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🎥 | "Shin Ultraman" goes beyond "Shin Godzilla" Rocket start "Shin Ultraman" and "Kagaku Tokusou" photos released


"Shin Ultraman" starts rocket beyond "Shin Godzilla" Photographs of "Shin Godzilla" and "Kagaku Tokusou" released

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The composition is a homage to the photo of the "Department Special Corps" that appeared in the first "Ultraman" broadcast in 1966, and like the original, it shows five people with radiant expressions.

The movie "Shin Ultraman" (Director: Shinji Higuchi), which began screening on the 3th, will be released for XNUMX days with box office revenue (entertainment revenue) ... → Continue reading


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Ultra series > Ultraman

"UltramanIs1966/7/17から1967/4/9Until,TBSEvery Sunday 19:00 --19:30 (JST), All 39 episodes were broadcast on TBSTsuburaya ProductionThe special effects TV drama produced, and the giant that appears in the workMakeover heroIs the name of.

TakedaOne company offer frame "Takeda HourBroadcast in[Annotation 2].. First broadcast in color on TBSSpecial effectsTV programBut also[1].. 『ウルトラQ』放送中の1966年XNUMX during the broadcast of "Ultra Q"4/1Was first released to the media[1].

This work includes TV dramas (hereinafter referred to as TV series) and others.ComicAnd theatrical movies,Novel,Video gamesMedia development is also being carried out, but this item will focus on the TV series.In addition, a series of programs broadcast following this work and the giant transformation hero appearing in the work may also be collectively called "Ultraman", and for convenience, in order to distinguish it from the heroes of these subsequent works, this work Ultraman that appears "The first UltramanIt may be called.種族としてのウルトラマンについてはAbout Ultraman as a raceAnother sectionSee.


This work ismonster,alienDisasters caused byParanormalResolveScience Special Investigation CorpsAnd cooperate with itM78 NebulaOf the land of lightSpace guardIt is an active play of Ultraman.The monster that appeared in the work was popular "Ultra QAs the second work of the "Fantasy Tokusatsu Series"[2], Was produced and aired as a program that inherits the world view of "Ultra Q".The flow of the opening title will be red screen from the colorized title logo image of "Ultra Q", and it will be credited as "Ultraman" on the top and "Fantasy special effects series" on the bottom.[Annotation 3][Annotation 4].

The program format was in the order of Takeda Hour OP → Title screen → CM → OP theme → Main story (broadcast to the last without inserting the CM in the middle), and there was a “color” mark at the bottom of the main story start screen.[3][Annotation 5].

As soon as the TV series started, it became a popular program that surpassed "Ultra Q", and the audience rating of the first episode at the time of the main broadcast was 1%.[3], Average audience rating is 36.8%[4], Maximum audience rating is 42.8% (1967/3/26Episode 37 of the broadcast.Video researchInvestigate, Kanto area)[5]Record.Its popularity did not decline even after the end of the TV series, and the average audience rating reached the 18% level even in the first rebroadcast.海外でも1970年代から100を超える国・地域で放映されてきたIt has been broadcast overseas in more than XNUMX countries and regions since the XNUMXs.[6].

Even today, more than half a century after the first broadcast of the TV series, it is still highly recognized by all generations, and "Decision! This is Japan's 100 Best" (TV AsahiSeries)2002/9/8It is ranked second in the broadcast "SFX & Anime Hero & Heroine Best 100"[7].."Ultraman" as a proper noun is "KojienIt is also described in the heading[8]..Also, in episode 39 (final episode), UltramanZettonMany celebrities say that the scene that was defeated by was shocked and influenced by the children at the time of the first airing.Maeda Himei"I'll defeat Ultraman's enemy (Kataki)!", Saying that it was the reason for starting martial arts.[9].

It has been commercially successful, and products related to this work and its characters are sold not only in toys but also in all fields such as daily necessities.商業的側面から本作品で特筆すべき点は、日本のテレビ番組で初めて商品化権の入札制度を導入したことであるFrom a commercial perspective, what is noteworthy about this work is the introduction of a bidding system for commercialization rights for the first time in a Japanese TV program.[Annotation 6]..Before this work was produced, the person in charge of the TV station and a company with connections had acquired the commercialization right, but after the above-mentioned system was introduced in this work, the products with money are prioritized. Opportunities to acquire conversion rights have come to be given.もっとも、実際のところは『ウルトラQ』を商品化したHowever, in reality, "Ultra Q" was commercialized.Marusan storeThe bidding system will work in earnest in the next work, "Captain ultra』After that.

The essence of the story

Hayata, a member of the Science Special Investigation Corps, uses a small beetle to track the blue and red spheres, but he collides with the red sphere and then crashes to death.

The identity of the red sphere was Ultraman.M78 NebulaHe is a space monster who escaped during the escort to the space graveyardBemlerI came to the earth following (the true identity of the blue sphere).And, out of guilt for having killed Hayata inadvertently, Ultraman decided to give Hayata his life and fight to protect the peace of the earth.In this way, Ultraman and Hayata became one and the same.

After that, HayataBeta capsuleIgnite and transform into Ultraman, fighting monsters and aliens.

Birth process

The project of this work started1965/8It was around that time.At that time, the fact that "Ultra Q", which is producing the second cool, was almost decided to start from January of the following year at 2:19 on Sunday was also a tailwind, and TBS producer'sSakai 巍(Takashi KakoiAnd Tsuburaya Special Skills Professional Planning and Literature Department ManagerTetsuo KaneshiroWas the center of the idea. TBS is presenting four conditions to Tsuburaya Productions at a fairly early stage.

