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🎥 | Fo-Yu-Yuki Koshioka First appearance in the movie First starring "Johnny's unofficially recommended group" feat?

Yuki Koshioka, who starred in the photo movie for the first time

Fo-Yu-Yuki Koshioka First appearance in the movie First starring "Johnny's unofficially recommended group" feat?

If you write the contents roughly
Ryuta Muro (32), Sho Takada (28), Takuto Teranishi (27), Yoshitaka Hara (26) and juniors of Johnny's actor frame gather on the side.

Yuki Koshioka (4) of Johnny's 35-member group, Fo-Yu, will release the movie "Don't Grate Maku!" (Scheduled to be released in 2023. Shimizu ... → Continue reading

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Sho Takada

Sho Takada(Let's go1993 May 9[2] -) is JapaneseAn actor.

TokyoBackground[2].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


2004 Debuted as a child actor[3],Troupe four seasons Ofmusical"ラ イ オ ン キ ン グAppear in[4]Until 2007, belonged to another office[5].. July 2007, 12[1]ToJohnny's OfficeI auditioned for and became a lesson student, and auditioned on the same day[6]2008 October termTV drama"battery』Selected as a quasi-leading actor[5]..In December of the same year, "Scary story that was really Played the leading role in the summer special edition 2008 "Spiral of Abandoned Houses"[5].

As Johnny's Jr.Hey! Say! JUMP,Kis-My-Ft2,ABC-ZI will accompany you on the tour as a back dancer[6], In 2015, he appeared in 5 special dramas, and is mainly active as an actor.[5].

2017 , Musical "Finding Mr. DESTINY ~ Find your first love. 』First starring on the stage[7].

2021 On April 4, a single page was opened on Johnny's official website and graduated from Johnny's Jr.[8].


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注 釈

  1. ^ New coronavirusThe performance from February 2th to March 28st was canceled due to the spread of the infection.[42].


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