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📺 | Mayu Hotta x Honami Suzuki co-star with boss and subordinates in special drama "Wooden Straw" for the first time in 4 years

Photo Co-starring in the special drama "Wooden Straw" (from left) Honami Suzuki, Mayu Hotta (C) Fuji TV

Mayu Hotta x Honami Suzuki co-star with boss and subordinates in special drama "Wooden Straw" for the first time in 4 years

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The SDGs-related program "Wooden Straw" will be broadcast on Fuji TV (Kanto Local) at 2:26 on February 15th.

The special drama "Wooden Straw" starring Mayu Hotta and co-starring Honami Suzuki will be released on Fuji TV 2 ... → Continue reading

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Kanto local

Kanto localWhat is (Kanto Local)?Kanto regionRefers to things that are limited to.

Kanto local products

What used to be a Kanto local product
Products with extremely low name recognition and distribution volume outside the Kanto region

Kanto local chain store

supermarketMany are unique to each region, and Kanto is no exception.

Kanto local newspaper

For newspapers, in addition to the Kanto region, almost the entire area of ​​Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures (some areWestern regionOnly the part edited by the Nagoya head office is sold) ・NaganoIs also a sales area (Niigata Prefecture is said to have many categories in the Hokuriku and Tohoku areas).

Chunichi Shinbun Tokyo HeadquartersIssue.Chunichi ShimbunShare some articles with (international, Sunday edition, etc.).In the four southern Kanto prefecturesEvening paperThere is also.Not yet released in Yamanashi, Nagano, and western Shizuoka (Nagano)CITIC-Nanshin, The Chunichi Shimbun is on sale in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture, and the Chunichi Shimbun and the Tokyo Shimbun are sold together in the central and eastern parts of Shizuoka Prefecture).
The newspaper originated in Osaka,1950/Established a system as a national newspaper by advancing into Tokyo.2002/Tokyo issue only at the end of MarchEvening paperWas abolished and switched to the morning edition monopoly paper.While the market share is high in the Kanto region, it is significantly different from other national newspapers in the Kanto region.
Chunichi SportsKanto version of. On page 2, there is a small advertisement saying "If you go to Nagoya, Chunichi Sports".On the other hand, Chunichi Sports has an advertisement on page 2 of "If you go to Tokyo, Tokyo Chunichi Sports".Sales areas are Kanto region and Shizuoka prefecture (Western partexcept).
KodanshaPublished by the group "Daily Hyundai Co., Ltd."Japan Newspaper AssociationNot a member of.KinkiBut issued,Tokai prefectureInChubu Keizai ShimbunIs issued by consignment.
Sokoku Shimbun(Sankei Shimbun) Is published by the evening newspaper.Also published in the Kinki region, the birthplace of the Sankei Shimbun.
It boasts the largest circulation in Japan for evening newspapers.In the Kinki region, "Osaka Sports"Chukyo 3 prefecturesas well as the Western ShizuokaThen "Chukyo Sports",furtherKyushu regionThen "Kyushu SportsWith the title of "Morning newspaperissue.
Although it is a sports newspaper that originated in Kansai,1955/Advance into Kanto.Tokyo head office version1975/The evening edition was also published under the title of "Evening Daily",2009/May 11As a result, the evening edition of the Tokyo head office version was suspended.

Kanto local magazine

Kanto local TV program

Kanto wide area OfTV station,Radio stations, All over KantoIndependent UHF station(Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba Television Broadcast,Gunma TVEtc.) and broadcast on radio stations, etc.Local showOften refers to.However, in the broadcasting industry, programs produced by Kanto key stations are often referred to as "Kanto local", including programs that are treated as local sales. In this case, the programs themselves can be seen in other regions.This item deals with the former.

Kanto wide-area TV stations have many programs that are broadcast nationwide.Key stationBut in the truest senseNationwide broadcasting(All domestic市町村It cannot be said that it is in a state where it can be received at the same time.For example, casters reading national news often read Kanto local news as they are.Because of this, I was born and raised in the Kanto region and other regions (especiallyCommercial broadcastCan be received atTerrestrial waveThose who have never lived in (areas with 4 stations or less) can also use Kanto local programs and commercials.Nationwide broadcastingYou may have the illusion that it is being done, especially for terrestrial broadcasting.AnimeMost prominently seen in. Since it is said that "terrestrial animation can be seen almost completely in the Kanto area," it has become virtually "terrestrial animation is almost Kanto local."However, "Glass fleetAnd 'Ani Ani Land"Inside"Binchotan], Etc. on the way in KantoCensoredThere are also works, and even if all the works are seen, not all the stories can be seen as in other regions (both).Kansai localUntil the final episode was broadcast).The special feature of the evening news in the latter half of 18:XNUMX is basically local to the Kanto region, but in the case of reporting a serious incident, the latter half part may be broadcast even at affiliated stations.Besides thisBack-feedSome programs are handled and are not broadcast even at key stations (such as 5-minute mini-programs).

