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🎥 | Kazuma Kawamura, Mario Kuroba and others will appear in "Sadako DX" starring Fuka Koshiba.

Photo Movie "Sadako DX" Cast Team (C) 2022 "Sadako DX" Production Committee

Kazuma Kawamura, Mario Kuroba and others will appear in "Sadako DX" starring Fuka Koshiba.

If you write the contents roughly
A catch phrase, "This curse mutates and spreads," is attached to the top, making it a visual that predicts the dawn of a new horror in the Reiwa era.

From the horror movie "Sadako DX" starring actress Fuka Koshiba, Kazuma Kawamura, Mario Kuroba, Nishi ... → Continue reading

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catch copy

catch copy or TaglineIs mainly about products and worksAdsIt is a sentence that is used for some kind of announcement or promotion, and is a singing phrase or a fanning phrase, and is a part of an advertising copy (advertising text).PhraseAlso called (Jack).

Formats vary from one sentence, one line to several lines. In advertisements and publicity, it can be said that the impression of a product is determined by the catch phrase, and the sales of the product itself is greatly influenced by the performance of the product. Who creates an advertisement copy including a catch phrase as a professionCopywriterThat.

The catch phrase isJapanglishAndEnglish-speaking countriesThen.Advertising slogan (British: Advertising slogan)[Note 1]It mainly refers to product advertising for consumers.Tagline(British: Catchphrase)fictionOften refers to the famous lines in. Also, when the latter refers to a phrase that symbolizes the entire story rather than a quote from a specific person's dialogue,Tag line(British: Tagline).

Copy configuration

catch copy

A copy of an advertisement that has an impact so that it can be attracted to a product or work (or the text of the advertisement).

For example, in Japan during the Edo periodHikifudaThere was a leaflet called "," but I started the method of gathering eyes by writing original drama on it.Hiraga GennaiIs said to be. Many laterPlaywright,FanaticAs a result, these advertising phrases have come to be used.

Lead copy

The lead copy is an introduction part from the catch phrase and is a part for making the body text (body copy) read.[1].

Body copy

The body copy is the part that corresponds to the body of the advertisement, and is composed in order of the catch copy, the lead copy of the introduction to the body, and the body copy that corresponds to the body of the advertisement.[1].

Corporate slogan

Not individual productsCompany“CorporatesloganIs called.Depending on the company, it may be expressed as "tagline," "corporate statement," or "brand promise."


In modern society,High economic growthAs the consumption society matures and the consumer society matures, advertisements not only talk about specific features of products such as price and performance, but also by expressing a more vague image and the atmosphere of the times.consumerI came to aim at getting the sympathy of.Ken KaikoIncludingItoi Shigesato,Kawasaki Tohru,Takashi NakahataWith a new generation such as active, copywriter has become a popular profession.

In addition, since the process of creating a catch phrase and the technology of planning and concept making are the same, in recent years many copy writers and creative directors who do not just write a catch phrase have been born, and their work fields are diverse. Has produced many OBs, including Shigesato Itoi and Takashi Nakahata.Propaganda conference OfCopywriter training courseThere are also specialized educational institutions that train the power of catch phrase.

Catch copy as intellectual property

Catch copy as a copyrighted work

In general, catchphrases are short sentences, so it is not unlikely that expressions that are the same as or very similar to other promotional phrases will be used.In that case, if the catch phrase is short enough and it is recognized that the words used in daily life are accidentally used, it is considered that the slogan lacks creativity.Copyrighted materialIs not applicable to[Note 2].

However, even those included in the category of short sentences may be judged to have copyright characteristics if they have a certain length.Alternatively, although the copyright is recognized at the shortest,CopyrightThere is also a view that the range of claims can be narrowed[2].

In the actual case, it is called "a child seat from my mom's lap."Five, seven, five-tone traffic safety slogansIs also a copyrighted work[3]It should be noted that the catchphrases, catchphrases, and slogans are not all copyrighted works, but are questioned on a case-by-case basis.

Catch copy as a trademark

The catch phrase isTrademark law,Unfair Competition Prevention LawBy商標May also be protected. However, in order for the catch phrase to be protected as a trademark, it is necessary to meet the registration requirements under trademark law. In other words, a trademark cannot be registered unless it is a catch phrase that has the ability to identify itself and other products.[4].

