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📺 | No. 2022 in the attention talent of the 1 spring drama Female is Haruka Ayase Male is a comedian who will appear in TBS Sunday Theater

Photo Haruka Ayase

No. 2022 in the attention talent of the 1 spring drama Female is Haruka Ayase Male is a comedian who will appear in TBS Sunday Theater

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As a comedian, he has appeared in programs such as "Can't Go Homecoming Sunday" and "Sand's Vague-Nu TV".

In spring, many new dramas will begin. There are many notable works in 2022, and there are many popular actors and actresses who are thrilling now ... → Continue reading

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comedian(Soft talent) is mainlyTV programPlays a role in making viewers and laughter laugh by using funny word expressions and funny movements of body and facial expressionstalentIs a generic term ofComedianIt is also called (soft strawberries). Most people called "comedy talent"comedian,Rakugo performer-Comic artist/Mandanshi・ ・Vocal cord/form copyEntertainermagician-Comic bandmember,singerBelongs to any of the entertainment areas.

Writers with a deep knowledge of this fieldNobuhiko KobayashiIn other books such as "Bouquet for comedies", the word "comedy" is the same as "comedy grass"contemptIt is said that it is used by the parties in a demeaning manner, including the nuances of the above, and that it is rude to be used by a third party, but this has not reached a large extent so far.

In addition, it is a unique usage in Japan to call a celebrity who appears in the media etc.EnglishAlso differs from the original meaning of[1].


The names "comedy entertainer" and "comedy talent" are used in Japan.tv setWith the spread ofstagePeople who have been active in various fields in many places includingEntertainment showsIt was born because it became necessary to call them collectively as the importance of activities was shifted to.

Therefore, the comedy run has existed since the beginning of television broadcasting. At that time, most of them were laughing by doing Manzai with a group of two called Manzai Master, or doing a control with a group of several people. In the Kanto region, bandmen who had formed a jazz band under the occupation turned into a comic band and began to show the conte on TV (Hana Hajime and the Crazy Cats,The Driftersetc),Asakusa Park Roku WardThe entertainers who have the ground as the base played an active part centering on Comte and advanced to TVControl 55,Two beatsetc).the 1970sAt around KansaiYoshimoto New Comedy,Shochiku New ComedyEtc,Hiromi Fujiyama,Kanpei MaMany who perform on the big stage likecomedianBroke the world. Later, these will be active as comedians. In ManzaiItoshi-KoishiAppears on TV, etc., and plays an active part as a comedian.

In the mid-1980sManzai boomThere has occurred.Fuji Television Network, Incseries"We Hyokin], multipleControlBecause it consists ofEntertainerIs based onPerformanceThe content was beyond the area of. Inevitably these areas became borderless (especially between Manzai / Mandan and Comte) and eventually became collectively referred to by the words "comedy talent" and "comedy entertainer." Since the "Hyokinzoku", the main activity base for comedians has moved from the theater to the TV, and as a result,StoryThere are fewer opportunities to showcase and perform arts, and there is a growing demand for them to be in the middle of themselves, as the entertainers themselves, and the general audience. In this processBeat takeshiAnd from downtown and form copyingTamoriFrom rakugoAkashi familyComedians such as Tonneluzu, Utchan Nanchan, Neptune, and Kirimushichu, who came from Shortcomte, have lost the trace of their original performing arts.

Since the category of comedy talent was established,NSCWith the rise of comedy comedians and the emergence of comedians from indies, the teacher-pupil system declined. Also, the relationship between seniors and juniors is regardless of age.ExperienceThe standard is that juniors are obliged to use honorifics for seniors, but nowadays it is somewhat relaxed due to diversification of production and media.

In particularYoshimoto Kogyo,Shochiku entertainmentMajors such as these continue to maintain the criteria based on their artistic history, and even if they enter the training school at the same time, the one who debuts as early as one day will be the senior, and of course the honorific must be used.[2].. However, for entertainers of the same age in other offices, even if the performers have a short history of experience, appropriate correspondence can be seen.

In addition, on variety shows, it is common for the moderator or performer to attach a "master" as a title to the great man of Manzai or Rakugo. There is a disciple who came).


He often appears on variety programs, and when he has a certain history of performing arts, he tends to stop talking, and entertainers with theaters and young people show the story, but when TV becomes the center of the activity, it is a special program for the year-end and New Year holidays,LolIt will be about the performance corner. However,LOL problem,Sama-zu,Banana manThere are comedians who are regularly involved in live performances, showcasing stories on TV programs, and releasing works even after becoming veterans.

There are many people who aim to be laughing talents, but there are only a handful of laughing talents who have succeeded in their careers after making their debut because there are only a few laughing talents who can appear on TV programs even if they make their debut.In addition, many people are frustrated or struggling because their income is not stable, and it is natural that there are days when there is no work once a year, so it is not possible to live by laughing alone.Part-time jobIt will be a life while doing.On the other hand, even if you appear on TV in the light of the day and become sought after and break, there is no guarantee that you will be a laughing talent all the time, and even a laughing talent who was temporarily active on the front line will get bored as the days go by. There is also a pattern in which you have to live a part-time job as soon as you have a drastic decrease in work.Even if it sells, it will not last long and once the work runs out, it will be difficult to revive.Shortly after the break, the number of jobs decreased sharply, and it was re-breaking that is still active on the front lines.LOL problem,Hiroyuki Ariyoshi,HiromiAnd so on.

In the world of television, it is strict with respect to hierarchical relations such as greetings and courtesy, and comedy is also such a tendency.Yoshimoto KogyoIs known to be particularly tough. Therefore, no matter how popular they are, it is often the case that they are dried if they do not greet or are rude to their seniors and co-stars. At the same time, poor attitude toward staff can also contribute to job loss.[3].. There is also a pattern in which a big entertainer speaks to the dried talent himself, suggests to appear as a producer and makes him appear as a guest or regular on the program, and turns the work by cleverness to each TV station. That is also a rare case.X-GUNIsTamori's Vocabulary HeavenBecame popular, but when the program was over, the number of jobs dropped dramatically. But at the same time, I became a hot sellerLOL problemOvercame an unfortunate era when he was entrusted with planning the first corner of his program[4].

If you sell it and get little holidays, not only young people but also mid-sized entertainers whose faces are selling reasonably, request vacationmanagerAnd may be scolded by the company.Also, even if you are injured due to overwork or accident, you are a sole proprietor.Office workerBenefits such as are not received and will be paid at your own expense.

Some have turned into broadcast artists after their dreams were broken as comedians. Also,Naveats of the worldThere are also those who are acting as a pair of entertainers and broadcast writers.

In recent years, comedians have changed their minds,Ogi and HagiAccording to him, in the old days, there were many enthusiastic people who tried to have a moderator or a crown program, and there were only entertainers with a rivalry.Hinadan entertainerThere are many entertainers who are motivated and want to be stored in a round shape.[5].


Since the 1980s, comedians have made remarkable progress in hosting business. This is the director of Variety Production Center, Fuji Television Organization Production Bureau.Masaki Yoshida"Since the comedy boom, I thought that I wanted to have a comedy taste on TV stations," he added, "Kansai's culture that entertainers served as MC after Yoshimoto Kogyo entered Tokyo in the 90s in earnest. Is probably imported?” said the existence of Yoshimoto Kogyo. On the other hand, many entertainers aim to be moderators who control the program in the sense of aiming higher. As a result of matching the needs of the producer and the entertainer, the entertainer has become more frequent as the moderator.[6].

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