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🤖 | "Neighborhood sister (with Slowpoke)" Cosplayer Moe Iori shows off a tour with Slowpoke


"Neighborhood sister (with Yadon)" cosplayer Moe Iori shows off a tour with Yadon

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Iori tweeted "next-door sister (with Slowpoke)" and showed a two-shot with Slowpoke from "Pokemon".

On January 1th, cosplayer Moe Iori updated her Twitter account to show off her "next-door sister" shot. … → Continue reading

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Two shot

Two shot(Two-Shot


This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareCharacters that cannot be displayed with (Pokemon eAccent mark"Acute accent"é〉) are included(Details.

Pokemon(Pocket Monsters)Pokemon Co., Ltd.(Initial releaseNintendo) Is on saleGame softwareThe name of the series. Also, in the same workFictitious creatures that appearOf them, and made them the subjectAnimeStarting withMedia mixRefers to a group of works.Abbreviation is "Pokémon. "


The origin of Pokemon is1996/2/27Was released inGame boySoftware "Pokemon red and green]. The developerGame freak.. Be a concept makerDirectorWas served by the companyCEOBut alsoTajiri.. This work<span>Grade 1-2</span>Centered onReviewsIt became a big hit with fire, and many sequels have been released since then (see "Pokemon (game)See). Not only the main game work,DerivationMany works and related works have been released (see detailsRelated games of PokemonSee).

Pokemon is not only a game,AnimeBecomingCharacter commercialization,Card games,arcade gameAnd various media mix development was made,JapanIt has also gained popularity overseas.

The cumulative shipment of Pokemon-related game software is over 2017 million worldwide as of November 11[1], Has reached more than 2019 million as of the end of March 3[2].. Among them, the cumulative sales number of the main series is the latest work as of February 2016,Nintendo 3DS"Omega Ruby Alpha SapphireThe total of 25 works up to 2 million[3].

When comparing this number by series for each game character, it is the second highest number in the world (2st place is).Mario seriesSince the release of the software in 5, the cumulative worldwide market size since the birth of the related market (so-called Pokemon market) including games has exceeded 1996 trillion yen as of the end of March 2017. (3% overseas, 6% domestic) From the Pokemon Co., Ltd. website[4] ..Today Pokemon is the most profitableMedia franchiseIn the world ranking of the total revenue of the character "Media Mix" produced by TitleMax.Hello KittyHas won the 1st place[5].

The character of the Pokemon that appears is also one of the important factors, especially since animation broadcastingPikachuHas an outstanding name recognition. To date, 913 types of Pokemon have appeared.

1997/4/1ThanTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV animation starts broadcasting in the series.hero OfSatoshiAnd, it will be a longevity series that depicts an adventure story by its friends and their Pokemon (see "Pokemon (Anime)See).

Reproduced the high tactical nature of Pokemon BattleTrading card game (TCG) "Pokemon Card Game Series" is also being produced, and TCG players have been involved to expand the fan base (see "Pokemon card gameSee).

Game "Pokemon" series

The Pokemon series isPokemon"(Pokemon)" in the world where strange creatures inhabit, the adventures of "Pokemon Trainers" who battle Pokemon with Pokemon as their partnerRole playing games (RPG).

hero(player) IsPokemon trainerI will go on a trip next. Interact with many other Pokemon trainers in the game,Gym badge[Annotation 1] Collect Pokémon League to acquire the conditions for participation in the Pokemon League, aiming to become the top champion of the Pokemon Trainer. Also, catch many types of PokemonPokemon picture bookThere is a purpose such as aiming at the completion of. The story revolves around a legendary Pokemon and an organization that seeks to harness its power. There is a communication function that allows you to play against other players and exchange Pokemon.

The series takes place in different regions of the world (called "regions"). In addition, each region is a model of a specific region of the real world, and geography and the setting of characters that appear in part are often similar to the model region.

Series list

Release timeline
1999Gold and silver
2000Crystal version
2002Ruby sapphire
2004Fire red leaf green
エ メ ラ ル ド
2006Diamond pearl
2009Heart gold soul silver
2010Black White
2012Black 2 / White 2
2014Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
2016Sun moon
2017Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
2018Let's Go! Pikachu/Let's Go! Eevee
2019Sword shield
2021Brilliant diamond shining pearl
2022LEGENDS Arceus
Scarlet Violet

In Japan, the following versions have been released and announced as the main game work. The release date and compatible models are shown in parentheses.[6].