In this respect,Company nameMany catchphrases function as trademarks, except that the catchphrase itself has made it possible for consumers to recognize the source of the product or service as a result of including a trademark or a trademark or being used for advertising for many years. It can be said that it does not exert. Even in practice of trademark examination at the Japanese Patent Office, trademark registration of catch phrase is not permitted in principle.[5].

For example, a cram school applied for trademark registration with the words "the joy of learning and the joy of teaching" as a trademark, but the JPO ruled to refuse the registration (Dissatisfaction 2000-291).In the subsequent trial decision revocation suit, the Tokyo High Court only recognized and understood that "traders / consumers recognize this as an advertising phrase or catch phrase that indicates the ideals, policies, etc. of services related to education at various schools, etc." , I do not recognize it as an identification sign for self-other services, "and affirms the JPO's decision (Tokyo High Court decision June 13, 6).

Catch copy as a culture

Catch copy of idol talent

1970-80sIdol-talentIt was common to have a catch phrase[6]. at that timeビ ク タ ーAccording to Masayuki Iida, who was involved in the promotion at, from spring to the end of the yearrecordIn the royal road selling method of aiming for the newcomer award at the end of the year, the catch phrase that conveys the "selling" of the newcomer is decided with the consent of the production company, with multiple departments of the record company involved. It was so important[6]..But since the 1990sCDAs the sales of idols decreased, the number of cases where idol talents were given catchphrases was also temporarily decreasing.After that, in 2013, "one beautiful girl in 1000 (once)"Kanna HashimotoWith the advent of[6].

Prominent example

Catchphrase for athletes

The media sometimes put a catchphrase on athletes (Lightning boltSuch).

Fiction tag line

  • "A long time ago, in a galaxy far away ..." (English: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...)- Star wars seriesSynopsis preface

Fiction catchphrase


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  1. ^ For example, in English Wikipediaw: Advertising sloganIn the article, the vocabulary with copy is treated as Japanese English, and it is printed.w: CopyIt is out of scope on the ambiguity avoidance page whose subject is "Catch Copy", so it is a grasp/copy and it does not make sense.
  2. ^ No matter how original it is to combine a product with a catch phrase, the combination itself is an idea and is not subject to copyright law protection.


  1. ^ a b Nikkei Advertising Research Institute “Advertising Dictionary”, 1992, 162 pages.
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外部 リンク


Reiwa(Reiwa)It is,Japan OfEraone of.

HeiseiAfter.Dahua248th since then[Note 1]The era name of.Tokujin(126th generationEmperor)ButCoronation official2019/(First year of Reiwa)5/1From to the present.Also,"Era law(Act No. 54 of 43) ”is the second era name after Heisei.

The name still exists in JapanWakashuThe oldest "ManyoshuWas quoted from.

here,Japanese history period classificationInReiwa era(Reiwajidai) is also described.

The followingADAre all unless otherwise notedGregorian calendar.


2019/(First year of Reiwa)5/1At midnight, "The Exceptional Law of the Imperial Household Law concerning the resignation of the Emperor(29 Law No. 63) ”, the 125th EmperorAkihito Abdication”Emperor"become[1], Naruhito, the first boy of Akihito, becomes the 126th emperorCoronation official[2][3]. thisSuccession of the throneIn response, "Era lawAnd"Cabinet Order to revise the original issue (Cabinet Order No. XNUMX of XNUMX)[4]'It was changed from "Heisei" to "Reiwa" based on the provisions of[5].

this isMeijiThis is the first time in the history of constitutionalism since then.[Note 2], 202 years[Note 3] Of the emperorTransferAccompanyChange[6]Is. Also, of NaruhitoCoronation ceremonyIn the same year10/22Made in.

Current Japanese calendar

Era name (reading)First day dateCurrent yearCurrent positionEmperor name
Reiwa(Reiwa)First year of Reiwa (2019/)5/14/3 year 1 months and 25 daysTokujin(Emperor Imakami)
Imperial Normative LawandEra lawbased on,Akihito(Emperor) Abdication and Naruhito's coronation (Imagami Emperor)Succession to the throne by transfer)byChange.


