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🎥 | "Tremors" Fred Ward dies at 79 years old Kevin Bacon as Val mourns

Kevin Bacon (left) & Fred Ward (right) in the photo "Tremors" – Universal Pictures / Photofest / Getty Images

"Tremors" Fred Ward dies at age 79 Kevin Bacon as Val mourns

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In addition to "Remo / The First Challenge" (1), which played an operative who fights evil in oriental ancient martial arts, "Tremors" (1985), which acted as a handyman to fight a mysterious giant creature, "Miami Blues" (1989), "The Player" (1990), "Armored Armed Zone" (1992), "2009 Guns" (2) and other popular works.

Actor Freh known for movies such as "Tremors", "Remo / First Challenge", "Henry & June / Man and Woman I Loved" ... → Continue reading

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    (2009), "2 Guns


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