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🎥 | Director Naomi Kawase, who is an inappropriate telop riot in a close-up program

Naomi Kawase, director of Naomi Kawase, who took the stage greetings for the movie "Reunion Nara", which served as an executive producer.

Director Naomi Kawase of inappropriate telop uproar in a close-up program Voice trembling stage greetings

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It is uncertain that he was mobilized for the person who was a participant in the opposition to the Olympics in the NHK BS12 special "Tokyo Olympics stared by Naomi Kawase" broadcasted in December last year after closely interviewing himself and the Olympic film production team. There was a ruckus that NHK apologized for with a nice subtitle explanation.

Movie director Naomi Kawase (52) acted as executive producer on the 29th, the movie "Reunion Nara" (in Nara ... → Continue reading

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