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🤖 | Mai Shiraishi “Voice actor” first challenge ... “Detective Conan” fan dissatisfaction “I hate it from the bottom of my heart”

Photo Mai Shiraishi Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu

Mai Shiraishi "Voice actor" first challenge ... "Detective Conan" fan dissatisfaction "I hate it from the bottom of my heart"

If you write the contents roughly
"I really hate it from the bottom of my heart"
"Mai Shiraishi ... I pray that it's not a stick reading performance.

When an entertainer is appointed as a voice actor in an animated movie, he is a voice actor otaku who gets angry like a fiery fire.Former "Nogizaka46" Mai Shiraishi ... → Continue reading


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Mai Shiraishi

Mai Shiraishi(Shiraishi Mai,1992/Heisei4 years>May 8 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent,Fashion Model,YouTuber.. Female idol group ·Nogizaka46Former member of[2],TEAR』Former regular model[3],RayIs a former exclusive model of[4].GunmaBackground[5].Nogizaka 46 GKAffiliation[6][7].. Height 162 cm[8].. Blood typeA type[5].NicknameIt is,Maiyan[9].


Born August 1992, 4 in Gunma Prefecture[5][10]..When I was a kindergarten child, my dream for the future wasCake shopHowever, when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school,FashionFrom interest instylist,モデルCome to dream[11]..Through a model when I was in the first year of junior high schoolMusicBecame fond ofBrass band clubJoin[11]. afterwards,Softball partTransfer to[11][Note 1].

While attending a junior high school in Gunma prefecture, he was bullied at school and refused to attend school.[14]After graduating, I moved to Saitama prefecture with my mother[15], Go to girls' high school in the same prefecture[11]..高校2年生の時までUntil the second year of high schoolChildminderAiming for[16], I was taking childcare-related elective classes and certification exams[17]When I was in the third year of high school, I learned about a music vocational school through career counseling, and after taking a hands-on lesson during the summer vacation, I went on to a music vocational school.[18]..両親からは短期大学を勧められたが音楽の道で頑張ることを約束し説得したMy parents recommended me to a junior college, but I promised to do my best on the musical path and persuaded me.[18]..専門学生時代は歌のレッスン、リスニング、音楽理論、ゴスペルを学びDuring his professional school days, he studied singing lessons, listening, music theory, and gospel.[11],SPEED,perfumeI was studying with the goal of a small dance vocal unit like[16], Take the Nogizaka46 1st gen member audition recommended by the instructor[19].

On August 2011, 23, he passed the Nogizaka8 21st gen member audition, and at the auditionNishino KanaSinging "as it is"[20].. Selected as a temporary selection member, the standing position was in the middle row[21]..Because I had no dance experience, I struggled with Nogizaka46's daily morning and evening dance practice, and it seemed that I would be different from the singer, so I thought that I might have come to a place different from what I had imagined. However, after discussing with the members of Nogizaka46 and remembering the promise with their parents, they decided to work positively on this activity.[11].

February 2012, 24, Nogizaka2's 22st single "Round and round curtainCD debut with[22].. May 5nd, Nogizaka2's 46nd single "Come shampooServed as the first unit in the coupling song "By chance"[23].. December 11,"Girls Award 2012 AUTUMN/WINTER"soNanase NishinoModel debut with[24].