  1. Produced on color film in consideration of overseas program sales.
  2. "Bemler", a monster of justice who can fight evenly with monsters, will be the main character throughout the series.
  3. Spin-offLeave one regular actor of "Ultra Q" as[Annotation 7].
  4. A public institution specializing in monster cases for natural development

At the meeting, there was a strong opinion that "the main character is a monster," and Eiji Tsuburaya, the supervisor, said, "SupermanA hero like "was proposed[11]..Also, in the Toho special effects movie in which Tsuburaya was in charge of the special skill director at this time, a giant who is on the side of humans and a ferocious monster develop a deadly battle.Frankenstein vs. Underground Monster(1965, Toho) has been released, and it is said that this movie also has a considerable influence on the planning of this work.

Here, the idea of ​​"the success of friendly aliens who are on the side of humans" of the program "WoO" planned for Fuji TV was diverted, and a plan for a science fiction swashbuckler called "Science Special Investigation Corps Bemler" was created.[12][13][14]..In this proposal, "Science Special Investigation Team specializing in cases beyond common sense" and unidentified aliens of justice who cooperate with themBemlerIs set[15].. The setting that "the hero who disappeared in the plane accident will become a hero and survive" has already been seen at this point, but the relationship between the hero and Bemler is not specified in the proposal.Also, there were no transformation items, and when he transformed, he raised his arms and posed like ninjutsu.[14].

The appearance of Bemler is a legendary Japanese creatureCrow tenguIt was pointed out by the people concerned that "it is difficult to distinguish from enemy monsters" and "the character as a hero is weak".Therefore, the "Bemler" project was reexamined, and a new "" was planned.[Annotation 8]..In this project, it is set as a mysterious man wearing a "red costume reminiscent of armor" rather than a monster of justice.He is set to stretch from 2 to 40 meters in height.Also, a time limit for transformation has been introduced.Regarding the relationship between the hero and the hero, it is clearly stated that "Redman, the alien who killed Sakomizu in an airplane accident, takes responsibility and borrows Sakomizu's body", and the basic part of Ultraman's setting in the later completed work is completed. Was.On the other hand, Redman has his hometown destroyed by the invasion of Xilien, Sakomizu himself has already died and his heart is Redman, and Sakomizu has a popular singer lover, Hikaru Yuki. There are some differences from the finished work, such as that.[14].

Although Redman's design became somewhat heroic in this way, Hirai demanded a design based on a simpler and more impactful metallic color.[16]..Also, as mentioned above, this work isAmericaOtani Otani and others from the Planning Department of the TBS Organization Bureau, who are familiar with the situation in the United States, said, "It is not accepted by foreigners in its current form. It looks like a more expressionless iron mask." It's okay for things to have a mystery. "[17][13][16]..こうして試行錯誤した結果、ウルトラマンのデザインが完成したAs a result of trial and error, the Ultraman design was completed.[Annotation 9].

The name "Bemler" was left as the name of the monster that appears in the first episode.[18].

Production background

The previous work "Ultra Q" had finished shooting the entire story before the broadcast, but this work has become a general drama style produced in parallel with the broadcast. TBSから支給された予算は1クールにつき7000万円(1本約538万円)、本編のクランクインは1966年3月16日だったThe budget provided by TBS was XNUMX million yen per course (about XNUMX million yen per piece), and the crank-in of the main story was March XNUMX, XNUMX.[19].

This work was aired at about the same time, "Ambassador MagmaBy color broadcasting[Annotation 1]In addition to being the pioneer of serial TV movies, the large-scale special effects-centered drama with a huge alien as the main character is unique in the world, so program production was a series of hardships.

"Ultra Q], Eiji Tsuburaya insisted that "special effects cannot be achieved with 16mm quality", and the method of shooting with the same 35mm film as for theater movies and reducing it to 16mm as a broadcasting film was adopted.この手法によりテレビ作品としては異例のクオリティを得られたが、フィルム代で予算が圧迫される問題が発生したThis method provided exceptional quality for a television work, but there was a problem that the budget was squeezed by the film cost.[Annotation 10]..Since an expensive color film is used in this work, only the synthetic cut is 35 mm, and the other parts are 16 mm for both the main story and special effects, aiming to reduce the cost while reducing the unnaturalness of the composite image.However, due to the lack of know-how in color photography, time and film will be wasted on adjustments and reworking, and the main crank-in of Toshihiro Iijima will be delayed until mid-March.[15].

In the shooting, the A block directed by Toshihiro Iijima (airing episodes 2, 5, and 3) started with a one-spot organization in which the same staff handles the main story and special effects, but careful testing of color film (color design and lighting) Repeated repainting of Ultraman costumes (such as the amount of light) (initially,latexMade of mask and unpainted blackWetsuitsIn addition to the detailed support related to color photography, such as (I was using), the jet beetle in operationHorizontDue to accidents such as hitting the ball and causing it to be wrecked, the shooting did not proceed slowly, and a separate group was formed from the B block (broadcast episodes 7, 4, 6, and 9) directed by Samaji Nonagase. Changed to[15].. Since the B block prioritized the shooting of the C block (airing episodes 1 and 8) directed by Hajime Tsuburaya, it was postponed except for the completed episode 7.The TV program "" that was aired prior to the first episodeUltraman Eve Festival Ultraman Birth』Thanks to, although the broadcast started safely, the schedule was gradually urgent, and even if the special effects were organized into two groups, it was not in time.In addition to re-shooting due to Eiji Tsuburaya's failure, the rental fee for the studio and shooting equipment was also a heavy burden, and the budget and time were tight.

