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🎥 | "007" personality villain actor Daniel Craig's birthday cake appeared in a transvestite


Appeared as a transvestite from the birthday cake of Daniel Craig, a personality villain actor of "007"

If you write the contents roughly
Daniel, who starred in five of the "007" series, said in a variety magazine interview video, "I remember you dressed as a woman, but there was something else." "Except that he came out of the birthday cake dressed like a bond girl.

Javier Bardem, who played the role of cyber terrorist in the movie "Skyfall: Original Motion Picture" (XNUMX), is Bonn ... → Continue reading


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Birthday cake

Birthday cake(Birthday cake) orbirthday cake(Tanjo cake) is19st centuryStarted in the middleWestern cultureAndbirthdayPrepare when celebratingcakeThat is.

Ancient romeIt is said that in those days, cakes made from nuts and honey were eaten on weddings and birthdays.[1].

ろ う そ く

Typically,ageAs many asろ う そ くPut in the cake and light the fire. this is18st centuryToGermanyBelieved to have begun in[1].

There are various theories about the relationship between candles and birthday cakes.

Greek origin theory
SakumotsukiIt is a story from a candle celebrating the birth of the moon goddess Artemis on the 6th of, but the story connected with the cake from it is unknown.[Source required].
Pagan origin theory
The use of fire in certain ceremonies dates back to the time the altar was created. Birthday candles were considered to have symbolic power[2].

Other than that, there are the following.

German origin theory
Swiss origin theory

Birthday cultures in other countries

RussiaWill serve a birthday pie with fruit.ChugokuThen, it ’s either Simplified Chinese (Simplified Chinese) orShou Tao Baoと 呼 ば れ るpeachSteamed sweets (Lotus envelope) Can be eaten. In Ghana,YamOto fried with mashed meat and eggs is eaten[1].


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Bond girl

Bond girl(Bond Girl) said, "007 series"ofmovies,Novel, Women appearing in game softwarecharacterGeneric term for. Published in 2021007/No Time To DieFromBondwomanCame to be used[1].


There is no clear definition of a bond girl, but both novels and moviesJames BondGirlfriends and women in the villainspyThere are many patterns in which Bond has a romantic feeling from the position of being hired by a villain, awakens to justice, and turns over.Other than that,MI6There are some women who are dispatched from Bond's assistant and a female agent of another intelligence agency who pursues the same enemy, and finally fall in love with Bond.上司Mの秘書である中年女性のA middle-aged woman who is the secretary of her boss MMoneypennyIs not defined as a Bond girl because Bond has no romantic feelings.

Ursula Andress(Honey Rider) (1962) is widely regarded as the first Bond girl. Second personDaniela Bianchi, The third Goldfinger (3)Honor BlackmanAppeared and impressed the women and the audience who regularly appear in Bond movies.

For many Bond girls, there have been many attempts to create a top 10 list for the entire series.Frequently appearing characters on these lists include Anya Amasova (The Spy Who Loved Me Barbara Bach), Pussy Galore (Goldfinger: Honor Blackman), and Contessa Teresa (Her Majesty's Queen 007).Diana Rigg), Often there are honey riders (Dr. Noo Ursula Andress) and others on the list.Entertainment Weekly pays attention to "Bond Swimwear"Halle BerryOrange bikini (Die Another Day, 2002) and so on.

Some of the actresses who played were appointed as actresses and models who were not internationally famous.The policy was to appoint a beautiful woman who left an impression on the audience rather than the name, and the voice actor dubbed the lines to eliminate pronunciation errors and accents.[Annotation 1]..In many cases, attractive and glamorous actresses were chosen.その一方、近年ではOn the other hand, in recent yearsSophie Marceau,Halle Berry,Michelle YeohBig actresses such as are also actively appearing.Even if he is treated as a supporting character, he is often noticed because of his good looks, and appearing is regarded as a "great honor" for the actress.

Successive bond girls

Bond girl only in the original

Title of workName
Moon LakerGala brand
Rare fish Hilde brandLiz Crest
Rose and pistolMary Ann Russell
The spy who loved meVivienne Michel
The owner is a womanMaria Freudenstein
Escape BerlinTrigger (KGB Sniper)