Background of game development and history of hits

Pokémon prehistory

There have been hobbies/plays for collecting and nurturing.1971/から1972/"Kamen Rider snack"ofKamen Rider card Ofコ レ ク シ ョ ンThere is a boom.

From 1988 to 1993Lotteof"Surprised man"Choco" became an explosive boom with the collection of stickers for the 10th generation Angel Devil series.ShogakukanIs our own magazine "Monthly Korokoro Comic], [Learning magazines by grade』And large-scale media mix strategy, including anime, was supporting this boom. On this route, built-in/competitive toysFour wheel drive miniAnd collection/competitive toysBarcode butler, And even boost the Pokemon boom.

In 1989, the creator of PokemonTajiriBut"Game freakWas established, and the company's first game work "Quinti"NamcoReleased from. In the same year, from NintendoGame boy (GB) released. Due to the characteristics of mobile devices, Game Boy was initially seen as a model for puzzles and action games, and many such games were actually released, but TajiriSquareRPG ofMakai Tower Sa・GaAfter seeing the success of ", I realized that I could pursue fields that are not actionable even with mobile devices.[9].

Tajiri especially focused on the communication function of Game Boy, and got the idea of ​​a game with the concept of the verb "to exchange". Also Tajiri saysUltra seven』Is also a fan, inspired by the capsule monster of the same work, "Capsule monsterI wrote the RPG proposal.

"Capsule monster" planned by TajiriCapsule toyA monster that entered a case likecommunication cableWas to come and go. Tajiri brought this plan to Nintendo, and Nintendo decided to support the development cost. Later, the name of "Capsule Monster" isTrademarkIt was changed to "Pokemon (abbreviated as "Pokemon")" because, for example, it could not be used in the product name due to the problem. Tajiri loves the word nostalgic capsules and gives up reluctantly[10].

development of

It took a long time for Pokémon to develop, because the production team lacked RPG development experience and could not find the motivation to "exchange", which is the most important factor in the game. Meanwhile, the development of Pokemon was often interrupted due to reasons such as developing other games to make up for the lack of funds. By 1995, "MOTHER"and"MOTHER2 Gig's CounterattackThe company that producedApeFrom new companyCreaturesBecame president ofTsunekazu Ishihara(Pokemon Co., Ltd. President) came to play a role in directing the whole. 『MOTHER series』Is also the RPG that Tajiri referred to in making Pokemon, and there are many similarities for that reason (RPG is a rare modern world view at that time and the setting of the hero). In addition, he signed a development consignment contract with Game Freak, and became a catalyst for Ishihara to propose various projects to Nintendo as a producer. Nintendo, which had been supporting the development from the beginning, persistently waited for the completion of the product.

The Game Freak production team had a policy to thoroughly play the elements of “collect, nurture, play, exchange” that had not been paid attention at the time, and utilized the communication function of Game Boy to I have to communicate withPokemon picture bookIs not completed”, and “(although it is not compulsory) you can play against your friends with your own Pokemon” is to support that policy.

Each play data is given an individual ID (numerical value) and the name of the main character, and it also has a specification that acts as a "parent ID" for the possessed Pokemon and further individualizes each Pokemon. Initially, it was a specification that the Pokemon that appears in each software differs depending on the player ID, but since it became too complicated, a method of selling in two types was adopted. Also, by switching to a specification with a large-capacity backup memory compared to the mainstream at the time, it became possible to save all 1 types of Pokemon. The idea of ​​"dividing the software into two types" and "adopting a large-capacity cartridge" is Nintendo'sShigeru MiyamotoIs the plan[11].

Originally planned to be released from the fall of 1995 at the end of the year[Annotation 5],debugAfter being delayed on February 1996, 2[11][12]Six years after the start of development, "Pokemon Red/Green" is on sale. The color variation comes from the colors of Mario and Luigi's clothes, and the blue that will be released later comes from the color of the two "tie"[13].