As a result, discussions were held between TBS, which wants to continue the program, and Tsuburaya Productions, which says that it is impossible to continue the program. "[20]Therefore, it was decided to end once with the broadcast of 3 episodes of 39 courses while maintaining a high audience rating.[21][Annotation 11].

Era setting

At the time of the main broadcast of the TV series, the strict setting of the times was not unified, and the reality and the future at that time are mixed.

The first collection of "Ultraman Synopsis" published by TBS Bansen at the time of this broadcast[22]When,"Weekly Shonen Magazine』1966 No. 31 (8/7No.)Gravure pageThe era setting of1975/There is a description of "around".The recognition of the staffnear futureThere is no clear agreement to the extent that in episode 23JamiraThe year of death is on the grave marker1993/It is not constant, such as the fact that it is written as "more than 39 years from the 1930s" in episode 40.

The only pre- and post-episodes, episodes 26 and 27, are closer to the real world, with children denying the existence of monsters in the work and knowing how to transform Ultraman by playing with children. It is being directed.また、第35話では延長工事途中のAlso, in episode XNUMX, the extension work is in progress.Shuto ExpresswayAnd the only one in JapanSkyscraper[Annotation 12]The scenery of Tokyo at the time of broadcasting is reproduced as it is in a miniature set.

"Ultraman" as a series

Following "Ultraman", a series of series of works were produced and aired.毎回、巨大ヒーローと怪事件処理専門チームが連携し、宇宙やEvery time, a giant hero and a team specializing in handling mysterious cases collaborate to create space andDifferent dimension, A special effects program with the concept of fighting monsters and aliens appearing from somewhere on the earth, gaining popularity among children.These works are called "Ultra Series" or "Ultraman Series".


A giant who appears at the climax of the drama and fights against monsters and aliens.その正体はIts true identityM78 NebulaAn alien from the land of light.As a space guardMonster graveyardIn pursuit of the space monster Bemler who escaped during escort, he visited the earth and shared his life with Hayata, a member of the Science Special Investigation Corps who accidentally killed him.[25], Determined to fight to protect the peace of the earth.

Normally, he acts in the form of Hayata, but in the event of an emergency, he ignites a beta capsule and transforms into Ultraman, fighting monsters and aliens.

With a few exceptions, in principle, we do not talk to earthlings, express emotions only by movement, and in most cases only make a few kinds of shouts such as "Schwatch" or "Schwat". is there.

  • The fighting style of leaning forward is a stance to determine the ability of the opponent when confronting a monster, and the movie "Rebellion without reason"soJames DeanIs imitating the pose that[30][31]..It is said that the stoop became shorter as the number of stories passed because the horizont of Bisen was cut off.[31]..Also, the hand of the stance is not a goo but a par due to the flow of karate.[31].Fake UltramanIt is said that Furuya was actually in pain when he chopped it.[30].


Ultraman's profile is not mentioned in the work, but it is introduced in detail in magazine articles etc.[Detailed information for identifying documents].

  • Occupation: Professor of Space University, Director of the Galactic System of the Space Guard (later branch director)
  • Hobbies: Reading[32]
  • Family structure
    • Father: Secretary of the Space Security Agency
    • Mother: Ultra School Teacher

Beta capsule

Items used when Hayata transforms into Ultraman[Annotation 15]..When Hayata integrates with Ultraman in the first episode, it is entrusted by Ultraman.

Ultra-small plasma spark inside the capsuleNuclear fusionBuilt-in device and beta controller.Without this, Hayata couldn't transform into Ultraman and always carried it in the inner pocket of his crew's clothing, but there were occasions when he dropped the capsule several times.ウルトラマンでいる時もどこかに携帯しているらしくIt seems that he carries it somewhere even when he is Ultraman[Annotation 16], In episode 26GomorrahIt is picked up by a child who was on the scene that he dropped during the fight with.

In episode 39, I came to pick up UltramanSophieHowever, he gives life to Hayata using the beta capsule he brought, and at the same time separates Hayata and Ultraman.

movies"Great Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers], Another dimension of Hayata appears in Hayata's hands when he realizes that he is Ultraman.

In "Return of Ultraman", which is the prototype of "Return of Ultraman", it was planned to appear as a transformation item of Van Hideki integrated with Ultraman.[34].

In recent years, with toys etc.Beta capsuleThe description that says "is increasing.

How to transform

When Hayata presses the red switch on the beta capsule, the energy of light, beta rays, along with a flash of light[Annotation 17]Radiates from the light emitting part and wraps around Hayata in a spiral shape.[Annotation 18]Transforms into Ultraman.変身・巨大化時のポーズは「右手を宙空に突き上げ、左手は顔の隣に置く」という独特の形であり、ウルトラマンを特徴づけるポーズとして以降の作品でもほぼ踏襲されているThe pose at the time of transformation and enormous growth is a unique form of "pushing the right hand into the air and placing the left hand next to the face", and it is almost followed in subsequent works as a pose that characterizes Ultraman.[Annotation 19].

Book settings[Detailed information for identifying documents]The flash beam contains the same energy as the artificial solar plasma spark, which is the source of life for the M78 nebula, and it is said that this light can restore its original shape for a certain period of time.

Also, a ring of light from both hands of UltramanUltra ringWhen it reaches the ground, it returns to the appearance of Hayata.[25].

Ultraman's ability

Ultraman has various special abilities and martial arts.The names clearly stated in the work are "Specium Ray" and "teleportationOther names varied depending on the book and age, but were unified by Tsuburaya Productions in later years.Some of the techniques are inherited by later Ultramans.

