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🎭 | Suzu Hirose Performing Stage <“Q”: A Night At The Kabuki Inspired by…

Photo Suzu Hirose appearance stage <"Q": A Night At The Kabuki Inspired by A Night At The Opera>, world tour decided!

Suzu Hirose appearance stage <"Q": A Night At The Kabuki Inspired by…

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・ Unauthorized resale or purchase / transfer for that purpose is prohibited by law.

Stage where Suzu Hirose appears <"Q": A Night At The Kabuki Inspired by… → Continue reading


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Unauthorized resale


Transfer(Jointly,Luo: cession,British: Assignment) is a specific, regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge.right,propertyOrLegal statusTo transfer to another person.verbThe form is "transfer" or "transfer".

On the other hand, from the standpoint of the transferee,Transfer(Yuzuriuke)[Note 1]That is.The verb form is "take over".

In addition, transferredPeople(Natural personOrCorporation)Transferor(Yuzuri me)The person who took overTransferee(Yuzuri Ukenin)That.


Gift,Buying and selling,exchange,Transfer collateralIt is the effect of the (quasi) property rights contract among the settings.Accord and satisfaction,settlement,Investment,Trust actIt can also occur as an effect such as.Consumption loan,Consumer depositIt is a requirement to be established.

From the above definitionRestricted property rights(MortgageEtc.) settings,General succession(inheritanceAndmerger,Company split,Stock exchange such asOrganizational restructuringRelocation by),Primitive acquisition(Innocent preoccupation,Prescription acquisition,Issuance of new shares(Acquisition of shares, etc.) is not included.

The object of transfer isProperty rights,Receivable,stock,Employee rights,Equity,Beneficiary right,patent right,Copyright,Company name,Sales,Jewelry businessAnd so on.Moral rightsIs not transferable (eg,Moral rightsFor everyCopyright lawArticle 59).

Incidentally,Japanese law,French lawlike,Intentionalism in changes in property rights and quasi-property rightsPerfectionism may be adopted under, in which case the partiesManifestation of intentionEven if the transfer is effective between the parties due to other requirements (),Counter requirementIt is not possible to claim (counter) its effectiveness against a "third party" (double transferee, bankruptcy trustee of transfer, etc.)Civil Code Article 177,178 article,Article 467, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2,Article 130, Paragraph 1 of the Companies Actetc).on the other hand,FormalismUnder, perfectionism is usually not adopted.


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  1. ^ TransferEven if it is written as, it is usually read as "Yuzuriuke" instead of "Joju". (Conditions, etc.)achievementIt is said to avoid confusion with.

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