In 1996, not only Game Boy,Portable game consoleThe market was stagnant.Game gearSubsequent models that are capable of color expression are almost out of service,Video gamesIs labeled "Next Generation"PlayStation,Sega SaturnGame Boy, which has been released for the past seven years, was considered obsolete. In fact, there were only 7 titles of game software planned for release at Game Boy right after the release of "Pokemon".

Many RPG-only games have already been released in the market, and "Pokemon" released by Game Boy, which was a "past model", did not have much expectation and missed the year-end sales season.[11].. However, the game elements of “collect, nurture, play, and exchange” gradually gained the support of users, and word-of-mouth communication between users led to an explosive hit. As a result, Pokemon recorded a huge hit that exceeded expectations and expectations of the production side. The number of sales in Japan for "Red, Green, Blue" for Game Boy is finally 1023 million[14].

Changes in the market "after Pokemon"

Since the launch of Pokemon, the Game Boy marketconsumerThe game market itself has changed.

Subsequent game software from other makers also incorporates the elements of "collect, train, compete, exchange" and releases several versions at the same time. Nintendo himself put a lot of effort into developing such games, and there were times when he switched to the "Pokemon belief" lineup. However, regarding the former, it was reminded that there is a difference in the number of units sold by each company, and ultimately the product strength of game software determines the selling power.

After the start of the anime broadcast, it gained female fans and attracted females to boy-centered Game Boy users.Shojo manga magazine "ChaoIt was also around this time that comicalization in 』began.Also, you can now select the main character of a girl from "Crystal".Since then, the number of female users has increased in Nintendo's mobile game segment.

Media mix, related products


1997/4/1からTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series(TXN) It is being broadcast elsewhere.

Movie version

1998/Is being screened fromMovie version animation.distribution TheToho.


From 19982000/Was sold toOVA..Here, the story is drawn from the perspective of Pokemon.

Related program

It is broadcast on TV Tokyo series etc.Entertainment shows, And special programs.

Other TV programs

2020/ToNHK E TeleBroadcast on Pokemonpuppet showbyDisaster preventionEducational program(5 episodes in total).

Spin-off games

In addition to the main story, various derivative game works have been released, and the genre is diverse.

Cartoon work

Picture book works

  • Pokemon picture book
  • ``Nakayoshi 3 Biki Pokemon Everytime'' sentence-Kasaharachu picture-Emiko Yoshino
  • "Pocket Monster Pikabui no Hokkori DAYS" Written by Sanae Suzuki Picture by Tomoko Fujino


Other related products

Pokemon card game(Common)
The motif is PokemonTrading card game.. Think of players as Pokemon trainers and battle between PokemonTrading card gameIt is reproduced in the form of battle.
Pokemon Zukan card
CarddassCards sold under the brand. There is no game element.
Pokemon Battle Card e+
To attract guest trainers to Ruby Sapphire or get special itemsCard e+.. There are 12 types of packages.
Pokemon Coliseum Double Battle Card e+
Card e+ that invites virtual trainers to "Coliseum". There are four types of packages.
Pokemon Battle Card e + Fire Red & Leaf Green
A card e+ that strengthens the "Trainer Tower" time attack event of "Fire Red Leaf Green". 44 sheets in total. The contents and prizes of the trainer tower will change depending on the number and order of reading.
Pokemon Battle Card e+ Emerald
A card e+ that strengthens the "Trainer Hill" time attack event of "Emerald's "Trainer Hill". 66 sheets in total. The outline is the same as above, but the map structure is also changed.
Battle pencil
Pokemon Seal Retsuden
Find it, Pikachu, bang bang with your tail
Pokemon music
The theme song/inserted song of the animated version of Pokemon series is often renewed, and the number of songs is huge. The first theme songAiming to be a Pokemon masterIs pureAnime songOf 185 millionMillion sellerBecame. For more informationCategory: Pokemon Musicchecking ...
Novel"Pokemon The Animation"series(Super quest library
Early in the animeSeries compositionServed asTakeshi SutoThe book "Novel Pocket Monsters".The contents of the first to seventh episodes of the anime have been novelized.
Game book"Pokemon"(aspect,Famitsu Game Bunko
Magazine Shogakukan Special "Pokemon wonderland"(Irregular publication)
Successive wrongdoing groupsMagic ink(Teranishi Chemical Industry(Collaboration with)
An 8-color set that includes the image colors of criminal groups from red, green, blue, and Pikachu to X and Y.

