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🎥 | "Baragaki: Unbroken" starring Junichi Okada, 6/15 exclusive distribution start on Amazon Prime Video


"Baragaki: Unbroken" starring Junichi Okada, exclusive distribution start on June 6 on Amazon Prime Video

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Okada, who played the main character, Hijikata Toshizo, received a hot offer from director Masato Harada in addition to the lead role, and also serves as the construction and guidance of the sword fight.

The movie "Baragaki: Unbroken" starring actor Junichi Okada will be on Amazon Prime Video from June 6th ... → Continue reading

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    Director Masato Harada

    Toshizo Hijikata

    Toshizo Hijikata(Hijikata Toshizo,Tempo6/5/51835/5/31〉- Meiji2/5/111869/6/20〉) isBakumatsuPeriodRetainer,ShinsengumiDeputy chief.Ezo Island GovernmentSimilar to army service. Is Yoshitoyo,pen nameIs Toyoda,Family crest TheLeft three sides.

    In the Shinsengumi era, the directorIsamu KondoSupports the tissue as the right arm ofBoshin WarThen, as one of the commanders on the side of the former shogunate armyEzo Island GovernmentIn ", he was appointed to the head of the military security department and took command.MeijiMay 2, 5 (June 11, 1869),Boshin WarBecame the last battlefield ofHakodateGoryokakuKilled in action in the defense battle.


    Tama / Examination Ground

    Tempo6 years(1835/),BushuMusashi countryTama-gunIshida Village (currentlyTokyoHino cityIshida)FarmerBorn between Yoshiatsu Hijikata (Hayato) and Ezu. He was the youngest of 10 siblings.The Hijikata family is called "Daijin"Tama OfHeavy farmingHowever, my father was three months before the birth of Toshizo.2/5TotuberculosisHe died in Tenpo on July 6, 11 when his mother was 7 years old.1840/7/29) Died of tuberculosis.Also my eldest brotherTamejiroBecause of this, his second elder brother succeeded the family reign and named Hayato, and was brought up by his wife, Naka.At the birthplace, there is "Yatake", which was planted when Toshizo was a boy, saying, "I will become a middle-aged soldier and make a name for myself in the world."

    So far[When?], At the age of 11Edo(I.e."Matsuzakaya ItoKimonoStore "(currentlyMatsuzakayaTo Ueno store)ServiceImmediatelyThe beginningIt was reported that he had a fight and returned to his hometown, but in recent years[When?]Announced Ishida VillagePersonal book copyByCounting yearsAt the age of 11, he lived in Ishida Village and was found not to be in service.Although there are some deficiencies, it has come to be considered that Toshizo was in service for 14 years, 24 to 10 years old, from this personal book.Also, at the age of 17, Edo, a branch of Matsuzakaya Ueno storeDenma town OfcottonWholesalerThere is also a theory that he went up to the indentured servitude (called Kamedana for the Tsuru store in Ueno store) and returned to his hometown with problems such as getting pregnant with an older woman who worked there. However, due to the existence of the above-mentioned personal book, its credibility is now questioned, and it is not clear where it was dedicated.[1].

    After that, Toshizo said, "Ishida powder"PeddlerWhile doing soSwordsmanship dojoI played games and practiced.

    sister·RanIs also a cousin of siblingsHinojukuLord OfHikogoro SatoIt is said that Toshizo often went in and out of Hikogoro's house.Hikogoro was murdered in front of his grandmother by a big fire, and he felt the danger of his surroundings and himself.Gensaburo InoueBrother of·Inoue MatsugoroAt the recommendation ofNatural reasonIntroduced to a corner of your homedojoWas open.From such an edge, HikogoroTrial building OfIsamu KondoHe signed a contract with his brother-in-law and supported Tennen Rishin-ryu.

    Toshizo met Kondo, who had come to teach at the rehearsal hall.Ansei6 years(1859/3/29Formalized in Tennen Rishin-ryugetting startedare doing.BunkyuNew Year (1861/), Kondo is named the 4th generation Soke of Tennen Rishin-ryu.In commemorationred and whiteField match was heldgeneralI participated in the role of protecting.

    Bunkyu 3rd year (1863/2, With friends of the test centerEdo Shogunate14nd generationGeneral-Tokugawa IgemoGuardForRoshigumiApply for京都Go to.