Specium rays[37]
A typical special move used by Ultraman, the left and right hand swords are crossed in a cross shape to generate Specium energy in the body.spark[38]It is a destructive ray emitted from the right hand.右腕にマイナス、左腕にプラスのエネルギー(磁場Negative energy for the right arm and positive energy for the left arm (magnetic field)[35]) Is stored and is set to spark and fire it[23][39]..Its energy is tremendous and has the effect of exploding or burning the opponent.決まり手として多用される一方、通用しない敵も数体いるWhile often used as a decisive factor, there are some enemies that do not work[Annotation 20]..Continuous firing and long-term irradiation are also possible.この光線にはIn this ray火星Exists inBaltan AlienFictitious substance that is not good atSpeciumIt is said that it contains a large amount of sardines, and in the second episode, Muramatsu pointed out that, and Fuji members named it. It has a power of 2 degrees.
The name "Specium" consists of "Space" + "Ium (suffix meaning" substance ")", and the name and pose were devised by the scriptwriter and director.Toshihiro IijimaAccording to Iijima, "The cross pose isNinja ShurikenIt is based on the action when throwing. "
It's a white ray, but the color may be different when you make a guest appearance in a later work.[Annotation 21].
Even after this work, such "deadly rays emitted by crossing or crossing arms" has been a feature of Ultra Warriors.Most Ultra Warriors have some sort of deadly ray, which they specialize in.
movies"New Century Ultraman LegendAccording to, it is the origin of all Ultraman's ray techniques, and all Ultraman are in that position.[Annotation 22].
  • The effect was devised so that the line of light flows in order to make it look the same even if the person who draws the ray changes.[36].
  • Suit actorBin FuruyaThe pose of the Specium Ray by Furuya himself draws an arc with his fingers pointing down from the back of his left hand.Japanese danceIt is said that the experience of[30][31]..The pose isRikidozanThe karate chop is used as a reference, and the right hand is used as a knife to make it vertical. It became the one that was assembled in[31].
  • In the 19th episode, Eiji Tsuburaya participated in the shooting, and Tsuburaya was in charge of part of the production, so I ignored the setting and released it in 3 consecutive shots.[40].
Eight-split halo (Ultra Slash[39][37]
With a light cutter that rounds Specium energy into a disk saw shape[41][23][39], There is a saw-like protrusion on the outer circumference.Used to amputate the opponent's body.First, hold both hands horizontally in front of your chest, then swing your right hand down and throw.第16話でIn episode XNUMXAlien Baltan (2nd generation)First use for.空中で2つに分離してSeparated into two in the airRed King (2nd generation)There is also a scene that cuts into three.In many cases, it does not work, such as being thrown back or being prevented by a barrier.
"Ultraman 80』In episode 45, 80Alien Baltan (6nd generation)It is said that the eight-split halo that defeated was learned from the first Ultraman.[Annotation 23].
"Ultraman Mobius』It is often used when guest appearances in subsequent works, in which case a high-speed tracking function is added, or it is generated in the left hand and slashed directly to make it sturdyKing Joe BlackAmputation of the armGog Fire GolzaShows a special use case, such as repelling the destructive rays of.
Ultra Attack Ray[42][37]
The high heat energy generated at the tips of both arms is concentrated on the right arm and entwined with the explosive light generated on the left arm to form a spring-like light beam. Techniques to do[43]..作中では第31話でスペシウム光線の効かないIn the work, the Specium ray does not work in episode XNUMXKeroniaIs the only use case.資料によっては火に弱い敵に有効な熱線Heat rays that are effective against fire-sensitive enemies depending on the material[42], A powerful ray that surpasses the Specium ray[44]According to the scenario, it is a series of techniques from ring-shaped rays to the explosion of the opponent. Also used in "Ultra Galaxy Fight Great Conspiracy", two shots are fired from a close range in the battle with Mold Specter.
"Large Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie』In the same way, the Specium ray does not workAntlerUsed when defeating. "Ultraman Ginga SIn the previous day's novel "Mountain Peanuts", it withstood the Specium ray and the eight-split halo with its regenerative ability.Nosfer (SD)Was crushed.
Clairvoyant rays[42][37](Ultra fluoroscopy[23]
A ray of light that can be emitted from both eyes to visualize transparent enemies and disks, or to see through the other side of the wall.Alien Baltan (first generation)Spacecraft and made transparentDadaUsed to discover.
Ultra eye spot[42](Ultra eye light[42][37]
Rays emitted from both eyes.八つ裂き光輪も防ぐバルタン星人(2代目)の光波バリヤーを無効化するDisables the lightwave barrier of Alien Baltan (XNUMXnd generation) who also prevents the eight-split halo[42].
Slash ray[37]
An arrowhead-shaped ray that continuously shoots with both palms overlapped[Annotation 24]..I will use it in episode 33,Alien MefilasIs offset by the rays of light.
Catch ring[42][37](Sleep paralysis ray[42]
Three halos to block the opponent's movements[Annotation 25]..Three ring-shaped rays generated while performing high-speed spin in the air are attached to the enemy's body to suppress movement.Used in episode 3,ZettonThe body is restrained once, but the spin is stopped by the fireball and it is torn off.
Rebound ray[48](Ultra barrier[48][37]
The energy emitted from the tip of the hand creates a wall of light in the front, blocking the attack and repelling it.[48]..Used in episode 37,GeronimonBounces off the weightless rays of light. 『ウルトラ銀河伝説 THE MOVIE』では、光の国の氷結から逃れる際にIn "Ultra Galaxy Legend THE MOVIE", when you escape from the freezing of the land of lightsevenUse with[Annotation 26].. 『Ultraman VS Kamen Rider』, Used to prevent the rays of Sasoligadoras.
Ultra psychokinesis[37]
Ability to crush or rest an object with powerful psychokinesis.AborasBlow away the dissolved bubbles that you spit outGeronimonStop the large number of feather shurikens released by. 『大怪獣バトル ウルトラ銀河伝説 THE MOVIE』では、ハヤタの状態で使用するIn "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend THE MOVIE", it is used in the state of Hayata.[24].
Ultra air catch[48][37](Ultra anti-gravity ray[Annotation 27]
A type of ultra-psychokinesis radiated from both hands, a psychokinesis wave that can suppress the movement of enemies lifted into the air with ultra-psychokinesis.[49][50]..第25話でIn episode XNUMXRed King (2nd generation)Used for.
