year 2 month number
Details of μ's 4th single released.
2012 year 3 month number
Announcement of the 4th general election.
Start accepting votes for the 4rd general election (until September 3 of the same year).
January 2012-2, 17
Held an event "Love Live! Cafe" at Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara. "Μ's Chocolate Girl" is decided by Hanayo Koizumi[33].
μ's voice actor will be the first live event "Love Live! Μ's First Love Live!"Yokohama BLITZHeld in.
2012 year 4 month number
Announcement of the duo trio single series.
Pile, Iida, and Kubo appear in "For smile Korea-Japan Friendship Charity Concert 2012" under the name of provisional unit "KARIP"[81][82].
μ's voice actor appears in "Bushiroad Card Game Live 2012"[33].
2012 year 5 month number
Announcement of the results of the 4th general election.
2012 year 6 month number
Maki Nishikino (4rd place in the 3th general election) special feature.
2012 year 7 month number
Niko Yazawa (4nd place in the 2th general election) special feature. 5th single announcement.
2012 year 8 month number
Kotori Minami (4st place in the 1th general election) special feature.
μ's voice actor is the largest in JapanAnime songLive event "Animelo Summer Live』First participation. Since then, he has participated for four consecutive years until 2015 (for details, see "μ's # Major Live EventsSee).
2012 year 10 month number
Details of μ's 5th single, autumn event announcement, and notice of cover girl deciding match to be appointed on the cover of this magazine are posted.
"Tokyo Game ShowA mini-live of μ's voice actors (excluding Nanjo, who plays Eri) was held at the professional wrestling set up at the Bushiroad booth in 2012. Sang 5 songs including duo trio songs[83].
2012 year 11 month number
Character design for TV animation released.
On the second day of the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival, a stage event "Love Live! 2 Love Live! 2012 Love Live Members and μ's Extracurricular Activities Special Business Trip in Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival" was held. In addition, as a result of the "darts de general election" held at the same venue, μ's darts girl was decided to be Kotori Minami.[84].
Μ's voice actor acted as the bird of "DENGEKI MUSIC LIVE !!" and sang the title song of the 1st-4th single.[84].
2012 year 12 month number
The cover girl is decided to be Honoka Kosaka.
2013 year 1 month number
Interview with animation director Takahiko Kyogoku.
2013 year 2 month number
"Dengeki Love Live! 』Publishing notice, winter event product sales introduction,"Weiss Schwarz』\ Participation announcement.
"Weiss Schwarz" μ's Level 3 Competition Voting Acceptance Start (2013/Until January 1th).
Eight μ's voice actors except NanjoTOKTO DOME CITY HALLHeld a live event "Love Live! Μ's New Year LoveLive! 2013" at.
July 2013-December 1
Broadcast the first period of TV animation.
May 2013-June 1, 25
AkihabaraCure Maid Cafe,ChibaMobara-SaitamaMisatoHeld an event "Love Live! Cafe" at Wondercafe (Wondercafe Mobara store only until February 2rd)[85].
2013 year 3 month number
According to the result of the cover girl general election, Honoka, who is ranked first, will be the main cover page. Synopsis introduction up to the 1th episode of TV animation, gravure (Kotori) based on the result of the darts girl general election,Sakurako KiminoPosted announcements such as the publication of original novels by.
2013 year 4 month number
According to the result of the cover girl general election, the 2nd place Umi and the 3rd place Niko will be the main covers. Introducing the synopsis up to the 8th episode of the TV anime, "Weiss Schwarz" μ's level 3 competition election, "Love Live! Cafe" image pair voting result announcement, "μ's New Year LoveLive! 2013" report, etc. are posted.
Belsar AkihabaraHeld a secret event "μ's in Wonder zone" at.
μ's voice actor appears in "Bushiroad Card Game Live 2013". We sang all three songs such as "We are in the present" and "Snow halation"[86].
2013 year 5 month number
Special feature on TV animation, event "μ's in Wonder zone" report, etc. are posted.
Shinjuku Piccadilly"Μ's New Year LoveLive! 2013" Part1 Film Live & Episode 13 Screening Event "held at[87].
March 2013
Bushiroad SmartphoneRhythm & adventure game forlovelive! School Idol Festival』Started distribution.
2013 year 6 month number
Part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Honoka Hen ~", TV animation special feature, μ's 6th single production decision announcement, unit single 2nd Session release announcement, etc. are posted. The manga is closed due to book work.
2013 year 7 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 1, part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Honoka Kosaka ~", as a result of the 5th general election, μ's 6th single production decision announcement, unit single 2nd Session release announcement, etc. are posted.
μ's voice actor holds a live event "Love Live! Μ's 3rd Anniverary Love Live!" At Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall.
Eight μ's voice actors, excluding Nanjo,@JAM Appeared in 2013 "Anison day". Served as a bird and sang "We are in the present", "Our LIVE with you LIFE", "Natsuiro Egao de 1,2, Jump!" And "No brand girls".[88].