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJIS X 0301 (Data elements and exchange formats for exchanging information-date and time notation) has been revisedEraUsedDateNotation (Extended by ISO 8601 # national standard), It was decided that "Reiwa" and "R" could be used as symbols to represent "Reiwa".[14][15].. As a result, JIS X 0301: 2002 became JIS X 0301: 2019.

  • Example of notation of "June 4, 6nd year of Reiwa": Year, month, and day are displayed in 24 digits each. The symbol that separates the dates is "." (period) Must be used (ADWhen using, like 2022-06-24,hyphenIt is stipulated to separate by).
    • Ordinance 04.06.24
    • R04.06.24


Background to the revision

Was the emperor at that timeAkihitoShowed the intention of transfer2010/(22)7/22It is said that[16], 20168/8ToImperial Household AgencyWas taken the day before by the emperor, who was 82 years old at the time.Video messagePublished. According to the report, he was worried that his aging would make it impossible for him to perform his official duties as before, and officially stated that he hoped that his official duties would continue in a stable manner without interruption. To Tokuhito Taishi (at that time)I want to give up the throneShowed a prudent intention[17].

Unlike the previous revisionsOABecomingインターネットIn 1 (Heisei 2019), the new era will be one month before the revision for the first time in the history of constitutionalism because it is becoming more and more popular and it is necessary to secure a period for preparing for the new era.4/1Was "pre-announced". The Roman alphabet for "Reiwa" is "Reiwa". According to government officials, it is the same as the modern "Meiji", "Taisho", "Showa", and "Heisei".InitialsIt is said that each proposal of "M, T, S, H" is excluded from the beginning (details are"#Remarks'See).

Regarding the decision of the new era公 文書Is "Law on management of official documentsSet a "30-year private period"[18]..In addition, the "ink book" listed when the era was announced is also treated as an official document.[19][20], Until the end of March 2021 (Reiwa 3)Cabinet OfficeAfter being stored in, after April of the same yearNational ArchivesTransferred to and will be permanently preserved[21][22]..This is the sumi-sho that was listed at the time of the conversion to Heisei.[23]Is temporarilyprime minister-Noboru TakeshitaIt became a private property of, and the whereabouts were generally unknown for a while ("Heisei # announcement(See))[24].

Selection and creator of the era proposal

The government secretly commissions experts and selects the draft era for the announcement of the new era on April 2019, 31, and the inventor is the inventor himself. It is a policy not to publish because it is not desirable for hope and era to be associated with a specific individual.[25].

Around early February 2019, then Chief Cabinet Secretary of JapanYoshii KanIs in charge of the eraKazuyuki FuruyaWe started narrowing down from about 20 candidates selected in advance.[26].. From late February to early March, Suga was at that timeprime minister-Shinzo AbeReported to.3/14WithNational literature,Chinese literatureOfficially commissioned to an expert.3/27, Prime Minister Abe, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga,Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat in charge of clerical work-Kazuhiro Sugita, Furuya seems to have discussed and consolidated the draft into six.

It was later reported that the six proposals presented at the "Advisory Panel on the Era" on April 4 were as follows:[27][28][29][30][31].

Proposal of the era presented at the "Advisory Panel on the Era"
Era planreadingSourceThe person who is supposed to be the inventor
HidehiroEikoRecord of Ancient MattersShigehiko Uno(Chinese Philosophy)
KukaKyukaI Ching
HiroshiLike thisJapanese calligraphy,Japanese sequel
WanheBannaHistory,Five Emperor Honki'Tadahisa Ishikawa(Chinese literature)
ReiwaReiwaManyoshuNakanishi Susumu(Japanese literature)

In addition to the persons listed above, the persons who were commissioned to propose the era nameOn Ikeda(Oriental history)[28][32], (Chinese ancient history, no official commission[32])[33] Are listed.

During the selection process, Prime Minister Abe told Furuya and his colleagues that "Manyoshu is better than a national book praising the emperor."Before the six original plans were finalized, Abe was selected as a collection of many leaves from the candidates narrowed down in the initial discussions.Record of Ancient Matters"Tensho" derived from "Tensho" was evaluated, and it was the most promising plan for a while.initialIn addition to the notation being worn as Taisho, the condition that "it is not commonly used" cannot be cleared (of the same name).Funeral companyEtc.), so it was removed from the final plan[34].. Therefore, an additional era proposal was commissioned in late March.[34], Nakanishi is reported to have devised "Reiwa"[35].. It is said that Abe initially evaluated "Hidehiro"[36] However, after the submission of "Reiwa", Abe, Suga, Sugita, and Furuya agreed that "" Reiwa "is the most suitable."

