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🎥 | Musical "FLOWER DRUM SONG" has begun!


 The musical "FLOWER DRUM SONG" has begun!

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Tar was trying to turn the opera house into a Western-style nightclub.

The musical "FLOWER DRUM SONG" started on April 4th.It's called a performance only by Asians ... → Continue reading

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Opera(Kagekijo) isOperaas well as the balletFor the purpose of performancetheater.Opera HouseAlso called[1].


In the hall of the opera, in addition to the stage, the lower part between the audience seats and the stage (Orchestra pit, Abbreviation: Pit) hereOrchestraとConductorPut.The depth of the pits varies somewhat from opera house to opera house.The stage is for a smooth scene change3rd and 4th stageHave.Ordinary theaters that are not opera housesConcert hallSome are designed so that the stage or part of the audience seats can be used for opera by lowering the floor and providing an orchestra pit.

The opera is a large group of orchestras in the pitMusical instrumentBy performance and on-stage solo and chorussingingTo match the production ofacousticVery complex consideration of properties is required[1]It is a building.The traditional and world-famous opera is better than the new opera, which has a short history.19st centuryFor the structure of old buildings in construction, etc.acousticIs often not enough.


"Opera house" in Japanese does not simply refer to "buildings" where opera-ballet can be performed, but to continuously perform opera-ballet with an orchestra and manage them. It is usual to refer to those who have an organization that can do it.In many opera houses around the worldMusic directorOr permanentConductor, ExclusiveOrchestra,ChoirIs installed.For exampleBerlin State OperaOrchestra isStaatskapelle BerlinCalled.Vienna State OperaIs an exclusive orchestra ofVienna State Opera OrchestraIs an organization where members of this orchestra perform concert activitiesVienna Philharmonic OrchestraIs.However, in a broad sense, it may simply refer to an "opera company" (opera company). When the word "opera" is used, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it means "building" or "opera group".

Incidentally,EuropeIt is generally said that there are opera houses with opera groups not only in big cities but also in small cities with a population of about XNUMX, but this is full of opera houses.Germany(And also German-speakingAustria,Switzerland) Is almost true,ItalyFollows this.However, even in Germany and Italy, in regions with a small population, there are cases where there are only buildings and no permanent performance groups.

In countries other than Germany and Italy, opera houses are often limited to typical big cities.AmsterdamAlthough it is the largest city in Japan, there are some that do not have a permanent opera organization.


Major opera houses in Japan

(3rd and 4th stageWhen defined as a facility with)

The world's major opera

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