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🎥 | Unknown secret story ... Tears in the famous scene of the morning drama "Come Come" bicycle

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 62th – (C) NHK

Unknown secret story ... Tears in the famous scene of the morning drama "Come Come" bicycle

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In the 62nd session, Rui (Fukatsu), who opened the Imagawayaki shop, was lucky enough to take over the bicycle while searching for a job that Joe (Lock Ichiro, Joe Odagiri) could do nothing but play the trumpet. rice field.

In the 28nd NHK TV series "Come Come Everybody" broadcast on the 62th, the scene about bicycles climbed ... → Continue reading

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Odagiri Joe

Joe Odagiri(1976/May 2[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン.. Real name:Joe Odagiri[3].OkayamaTsuyamaBackground[1].Dull cow clubAffiliation[2].Joe Odagiri,OdagiriMay be abbreviated as[4]..From the debut to the start of "Kamen Rider Kuuga", the Chinese character "Odagiri Joe" was used.Wifeactress OfYu Kashii.Film directorIs also active.



Since he was a single-mother family, he grew up in a movie theater when he was a child.This is an opportunity to become a movie director[5].

Transferred to Tsuyama City Higashi Elementary School in the sixth grade of elementary school[6]..Tsuyama City Higashi Elementary School[7][8], Tsuyama City Hokuryo Junior High School[9],Okayama Prefecture Sakuyo High School[10] graduation.I passed the Faculty of Science and Engineering of a national university and came to the front of the gate to pay the entrance fee, but I explained to my mother that I wanted to use this money for study abroad and gave up admission.

California State University FresnoStudy abroad in.Initially I was planning to major in the production course, but I majored in drama due to a mistake in filling out the application form.[3]..Then take a leave of absence.  


In 1999, he made his debut as an actor on the stage "DREAM OF PASSION".

2000 era

2000/から2001/Broadcasted up to, "Kamen Rider KuugaIs selected by audition as the main character, Yusuke Godai.Since he was a child, he was unfamiliar with special effects programs, and he said, "I became an actor because I wanted to do a realistic play, so I don't want to do special effects."Naruki TakajiIn response to Kodera's persuasionSelection(Coming)Was done[11].

2003/Public movie "Akarai Mirai』Played the first starring,Cannes International Film FestivalIt was officially exhibited in.This work,Japanese Film Professional AwardWon the work award and Odagiri himself won the leading actor award.

2004/Public movie "Blood and bones] InBeat takeshiHe played Park Takeshi, the son of Joon-pyong Kim.Although the appearance time in this movie was extremely short, he played mainly in the extreme fight scene with Beat Takeshi, and in the same year in JapanMovie awardsWon many awards for supporting actors.

2005/Public movie "Operetta Tanuki Goten] InZhang ZiyiCo-starred with. "Maison de Himiko] Inゲ イPlayed the youth of, and won multiple actor awards in the leading role following the previous year.

2007/Filmed "Sakura people" by his own script and director.38thRotterdam International Film FestivalIt was exhibited at (DVD released in 2009).

2007/May 12, Of the actressYu KashiiAnnounced their marriage and held a press conference together.movie"Pavilion Sansho FishThe co-starring in 』was the trigger for dating[12].. Next day2008/, 2 birthdaysMay 2Submitted a marriage registration to[13].

2010 era

2010/May 9The pregnancy of the first child was reported in2011/Birth of a boy in February[14].

2014/In April, the second son, the second child, was born.However, the second son was just after his first birthday.2015/Strangulation in AprilIleusDied by[15][16].

2015/,Western painter OfTsuguharu FujitaThe leading work that played "FOUJITA", But 28 timesTokyo International Film FestivalListed in the competition section[17].

2016/The third son was born in August[18].

2018/, The movie "ErnestoIt takes about half a year forSpanishとBoliviaLearn the dialect ofJapanese BolivianRevolutionaryFreddy Maemura UltardPlayed[19].

2019/, The first feature film director's work with his own original script[20]"A boatman's storyIs the 76thVenice International Film FestivalSelected for the Venice Days category[21]..At the same film festival, the work "Saturday fictionWas elected to the competition category[22].. "The Story of a Boatman" won the Best Film Award in the International Competition section of the 56th Antalya Film Festival (Turkey)[23].. 34stTakasaki Film FestivalWon the Horizont Award at[24].