    Shinsengumi Deputy Chief

    It happened in Bunkyu 3 (1863)August XNUMX political changerear,Mibu Roushigumi (not official name)Is recognized for its successShinsengumiWas launched.afterwards,Niimi Nishiki Accused(There are various theories about the end).Serizawa duckSeems to be according to Hijikata et al.assassinationKondo who died sideways and seized powerSecretaryIt became.Toshizo took the position of deputy chief and became Kondo's right arm in Kyoto.SecurityIt was maintained.ShinsengumiDeputy chief assistant,InspectorA systematic organization is created for each job, and the top is the director, but the actual command is said to have been issued by the deputy director, Toshizo.

    MotoharuNew Year (1864/6/5 OfIkedaya IncidentIn that case, lead a half corpsChoshu clanMaster/Tosa DomainI searched for Tantora (Shikokuya), where the swordsmen frequently went in and out, but there was no one here.I immediately rushed to support Ikedaya, but instead of rushing in immediately, I solidified the area around Ikedaya.Ikedaya incidentrewardBecame exceptional, and the heroic name of the Shinsengumi roared in the world.Furthermore, from the shogunate, KondoForceThere was an unofficial announcement that seniors and soldiers would be the power, but at that time it was not realized.

    After that, the deputy directorKei NannanWill be the president, and Hijikata will be the deputy director.In the case where Yamanami later left the army and became seppuku, it is said that there was a conflict with Hijikata, but in "South of Mt.sentenceThere is also a theory that Hijikata's favorite "spring moon" is included in this, so it was said that Yamanami = Yamanami and they were on good terms.To keep the discipline of the corps after thatKawai Yozaburo,Sanjuro Tani,Takeda KanryusaiIt is sometimes said that they were seppuku or slaughtered, but the details of the cause of death for Tani and Takeda are unknown, and the relationship with the corps rules is unknown.Koutaro ItoWas separated and formedGoryo GuardianToPersonAsHajime SaitoTo prevent the Kondo assassination plan by sending, Ito,Heisuke TodoAssassinated and destroyed the Imperial Guard (Aburanokoji Incident..There is a disagreement about Goryo Guardian, Ito, and Saito).

    Boshin War

    Keio3 years(1867/6, Collected by the Bakushin.But the same year10/14,Yoshiki TokugawaResigned from the shogunate (Resignation).12/9ToGreat command of the royal revivalWas issued, and the Edo Shogunate was virtually over.4th year of Keio1868/1/3,Battle of Toba and FushimiBegins withBoshin WarBreaks out, and Toshizo leads the Shinsengumi in place of Kondo, who was injured in.New Government ArmyDefeated before the offensive.afterwards,Edo CastleToshizo who climbed the castleSakura clanEdokeeperUsefulGakkai YodaWhen asked about the war situation, he said, "I can't do anything without a gun. I'm wearing a sword and a spear, and I can't use anything."[2]..However, Toshizo had already conducted Western-style training on guns and cannons in the precincts of Mibudera in Bunkyu 3 before he was defeated in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, and in the political change on August XNUMXth of that year, he actually trained guns. There is also a description that he boldly defeated the Choshu forces by using.

    The Shogunate army lost in the battle of Toba and FushimiOsakaAfter withdrawing from Edo, Kondo is Go Okubo and Toshizo isHayato NaitoUnder the pseudonym, "Shinsengumi"Koyo ZhentaiRenamed toKai countryHead to.However3/6,Battle of Koshu KatsunumaDefeated at.Toshizo rushed to request reinforcements before the war, but was unsuccessful.afterwards,NagareyamaI was trying to revive it,4/3, Kondo, besieged by the new government army, surrenders under the false name of Yamato Okubo.At this time, it is said that Toshizo stopped Kondo's seppuku and recommended surrender.Toshizo heads to Edo andKatsu KaishuHe made a direct interview and petitioned for Kondo's life, but it did not come true, and in 4, Keio 1868 (XNUMX).4/25, KondoItabashi Execution GroundsAtDecapitationWas punished by.

    After the surrender of Kondo, while pleading for life, the Shinsengumi was entrusted to Hajime Saito and Jiro Yamaguchi.AizuHead toShimada KaiTake only a few soldiersKeisuke OtoriJoined the former Shogunate army led by them.4/11ToEdo CastleEscapes Edo when is established, and ToshizoAkizuki NoborinosukeOf the leading armyStaffServed.Lower building-Lower wifeThroughBattle of UtsunomiyaVictory,UtsunomiyaTo fall.HoweverBattle of MibuHe was injured in his leg when he rematched with the new government army in Utsunomiya, and was escorted to Aizu prior to the main army.I spent about 3 months in Aizu, and during this time I visited Kondo's grave.Tenneiji TempleIt is said that it was built inside.