Distributing game data and linking related products

"Red/Green" in the first seriesMewThe game data distribution starting with "is continuing throughout the series.

Distribution events are held at any time in various media and stores, but they may also be distributed as a purchase privilege for movies such as advance sales / viewing tickets and magazines, in addition to the software itself.In addition, the Pokemon to be delivered may be random among several types, or may be delivered in the state of an egg (it is often unknown which Pokemon is until hatching).

In Europe and the United States, when performing these distribution services, users can receive the same data as the Japanese version without paying anything other than the software itself.

``Red/Green/Blue/Pikachu'' (1996-1999)
The phantom Pokemon "Miu" is not available in the game and does not affect the completion of the illustrated book, but it was a big topic at the time. Basically distributed only to the winners in the lottery,バ グThere was no way to get it except the tricks.
``Gold/Silver/Crystal'' (1999-2002)
Phantom of a new vision "CelebiAppears. In addition to being distributed in the same way as Miu in the previous work, in "Crystal"Mobile system GBI was able to get Celebi at the event. There was no distribution event for Mew, so I had to bring in what was distributed in the previous work in a "time capsule".
"Ruby Sapphire Emerald" "Fire Red Leaf Green" (2002-2006)
From this generation, the link with the movie began, and advance tickets came to have a specific Pokemon or Dogu voucher.
"Diamond Pearl Platinum" "Heart Gold Soul Silver" (2006-2010)
Besides interlocking with movies,Nintendo Wi-Fi connectionThe service using was started, and I was able to receive specific data using my home wireless LAN or DS station.
"Black & White" "Black 2 & White 2" (2010-2013)
Continued linking with movies and data distribution via Wi-Fi connection.
In addition, the series' first linked service with the website "Pokemon Global Link" has started, and Pokemon with hidden characteristics and phantom Pokemon have been obtained.Others can be obtained by entering the serial number and password included in the related product.
"X / Y" "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire" (2013 --2016)
"Sun Moon" "Ultra Sun Ultra Moon" (2016 --2019)
"Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Eevee" (2018/2019)
"Sword Shield" (2016 --2019)
Instead of Wi-Fi connectionNintendo networkIt was delivered by.
As for the benefits of advance tickets for movies, serial numbers are now given to the tickets, and the receipt at the store has been abolished except for the Odemashi Pokemon of "Houpa, the Super Genie of the Halo".

