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🎥 | Ren Nagase's "Midnight Maiden War" commentary will be screened!New PV also released

Photo "Midnight Maiden War" blockbuster commemorative visual – (C) 2022 "Midnight Maiden War" production committee

Ren Nagase's "Midnight Maiden War" commentary will be screened!New PV also released

If you write the contents roughly
If you download the audio guide "[Commentary Version] Midnight Maiden War" in advance with the app and start the app just before the screening at the theater, the sub-audio will be played through the earphones (from February 2st). , Available in theaters nationwide where this work will be screened).

Commentary screening of the movie "Midnight Maiden War" (released) starring Ren Nagase (King & Prince) ... → Continue reading

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Just before the screening

Voice guide

Voice guide[1](Onsei Guide,British: Audio guide, Audio tour) IsMuseum,MuseumAnd so onTraditional performing arts theaterAbout the performancevoiceCommentary (Description) To the visitorsServices.Audio guideTomo.


Audio guides were first introduced in Europe and the United States1950 eraThere is a theory that at that timeradioShort waveUsingNarrationWas reading aloud[2].

After that, commentaryrecording officialTerminal[Note 1]Lending (at that timeIdentificationEven if the presentation of[3]) Has become common.In addition, there is also a method of hitting the handed venue map with a pen-touch type guide machine.[2].

JapanThen,An actorFamous such asentertainerMay be in charge of narration[4].

Earphone guide

1975/Developed by Ikuo Kumon, the following year Asahi Commentary Business Co., Ltd. (currentlyEarphone Guide Co., Ltd.) Established[5][6], To introduceOyamaAlso made an effort.

Foreign language version, may also be available for children[7].

Along with audio commentary, AR technology has also introduced a guide that brings out commentary videos in front of you.[8].

kabuki-Bunraku-NohSimultaneous commentary may be prepared at venues such asEarphone guideSometimes called.Earphone guide is a service (charged) that allows the audience to listen to the explanation of the performance by wirelessly skipping it into the theater during the Kabuki performance.

There are Japanese and English versions.Earphones (and wireless receivers) are rented in the theater by paying a fee and a deposit.If you return these after the performance, the deposit will be returned.In the earphone guide, "Synopsis, casting, costumes, tools, unique conventions, etc."[9]Can be heard.Also, at Kabuki entertainment, each performance is usually performed only in popular scenes (so-called sketching method), but the earphone guide also explains the synopsis before and after the performance scene during the intermission and explains the background knowledge of the performance.


earphoneabout,ジ ャ ッ クIf the (connection terminal) matches, you can replace the earphones you brought with you, and some facilities also offer earphones that are one size smaller.[10].

For the visually impaired


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  1. ^ in recent years,iPod,Nintendo 3DS,Smartphone,Smart glassesThere is also an example of using.


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