    After recovering completely and returning to the front, he entrusted the command to Jiro Yamaguchi (Hajime Saito) and made efforts to prevent the war in Aizu while supporting Yamaguchi.8ToBattle of Bonari PassWith the defeat ofAizu WarIs intensified.Toshizo seeks reinforcementsShonai DomainHowever, the Shonai clan, which had already turned to the new government army, did not even enter the castle.Toshizo is from AizuSendai DomainI decided to go to.Yamaguchi et al. Against the big bird who also left the battle lineAizu DomainProceeding to be loyal toHakodate WarLater currentAomoriRecorded inAncient documentIt is in.Hijikata had not returned to the Shinsengumi in the Aizu domain.And with Yamaguchi and others who remain in the castle,SendaiThe Shinsengumi splits with the soldiers who left Hetenningji.

    Reaching SendaiTakeaki EnomotoOld ledShogunate NavyAnd join.With EnomotoOuetsu Reihan AllianceParticipated in the military congress.Soon after the Ouetsu clan alliance collapsed and the alliance clan surrendered to the new government forces one after another, the Kuwana clan and others were added to the survivors of the Shinsengumi.Tae MaruWith Enomoto et al.10/12Sendai Orinohama (currentlyMiyagiIshinomakiDepart Orinohama)EzoI went to.

    Hakodate War and Death

    10/20, EzochiWashinokiAfter landing in Japan, Toshizo became governor of the Mado Army.GoryokakuHeaded for.The Shinsengumi went on the main road under Governor Keisuke Otori, but it is said that several Shinsengumi members, including Kai Shimada, were always following Toshizo.

    Hakodate・ After occupying Goryokaku, ToshizoForehead soldierAnd so onMatsumaeAdvance toMatsumae CastleFall down and leave the remaining soldiersEsashiI chased up to.At this time,Takeaki EnomotoTo support the Hijikata army from the sea, the warship "Kaiyo MaruI headed off the coast of Esashi, but was stranded due to a storm.It is said that Enomoto and Toshizo, who landed in Esashi and watched the Kaiyomaru sink, hit the pine tree beside them and mourned each other, and the "Mourning Pine" still remains.

    Toshizo, who successfully occupied Esashi, returned to Matsumae Castle once and returned.12/15Enomoto is in each countryConsulWe made a triumphant return to Goryokaku in time for the Ezo Horizon Celebration.

    Then decide on an executiveelectionWas done, EnomotoPresident"Republic of Ezo(GoryokakuHonjin) Was established, and Toshizo became an executive of the Army, and also served as the president of the Hakodate City Central Control and the Army and Navy Tribunal.It is said that Toshizo was calm even in Hakodate.It is said that even when the Hakodate government was established and Enomoto and his colleagues were celebrating, Toshizo remained silent and said, "It's not time to drink alcohol."

    From January to February, when the Hakodate and Goryokaku were constructed, information on the invasion of the new government army was received in March, so Toshizo was the new government army.armored shipFor the purpose of captureBattle of Miyako BayParticipate in.However, the operation was unlucky and failed.Although many casualties occur, Toshizo survives.

    Meiji2 years(1869/4/9, The new government army begins landing in Otobe, Ezo.ToshizoBattle of FutamataThorough defense against the advance of the new government army.During the battle the new government forcesbellI took a tactic that made me think that I was surrounded.The Hijikata army general was upset by this, but Toshizo calmly judged the situation and calmed his subordinates, saying, "If you really want to siege, hide the sound and make it unnoticed."In between the battles, Toshizo served his subordinates with sake.He said, "I don't want people to get drunk and disturb the military rules, so everyone is only full," so his subordinates laughed and agreed.Futamata, who had been defended by the Hijikata army, won a series of battles, but the other Matsumaeguchi was torn and there was a risk of being surrounded, so he was forced to withdraw and returned to Goryokaku.

    Meiji 2 (1869)5/11, The Hakodate total attack of the new government army was started, and Shimada and others were defendingBenten DaibaIs surrounded by the new government army and isolated, and Toshizo leads a few soldiers to rescue him.At Hakodate Port "Banryu MaruIs the new government warship "Chaoyang Maru"Don't lose this opportunity" when he saw the sinking, and he served as an army magistrate at the Hakodate Ipponki barrier.Uonaka OhnoHe pushed out allies who were routing, and declared, "I am on this fence and will not kill those who retreat."Toshizo defends the Ippongi barrier and responds to the new government forces attacking from Nanaehama.He commanded on horseback.

