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🧑‍🎨 | Limited Walkman, headphones and speakers designed by Tony Stark


Limited Walkman designed by Tony Stark, headphones and speakers

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Wireless speaker "SRS-XB23 / TS" It is waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof, and can be used not only around water but also in the sea and outdoors, so you can choose and engrave your favorite one from two types of designs.

Sony Marketing has "T ..." featuring Tony Stark's motif from MARVEL's "Iron Man". → Continue reading

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Wireless speaker

Wireless speakerIs not an audio cablehigh frequency(RF)Wireless communicationTo receive an audio signalspeaker.. The two most common wireless communication standards that support audio transmission to wireless speakers are:Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) And various standardsBluetoothIs[1].


The wireless speaker consists of two units, a main speaker unit with a speaker with an RF receiver installed and a transmitter unit. Transmitter isHi-fiFor devices, TVs, computers, mp3 players, etc.RCA terminalConnect with. The receiver is placed where the user wants the sound, and the wireless speaker is free to move without the use of cables. The receiver/speaker unit typically boosts the audio signal to the speakerAmplifierIs built in. Powered by either battery or AC electrical outlet[2].. The battery lasts 3 to 4 hours, and some wireless speakers run on rechargeable batteries.

The signal frequency range used in wireless speakers is generally the same as the signal frequency range (900 MHz) used in cordless phones. RF signals can pass through walls and floors/ceilings, and most manufacturers claim that the signals are transmitted in the 45-91 meter range. Many wireless speakers have a variable transmission channel that can be set using a tuning knob to overcome radio interference with other nearby wireless devices such as cordless phones and baby monitors. Bluetooth devices do not need to be in range of each other because they use wireless communication systems.

Different types of wireless speakers are designed to meet your specific needs. Stereo speakers can deliver both left and right stereo channels with one speaker. Specially designed for outdoor use, the speaker has a robust case and the manufacturer claims to be weatherproof. Home theaters use special speakers where only the rear speakers are wireless and the front speakers are wired.

Wireless speakers have received considerable criticism from high-end audiophiles for their potential for interference with other sources, such as cordless phones, and for their relatively poor sound quality on some models. Despite the criticism, wireless speakers have become popular with consumers and the number of products on the market is increasing. Especially small and portable wirelessBluetooth speakerモデル[3]Has become very popular among consumers.

Hybrid wireless speaker

From 2015 some wireless speakersVOIPHas a telephone function[4][5]

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