Related facilities, events

Pokemon Center
A shop with a large selection of Pokemon goods, including original ones.As a base for Pokemon's character strategy, stores in each country and region, mobile stores,ONLINE SHOPExpand from multiple angles.The name comes from the in-game medical facility "Pokemon Center".
Pokemon store
It is deployed as a small store at the Pokemon Center in major terminals.
Pokemon Center Summer Festival/Fuyu Festival
Seasonal events held at famous department stores.
Pokemon the Park
An amusement park with the motif of the world view of Pokemon. Held in Nagoya in 2005 and Taiwan in 2006. For more information on NagoyaPokémon The Park 2005See.
Pokemon Festa
Events such as exhibitions of Pokemon and Nintendo hard games that are held during the summer vacation of elementary, middle and high schools. Official competitions for mobile hardware games and card games are also held.
JR East Pokemon Stamp Rally
Held during the summer vacation of elementary, junior high and high schools,Capital AreaInJR EastStamp rally project set in the station. Held from 1997 (except 2001).JR Hokkaido,JR TokaiandJR Shikokuexcept forJRIn addition to passenger companiesMeitetsuAnd somePrivate railway,subwayBut done.Stamp RallySee
Seven-ElevenPokemon stamp rally
Held from the summer of 2005. Go around Seven-Eleven stores and collect stamps.
Pokemon train
JR East is a Pokémon on the Yamanote Line as part of the stamp rally above.wrappingIn addition to running trains that run almost every summer, Meitetsu has also been running since the spring of 2007 as part of a promotional campaign for new movies. In 2008,Pokemon jetIs operatingANATie up withTohoku ShinkansenSuch as within JR EastShinkansen vehicleWrapped Pokemon onPokémonShinkansenIs operating. In the Tohoku region, as part of POKÉMON with YOUPOKÉMON with YOU TrainIs also in operation.
Pokemon jet
1998/The first machineAll Nippon AirwaysIn service from.After that, ANA-funded airlines (Solaseed Air,Sky mark,AIRDOEtc.).
"POKÉMON with YOU -Pokémon is always with you-"Great East Japan EarthquakeStarted as a reconstruction aid. The purpose is to raise children, visit the disaster-stricken areas with wagons, and make children smile by screening Pokemon movies and using Pokemon. The official website discloses the activities etc.[15].
Pikachu mass outbreak Chu!
From 2014 to August every yearObonDuring the periodYokohama Minatomirai districtIs being held in[16][17][18][19].2018/as well as the 2019/There was also a big march on Eevee.again,Sakuragicho StationCollaboration with is also held every year. 2020 was canceled and "Pokemon Virtual Fest" was held as an alternative event[20].
Pokemon World Championships
Includes prize money (scholarship) at the official Pokemon Game World Tournament held every year.
Pokemon Dragon King Battle
Held 2015 times from 5 to the present. Up to elementary school students were eligible to participate in the 1st and 2nd sessions, but the age limit has been removed from the 3rd competition. It was canceled in 2020 and will be held in 2021 as "Pokemon Ryuo Battle 2020".
Project Eevee
2017/11/20ToSpecial site,Twitteras well as the InstagramWas opened in the same year11/21Started operation inEeveeProject activities to support 8 types of evolution.We collaborate with many companies, visit support visits, announce the latest information, develop goods, and support Eve's.It is operated by Pokemon Co., Ltd., and the person in charge is the 2021rd generation from March 3 to the present (3st generation: 1 to 2017.11, 2018.12nd generation: 2 to 2019.1).
Pokemon Local Acts
Since April 2018, we have selected “Recommended Pokemon” in regions (prefecture units) in Japan to disseminate the appeal of both parties at the same time. Events are being held and collaboration products with special products are being released, but the character usage fee is free in consideration of the synergistic effect of increasing the fans of each region and Pokemon.[21].
It started with the launch of POKÉMON with YOU mentioned above and the economic effect of Pokemon GO on the region, and in July 2019, it opened a portal site with the above name and summarizes the efforts of each region[22].
Poke lid
Pokemon character designedManhole cover(Local manhole). year 20184/29"KagoshimaIbusukiEevee's manhole cover appointed as "Sports and Cultural Exchange Ambassador" was released in December 2018Ibusuki StationInstalled in front[23] What was done became the de facto predecessor. In July 2019, the expansion to various parts of Japan was announced under the name of "Poke lid", and since then it has been treated as part of.[22].. 2020th Poke Lid on August 8, 21Machida-shi(TajiriHometown)[24].
Lucky park
A park that represents lucky.The first isFukushimaFutabaNamie TownRoadside station NamieAt2021/12/12Scheduled to open in.Koriyama,KawanumaYanaizu Town,Aizu areaOnuma-gunShowa villageWe are planning to open them one by one.In addition to the compound playset with a lucky motif, various Pokemon playsets are provided. In 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with Fukushima Prefecture, and Lucky has been appointed as "Fukushima Support Pokemon".Also, the original author of Pokemon and the game creatorTajiriSince his father is from Namie Town, he has been supporting the reconstruction of his hometown by donating Benibo Sakura to the town.[25].. 『Lucky x Fukushima Prefecture Official Website 』.