Eon Productions

Title of work (release year)Role nameactress
007 Doctor Noo (1962)Honey Chile (Honey) RiderSwiss flag Ursula Andress
Silvia TrenchBritish flag Eunice Gayson
Miss TallowBritish flag Zena Marshall
007 With love from Russia (1963)Tatiana RomanovaItalian flag Daniela Bianchi
Silvia TrenchBritish flag Eunice Gayson[Annotation 2]
VidaBritish flag Aliza Gur
ZoraJamaica flag Martine Beswick
007 Gold Finger (1964)Pussy GaloreBritish flag Honor Blackman
Jill MastersonBritish flag Shirley Eaton
Tilly MastersonBritish flag
DinkUnited States flag
007 Thunderball Operation (1965)Dominique (domino) DurvalFrench flag Claudine Auger
Fiona VolpeItalian flag Luciana Paluzzi
Paula CaplanJamaica flag Martine Beswick[Annotation 3]
Patricia FearingBritish flag
007 は 二度 死 ぬ (1967)AkiJapanese flag Eiko Wakabayashi
Kissy SuzukiJapanese flag Mie Hama
RinRepublic of China flag Tsai Chin[Annotation 4]
Helga BrandtGerman flag Karin Dor
Her Majesty the Queen 007 (1969)Tracy (Teresa) di VincenzoBritish flag Diana Rigg
Ruby BartlettBritish flag
007 diamonds are forever (1971)Tiffany CaseUnited States flag Jill St. John
Plenty OtourUnited States flag Lana Wood
マ リ ーFrench flag
007 They are the ones who die (1973)SolitaireBritish flag Jane Seymour
Rosie CalverUnited States flag Gloria Hendry
Miss CalzoBritish flag
007 Man with a golden gun (1974)Mary good nightSwedish flag Britt Ekland
Andrea AndersSwedish flag Maud Adams
007 Spy who loved me (1977)Anya Amasova (Agent XXX)United States flag Barbara Bach
NaomiBritish flag Caroline Munro
007 moon laker (1979)Dr. Holly GoodheadUnited States flag Lois Chiles
Colin DufourFrench flag Corinne Cléry
ManuelaBritish flag
007 Your Eyes Only (1981)Melina HavelockFrench flag Carole Bouquet
Bibi DahlUnited States flag Lynn-Holly Johnson
Countess RisleAustralian flag Cassandra Harris
007 Octopussy (1983)OctopathySwedish flag Maud Adams[Annotation 5]
MagdaSwedish flag Kristina Wayborn
007 beautiful prey (1985)Stacy SuttonUnited States flag Tanya Roberts
MaydayJamaica flag Grace Jones
Kimberley Jones
Paula IvanovaBritish flag Fiona Fullerton
007 Living Daylights (1987)Carla MilovyBritish flag Maryam d'Abo
リ ン ダ
007 License to Kill (1989)Pam BouvierUnited States flag Carey Lowell
Rupe RamoraUnited States flag Talisa Soto
007 Golden Eye (1995)Natalya SimonovaPolish flag Isabella Scorupco
Xenia OnatoppDutch flag Famke Janssen
CarolineBritish flag
007 Tomorrow Never Die (1997)Wei LinMalaysia flag Michelle Yoh
Paris CarverUnited States flag Teri Hatcher
Inga Bergstorm
007 World Is Not Enough (1999)Electra KingFrench flag Sophie Marceau
Christmas JonesUnited States flag Dennis Richards
Dr. Molly Worm FlashBritish flag Serena Scott Thomas
007 Die Another Day (2002)Jacinta (Jinx) JohnsonUnited States flag Halle Berry
Miranda FrostBritish flag Rosamund Pike
Peacel Fountain of DesignBritish flag
007 Casino Royale (2006)Vesper LyndFrench flag Eva green
SolangeItalian flag Caterina Murino
007 Comfort reward (2008)CamilleUkrainian flag Olga Kurylenko
Strawberry FieldsBritish flag Gemma Arterton
007 Skyfall (2012)SeverinFrench flag Berenice Marlowe
MBritish flag Judy Dench
007 Specter (2015)ル チ アItalian flag Monica Bellucci
Madeleine SwannFrench flag Rare Seydou
007 No Time To Die (2021)Madeleine SwannFrench flag Rare Seydou
PalomaCuban flag Ana de Armas

Extra edition

Title of work (release year)Role nameactress
Casino Royale (1954) TV versionValerie MatisseMexican flag Linda Christian
007 Casino Royale (1967)Vesper LyndSwiss flag Ursula Andress
Mata BondBritish flag Joanna Pettet
"The Detainer"Israeli flag
MimiBritish flag Deborah Kerr
Miss Good ThingBritish flag Jacqueline bisset
Never Say Never Again (1983)Domino PetacciUnited States flag Kim Basinger
Fatima BlushNicaragua flag Barbara Carrera
Fortunately and glory-London Olympics opening ceremony- (2012)Elizabeth IIBritish flag Elizabeth II(Person)[2]

Actress gallery

Bond girls preferred by James Bond

According to a survey published in the journal "Sex Roles", a survey of 007 female characters appearing in the first to twentieth films of the movie "1 Series" revealed that 20 were "sexual" with James Bond. They had "contacts", 195 had "strong" contacts, and 98 had only "mild" contacts such as kisses.分析により、以下の結果が明らかにされたThe analysis revealed the following results:[3][4]..Only a part will be posted.

  • The average age is estimated to be 26 years.
  • Three-quarters are white, 8% Asian, and 7% black.There were a handful of Arabs and Native Americans.
  • Those who have a sexual relationship are younger, slimmer and more attractive than those who do not, and tend not to wear glasses.
  • hair colorFor 40% black hair, 19% brown, 9% red hairblondeIs 27%, and dark hair is more likely to be intimate.
  • Long hair accounted for 18% and short hair 22%, but long hair tends to have more sexual relationships.

Also, as a recent trend, hair is getting shorter and it is not possible to choose a partner.This survey was led by a professor.

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注 釈

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  3. ^ Appeared in a different role from "With love from Russia".
  4. ^ Forty years later, he made a cameo appearance in "Casino Royale" as Madame Wu.
  5. ^ Appeared in a different role from "The Man with the Golden Gun".Only Adams played the Bond girl in the protagonist class twice.After this, he made a cameo appearance in "A View to a Kill", making it the most appearance in Bond girls.In addition, Bond girl holds the record of the oldest appearance in history at 38 years old.


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