2000 eraFrom the latter halfNippon TVAs in the case, it is becoming more common to take up Kanto local programs or produce parodies on national net programs.Therefore, programs that can only be viewed in the Kanto region ("Radical''The Nonfiction』, Etc.) However, there are cases where only the name recognition of the program name is in the national district (in the case of production such as each station in Osaka, only the program name of the Kansai local may be given, and similar cases can be seen). ..In addition, he is in charge of the Kanto local weather forecast for "FNN Super News".Ryozumi IshiharaOften on national internet programsWeather forecasterThere is also a phenomenon that the name recognition as a weather forecaster is improved by being taken up as.

The selection is quite different from ordinary talent, and it is very popular.An actor,actress,Voice actor,singerThere are many things that appointed, and I always see entertainers on some programs every day.In addition, a variety program was broadcast on a trial basis at midnight, and the popular program was broadcast.Nationwide netIn many cases, it expands to ("If you can meet in a dream''Cooking heaven"Such).There is also a special circumstance that there are many people involved in entertainment and television, especially in Tokyo. Key stations have been involved in production since the 2010sInternet distribution programIs increasing in the number of cases where terrestrial broadcasting is performed only in the Kanto area.

Kanto region(Ogasawara IslandsEtc.)Haneda airport,Tokyo StationIt is also a feature that many travel programs are produced by taking advantage of the development of the transportation network centered onA small trip''Traveling along the way''Small walk''Traveling beauty"Such).Within the Kanto areasunlight,Chichibu,Kawagoe,Hakone,Yokohama,Kamakura,MizugoFamous such as(I.e.And they are generallyTrainYou can go on a day trip using.

As for radio programs, the band wide programs from morning to evening are mostly local broadcasts, and the person in charge of the band programs does not appear in other media so much, so only the name is often known in other areas.

The local programs currently being broadcast are as follows.

Below, the channels of the master station of terrestrial digital broadcasting are arranged, and the same channels are arranged in the order of the Japanese syllabary.Key stationOther than what is online (BS digitalDoes not include).However,Obi programExcludes those that are online only on specific days of the week.

NHK Broadcast Center

NHK Broadcast Center,Category: NHK regional programsSee also

After March 2020, online distributionNHK PlusでJapan全国You can watch it at.

Nippon TV

Nippon Television Network,Category: NTV local programsSee also

TV Asahi

TV Asahi,Category: TV Asahi Local ProgramsSee also


TBS TV,Category: TBS Local ProgramsSee also

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Category: Local program of TV TOKYOSee also

Fuji Television Network, Inc

Fuji Television,Category: Fuji TV local programsSee also

Kanto local radio program

In recent years, there are 3 AM stations in TokyoTBS Radio(TBS)Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.(QR)Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.The percentage of daytime and nighttime wide programs that have been broadcast locally in the Kanto region, centered on (LF), is increasing to some areas other than the Kanto region (mainly on Saturdays and Sundays).

Broadcasting of professional baseball day games for baseball teams in Tokyo is a prefectural FM stationFM NACK5(head office:Saitama) Is not implemented, and it is only broadcast as a special program several times a year (other regional stations broadcast the day game in which each district team participates).

TBS Radio

From the 2010 season, night game broadcast slots on Saturdays and Sundays (title is "TBS Radio Excite Baseball』) Was abolished and changed to the same organization as in the winter (nighter off period) ("Radio vaudeville] Is still limited to the night game off period, so the organization of the night game period is not exactly the same). Weekdays in 2017プロ野球中継Was abolished, and the program organization was unified in all seasons.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.

  • Makoto Otake Golden Radio!
  • Culture Broadcast Lions Nighter-Bunka Broadcast Home Run Nighter(The net reception of the baseball team game in Osaka is produced by ABC on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and MBS production on Friday. From the 2010 season, the Saturday version of "Home Run Nighter" will start the main net to some local stations other than Kanto. Until 2017, it was produced in-house regardless of the venue on weekdays, but from 2018, HBC, TBC, CBC, ABC (Tuesday-Thursday), MBS (Friday), RCC (to supplement the withdrawal of baseball broadcasting on TBS Radio) Back-sending) ・ Mutual tie-up with RKB. From 2019, Home Run Nighter will shift to irregular broadcasting in the Kanto area, and only back-sending of net stations will be produced)

Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.

  • Nippon Broadcasting Show-up Nighter(The net reception of the baseball team match in Osaka is MBS production on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, ABC production on Friday. The main net is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for local stations other than Kanto. Except for the in-house production, it was supposed to be received online from CBC / HBC / RKB, which is treated as JRN alone only when promoted from a spare card. Since the withdrawal of baseball broadcasting on TBS Radio in 2018, JRN series (Mutual tie-up with the station is in full swing)

Radio Japan

Radio JapanIs an independent station, so it does not have a network, but some mini-programs may be sold online to AM stations in Tokai and Kinki.

Ibaraki Broadcasting

Ibaraki BroadcastingAlthough it belongs to the network, most of it is an original program produced locally in Ibaraki.

Tochigi Broadcasting

Tochigi Broadcasting TheNRNAlthough it belongs to, most of them are Tochigi local in-house produced programs.NRN is used for professional baseball night game broadcasts and late-night broadcast slots.

Kanto local commercial

In this item, 5 key stations (Nippon TV,TV Asahi,TBS TV,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Fuji Television Network, Inc) Will be picked up.

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