Immediately after the announcement, the creator of "Reiwa" was announced by the media.ManyoshuIt was reported that Nakanishi specializes in, but Nakanishi himself refrains from giving a clear answer.[37].. However, it was also reported in a subsequent magazine interview that he admitted that he was effectively the inventor.[38].. Immediately after the announcement, Nakanishi told Jiji Press that "the era name is not decided by a secular person named Susumu Nakanishi, but by the voice of heaven. There can be no inventor." ing[39].

Announcement of the era

February 2019, 31 (Heisei 4),Prime Minister's OfficeThe "Advisory Panel on the Era Name" was held from 9:30 am, and the opinions of each of the participating experts were heard. The round-table conference ends at 10:8 in about 40 minutes[40]did. The experts who participated are as follows[41].

Experts who attended the "Advisory Panel on the Era"
NameTitle (at that time)
Impact on a wide areaAffiliation
Ryoichi UedaAsia Pacific Broadcasting UnionPresident22nd generation (2017/ - 2020/) NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)Chairman
Yoshio OkuboJapan Private Broadcasting FederationPresidentNippon Television NetworkPresident
Kaoru KamataJapan Private University FederationPresident16nd generation (2010/ - 2018/)Waseda UniversityPresident
Sadayuki SakakibaraJapan Business FederationHonorary chairmanTorayConsultant
Kojiro ShiraishiJapan Newspaper AssociationPresidentYomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersPresident
Itaro Terada18nd generation (2014/ - 2018/)Chief of the Supreme CourtLegal profession
Mariko Hayashi94rd (1985/Second half)Naoki PrizeWinnerNovelist
Miyazaki MidoriTokyo Metropolitan Board of EducationChiba University of CommerceFaculty of International Liberal Arts教授Dean
Shinya Yamanaka2012/Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineWinnerKyoto University iPS Cell Research Institutechief

When holding the round-table conference, in order to maintain confidentiality, we not only take measures against eavesdropping inside the official residence, but also inspect the belongings when entering the official residence.Mobile phoneWe do not bring in information equipment such as, we have staff accompany us when we go to the toilet, and we are taking thorough measures such as installing a jamming device in the toilet.[42].

From around 10:20Residence of the Lower House PresidentAtHouse of RepresentativesPrimary and secondaryChair(Oshima Rimori-Hirotaka Akamatsu)WhenHouse of CouncilorsPrimary and secondaryChair(Chuichi Date-Gunji Akira) Hearing opinions[43]..From around 11:11 to 15:XNUMX at the Prime Minister's Office4th Abe 1nd remodeling CabinetCouncil of Ministers held[44], ExtraordinaryCabinetAfter that, it was decided by the Cabinet of the new era.After a cabinet decisionShinichiro YamamotoImperial Household AgencyThe secretary is the emperor at the Imperial PalaceAkihitoToYasuhiko NishimuraThe Deputy Director of the Imperial Household AgencyHigashimiya Imperial Palace OfCrown Prince NaruhitoI went to each of them and reported on the decision of the new era.[45].

11:41, at that timeChief Cabinet SecretaryYoshii Kan(4th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet) Announced the new era at a press conference[46][47].. The interview will be on NHK (including the interview by the Prime Minister later)Japan Broadcasting Corporation) And all other TV and radio stations broadcast live,Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-YouTube LiveWith the official account of the official residence ofNico Nico Live Broadcast(NicoNico News) AtLive streaming deliveryWas also done[48].

Earlier, the Cabinet Order to amend the era name and the Cabinet Notification on how to call the era name were decided by the Cabinet.
The new era is "Reiwa(Reiwa)』And there is. — Chief Cabinet Secretary (at that time) Yoshihide Suga

And the new era "ReiwaMount with ink on it (Mozumi Osamubook[49][50]) Was shown to make a presentation. All the procedures for the revision and the announcement of the new era so far have followed the time of the Heisei revision.[51].