Pokemon outside Japan

Deployment outside Japan
"Pokemon" in 1998E3Exhibited in (some Pokemon names are different from the product version). September 9 of the same yearAmericaBroadcasting of TV animation started on the 28th,Game boyThe software "POKÉMON" was released at a price of 29 cents. With this as a starting point, the broadcasting of TV animation and the release of game software began in countries around the world. English version YELLOW (Japanese name- Pikachu version) Is for game softwareMillion sellerAs the shortest record ofGuinness World RecordsIt is published in.
The movie "Pokémon The First Movie" (Japan version name-"November 1999, 11"Mewtwo counterattack)) was released at 3000 US theaters and recorded box office revenue of $8000 million and $9100 million in other countries.The soundtrack of this workThe number of first-shipped CDs exceeded 100 million, recording 8th in the US chart.
Smartphone game "Pokémon GOWas pre-delivered in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand in July 2016, and has since caused a global social phenomenon.
In 2001Russia OfChildren's program"Спокойной ночи, малыши!" ("Good night children", "Good night, children![26]],English edition)ofRussian public tvWhen the broadcast was discontinued in Japan, it was reported in Japan that "Russia's representative children's program was lost to "Pokemon""[27].
American parade event "Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeIt provides a huge balloon to ", and as of 2021, it is up to the 4th edition.The 4th edition commemorates the 25th anniversaryPikachuOthers,EeveeIs added[28][29].
TV Asahiof"This is the best of JapanIn the survey, "What is your favorite Japanese anime?", the animated version of Pokemon ranked second.[30].
Game software outside Japan
In the English version, Pokemon names, place names, personal names, etc. are translated into English according to the national pattern. In addition,Buddhist altarBut"DigdaOf the tool,Manju""Rice crackers"But"Candy bar""ク ッ キ ーTocurrencyIsYenIs "pokeDollarSome Japanese items such as "" have been replaced. The software released in each country following the English version has many parts based on the English name.
"Red/Green" in the Japanese version is not available in JapanStars and stripesIt was released as "red/blue" which is the same color as. However, the content of "blue" is the same as "green" in the Japanese version.
Although the game contents are almost unchanged, some Pokemon appear differently in "Gold/Silver", and in Pokemon Coliseum, the Pokemon obtained on the bonus disc has been replaced. In "Fire Red Leaf Green", you can find it in the hero's house and in the Tamabushi department store.game machineThe graphics are different. Also, in the DS version, the contents of the game corner may have changed.
GBUp to software "Gold/Silver", communication with the non-Japanese version may not work properly because of the number of characters in the name.GIt becomes possible to communicate with the foreign version from "Ruby Sapphire" whose data format has been redesigned.[31].. Temporary in some communicationsGarbledIt has been confirmed that there is no problem.
If you get a Pokemon that you got with software of a different language from the DS version by communication, a commentary in that language will be added to the Pokemon picture book (Pokemon that you got with the GBA version outside Japan is also possible. Limited to some Pokemon in "Diamond Pearl"). It is also suggested in the game that it is possible to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection/Nintendo network for worldwide communication.
The name of "Pokemon" outside Japan
in America"Monster in My PocketSince the trademark "" was already registered, many countries adopted the title abbreviation "POKÉMON" rather than "Pokemon". Even in the Japanese version, this English notation is used after "Ruby Sapphire".
The accent mark above É is this ESilent letterInstead, it means that it is an E that has a pronunciation, and in the formula, accent marks are always added in principle. Pronunciation is[ˈpkˌmɒn]Or[ˈpkɪˌmɒn].. In addition, in English-speaking countries (especially the United States), the word "pocket"Male genitaliaIt may be interpreted that there may be a nuance reminiscent of[32].
ChineseFree translation is adopted inTaiwanThen, "Shinkikaikai" (translation-Mysterious Baby),Hong KongThen, it is "Babies small spirit" (pet fairy). Before being officially translated, a direct translation such as "Mouth Bag Monster" was sometimes used (oral bag is a pocket). From July 2015, 7, the official title of the movie "Treasure Kamui" (Takara Kamui is a transliteration of Pokemon) was adopted in China.[33].