July 2013, 25, "CDTV Special! New Year's Premier Live 2012 → 2013』(TBS TV) as Nogizaka46,"Uniform mannequinShow off the first center[25].. December 1, variety show "Uzumaki!』(Fuji TV), started the first solo regular appearance as MC[26].. Aug. 1,Nogi ShrineComing-of-age ceremony[27].. February 3, fashion magazine "Ray』Appointed as an exclusive model[28], Nogizaka46's first fashion magazineExclusive modelBecame[29].. June 6, 15Autumn Flower AwardWonRed DesireNamed "Kimi no Naha Center" for all younger brothers[30].. June 7th, Nogizaka3's 46th single "Girls rules1st single "Round and round curtainFrom 5th single "Your name is hopeServed as a center untilRina IkomaServe as a center on behalf of[31]..それまでは生駒里奈についていくことのみを意識していたが「ガールズルール」でセンターを務めたことによって出演番組で応対を任せられるようになり、グループ全体を意識するようになるUntil then, I was only conscious of keeping up with Rina Ikoma, but by serving as the center for "Girls Rule", I became able to take care of the appearance program and became conscious of the entire group.[32].. In November, appeared in the commercial for "Samantha Tiara 11 Christmas Jewelry"[33],Samantha ThavasaInaugurated as "Samantha Muse" as an image model of[34].. November 11, served as the first independent cover for "Ray"[35].

In June 2014, "16 principal troisConquer the ten major roles[36].. On December 12th, the first solo photo book "Innocent Adult" will be released.[37].. The photo book recorded an estimated weekly sales of 3 copies[38], Won 2014th place in the BOOK general category of the Oricon weekly ranking on December 12, 22[39], The first edition has exceeded 10 copies[40].

On January 2015, 27, the 1st photo book "MAI STYLE" was released.[41].. The photo book recorded an estimated weekly sales of 1 copies[42], Won 2015th place in the BOOK general category of the Oricon weekly ranking dated February 2, 2[41].

On August 2016, 28, he will be the cover girl for the third consecutive issue of "Ray" from the October 8 issue.[43].. On December 12th, the official Twitter of the 7nd solo photobook was opened.[44].

On February 2017, 29 (Heisei 2), the 7nd solo photo book "Passport" (Kodansha) was released.[Note 2]..写真集は2017年2月20日付のオリコン週間ランキングで週間推定売上10万3520部The photo book is based on the Oricon weekly ranking dated February XNUMX, XNUMX, with estimated weekly sales of XNUMX copies.[48], Won first place in the BOOK general category and photobook category of the same ranking, surpassing the estimated weekly sales of 1 copies for the first time as a female solo photobook, achieving the highest record ever[49], Ranked 2017st in the Oricon "Book" Ranking Photobook category in the first half of 1[50]..ヒット要因は、女性にも楽しんでもらえる写真集をという白石麻衣の意向を引き継ぎつつThe hit factor is while inheriting Mai Shiraishi's intention to create a photo book that women can enjoy.[51], Nogizaka46 In the work that lifted the ban on lingerie shots for the first time in the group[52], The sexy cuts that men like, the beautiful fashionable cuts that women like, and the size of the book are compatible. The point is that marketing was done so that the topic would not be interrupted.[53].

March 2018, 30 (3), Nogizaka12's 46th single "SynchronicityIt was announced that it will serve as the sole center for the first time in about 4 years and 9 months since "Girls Rule".[54].. Graduated from the magazine's exclusive model with the May issue of "Ray" released on March 3[4].. Aug. 3,Tokyo DomeMade inProfessional baseballOpening round (Yomiuri GiantsversusHanshin Tigers) Before the matchYuka Sakurai-Nanase Nishino-Erika Ikuta-Kubo Shiori-Mizuki YamashitaNational anthem singing with[55].. Broadcast on September 5thA strange story in the world '18 Spring special edition"Follower" (Fuji TV) starring in the drama alone for the first time[56]. Released on September 5thTEAR』Graduated from the magazine's regular model, which has served for about 034 years since the first issue in 2012 with issue 6[57].. June 6st, for the promotion of "Kirin Freeze"InstagramOpen an account for a limited time[58][59][60].. On July 7, we won the first place in the female talent category (4 companies appointed) in the "TV-CM Company Number Ranking for the First Half of 2018" (M Data).[61].. October,"Nikkei TrendySelected for "2018 Face of the Year"[62].. On December 12, we won the first place in the female talent category (4 companies appointed) in the "2018 TV-CM Company Number Ranking (Women)" (M Data).[63].