12:05 on the same day, at that timeprime ministerShinzo Abe(4th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet) Held a press conference and announced the discourse of the Prime Minister.Among them, Prime Minister Abe said, "'Culture is born and raised as people beautifully interact with each otherI put the meaning of "."[52].. Based on the fact that the prime minister himself has more opportunities to send out, unlike the time of the Heisei era, the prime minister himself announced the talk of the prime minister regarding the era.[53]..In addition, when the era is changed from Showa to Heisei, the new era (Change) Rather than the reason for the revision, "Emperor ShowaDemise of the CrownCrown Prince AkihitoNew Emperor's coronation (Succession to the throne)"about,1989/(64)1/7At that timeNoboru TakeshitaThe Prime Minister said, "The story of Prime Minister Takeshita at the time of the demise of the Departed Emperor.[54]The difference is that the announcement was made (the first year of 1 started on January 8th).

On the same day, the "Government Ordinance to Revise the Era (Government Ordinance No. 31 of 143)" was issued by the Emperor.[Note 5] After receiving the courtesy of "Kanpo Special Extra No. 9"AnnounceMay 2019, 5 (first year of Reiwa)EnforcementWas decided.In addition, the reading is "ReiwaCabinet notification stipulating thatCabinet notification on how to read the era(31 Cabinet Notification No. 1) was promulgated.

In addition, English(Romaji) Notation is "ReiwaThat is, the governments and international organizations of 195 countries approved by Japan, and Japan's contact agency for Taiwan.Japan Taiwan Exchange AssociationThroughTaiwan(Republic of China) In(English edition)Equivalent to the Embassy of Japan in JapanTaipei Economic and Cultural Representative OfficeWas notified to[Note 6][55][56][57].

Immediately after the announcement, the press in each country reported the new era in a flash report by paraphrasing it into its own translation.[58]..しかし、各報道陣独自の訳とあって統一性に欠けることや、間違ってかけ離れた意味However, there is a lack of unity due to the unique translation of each press, and the meaning is wrongly far away.[59]Based on the possibility that it will be translated inMinistry of Foreign AffairsIs each countryOverseas missionIn response, "Reiwa" established a policy of unifying with the English translation of "Beautiful Harmony," and instructed diplomatic missions abroad to explain externally in line with this policy.[60].

Specializes in Chinese thought historyTsuyoshi Kojima(Tokyo UniversityAccording to Professor), "From the wording at that timeOtomo Traveler TheKureAssuming that it was supposed to be read in, the pronunciation of "decree" isKanjiGo-on's "Ryo" instead of "Rei"RomajiThe notation is also closer to the actual pronunciation, "Leiwa" may be suitable. "[61].


"Reiwa"authorityIt is,"Manyoshu』Volume XNUMX[62] of"Umehana 謌 卅 two heads parallel(Umehana no Uta XNUMX heads, parallel introduction) ”[63].

less than,Chinese textHere is the full text of the preface written in.

Plum Blossom Song Two Heads [Parallel] / BalanceTwo yearsXNUMXth day of the new year[Note 7] 萃 YuMarshalOld house[Note 8] Banquet Aya Early springmakeMoon Ki Shufu和 Plum Blossom Maeno Powder Ran Kaoru Gonoka Kayo Akebono Migrating Cloud Matsukake Rajiku Rush Yugiri Yui Tori Sealed Labyrinth Garden Mai Shincho Sorakyo Late Goose Goose Tenzachi <Promotion> Knee Flying Oblivion Ichimuro No Ura Innocently self-sufficient, self-sufficient, young non-collar, what's more, poetry[64]

This preface isBalance2/1/13(Gregorian calendar730/2/8[65],Julian calendar730/2/4),Marshal(DazaifuSecretary)Otomo TravelerDazaifu Government Office (North Latitude 33 Degrees 30 Minutes 53.2 Seconds East longitude 130 degree 30 min 54.4 sec /33.514778 degrees north latitude 130.515111 degrees east longitude / 33.514778; 130.515111 (Dazaifu / Government Office Ruins)) A feast held at a nearby mansion (Plum blossom feast)[66][67].. For the author, travelers andYamagamiAre listed[68].

Otomo Traveler's Mansion is now northwest of the government officeSakamoto Hachimangu Shrine(CurrentFukuokaDazaifu City,Map) Near areas are listed as candidate sites[69].

