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🎥 | "Umizaru" "Lesson of the Evil" Hideaki Ito's trained muscles can be enjoyed

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"Umizaru" "Lesson of the Evil" Hideaki Ito's trained muscles can be enjoyed

If you write the contents roughly
However, its true nature is a role with two sides, a psycho killer who does not hesitate to murder for the purpose.

Tonight, the movie "Memoirs of a Murderer in the 22nd Year-I'm the Murderer-" is on the "Friday Road Show" (NTV / every Friday at 21:XNUMX) ... → Continue reading

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Psycho killer

Psycho killer(English: Psycho killer)psychopath(Antisocial personality disorder) Etc.MurdererOrPleasure murderrepeatKillerThat thing.It also refers to criminals who commit murder in an intelligent way or for their own reasons.

horror filmIt is sometimes said that bizarre murders occur frequently due to such influences,2008/ OfAmericaExperiments in Japan have proven irrelevant.In addition, horror moviesSuspense movie,Splatter movieThe murderer that appears in the above also falls into the category of psycho killer.

A person who is said to be a real psycho killer

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