2020 era

2021/May 1, Directed by Odagiri at the "Tsuyama International Environmental Film Festival"A boatman's storyWas screened.After the screening, elementary school classmatesKawamoto JunichiAnd gave a talk show by remote work[8].. localTsuyamaThis is my first time to work at[25].

September, NHK drama "Oliver dog, (Gosh !!) This Yarrow』In charge of the script and direction of the serial drama[26].


Hobbies & Skills



  • Comedy combination in elementary schoolDeputy manager OfKawamoto JunichiAnd classmates[8][29]..Kawamoto says, "Odagiri was the most popular class, and I was the second most popular."
  • In junior high school, comedian group bandSuper ShinjukuTiger FukudaAnd classmates[30][31] So, Odagiri is participating in Fukuda's wedding ceremony.[32].
  • His own success work, "Kamen Rider KuugaWas the producerNaruki TakajiAnd, friendship continues even after the program ends. "HYPER HOBBY PLUS In an interview with "vol.5" (2008), he was a co-star of "Kuuga".Katsuyama ShingoTalks about interacting with the cast of "Kuuga" including Odagiri.Also,2008/Attended the "Kuuga" Alumni Association held in August[33],2009/In November, he played the role of his younger sister in "Kuuga".Chisaki WakanaParticipated as a "big bird" in the speech at the wedding ceremony[34] However, Takadera produced for the first time after transferring to Kadokawa, "Daimajin Kanon』In the final episode, he made a special appearance in the role of Mashizaki Fugue.


  • In a simple profile such as a magazine, "Kamen Rider KuugaThe reason why it is not posted is, "Strictly speaking, it is not a debut work, so such special treatment is not possible. When it comes to posting" Kuuga ", there will be other works that must be posted."[11] It has said.There was also a profile, and it was rumored that "Kuuga" was "not" in Odagiri, but2015/May 10Denied that on the radio that appeared in[35]..In addition, Kuuga is described in the profile of the affiliated office from the beginning.
  • movies"The Truth About My Way 12,000 Kilometers』In the marathon runner to make a roleMari TanigawaHave the form correctedHiroshi HiroshiWas practicing with[36].
  • One year before appearing in "Kuuga", "Emergency Squadron Go Go Five』Also auditioned, the staff asked me to make a makeover pose, and Odagiri refused, so I was rubbed and sent off.[37].




TV drama

original video

  • TERRORS Yamiyo ~ DARKNESS ~ (January 2001, Fuji TV Video Planning Department, DVD work) --Shinichi Goto

Web drama


  • Men who want to be naked now ~ Joe Odagiri 27 years old Art heart ~ (November 2003, 11,Digital BS Hi)
  • Passion continent(Daily broadcast on December 2005, 9)
  • world Heritage Third Narrator (October 3-March 2005,TBS) - Narration
  • Michio Hoshino Alaska Star-like Story (Sensitivity / Thinking / Hope) (2006, Digital BS Hi) --Narration
  • God's Billiard-Philippines-One Cue That Changed Fate- (November 1, 2011, NHK) --Narration
  • Movie "The World's Oldest Cave Mural 3D Forgotten Dream Memories" (March 2012, 3, Star Sands, Bitters End) --Narration
  • Witness! Japanese archipelago Still, I throw ~ Softball, pitcher Yukiko Ueno ~ (December 2012, 12, NHK) --Narration
  • Traveling music BS Fuji --Navigator
    • 2013st (March 3, 30)
    • 2013nd (September 9, 28)
    • 2014rd (March 3, 29)
    • 2014th (September 9, 27)
    • Cuba (August 2015, 8)
    • Peru edition (August 2016, 8)
  • Last Days "Shintaro Katsu x Joe Odagiri" (May 2014, 5, NHK) --Navigator
  • 130th Anniversary of Birth Tsuguharu Fujita Exhibition -Paintings Connecting East and West- (April 2016, 4-September 29) -Audio Guide
  • Ikimonogakari Kiyoe Yoshioka Portrait (December 2016, 12, NHK) --Narrative
  • NHK Special Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Poet Magic Words (December 2016, 12, NHK) -Reading
  • National Treasure Genji Monogatari Emaki (8K Super Hi-Vision Production) (March 2017, 3, NHK) --Narrative
  • NHK Special The real image of half-gray antisocial forces(July 2019, 7, NHK) --Narrative
  • NHK Special "Hong Kong Upheaval Record-The Whereabouts of Citizens and" Freedom "-" (October 2020, 10, NHK) --Narrative
  • Tetsu Nakamura's voice can be heard (December 2020, 12, NHK) --Narrative
  • NHK Special "Chase" Corona Crime "" (April 2021, 4, NHK) --Narrative