    There are various theories about the end, but it is said that Toshizo was hit in the abdomen and fell during the war.The soldiers led by Ohno, who had been advancing toward Odaiba by his order, had regained their power for a while, but their desperate command was empty and they collapsed.When Ohno was forced to turn back, he was also an army magistrate.Saisuke YasutomiIt is said that he was informed that Toshizo was shot.Ohno rushed in, but Toshizo is said to have already died.

    35 years old (34 years old).Strangely, it was the same year as my ally, Kondo.Enomoto's army surrendered six days later.


    • (1)Yoshiya, the soul is the eastern (Azuma) prince, even if Ezo does not decay to the island.
    • (2)Tatohi meat decays to Shimane in Ezo, but the soul is the eastern prince Yamamoran
    • (3)Every time I take a halberd and look at the moon, I shine on the spring

    Of the above, Hijikata'sResignationHas been said to be a song like (XNUMX) or (XNUMX),Reizan History MuseumThe opening song of the wakashu, which is said to have been compiled by Shimada, that is, (XNUMX) above, states the theory that Hijikata's death poem.[3].


    The body of ToshizoNaganosuke KoshibaThere is a theory that it was carried to another place and buried in Goryokaku (Ipponmatsu's clay head) together with other war dead, but there is a theory of another place and the burial place has not been decided yet.

    Stone monument / wooden monument

    • FukushimaAizuwakamatsuHigashiyama Town Tenneiji TemplePrecincts (monument)
      There is a tombstone of Isami Kondo in Tenningji, and a stone monument of Toshizo next to it.[4]..Originally, wooden ones were erected. In 2020, the Aizu Wakamatsu Lions Club built a new memorial to Toshizo Hijikata next to the tombstone of Isami Kondo for the 60th anniversary project.[4].
    • HokkaidoHakodateFunami-cho name temple precincts (monument)
    • "Hijikata Toshizo's Last Monument" in Wakamatsu Ryokuchi Park, Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido

    Ability of swordsmanship

    Natural reasonTrial buildingThe year after the introduction toMannobuNew Year (1860/) Published in "Martial Arts English Directory" (excluding Edo)Kanto regionThe name of Toshizo Hijikata is listed in the swordsman's directory), and it can be seen that he has already reached a certain level of ability.However, at the Tennen Rishin Ryu Dojo, Toshizo is at the middle level.CatalogOnly the records up to now exist.

    crimsonOn the face stringZhuFashionable such as painted skinArmorWas using[5].Takahata FudoIt is said that the precincts of the area were often used as a training place.The Shinsengumi was a tunshoYagi HouseAccording to Shinsengumi's swordsmanship training, Isami Kondo and Kamo Serizawa often sat at high places to watch, but Toshizo always wore a torso and sweated while teaching.[2].