Ultra psychokinesis[48][37]
A technique in which the spiral rays of light emitted from both palms cause the other person to lose consciousness and suppress their movement, and the fingertips of their left and right hands control the movement, lift it into the air, fly it far away, and explode it.Specium rays and dismemberment halos do not work in episode 38KeiraUsed for.
Ultra water flow[23][51][37]
After collecting oxygen and hydrogen in the air and fusing them to generate water[43], The technique of combining both hands and radiating high-pressure water between them.There are two types of stance[23][51]..In episode 13,PesterHappenedPetroleum complexUsed to extinguish a large fire.また、第23話では、胸で腕を合わせてAlso, in episode XNUMX, put your arms together with your chest.[43], Water is a weak pointJamiraAnd defeat it.
High spin[51][37]
Ability to rotate the body at high speed like a top on the ground.This willBretonEscape from the four-dimensional space created by.
After unifying the mind, unravel the crossed arms in front of the face, disappear in order from the head, and appear in order from the head in another place.It can move to another star, but it requires enormous energy and strong mental power, which significantly shortens its lifespan.Used in episode 16 and moved from the R planet to Earth.After the battle, Hayata faints with the aftereffects of teleportation.
Ray white blade removal[51][37]
In episode 31KeroniaA technique that captures the heat rays of the above with both hands and scatters them around to make them incapacitated.
Flight ability[25]
It has the ability to fly freely not only in the atmosphere but also in outer space.Flight speed in the atmosphere is Mach 5[Annotation 28]..When flying in outer space at super-light speed, wrap the whole body with a red ball of light (Episode 1).
Underground rush ability[51](Underground progress ability[25]
Ability to dig underground[51]..Used in episode 29.
Giant ability[51][25]
In episode 28DadaUsed only when made life-sized by the micronizer (reduced raygun) of.Put both hands together in front of the chest to spark, and grow again in the same process as when transforming.
Per aerial body[51][45]
Mid-air collision with a falling enemy while flying at high speed.GamaczillaSkydonDefeat.In episodes 14 and 34, the flight pose at the time of collision is different[Annotation 29].
Ultra headbutt[52][45]
diamondUsing the crown, which is said to be 100 times harder than[52], The technique of jumping out from a low position and hitting the enemy's face.
Ultra chop[52][45]
Use a knife to strike down the opponent's weaknesses.
Ultra double chop[45]
Quickly hit the left and right knives into the enemy's chest
Ultra haze slash[52](Ultra haze slash[45]
A technique that runs toward the enemy and strikes a hand sword into the enemy's head while passing each other, causing fatal injuries.Used in episode 10JirassDefeat.
Ultra punch[52][45]
With a straight punch that identifies the weaknesses of the enemy and strikes themIndian elephantHas the destructive power of 50 animals[52]It is said, but the truth is unknown[45].
Kicking technique[53]
Ultra kick[53][45]
A straight kick that concentrates all the power in the body on the foot and hits it quickly.Ultraman's joints are called "triple joints", and the power of kicks and the like increases hundreds of times.[53].
Swoop kick[53][45]
It is a technique to kick down a monster with both feet at once by using the power to dive toward the enemy from high altitude.Greenmons,Red king,Gomorrah,GeronimonUsed for.
Rotating neck tightening[53](Rotating neck strangling[45]
A tactic similar to a professional wrestling technique, in which both legs are pinched between the enemy's neck and fall over, and both are lying on the ground and strongly tightened with a superhuman strength of 12 tons to hit the ground.Used in episode 28,DadaTorment.
Throwing technique[53]
Ultra swing[53][45](Hammer throw)
Grab the enemy's head and tail, swing them around, and throw them vigorously into the ground or in the air.
Rock drop[53][45]
A great technique that damages monsters, lifts the fluttering area high above the head with the superhuman strength of both arms, and hits the ground vigorously.TelesdonWas thrown from the head to the ground and defeated.
A big skill that grabs the opponent's neck in the back, lifts it on the shoulder, throws it to the ground, and hits it on the ground.Defeats Red King and Telesdon with a single blow.
Overhead throw in judo[53][45]
A technique to fall down to the ground and use the power and movement of the opponent's rush to throw it away with the power of both feet.
Neck hanging[52]
A technique to lift the body while tightening the monster's neck with both hands and stun.This technique often weakens monsters and leads to throwing techniques.
Head lock[52][45]
A technique that temporarily blocks the movement by pressing the monster's neck with both arms and tightening it.Depending on the battle situation, you can tighten it with one hand or pinch it with both arms.In many cases, the monster holds it in the moment it rushes and throws it away.
Bullfighting strategy[54][55][45]
A tactic that fights like a bullfighter, using the scarf torn off from Jirass as a cloak.
Square folding strategy[54][55][45]
A tactic that loses the fighting spirit by smashing the horns of a power-type monster.
Horse riding tactics[45]
A tactic that vigorously leans behind an enemy who walks on four legs from the sky, becomes a horseman, and attacks while restraining movement.
Tickling tactics[52][45]
A technique that tickles the opponent's neck and flanks to deprive them of their fighting spirit and create a gap.Used in episode 11 and escaped from the horse-riding gango.
Defensive ability
It has a high degree of defense and is particularly strong against heat.跳ね返されたスペシウム光線を受けても軽傷で済みEven if it receives a bounced Specium ray, it will only cause minor injuries.[Annotation 30],Atomic bombThere is almost no damage even if you get caught up in the explosion.High chemical corrosion resistanceAborasAlso disperse the melting bubbles of.Resistant to electric shockNerongaEven if I received the electric shock in my chest, I was calm and said, "Ultraman MobiusEven when I performed as a guestAlien MefilasWhile receiving the grip beam from the front, you can easily fly it.[Original research?]