Related News/Topics

Origin of names in the work
The proper noun in each work is "red/green", and in "gold/silver", the name of each town is the name of the color (especiallyTraditional Japanese name) Is unified, and is named according to some concept. It should be noted that the town "Masala Town", which is the starting point for the "red/green" system, is attached from "Masara" to mean "a clean color that is not dyed in any color". Also, the names of many major characters are derived from plants.
It is the stage of PokemonCan Tho region,Jout,Howen,Xinzhou District,Isch region,Karos region,Arora region,GaralRespectivelyKanto region,Tokai-Kinki-Shikoku region,Kyushu region,Hokkaido,The United States of AmericaNew York State,France,Hawaii,Great BritainIs a model.
Bandai questionnaire
BandaiIn a 1998 survey of "favorite characters", "Pokemon" ranked first in both boys and girls. The approval rating is 1% for boys and 27.7% for girls.[34].
Pokemon Uncle
It was regularly used for Pokemon-related TV commercials around 2000.Katsuhiko WatabikiWas called "Pokemon Uncle" by fans at the time.Yakuza movie,NHKTaiga dramaThe CM group, which had a lot of charming depiction of the strong-faced cotton-hiding that got into the Pokemon game, attracted a lot of attention at the time.
"Pikachu] TVCM (End of 1998, Watabiki first appearance)
"Pokemon snap] TVCM (Spring 1999)
The character "Pokemon Uncle" becomes clearer by reusing the cotton-biki of this time.
The CM of "Pokemon Stadium Gold and Silver" was changed last, and after that another talent was appointed.
Numerous bugs
At the beginning of the game series, it was by far the most complicated system at the timeバ グThere were many.In the first Pokemon, it should only be available at official eventsMewIs available orMissing No.Since there were many terrible things such as the appearance of bug Pokemon such as, and the ability to pass through the walls of the field, searching for bugs became one of the ways to enjoy Pokemon.
Appropriate corporate efforts are being made such as fixing bugs for each shipment, and bugs do not occur in the latter shipments. Also, from the GBA versionpatchBug fixes have been made by distribution.
Anniversary certification of Japan Anniversary Association
2018/11/21"Eevee Day",2020/2/27"Pokémon Day" was registered as an anniversary of the above association. "Eevee Day" was popular among fans from the phrase "11 (Eevee) 21 (Buoy) Day" and was officially announced in 2017. It became official.It is also the official opening date of the official support project "Project Eevee" site and SNS (Twitter, Instagram). "Pokémon Day" is the first work in the "Pokemon" series, "Pokemon red and greenWas released1996/To commemorate February 2, various events such as distribution of "Pokémon Presents", collaboration with famous artists, and Pokemon popularity vote are held every year.
"Water Day" Ambassador
"Water Day (8/1) ”Is positioned as a day to deepen the understanding and interest of the people about the importance of a healthy water cycle in the Basic Law on Water Cycle enacted in 26, and as its support ambassador, it is water type and characteristic water storage. "Showers" appointed[35].

Related cases/criticisms

While Pokemon has become popular, various criticisms and clashes have occurred. Outside Japan,thought,View of religionThere is also a difference due to.


Outside Japan

Islamic countries

In 2001,United Arab EmiratesDepartment of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs at PokémonHaram(Taboo)FatwaWhen you issue (religious opinion),DubaiThe broadcast of anime was banned and Pokemon goods were removed from the store.Islamic fundamentalismStrong thoughtSaudi Arabia,QatarScholars endorsed this, a similar ban was taken in Saudi Arabia,Islamic countriesThere was a controversy over the availability of Pokemon.MalaysiaHowever, conservative Muslim legal scholars have come to suspect that Pokemon is anti-Islam. Furthermore, in some parts, "Pokemon isZionismIs the advertising media ofMuslimTheJudaismIt is part of the scheme to try to convert to "." "Pokemon" is "IJewThere is no basis such as """Pikachu" means "become a Jew""False rumorSpread to[42].. Later, in Islamic conservative countries such as Dubai, Pokemon was identified as anti-Islamic and restrictions were placed on the sale of games and goods.[43].. In Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Pokemon itself was banned as a haram[44][45].. The reason why Saudi law scholars call Pokemon Harlam and conservative Muslims agree with it is that "Pokemon acquired morphological changes in biologytransformationIt is called "," but in Pokemon this is "進化』I call it. Evolution is from conservative IslamKoranHas been treated as Haram because of the infallibility of[46]Is mentioned. Later these turmoil subsided.

Still moreEgypt,LebanonThen Pokemon is not banned. In Lebanon,ShiiteGreater Ayattullah, High-ranking JuristMuhammad Hussein FadralerHas issued a fatwa (religious view) that "Pokemon is legal"[47].

In addition, Saddam HusseinUnder the administration(I.e.Then, a Pokemon problem investigation committee was set up, and it was said that "it is wrong to issue a reactionary fatwa using religion" "it is a duty of religious people to issue a fatwa with intellectual ground" Was banned by.

Related books


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注 釈

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