    • When I was a child, when I got out of the bath, I often stayed naked on the pillars of my house.SumoIt is said that he was practicing.The pillar isHijikata Toshizo MuseumStill remains in[6].
    • ChildhoodBodhi TempleIsTakahata FudosonHe was a naughty kid, throwing wild bird eggs at the passers-by from the mountain gate.
    • nephew(Hikogoro SatoWhen his third son, Tamekichi) fell in the garden and cut his forehead, he immediately rushed in and laughed and said, "It's a boy's face injury.[7].
    • From later photographs of Western clothing, Toshizo is a rationalist and has the flexibility to accept what is convenient as convenient.Imported OfPocket watchIt is said that he also had.Also, in the Boshin War, Utsunomiya Castle was temporarily dropped, and when the two-pronged mouth was defended, allies continued to rout and won repeatedly, showing understanding and practicing Western military studies, and achieving results.
    • Because she looked good and was popular with women, when she was working as a deputy director of the Shinsengumi in Kyoto, she put a lot of love stories from women together in a wooden box for her relatives in Hino and said, "It's boring." I wrote it down, sent it, and bragged about it.
      • In the early daysKanosuke KojimaA large package arrives at (one theory is said to be the disciples of Kondo Dojo).When I opened it as if I had sent it as a souvenir from Kyoto, I yearn for him.芸 者-MaikoThe love letter from the singer was packed tightly, and the meaning that the phrase "The heart-wrenching lady of the country" was attached to the letter said that she was popular with women and would forget to devote herself to the country. I am.[8].
    • Toshizo, whose leg was injured in the Battle of Utsunomiya, was in Keio 4 (1868).Leap4From around7Until around (there is a different theory), AizuWakamatsu CastleI was lying on the bed at the inn below.One day, at the Bakushin who was in the same innCivil servantCame, but Toshizo lay down and said, "Fight with us."Mochizuki, who was sick of his arrogant attitude, refused, saying, "I can't fight because I'm a civilian."Then Toshizo said, "Then what did you come to this far? Coward."Mochizuki couldn't keep silent, saying, "Fortunately you robbed Utsunomiya Castle, but you soon robbed it. It will be difficult to rob it again. It's a shame. You are also a coward. I have to say, "he said.Mochizuki left the room because Toshizo shouted, "Noisy, it disturbs my bed. I don't want to hear it anymore. Get out."At this time, Toshizo was so angry that he threw a pillow at Mochizuki.[9].
    • The shogunate was a fixed camp in EdoPurveyorKamaya.ShinagawaAmong them, the teahouse was very busy, and the record was "Keio XNUMXrd year Rabbit October XNUMXst Noboru (above) Shinsengumi Hijikata Toshizo family, both upper and lower thirty-one (holiday) Kamaya Hanemon Kunuki XNUMX sentences" Remains.Currently, the site of Kamaya (currentlyShinagawaIt is inAomonoyokocho StationA monument to the Shinsengumi is built near).
    • Just before deathSmall family nameWas servingIchimura TetsunosukeGives his hair and photo to him and orders him to "deliver it to Hino's family."In response, Ichimura refuses, "I am prepared to die here. Please order someone else."Upon hearing that, Toshizo said with a keen eye, "If you refuse, I will defeat you right now."Ichimura shook his head under the pressure of Toshizo.When leaving for Hino, Ichimura notices a figure in the window. "I didn't know who it was, but I think it was probably (Hijikata) teacher," he said.After that, Ichimura safely delivered his hair and photos to Hikogoro Sato of Hino-juku.
    • Toshizo's sword that still exists in the Hijikata Toshizo MuseumMamoru IzumiHas a blade of 2 shaku, 3 inches and 1 minute (70.3 cm).[10]..It is unknown who delivered this existing Kanesada to Hino and when.No clear historical material has yet been found.However, since the above letter was written in October of the 3rd year of Bunkyu, Aizu 10th Kanesada has not yet received Mamoru Izumi.Therefore, there is a theory that Kanesada written in the above letter may be Seki II Izumi Mamoru Kanesada.In addition, although the location is currently unknown, the blade length is 2Shaku8Size OfMamoru IzumiI also had a sword[10].
    • Toshizo's sword is also available at the Sato Hikogoro Museum.Yasutsugu EchizenExists.Presented to Gennosuke Sato (the eldest son of Hikogoro) by Toshizo after the Battle of Koshu Katsunuma[11].
    • Waka,HaikuThere was also the aspect of a fashionable person, such as liking.The phrases that I have written down are summarized by myself and are left as "".
    • Toshizo is said to have survived the Battle of HakodateSurvival theoryThere is. The "Hakodate Surrender Map" depicts Toshizo (surrender on May 6), who should have died six days ago.Another theory is that he has fallen to Russia.[12].
    • SakuanIs said to have been a favorite, especially in Onoji Village, where he opened a kendo hall.Kanosuke KojimaI like Takuan, a relative of the Hashimoto family, who is next to me, and when I eat, I ate a heap of Takuan deliciously, and I liked it so much that it is said that I carried the barrel with me.

    Character review

    • Egawa Taro Saemon"A man who is indomitable and courageous"[13]
    • Chusuke (Hijikata's servant) "The master of wisdom and courage should be the so-called Hijikata-den. Born in Japan, such a famous general cannot demonstrate his wisdom. "[14]
    • (Mitsui Money Changer) "Mr. Hijikata, a wise man, Ariyuki Ariyuki, and a short-term temperament"[15]
    • "Senior seniors, two servants, mild Nishite people, return affairs, baby babies, mothers[16]
    • Takeaki Enomoto"Entering the room"

    Hino and Toshizo Hijikata

    The city of Hino, Tokyo, where he was born, mourns and honors Toshizo Hijikata throughout the city.In the cityTakahata Fudoson Kongoji TempleTo DainichidoRankIs enshrined,Bodhi TempleIs said to be[17].

    The site of the birthplace is the Hijikata Toshizo Museum[18].

    The "Hino Shinsengumi Festival" is held on the second Saturday and Sunday of May, which is close to the anniversary of Hijikata Toshizo's death (May 5).[19].. 2019 is the 150th anniversary of his death[20].

    A work with Toshizo Hijikata as the main character




    Nana Kurono『』

    TV drama



    Digital content


    • Takarazuka Revue "Makoto no Gunzo"
    • Musical Hakuouki
    • "TEAM NACS10th Performance LOOSER-Album that keeps losing "(2004) Performance:Oizumi Hiroshi


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