Ability to show when appearing in other works

Ultra separation[56]
movies"Revive! Ultraman] The new technique used in. Divide into 5 bodies, each flying to various places and fighting monsters.
Marine Specium Ray[56]
Used in the movie "Resurrection! Ultraman".Seven-colored rays that enhance the power of Specium rays.Defeat Zetton, whose Specium rays do not work.Game work "Superhero generation], But it can be used as the strongest technique of Ultraman.
Giga pesium rays
Game work "Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Limited technique.Chaos Lloyd UThe ultimate Specium Ray that can only be fired when the power of the Plasma Spark Energy Core light is obtained after being shot by the Chaos Specium Ray.Power surpasses ordinary rays.
Body hit with red sphere (no name)
"Ultraman Tiga』In episode 49,Eiji TsuburayaUsed by Ultraman, who embodies the director's feelings.Yana CargieFlick away.
Also used in episode 49 of "Ultraman Tiga".A ray that gives energy to Tiga.
Colorium rays
"Ultraman Festival2016 ”used on the live stage.A ray that stops the enemy from moving, making the next attack while the enemy is stopped.
Joint technique with other characters
Ultra Star Operation
"Ultraman is back] When he made a guest appearance in episode 38Ultra sevenTechniques to use with. Two people cross their bodies to create an energy range.Alien NackleCaptured byUltraman JackRevive[57].
Double ray[57]
A technique used with Ultra Seven when making a guest appearance in the 38th episode of "Return of Ultraman".It shoots Specium rays and Emerium rays at the same time, destroying the Alien Nackle's disk.
Ultra charge[58]
The technique used by the Ultra 4 brothers to charge A with their own activity energy.
Sleep paralysis ray[57]
"Ultraman Taro] When he made a guest appearance in episode 34Alien TemperorTo block the movement ofUltraman AceA pale band-shaped ray that fires at the same time.Just like when firing a Specium ray, the arms are crossed and fired, tying and tightening the body of the Alien Temperor in layers.
Special ray simultaneous launch[59][60]
A technique in which multiple ultra warriors shoot deadly rays at the same time.
When he made a guest appearance in episode 34 of "Ultraman Taro"Sophie, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace.ウルトラマンはスペシウム光線を発射しているとされるがUltraman is said to be firing Specium rays,[59], All are L-shaped.Heading to the Alien Temperor spaceship, each of them shoots a deadly ray all at once, causing a big explosion.The name was confirmed in the first episode of Ultraman Retsuden.
movies"Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers], Used by four people, Man Seven Jack Ace.こちらはスペシウム光線の構えであるThis is the stance of the Specium ray[60]..月面でのUキラーザウルスとの戦いでは、光線を一点に集中することで威力を増しているIn the battle with U Killer Saurus on the moon, the power is increased by concentrating the rays on one point.[60].
movies"Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE Super Battle! Belial Galactic EmpireDefeated the hordes of Delst[61].
5 brother lifter[59]
The technique used by the Ultra 34 brothers to throw the Alien Temperor into the air when they made a guest appearance in episode 5 of "Ultraman Taro".[59].. The 5 brothers lift the opponent and throw it into the air while rotating.
Triple spin beam[59]
movies"Ultra 6 Brothers VS Monster Army』Used in the first man, Ultra Seven,TaroCombined technique by three people. 「トリプルスピンビーム!」と叫び、肩を組んで回転しながら、敵のエネルギーを中和させるアンチエネルギー波を放つShouts "Triple Spin Beam!" And emits an anti-energy wave that neutralizes the enemy's energy while rotating with the shoulders crossed.[59]..怪獣帝王Monster EmperorGomorrahNeutralize the catch beam.
Ultra flasher[59]
A combination technique that shouts "Ultra Flasher" and shoots the first Man's Specium Ray, Seven's Emerium Ray, and Taro's Strium Ray at the same time.Used in the movie "Ultra 6 Brothers VS Monster Army", destroy the catch beam that was incapacitated by the triple spin beam and rescue Hanuman who was trapped inside.
3 Warrior Triple Ray[59]
"Ultraman leoI stole the Ultra Key when I made a guest appearance in Episode 39Astra(The identity isAlien Balbalu)Ultraman leoOn the other hand, a ray of light emitted with Jack and Ace.Everyone assembles both arms in an L shape and fires from the right arm.
Ultra Specium Scrunchie Final
"Talking three sisters SchustrianWhen he made a guest appearance inBaltan AlienUsed to defeat.The avant-garde giant Scrunchie poses for the special move "Scrunchie Final" and shouts the name "Ultra Specium Scrunchie Final", and Ultraman in the rearguard shoots "Specium Ray" and "Scrunchie Final" over the crossed baton. A technique that combines two techniques by shooting at the Alien Baltan.
Final Cross Shield[60]
movies"Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers"so,U Killer SaurusYapurTo seal the grudge ofUltra seven,Ultraman Jack (New Man),Ultraman AA great skill to use with.Since almost all of the light energy is used up, it becomes difficult to transform and fight after use.
Energy irradiation[60]
Ability to use with Seven, Jack, and A in the movie "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers".Energize Mobius captured by the Alien Union from four directions.
"Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster BattleThe barrier used in 』to keep monsters away from the surrounding area.Alien RaybloodUse the body in a sealed state to protect humans while shaving their own lives.
Red ray (official name unknown)
OV "Ultraman Zero Gaiden Killer The Beatstar], A ray of light emitted with Zoffy and Seven. Three people hold hands to form a ring, and it is fired by rotating.Used as a time-saver when Beatster collides with the planet Bram.