2019 (Heisei 31 /) ReiwaIn May of the first year), the 5nd solo photo book "Passport" (Kodansha) recorded a cumulative circulation of 2.[64], 11st with Erika Ikuta on November 6thNoma Publishing Culture AwardReceived a special award[65][66].

Nogizaka2020's 2th single "Released on January 1, 7 (Reiwa 3nd year), March 25, 46"Protective color of happinessAnnounced to graduate from Nogizaka46[67]..同年5月5日・6日・7日に東京ドームのライブで卒業予定だったがI was planning to graduate at the Tokyo Dome live on May XNUMX, XNUMX and XNUMX of the same year.[68],Infection with new coronavirusGraduation live canceled due to expansion[68], Graduation was postponed[68].. In June, won first place in the talent power ranking 6 "Women's Idol Ranking" of "Nikkei Entertainment!"[69].. Aug. 8,YouTubeOpen channel[70]..誕生日にあたる8月20日に第1回目の配信を実施The first delivery will be held on August XNUMX, which is the birthday.[70]..この日の配信において、延期していた卒業ライブを10月28日に配信ライブで開催することを発表したIn the delivery on this day, it was announced that the postponed graduation live will be held on October XNUMXth.[71][72][73].. Aug. 10,TBS TVseries"CDTV Live! Live! Appeared in "2 Hours Special", Shiraishi's center songs "Girls Rule" and "There is someone you want to talk now""Influencer"Synchronicity" "Shiawaseno Hogoiro" medley of 5 songs and sang the last TV music program as Nogizaka46[74].. Mai Shiraishi official site, Instagram, Twitter opened on November 11st[75][76].. Aug. 11,motherWinner of AWARD2020 Muse category[77].. On August 11, the official blog on the Nogizaka26 official website was closed.[78].

Asahi Breweries, which will co-star with Nanase Nishino of former Nogizaka2021 from January 3, 1 (Reiwa 26)Asahi SuperdryNew commercial was aired nationwide[79].. September 9, comedy duoCandyWithTV AsahiVariety show "I was able to take the back』Broadcast has started.Served as the first golden band regular program MC[80].

On January 2022, 4 (Reiwa 1), the animated movie "Detective Conan Halloween BrideWas announced to appear as a guest[81]..This is the first time to challenge a voice actor.


Nickname is Maiyan[Note 3].Tagline"I'm Mai Shiraishi, a 19-year-old Mayorer from the XNUMXth dimension."[Note 4], "White skin is the charm point"[85], "23 years old, Mai Shiraishi"[Note 5].. 「黒石さん」とバラエティで名付けられたキャラクターもあるがThere is also a character named "Kuroishi-san" in variety[87], According to the person himself[88].. 『ChihayafuruIt is often said that it resembles Chihaya Ayase.[89]..憧れの女性はThe woman I admireSatomi Ishihara,Honey[90],Sasaki Nozomi[Note 6],Erika Mori[93].sound,playInterested in work[94].. I have one older sister who is 3 years older[95].


What is your favorite foodsweet potato[92],Kenpi Imo,Eclair,Mill crepe[96],Baumkuchen,Vegetables,sweetTangerine,StarbucksCaramel Frappuccino,Dry mango,sushi[Note 7][98],Sweet stuff[93],Nakau Ofbeef bowl[99].. FavoriteRamen Thepig bones醤 油 ラ ー メ ン[93].. What's your favorite drinkOrange juice,CC lemon OfPocari SweatSplit,Jasmine tea[93]..好きな作家はMy favorite writerYusuke Yamada,Minato Kanae[93]..My favorite book is Yusuke Yamada "× Game"[100],What is your favorite anime"K-on!"[101]..ただし、アニメや漫画より小説を好みHowever, I prefer novels to anime and manga[101], Read mystery novels[102]..好きな物はWhat I like isTeddy bear, I fell in love with a teddy bear as a birthday present when I was a kindergarten child[103], Collecting[104]..部屋は白色と茶色で統一されThe room is unified in white and brown[104], There is an L-shaped brown sofa[105]..靴は30足程あり、歩きやすい靴を好むThere are about XNUMX pairs of shoes, and I prefer shoes that are easy to walk in.[106]..My favorite basic cosmetics is THREE[107]..好きな色は水色、白、黒Favorite colors are light blue, white, black[93].Monster hunterMy favorite weapon is the sword[108], My favorite monster is a giraffe[109].