Below is the underlined part aboveOriginal(Not in the original textPunctuation marksluck),Written sentence,present dayJapaneseHere is an example of translation.

'Original"■PunctuationIs a shape adjusted for posterity. *TaiziIs the character adopted for the new era.
At the time, early springmakeMoon, Ki Shufu和, Plum Mirror Maeno Powder, Ran Kaoru Gonoka.
'Written sentence"* The reading here isLanguageAnd
时(When)ToEarly spring(Shiyoshi Yun) OfmakeMonth(Reigetsu)Inspirit(Can)Shu(よ)KuWind(Cold)和(Yahara)Gi,plum(Ume) TheIn front of the mirror(Kiyauzen) Ofpowder(This)ThePhi(Flat)TheOrchid(Ran) TheAfter the sword(Yes) OfIncense(Kau)TheKaoru(Kaora).
'Modern Japanese translationAn example >>■TaiziIs a word directly related to the new era.
Time isEarly spring(Shoshun) Ofmake(よ)ThereMoon(※in this case"Reiwa" is a synonym for "good")[70][71][72] The air is beautiful and the wind is和(Nago)Yakaso,plum ThemirrorIn front ofBeautiful woman White powder(White)The flowers bloom as if they were dressed inOrchidDecorate yourselfclothes(Roll)ToMatoi(Mato)CormorantIncense(like this)likeKaoru(Kaoh)Let me.

Chuo UniversityThe professor'sEmperorIs himselfEraWas decided (ShowapreviousDecreeBelow) "Nanchin", in which the Kuge deliberated the candidate for the era name[73] At the time, not only Chinese classicsJapanese calligraphyAlso points out that it has been quoted[74].. At the time of the Heisei era, there was a plan to use Japanese classics as the source, but it did not remain in the final plan.[9].

Influence theory of Chinese books

Became the inventor of "Reiwa"Nakanishi SusumuIn his previous book, "The composition of the preface"Wang Xizhiby"Lantingji XuIt imitates the format of ""唐Following the wind,BuddhismIt is explained that it was written in "an era in which national development was promoted while accepting."

On the other hand, Nakanishi said in the Manyoshu lecture / interview after the announcement of "Reiwa" that "Susumu Nakanishi is said to be the inventor, but he is a different person" and about "Reiwa". There are many misunderstandings.The opinion that there is a similar sentence to the return to the field of the Chinese book is "I can not understand. The inventor could not understand." "The source theory that there is the same word is a study of the Edo period. Comparative literature From this point of view, it is important that the context is the same. "[75], "Reiwa" in "Return to the Field" refers to February, but it is recorded in "Manyoshu".Otomo TravelerIn the preface of "Umehana no Utabu" by "Reitsuki" is January, and because the meaning of "wa" is different, "it is incomprehensible to think that they are the same".[76].. Also, "(between" Reiwa "and Lantingji Xu / Return to the Field) it is certainly possible to find commonality in form, etc., but the context and meaning are quite different, so I don't think it is a source." In the first place, I think that what kind of expression the word is more important than what the source is. "[77].

"Asahi ShimbunAccording to the preface, "Hundreds of years before" Manyoshu, "which became the source of" Reiwa "in China after the announcement of the new era,Zhang HengThe literary man wrote, "Return to the fieldIt was widely pointed out that there was a passage very similar to the poem "Kidennofu". "[78].. In addition, the new Japanese classical literature system "Manyoshu (XNUMX)" (Iwanami Shoten), As an example of "Reiwa", the poetry collection "Sentence selection』Volume XNUMX recordingBack HanThe phrase "Return to the Field" by Zhang Heng, a literary figure of the times,

Azumi Waki, Azumi Waki, Depression, Shigeru Hyakuso
《Original》■PunctuationIs a shape adjusted for posterity. *TaiziIs the character adopted for the new era.
mid springmakeMonth, hour和Kisei
《Written sentence》* The reading here is written.
mid spring(Chiushi Yun) OfmakeMonth(Reigetsu),时(When) The和(Nago)Toothspirit(Can) Theclear(To)Mu.

Are listed[79].