Transformation time

Although the viewers recognize that Ultraman's activity time is "3 minutes", it is not mentioned as 3 minutes in the work and scenario of this work.[Annotation 31]..In the film, it was first stated that "Ultraman's energy lasts only 3 minutes".Ultraman is back』It is the first episode.

In the "Ultraman Synopsis Collection" published by the TBS Program Promotion Division, "Ultraman's duration flashes in my chest.Color timerThe color of the lamp and the warning buzzer indicate.At first, it is blue for 3 minutes, when it turns yellow on the way, it is a caution signal, and when it turns red, it is a danger signal that loses all power in 30 seconds. " This is a quote of the "Redman Final Agreement" created in the TBS First Conference Room on February 2th, almost as it is."" Just before the broadcastWeekly TV guideIn the June 1966, 6 issue, "When Ultraman's chest has a red lamp, his psychic powers will disappear in another 24 seconds!", A specific duration of blue and a yellow caution signal. In the following "Junior TBS News Extra", "Ultraman's chest with a red lamp and a buzzer sounds is a warning that the energy will soon be zero," and the last 30 seconds are omitted. It has become close to the narration in the finished work.However, in the 30th episode, there is a line of Mitsuhiro Ide saying "7 seconds left", and the original basic setting is followed.

These initial settings,Shoji OtomoIt is said that Tsuburaya Productions later officially approved what was introduced in "Shonen Magazine" as "3 minutes" after simplification.

About why the limit is 3 minutes, Tsuburaya ProductionsKazuho MitsutaThe director says that it was promised that the special effects and fighting scenes that require a large budget would be contained in 30 minutes, which is 1% of the 3-minute program.また、当時の人気格闘技Also, popular martial arts at that timeboxing1 round match time inNagashima ShigeoIt is said that he got a hint from his uniform number.

Color timer

The special effects part, which costs a lot of shooting, and the fact that Ultraman is too perfect a hero makes the story uninteresting, so the purpose was to create weaknesses that are easy for children to understand, and it did not exist in the original design.Color timerIt is said that the transformation time limit was introduced.Regarding the blinking of the color timer, there is a big aspect in consideration of the black-and-white television that was the mainstream at that time.

The color timer was devised independently of the design requirements and was designed by the designer.Toru NaritaDislikes this, and often does not have a color timer on his paintings and statues of Ultraman.[62][Annotation 32]..In addition, the pose doll with the right hand pushed up into the air when Ultraman transforms and becomes huge does not have a color timer, but it is inherited by the subsequent Ultra series as an indispensable design feature of Ultraman, and other similar works It also had a great influence on.Narita is the next work "Ultra sevenIn anticipation of this when designingUltra sevenA small lamp is pre-loaded on the forehead, and a function to actually notify the activity limit from the middle of the series has been added.

The real thing used for shooting is a 3 mm transparent plate heat-pressed and a dot mold is placed with transparent epoxy resin, and blue and red cellophane are contained inside.[63].


In the first episode, Hayata initially called the giant alien "he" and said "there is no name", but Ide said, "Anonymous GonbeiI named it "Ultraman" on the spot because I was told "What is it?"Since Hayata at this time was one with Ultraman, it can be interpreted that Ultraman called himself, but it was clearly stated in the work whether this name was Hayata's intention or Ultraman's intention. Absent[Annotation 33]..その後、敵対する宇宙人やAfter that, hostile aliensSophieIt is also called "Ultraman".

"Ultraman Mobius』\ In the first episodeFather of ultra"That star (Earth) calls us that way," he said.

The roots of the name "Ultraman" may be clearly stated in other than video works, and "Novel ultraman』From the line that Arashi's" was strong in the ultra ", the manga"Ultraman THE FIRST], Each is named after the idea of ​​"a collaborator of the first Ultra Operation".

Ultraman design and modeling

Ultraman's design is by a sculptor who also designed monsters and aliens and set art in "Ultra Q".Toru NaritaIs in charge.仕上げの最終段階で平面上の作業に見切りをつけたため、デザイン画の決定稿は存在しないThere is no final draft of the design drawing because the work on the plane was given up at the final stage of finishing.[62][64]..成田の指示のもと、美術スタッフのUnder the direction of Narita, the art staffAkira SasakiCompleted the mask and body pattern while repeating the molding work with clay.[64][Annotation 34][Annotation 35]..According to Narita's design image, Ultraman was not a matte silver paint, but a plated silver.It was not realized by Ultraman, but later Narita was in charge of art "Assault! Human !!』In, the leading herostainlessFruited with a mask made[66].

The modeling is of the performerBin FuruyaMeasure your body shapeLife maskIt is made entirely for Furuya, and is not considered to be worn by other performers.[64]..Since Furuya's body is eight-headed, it is said that wearing a mask will make Narita the ideal seven-headed body for human beauty.