Hobbysong,cuisine[110], Shopping, collecting 100-yen coins[111], Interior collection[93].

The song isMiliyah KatoListen to the song[112]..Western music began to be listened to by gospel lessons at music vocational schools and vocal lessons of English songs.Alicia Keys,Backstreet Boys,ONE DIRECTION,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Maroon 5[18],Justin Bieber,MadonnaListen to[101]..休日はHolidaysNE-YO, Listen to Backstreet Boys[113]..カラオケでよく歌う曲はThe songs I often sing in karaokeNishino Kana"In this state"[104], Nogizaka46 "Jealousy rights'[114]..好きなアーティストは洋楽ではMy favorite artist is Western musicUsher,Charlie Puth,Ariana Grande[93]..In Japanese music, Kana Nishino,YUI,Every Little Thing,Ringo Shiina(Tokyo Incidents[115],Kobukuro,FUNKY MONKEY BABYS[115]..Among them, Kana Nishino is also the person Shiraishi admires most, and Kana Nishino's heirloom is the signature of Kana Nishino that she received when she co-starred in a music program.[116].

100-yen coins are collected as silver coins[104]..ボディスクラブ、帽子も集めているWe also collect body scrubs and hats[93].


Special skill is cooking[117],Imitation[118],shooting[119].

Softball is "better at hitting than throwing"[120], You can hit back with a ball with a ball speed of 100 km[12].Japanese professional baseballHas also served as the opening ceremony in the official game of[121]..フラフープは3つ同時に回せるYou can turn XNUMX hula hoops at the same time[122]..得意料理はハンバーグSpecialty dish is hamburger[92],Gyoza[93],CooksI'm thinking of getting a license[16]..ものまねはImpersonationKazumi Takayama[123],Yukie Nakama,Bobby OlogonCan do[124]..習い事として英会話English conversation as a lesson[Note 8], Calligraphy (XNUMXth dan)[11],swimming[92], Have piano experience[Note 9].


Nogizaka slope 46Mika[Note 10], Monster Hunter Selection[109], An ・ an beautiful leg selection[126], Glasses selection[127].

Nogizaka46 Ace[128]Reputed as a symbol of beauty[129], Not only men[130], Strong support from women[131].

Nogizaka46 emphasizes evaluation as a performer rather than position, and thinks that good songs must be presented with good performance commensurate with it.[132]..理想のセンター像は調和を大事にできる人The ideal center image is a person who can cherish harmony[133].

My favorite song at Nogizaka46 is "Recovering","Life is beautiful","Your name is hope'[134].. My favorite music video is "Start of romance","White rice","Dekopin'[135].

Especially the members who are closeMatsumura Sayuri[136],Midsummer Akimoto[137],Erika Ikuta[138], Kazumi Takayama[136]..松村とは同い年ということもあり結成初期から仲が良くファンからも「さゆまい」と呼ばれ親しまれているSince it is the same age as Matsumura, he has been close to him since the early days of his formation and is known by fans as "Sayumai".[139].

The member I want to recommend is Erika Ikuta, because she is good at singing, dancing and piano, and her style is also cute.[140].

Birthday is the same as Manatsu Akimoto (May 8), And Shiraishi is one year older[141].

"Graduation single"Protective color of happinessThe solo song "" recorded in Type-A of ""See ya., I challenged Nogizaka46 member's first songwriting[142].




