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🎥 | Hayato Isomura, Kasumi Arimura nods deeply to his "capricious" remarks, "There is something."


Isomura Hayato, Kasumi Arimura nods deeply to his "capricious" remarks, "There is something."

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This work is a live-action version of the manga of the same name by Masahito Kagawa and Toji Tsukishima.

The public commemorative stage greeting of the movie "Zenkamono" (released on January 1) was held in Tokyo on the 28th, Kasumi Arimura, Go Morita, Hayato Isomura ... → Continue reading

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Cartoon of the same name

Tsukishima Toji

Toji Tsukishima(Tsukishima Toji,1964/May 12 -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.FukuokaFukuoka CityI'm fromKyushu Sangyo UniversityGraduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Arts.

In 1991, in "After School Squadron Gotakuki"Sorami MikurosukeDebuted as. Spring 1995,Afternoon Seasons AwardReceived an honorable mention (in the name of Sorami Mikurosuke). 1996, 29thChiba Tetsuya AwardReceived a semi-winning prize in the general category (in the name of Sorami Mikurosuke).After that, the real nameShigeyuki IwashitaAnd its kana writingIwashita Shigeyuki(OrIwashi Shigeyuki), And it has been renamed to the current pen name.

List of works


Toji Tsukishima
Iwashita Shigeyuki
In the name of Sorami Mikurosuke

One-shot etc.

Toji Tsukishima
  • Saiki's Rule (Shogakukan "Big Comic Special Issue" 2014, all 4 episodes)
  • Sea bream and mackerel (Nihon Bungeisha "Weekly Manga Goraku" 2015, all 4 episodes)
  • Vinestro Extreme Brewer (Original: Ikumi Ono, Shogakukan "Big Comic Special Issue" 2015)
In the name of Iwashi Tashigeyuki
In the name of Shigeyuki Iwashi
  • Taro HAPPY GO LUCKY (Shogakukan "Weekly"Big Comic SpiritsSpecial edition Manpuku! ”, 1999/2001, 2 episodes in total)
  • Diving Boy (Shogakukan "Weekly Big Comic Spirits Special Edition New Monk" 2001, 2 episodes)
Under the name of Shigeyuki Iwashita
In the name of Sorami Mikurosuke
  • SELF-SEEKERS (Kodansha "young magazineSpecial edition '91 Spring Black Pig Rookie, 1991)
  • Black BUTA Sentai Fruity Sugar (Kodansha "Weekly Young Magazine", etc., 1993-1994, all 4 episodes)
  • Black BUTA Whirlwind Pretty Pretty (Kodansha "Young Magazine Special Edition Young Magazine Dash", 2 episodes in total)
  • Momo-chan's American Fun Trip (Kodansha "Morning』1998, all three episodes)
  • Momo-chan's new semester diary (Kodansha "Morning" 1998)

(Other, "Uramono Japan』, Wrote many under the name of Sorami Mikurosuke)


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