2013 year 8 month number
Announcement of "Next Project". Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 2, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Sonoda Umi ~" is posted. Announcement of the final battle for figurines in μ's.
Japan's best softwareIn the 20th anniversary live event "Makai Wars Live episode 1 Asagi's Counterattack", five people who acted as angels in "The Paradox of God and the Fate Revolution" from μ's voice actors will appear. "Revolution? God!" "Special medley (Did you know the wings? -It's such a gloomy day-I'll smile for yours-Kodok's corridor-Flash Resolution)"[89].
2013 year 9 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 3, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Kotori Minami ~" is posted. Unit single special feature, 3rd live report, passenger seat queen general election reward gravure, announcement of swimsuit figure deciding match.
2013 year 10 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 4, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Maki Nishikino ~" is posted. Announcement of TV anime fan disc. Kotori Minami decided to make a Nitengo figure.
2013 year 11 month number
Part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Hanayo Koizumi ~" is posted. Announcement of PS Vita game, recruitment of unit names to participate in comic-linked project "Love Live!". Eri Ayase decided to make a swimsuit figure.
2013 year 12 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 5, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Rin Hoshizora ~" is posted. Information on 6th single feature, PS Vita game, fan disc & live disc is posted.
MEGAWEBAt the Toyota City ShowcaseTokyo ToyopetOfficial byItasha"Love Live! National Otonokizaka Gakuin Official Car Unveiling Talk Event" was held to commemorate the sale of[90].
2014 year 1 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 6, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Rin Hoshizora ~" is posted. 6th single special feature, PS Vita game information, swimsuit figure planning image illustration posted.
January 2013-12, 13
"Love Live! School Idol Festival High Score Challenge in Akihabara" held[91].
2014 year 2 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 7, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Nico Yazawa ~" is posted. PS Vita game special feature.
March 2013, 12-March 23, 2014
JRYamanote LineAt μ'sWrapping vehicleOperates[92].
μ's voice actorNippon BudokanMade inLisani! Appeared in "LIVE 4 SUNDAY STAGE" and sang all 4 songs.
2014 year 3 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 8, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Nozomi Tojo ~" is posted. 4th live, PS Vita game special feature.
January 2014-2, 8
μ's voice actorSaitama Super ArenaHeld a live event "Love Live! Μ's → NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~ ENDLESS PARADE ~" at.
2014 year 4 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 9, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Eri Ayase ~" is posted. TV animation 2nd term announcement, 4th live report, PS Vita game special feature.
March 2014, 3-March 20, 2014
YurikamomeTokyo Seaside New Transportation Seaside LineOperates three types of wrapping vehicles: Printemps version, lily white version, and BiBi version.[93].
July 2014-December 4
Broadcast the first period of TV animation.
2014 year 5 month number
Illustration novel "secret short cuts" cut 10, a part of the novel "School idol diary ~ Eri Ayase ~" is posted. Announcement of the next issue of the novel, announcement of the name of the national school idol unit.
2014 year 6 month number
"Nitengo Minami Kotori" is included as an appendix.
2014 year 7 month number
"Nitengo Yazawa Nico" is attached as an appendix.
2014 year 8 month number
"Nitengo Nishikino Maki" is attached as an appendix. The special story of the novel "School idol diary" is posted. Announced the decision to make a new song CD and make all Nitengo figures. "A μ's song made by everyone (hereinafter," μ's song "plan outline explanation (Novell charge: Maki).
2014 year 9 month number
The special story of the novel "School idol diary" is posted. Call for keywords to be included in the lyrics of "μ's Song" (Novell: Umi).
PlayStation VitaRhythm action game for "Love Live! "School idol paradise" is released under 1 titles, "vol.2 Printemps", "vol.3 BiBi" and "vol.3 lily white".
2014 year 10 month number
"Love Live! Voting serial code" is included as an appendix. Announced candidate keywords for the lyrics of "μ's Song" and accepted votes (Novell charge: Nozomi).
2014 year 11 month number
Announcement of fan meeting tour venue. Call for keywords for the theme of "μ's song" costumes (Novell charge: Kotori).
μ's voice actorNHK General OfMusic program"MUSIC JAPANAnd sang "It's our miracle"[94]. Also,Dream5of"Dan Dan Dubi Zuba!I also worked as a back dancer.
2014 year 12 month number
As an appendix, "Love Live! Kotori Minami Alarm Voice" for smartphones is included. Announced candidate keywords for the theme of "μ's song" costumes and accepted votes (Novell charge: Hanayo). Announced 5 types of "Chibi μ's Goods" goods and 23 employers.
2015 year 1 month number
Announced keywords that will be included in the lyrics of "μ's Song", and decided on 5 types by a total of 4 people (Novell charge: Eri). Announced 2 types of "Chibi μ's Goods" goods and 19 employers.
2015 year 2 month number
As an appendix, "Love Live! ] Chibi μ's stationery set <Pink> (pen pouch & ballpoint pen) is included. As a special edition of "μ's Song", it was announced that a review of the flow so far and the songs to be produced will be shown at "μ's Fan Meeting Tour 2015".