According to Iwanami Shoten, the word note for the new Japanese classical literature system "Manyoshu (XNUMX)" is "Nakaharu Reiwa, Tokiwa Kiyoma" (Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Heng "Return to the Field", Wen Xuan XNUMX "). One point isEdo PeriodIt is said to be found in "Manyoshu Takumi" written by the early scholar Keichu, and also in "Manyoshu Annotation" written by Hisataka Omodaka, a scholar who led the study of Manyoshu after the war. How to transcribe the introduction of Keichu isJin DongBook of the timesWang XizhiWritten byLantingji XuI'm guessing that it was modeled after. In addition, the place where "Reiwa" and "Wa" appear is also drawn in the note of the poetry word "Kiyowa" in "Bunsen Psalm (XNUMX)" (Iwanami Bunko), and the reading there is"The moon of the middle spring, the time is clean."Is[80].

Mainichi Newspapersaccording to,Envoy-EnvoyThe "Belles-lettres", which summarizes the beautiful texts of ancient China brought back by, is the best example for writing texts.Heian periodIt is said that many Japanese classics that were established by the first half of the year were written based on the expressions of Chinese classics, and when the source of the era is used, "the expressions of Chinese classics will be descended." Was pointed out,

  • Isao Tokoro-Kyoto Sangyo UniversityProfessor Emeritus: "Japanese people have used things taken from abroad, so they have used them as their own, not just imitations."
  • Of Chinese classical studiesYoshihiro Watanabe-Waseda UniversityProfessor: "The meaning is basically the same as the Man'yoshu. Wen Xuan is the Chinese classic that the Japanese read the most, and it is normal to think that the Man'yoshu text is based on it." "East Asian intellectuals Everyone was reading. Greek and Roman classics are the same as Europeans' own classics, and in a broader sense they are Japanese classics. "
  • Masaharu MizukamiChuo UniversityProfessor: "It may be similar to Wen Xuan, and there is still a Chinese book in the hidden authority."

Introducing comments such as.In addition, although several Han scholars have pointed out the influence of the above phrase, the government has not commented on whether the Wen Xuan is the original text.on the other hand,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of ChinaUnder the umbrellaForeign Affairs CollegeProfessor Zhou NagaoBeijing UniversityProfessor Wang Shinsei said that while Japanese classical culture was influenced by Chinese classical culture, the words "return to the field" and "Reiwa" "have no direct relationship between the two." Shows a view[81].

Tokyo NewspaperAccording to the report, "Prime Minister Abe emphasized that the origin of the new era was a Japanese classic (national book) and met the expectations of the conservatives who supported it, but in the second century.Back HanThere is a passage from Zhang Heng's poem "Return to the Field", a literary and scientist who was active in this era. "

  • Waseda University Professor (Kanji Studies)Hiroyuki Sasahara: "The preface of the Manyoshu seems to be based on the Chinese classics before the Manyoshu, such as Zhang Heng's Return to the Field (" Nakaharu Reiwa, Tokiwa Kisei ") and (Chinese Shosei) Wang Yiyuki's" Lantingji Xu "."
  • National Institute of Japanese LiteratureLongRobert Campbell: "Since Northeast Asia is the same Chinese character cultural sphere, I thought that there should be no exclusive selection as to whether it is a nationally written Chinese classic (Chinese book). This time there is a homage (respect) to Return to the Field, and the Chinese book is It can be said that it was included. "
  • Kokugakuin UniversityEmeritus professor and poetHirohiko Okano: "At that time, the influence of Chinese literature was very strong. The Japanese have been devising and expressing soft lyricism while incorporating the traditions of the continent. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the difference whether the source is a Chinese classic or a Japanese classic. I don't think

Introducing comments such as.

Flow of the times

Chronological Table

Successive Prime Ministers

NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Shinzo AbeHeisei 24/12/26January 2, 9rd year of ReiwaReiwa era announced
Yoshii KanJanuary 2, 9rd year of ReiwaJanuary 3, 10rd year of Reiwa
Fumio KishidaJanuary 3, 10rd year of Reiwa

Comparison table with the Christian era

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Zodiac signsJihaiGengziSpicyYang Water TigerLichenJiachenOtomiBing WuDing WeiYang Earth Monkey
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The oldest person in Japan on the day of the announcement of the new era "Reiwa"1903/(Meiji36 years)1/2BornKane Tanaka(116 years old at that time)[112]At that time, it was estimated that there were thousands of survivors born in the Meiji era (107 years old and over).From this, it is desirable that the initials in alphabetical notation do not overlap with those after the Meiji era, and the initials other than the four letters M (Meiji), T (Taisho), S (Showa), H (Heisei) It is predicted to be the era name of the letter, and it is said that senior government officials actually acknowledged it. The acronym for "Reiwa" is R, but from this, the coming 4th year of Reiwa (mainly on the Internet)2036/) Is abbreviated as "R18Therefore, there were many writings that worried people born in 18th year of Reiwa.[113].

