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🧑‍🎨 | I'm interested in Laura Pillar, a new sensation art woven by Hawaiian flowers and fruits ...


I'm curious about Laura Pillar, a new type of art woven by Hawaiian flowers and fruits ...

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With a large size, it can be used as a make-up pouch or clutch bag for various purposes such as a wet swimsuit case.

Recently, I've seen it in various places in Hawaii, and what I'm really interested in is the arrangement of flowers and fruits. → Continue reading

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Tsunagu Hawaii is a Hawaiian web magazine that delivers Hawaiian artists, gourmet food, sweets, miscellaneous goods and jewelry, Hawaiian spots, hotels, and the latest information on Hawaii.We will also introduce information that is not included in the guidebook and connect Japan and Hawaii.You can also purchase the miscellaneous goods to be introduced from "Tsunagu Hawaii Market".

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