2015 year 3 month number
As an appendix, "Love Live! ] Comes with Honoka Kosaka. Announced candidates for the choreography of "μ's Song" and accepted votes (Novell charge: Rin). Announced 3 types of "Chibi μ's Goods" goods and 1 employer.
May 2015-June 1, 31
A live event "Love Live! Μ's Go → Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~ Dream Sensation! ~" Was held at the μ's voice actor Saitama Super Arena.
Vocal cordsNoduleΜ's voice actors including Nitta who was on a short rest due toNHK E TeleEducational Variety Show "R's law"Snow halation" (2nd episode 9th episode ver.), "START: DASH !!" (1st episode 13th episode ver.), "It's our miracle" (2nd season OP) TV size ver.) Sang a total of 3 songs[Note 14].. For the back footage of all three songs mentioned above, the footage of each version of the main TV anime was used.
2015 year 4 month number
We are looking for goods related to the "μ's Song" song (in charge of novel: Niko).
9 timesVoice actor awardSo, nine voice actors who played the roles of each member under the name of μ's won the singing award.
2015 year 5 month number
Announced costume theme and song title for "μ's Song" (Novell charge: Honoka).
2015 year 6 month number
As an appendix, "Love Live! ] Includes a ticket storage album. Announced a pose for "μ's song" and a candidate for goods, and accepted votes (Novell charge: Maki).
2015 year 7 month number
As an appendix, "Love Live! ] Comes with Eri Ayase. The omnibus of "μ's Song".
March 2015
In the Oricon CD album weekly ranking dated June 2015, 6, "μ's Best Album Best Live! Collection II』Won the first place.
Released the movie version animation.
2015 year 8 month number
Announced "μ's Song" goods proposal.
Eight μ's voice actors, excluding Nanjo (appearing in video footage), appeared on NHK's comprehensive music program "MUSIC JAPAN" (special edition), "We are in the present", "It is our miracle", and "KiRa-KiRa". I sang a total of 8 songs (all short ver.) Of "Sensation!".
NHK BS PremiumUnder the program name of "Love Live! Μ's Special Live", a live performance limited to 8 people of 300 μ's voice actors excluding Nanjo (recorded on October 10, the same year), behind the scenes of the live, etc. Broadcast. Narration is Kotori's mother roleNoriko Hitaka.
Broadcast on December 12th as a ver. Just before red and white.
Eight μ's voice actors, excluding Nanjo,TV AsahiMusic program ofMusic Station].
Eight μ's voice actors, excluding Nanjo,The 66th NHK Red and White Singing BattleParticipate in[Note 15][96].. It is said that the voice actor's red and white appearance is the second group in history after Nana Mizuki[97].
The 30th announced on this dayJapan Gold Disc AwardAtμ's Best Album Best Live! Collection IIWon the Animation Album of the Year, and the work related to this work won the special award.[98][99][100].
September 2016, 3, September 31, 4
μ's voice actorTokyo DomeThe final one-man live "μ's Final LoveLive! ~ Μ'sic Forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪" will be held.
"Tokyo Game Show(Business Day) Love Live at the Bushiroad booth! School Idol Festival Nitta took the stage at the new information presentation stage.
Pile's solo live "Pile Live at Budokan ~ Pile feat. Love Live! ~"Nippon BudokanHeld at. Μ's songs were also performed with Nitta as a guest. Since it is not an official event of "Love Live!", It was not advertised on the homepage of this work.
"Dengeki 25th Anniversary Dengekiya Winter Festival in Makuhari", which was serialized in "G's" magazineNozomi EriThe booklet "HISTORY OF Love Live!" G's extracurricular activities-Nozomi Eri-omnibus with special benefits for the Dengekiya Winter Festival "is sold in advance.
Nitta, Mimori, and Iida will be on stage at the "Sukufesu Series New Information Presentation Stage" in "Sukufesu Thanksgiving Festival 2018-Go! Go! Shanshan Land-in Osaka".
Nitta, Uchida, and Tokui will be on stage at the "Sukufesu Series New Information Presentation Stage & Closing Ceremony" in "Sukufesu Thanksgiving Festival 2018-Go! Go! Shanshan Land-in Tokyo".
NHK-FMSpecial program frame "Today is one day"Today is a day" Love Live! "Zanmai" broadcast. Nitta appeared as one of the MCs, and Tokui, Mimori, Uchida, and Iida appeared as guests in sequence.
The websites of the entire series, including the official homepage of this work, have browsing problems. For more informationLove Live! Series # 2019See.
"Love Live! Series 9th Anniversary Presentation" held. Nitta appears. A new project was announced to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the series.
Live distribution of the special web program "μ's 9th Anniversary Extracurricular Activities-Nozorin and Honomaki-". Starring Nitta, Uchida, Iida, Pile, and Kusuda. A new project was announced to commemorate the 9th anniversary of μ's.
"lovelive! In "General Magazine" Vol.2, the manga "Love Live! "Spring Color Valentine" edition (drawing: Shoji Shibasaki) of "School idol diary second season" has started serialization.


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