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🎥 | Even beginners of horror are okay! "Ushikubimura" scary cute notice Official character Ushikubi also appeared

Photo Movie "Ushikubi Village" Official Character Ushikubi-chan (C) 2022 "Ushikubi Village" Production Committee

Even beginners of horror are okay! "Ushikubimura" scary cute notice Official character Ushikubi also appeared

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The cute Ushikubi-chan, who takes a selfie with a finger heart, adds color to the scary and cute image.

From the movie "Ushikubi Village" starring Koki, the official movie character "Ushikubi-chan" appears on YouTube ... → Continue reading

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Finger heart

Finger heartIs a hand gesture that became popular in Korea in the 2010s and spread to Japan.By crossing the thumb and index finger to form a heart shape, it is further reminiscent of an invisible heart.[1].

G-DRAGON(BIG BANG) And(Korean version)(INFINITE) Is mentioned as the K-POP artist who made this gesture popular.

Until the appearance of the finger heart, it is common to use the palms of both hands to make a small heart or to hold both arms over the head to express a big heart, and the gesture to make a heart shape like this is Seen all over the world.However, especially since the finger heart originated in Korea, it is also called Korean Finger in English-speaking countries.[Source required].

Finger hearts are pervasive between K-POP stars and fans in South Korea, and this thumb and index finger gesture is very common.[2]..In addition, due to the popularity of K-POP and the popularity of Korean dramas, finger hearts are not only spreading throughout Asia, but are also spreading all over the world as one of the Korean cultures.

Apparel makerThe North FaceEmphasized the thumb and index fingers that make up the finger heart in red during the 2018 Pyeongchang OlympicsMittensReleased[3].

In 2021, the finger heart was added to Unicode, the standard for character encoding, as a "hand that crosses the index finger and thumb" (U + 1FAF0).[4].

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