  • Weekly BS Digital Magazine(December 2000-December 12, 2003, BS Fuji)
  • 8 timesSportsman No. 1 deciding match(February 2001, 3, TBS)
  • Extra !! LOL big problem(October 2001, 4-March 2, 2002,Nippon TV affiliate)
  • Joe Odagiri's Great Tokyo Travel House (August 2001, 8-April 4, 2002, Travelers TV)
  • Namidame (October 2001, 10-March 3, 2002, TV TOKYO)
  • Joe Odagiri Birthday Special "Tongue" (February 2002, 2, Travelers TV)
  • Joe Odagiri returns to his second home, Fresno (March 2002-3, 17, Travelers TV)
  • WINNER'S BOOTH (May 2002, 5-September 3, 2002, Travelers TV)
  • Joe Odagiri's Korean Picture Diary (May 2002, 5-June 31, Travelers TV)
  • Joe Odagiri Memories of New York (January 2003-1, 6, Travelers TV)
  • Shofukutei Tsurubin's Sit TV (December 2015, 12, Mainichi Broadcasting System) -Narration
  • All power! Weakness times(November 2016, 11, November 4, 2017, July 11, 24, Fuji TV)
  • Creators File GOLD(June 2021, 6, Netflix) -Episode 3 "Nursery Rhymes Poet Ishimaru Tsuwano"[62]

Liberal Arts Program

  • Musica Piccolyno(4th term) (April 2016, 4-August 8, NHK)-Doctor Joe[63]
    • Musica Piccolyno (Special Edition-Arena Departure-) (October 2017, 10-October 6, NHK)-Doctor Joe




  • Runner (1999)
  • SLAPSTICKS (2003)

Theater animation

Web anime


Music video

  • Joe Odagiri "i don't know" (October 2006, 10 "WHITE")
  • Inoue Yosui"No umbrella" (July 2008, 7 "Playing Narrative Passion")
  • ANA "WEST" (from the original short movie "Disciplinary Dismissal" recorded on the Maison de Himiko DVD)
  • Ohashi TrioIt should be "a trio alone" ... "Find the real Ohashi trio" (February 1)
  • Selfish"Taxi Song" (September 2014, 9 "Pandora")
  • never young beach"Nankasa" (November 2017, 11 "Green Music" spin-off movie)

Directed work




Song offer

  • "Zece Prajinized" --- Arbitrarily selfish album "Pandora" (September 2014, 9,UK.PROJECT)
  • "Jellyfish Syndrome"-Movie "The White Girl" (December 2018, 12, Kino Films)

Guest participation

  • "GET OFF STAND UP" Naoyuki Hisanaga Album "Black Cat Murder Case (2008)" (October 10, 22, CITY RECORDS-indiesmusic)


  • "Sad and unable to finish-"Patchugi! Soundtrack" (January 2005, 1,Sony Music Direct)
  • "Love Carbonated Water" "Korean Waka" "Larabai of Sacred Peak / Karasuyama"-"Operetta Tanuki Goten Original Soundtrack" (May 2005, 5, Toho Music)
  • "Mother's Teaching Song"-"Maison de Himiko The Original Soundtrack of" La Maison de Himiko "" (August 2005, 8,Warner Music Japan)


  • Joe Odagiri Sweater Book (2000, NIHON VOGUE)
  • Live-action Joe Odagiri Photobook (2000, XNUMXByblos)
  • Odagi Rhythm (2001,Art publisher)
  • four years ago (2006, Little More)



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