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🧑‍🎨 | The most lottery of "meiji" is a big hit!Goods that look just like sweets Exquisite cuteness.


The first lottery of "meiji" is a big hit!Goods that look just like sweets Exquisite cuteness.

If you write the contents roughly
With a package design pocket, you can store a blanket in it and it will turn into a cushion.

The sweets of "meiji" will appear for the first time in "Ichiban Kuji" without losing. From January 2022, 1, Fami ... → Continue reading

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Package design

Package design (packaging design) IsFood-Beverage-Daily necessitiesIncluding包装-containerRequiresProductsThe product characteristics andConcept-UsabilityEtc.,graphic,formTheplan-Verification・Device (Design) What to do.

the purpose

Usability and the product品質To keepConstruction such asPracticalNot only the aspect, but also the way the product looks when displayed in stores and the product concept for the target.sizzleThe method of expression is planned and verified from all angles, with a focus on graphics.

distribution,EconomyDevelopedneedsDiversifiedmodern societyIn the package, the package of the consumerPerceptionToeffectToInformation technologyAnd that本質Not only accurately expressing the attractiveness of the product, but also the situations and lifestyles in which the product is used.Added valueNew proposals such asculture-ValuesIt also plays a role in creating.

Package design is the largest value medium that can convey brand value, and some companies specialize in package design as a touch point that plays an important role in forming the brand image of products and services.


graphic designAs a field ofグ ラ フ ィ ッ ク デ ザ イ ナ ーIn many cases, but as a containerThree-dimensionalmoldingIf there are many elements ofProduct designerMay be involved. Also, even if it is a design of the outer box that is mainly graphic and is relatively simple as a three-dimensional object,POP,furnitureLike XNUMXD design, it is also called XNUMXD design (in this caseProduct designHas a different meaning).

The target products areCM-News (Chinese)-magazineSuch astroutAdsAndPoster・SP (sales promotion) tools ・POP ・WEBSuch as advertising in various media and the product itselfPlanning-development ofTocreatorThere are also cases whereMedia mix-Cross mediaLike every媒体Cooperated and fusedimageThe present day when values ​​and values ​​are built,IconAnd is part of the productPackage designAlso inCreative director,art directorThe role of has become important.

Package components







In the process of package design,Graphic software-DTPAnd in some casesCADAre also used. Due to this, the actual size of the finished product is assumed.dummyWill be produced and will be verified and examined.

Proper packaging

In order to limit excessive packaging such as raised bottoms, each municipality and industry group has set certain standards for the space ratio and the packaging cost ratio.

Flexible package

Light packaging using bags, etc. in consideration of waste disposal and recycling. Demand is increasing because it is environmentally friendly and low cost.


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