Since the romaji reading is "REIWA", the Australian real estate association "REIWA" is an overseas company.[114](The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia =Western AustraliaReal Estate Association, read as Riwa[115]) ”, The number of connections from Japan temporarily increased.That percentage reached as high as 70 percent[116].. "We welcome the new era in Japan, and the Institute sees this as an opportunity to raise awareness in the Western Australian real estate market," the group's CEO said in an interview. doing[117].

Regarding trademark rightsChugoku OfNational Intellectual Property AdministrationAccording to the Trademark Office website, Reiwa will be announced in 2018SakeBy chance as a product name such as商標Was registered[118].. In Japan, trademark registration of the era is prohibited in principle.[119].

TibetInTibetanIt is said that the pronunciation is similar to "རེ་ བ (rewa, hope / hope)".His Holiness the Dalai Lama Japan Representative Office OfLungtokThe representative said, "After the announcement of the new era, there were many phone calls saying,'Sounds are the same.' Tibetan has no vowels.R"It sounds very similar to Japanese people," he said. "Sibet is in a serious situation and there is a lot of dark news, so I'm glad to be noticed by bright topics." "The feeling that Tibetans have received" hope "in the issue."[120].

August 2019, 4,Thai royal familyIs JapaneseRoyal familyDeeply related toThailandThen,Japanese govermentHas announced the new era "Reiwa"ThailandMediaReported one after another, "Matichon"Is"Japanese govermentAnnounces a new era "Reiwa" and will be used from May 5st. "Chief Cabinet SecretaryYoshii KanI also posted a photo when I announced[121].

2019 (first year of Reiwa)12/2Announcement 2019Yu Can New and Buzzword Award"Reiwa" was selected as the top 10[122].. Also on the 12th of the same month, 2019Kanji of the yearIs Reiwa's "makeTo[123].

High level in sign language when the era was announcedSign language interpreterSimultaneous interpretation was carried out by, but when Secretary Suga first said "Reiwa", he mistakenly said "BecauseThere was a mistake in translating "Iwa"[124].. At the National Sign Language Training Center, I wanted to make sign language in advance and publish a new sign language when the era was published, but it did not come true due to schedule problems, and it is said that it is difficult for interpreters to know and distinguish for the first time on the spot. It is said that mistakes were triggered by "re" and "me"[124].. The second and subsequent remarks are translated as "Reiwa".[124].. As a countermeasure, the day after the announcement of the eraMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareNew by consignment ofsign languageThe Japanese Sign Language Institute of the National Sign Language Training Center, which is devising the sign language, announced the sign language representing Reiwa.[125].. It is said that it is shaped like a bud with the finger facing up and then opened while moving forward, imagining the opening of the plum blossom, which is the authority.[126][127][128].

In addition, new eras will be announced in various places immediately after the announcement.OutsidersWas distributed,Osaka・ JROsaka StationBeforeTokyo-Shimbashi StationIn the front, there was a rush of people seeking extras, and some people scrambled for each other and fell, resulting in severe confusion, and ambulances and police were dispatched.[129][130].. For this reason, some newspaper companies have taken measures to distribute it as data to avoid confusion.[131].


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注 釈

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  6. ^ At the end of March, the Japanese media reported that Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs would notify 3 countries and international organizations approved by Japan of the new era all at once.In addition, since Japan does not approve the Republic of China (Taiwan), some media in Taiwan reported that "Taiwan is not included in 195 countries", but Taiwan's外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will notify Japan in writing on March 3 that it will be notified at the same time as the announcement.Japan Taiwan Exchange AssociationExplained that it is received from. He denied the content of the report because he had not verified it.
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