Mayuzaka 46

Nogizaka AKB




Video work


TV drama


Web distribution drama

Theater animation


Other TV programs

  • Metropolitan area network(December 2021, 2,NHK<Kanto Local>)-VTR appearance using a scene from the program described below[177]
  • New Corona Action to save lives (NHK)
    • Mai Shiraishi What are the aftereffects of Corona? (February 2021, 2)[178]
    • Mai Shiraishi Interview with a frontline nurse (February 2021, 2)[178]
  • Himu Bus! (November 2021, 11)NHK General) - Narration[179].
  • Session With you running now (January 2022, 1,NHK E Tele[180]

Web distribution program

  • Nogizaka46 / Mai Shiraishi Photobook "Passport" Release Commemorative Special (February 2017, 2,SHOWROOM[181]
  • Namie AmuroFashion general election FASHION MOVIE BEST 50 (September 2018, 9,AbemaTV[182]



  • Girls Award
    • GirlsAward 2012 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2012, 11,National Yoyogi Stadium(Integrated Gymnasium)-ISBIT DAIKANYAMA[24].
    • GirlsAward 2013 SPRING/SUMMER (March 2013, 3, Yoyogi National Stadium No. 23 Gymnasium)-ISBIT DAIKANYAMA[210].
    • GirlsAward 2014 AUTUMN/WINTER (October 2014, 10, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 1 Gymnasium)[211]
    • GirlsAward 2015 SPRING/SUMMER (April 2015, 4, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[212]
    • GirlsAward 2016 SPRING/SUMMER (April 2016, 4, Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[213]
    • GirlsAward 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER (October 2016, 10, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 8 Gymnasium)[214]
    • My Navi GirlsAward 2017 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2017, 5, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 3 Gymnasium)[215]
    • Rakuten GirlsAward 2017 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2017, 9,Makuhari Messe[216]
    • Rakuten GirlsAward 2018 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2018, 5, Makuhari Messe)[217]
    • Rakuten GirlsAward 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2018, 9, Makuhari Messe)[218]
    • Rakuten GirlsAward 2019 SPRING/SUMMER (May 2019, 5, Makuhari Messe)[219]
    • Rakuten GirlsAward 2019 AUTUMN/WINTER (September 2019, 9, Makuhari Messe)[220]
  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • 21st Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2015, 9, Yoyogi National Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium)[221]
    • takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSYU 2015 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (October 2015, 10,West Japan Exhibition Center(New building)[222]
    • TGC CAMPUS 2016 Spring Edition supported by beachwalkers. (May 2016, 5, alife)[223]
    • The 24th Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 SPRING / SUMMER (March 2017, 3, Yoyogi National Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium)[224]
    • 25rd Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2017, 9)Saitama Super Arena[225]
    • The 26th Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 SPRING / SUMMER (March 2018, 3,Yokohama Arena[226]
    • The 30th My Navi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 SPRING/SUMMER (February 2020, 2, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 29 Gymnasium)[227]
    • 31st Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN / WINTER ONLINE (September 2020, 9, Saitama Super Arena)[228]


Photo album

  • Innocent adult (December 2014, 12,Gentosha[229]
  • MAI STYLE (January 2015, 1,SHUFUNOTOMO) - Photo book[230].
  • Passport (February 2017, 2,Kodansha[231]
  • Mai Shiraishi Nogizaka46 Graduation Memorial Magazine (October 2020, 10, Kodansha)[232]

Magazine serialization

  • TEAR(September 2012, 9 --May 14, 2018, Tokuma Shoten) --Regular model[57][233].
  • Ray(March 2013, 3 --March 23, 2018, SHUFUNOTOMO) --Exclusive model[4][28].
    • Mai Shiraishi Doing it !! (December 2015, 12-)[234]

Related books

  • Mai Shiraishi x Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice x Ray Macaron Color NAIL BOOK (November 2015, 11, SHUFUNOTOMO)[235]
  • Noren of hair that can be cute (December 2015, 12, SHUFUNOTOMO)[236]
  • Makeup goodwill that makes you cute (December 2015, 12, SHUFUNOTOMO)[237]
  • CECIL McBEE 2017 SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION (April 2017, 4,Cecil McBee)-Image model[238].


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