Two major model changes have been made, including the meaning of remaking and improvement / correction due to damage caused by shooting.[64]. this isA type(Up to episode 13),B type(Episode 14-29),C typeIt is called (after the 30th episode) and is distinguished[64][67][Annotation 36].

A-type masks serve as a base, just like subsequent masksFRPSynthetic rubber on the surface of the resin masklatexIt is made in the form of coating the epidermis of[64][15][67]..This was originally planned to move the mouth during the work,[Annotation 37], It turned out that the effect of opening and closing the mouth could not be fully exerted after the shooting was started, and the wrinkles on the side of the mouth were unnatural.[Annotation 38]Has been created[64][68]Therefore, opening and closing was omitted.[16][Annotation 39].. When the shooting for one course was completed, the damage and deterioration progressed.[Annotation 40], B type is renewed, but at this time the opening and closing of the mouth is abolished and there is no need to use latex, so the material is made of FRP, and polyester (FRP) from the prototype of A type[25][16][36]) Is pulled out and finished.[64][68][15][67][25]..一部の文芸スタッフSome literary staff[Who?]Did not know this process, and watched the broadcast and testified that "I was surprised that the face that looked like an alien until the last time became like an iron mask."[Source required].. The characteristics of the B type mask are that the chin part is slightly tense and the cheeks are slender, the mouth width is narrow and the mouth is tight, so the upper part of the mouth is slightly exposed.[15], Intelligent and sharp features[Annotation 41].. Bタイプマスクの左右の耳には目とカラータイマーの電飾のスイッチが付けられているThe left and right ears of the B type mask are equipped with eye and color timer illumination switches.[69].. The C type mask is thinner than the B type, but has a rounded impression and a wider mouth, and features a mouth that makes you feel as if you are smiling gently, and a somewhat mild facial feature. By comparison, the mounting position of the eyes, the shape of the ears, and their positions and angles are also different.By hollowing out the center of the ear, it is easier to hear outside sounds, and a thin silver sponge is stretched on the outside.[63].
Regarding the new remodeling from B to C, Narita, who was involved in both design and modeling, said, "I didn't know at all until near my later years."Akira SasakiThere is speculation that he was not satisfied with the B type that he had modeled himself, and that he had completely remade it at his own discretion in order to solve it, "but it is still unclear.[64].
The prototype of this newly made C type mask was also diverted to Zoffy and later "Return of Ultraman", and after that it will become the standard mask of Ultraman (including Zoffy and New Man) for a long time.[64].
The shape of the eyes is the same for all three types[64]..最初の撮影会の段階では目に覗き穴はなかったThere was no peephole in the eyes at the stage of the first photo session[64]..内部の電球が見えないよう薄めたFRPが内側に塗られているDiluted FRP is painted on the inside so that the light bulb inside is not visible[64].
A 2 mm embroidery plate is heat-pressed for both A, B, and C masks, and the eye stamp is made of wood.[63].
The suit is from the previous workKemurUsed inWetsuitsWas successful as a texture, so Ultraman was also made with a wet suit.Early A-types had silver and red (vermilion) lines, each with a pattern, and a black polyethylene wetsuit fabric for scuba diving.[67]Is cut according to Furuya's body shape, the parts of the line made separately are joined, and latex is stretched.[25][16]..After that, changes were made from the original "alien" to the modeling that emphasized heroism, and every time the suit was remade, the upper body changed to a more muscular and muscular figure.[Annotation 42].. B type and C type have a silver pattern drawn on a red material[67].. The A type and B type were painted silver near the boundary with the mask, but the C type was not painted, and the boundary with the mask is the color boundary as it is.After that, he began to draw red lines based on silver wet suits imported from the United States, and when he later obtained red wet suits, he cut them and sewed them into one suit.[14].
For feet (shoes), A type is commercially available rubberFootwearModified product[64]..Initially, he made original latex boots, but since they were severely damaged by collapsing and tearing, later improved off-the-shelf boots were used.[14].. B type boots have sharp toes and curl[67]On top, on the heel, a small vertical fin (fastener(It seems to be hidden) is attached[64].. Cタイプは靴底を薄いゴムに貼り替えたFor C type, the sole is replaced with thin rubberleatherBecause it is made of boots, you can see the fastener lines on both insides.
Hands use ultra-thin medical (surgical) gloves[64][14], I taped the seam with the suit every time I took a picture and hid it[16]Above, paint the entire wrist from the hand in the same silver color as the suit[67]By saying, "PeoplecostumeIt is processed to dilute the impression of "playing in."The same treatment is applied to the legs at the boundary between shoes and suits.
Bin Furuya, who acted as an Ultraman suit actor, used urethane to make him a bulging body, so it didn't come through as Furuya's own skin feeling, and although there was less pain when he was hit, he did a play. It was difficult[30].
The paint was also required to have adhesion to the wet suit (rubber) and elasticity due to the action, but at that time there was no paint dedicated to the wet suit.そこで、ゴム系Therefore, rubber typeadhesiveThesolventA special paint made by mixing silver powder with the one diluted with is handmade and used.これは通称「円谷銀」「ボンド銀This is commonly known as "Tsuburaya Silver" and "Bond Silver"[64]It is very thin to prevent unevenness, and it is finally completed as a painted surface by applying it over and over again.Until the paint for wetsuits became popular, it became the basis of painting for subsequent series and other Tsuburaya heroes.The entire black suit was painted silver and the red color was applied from above, but the paint that was initially used had severe discoloration and cracks after drying, and had to be repaired every time it was shot.[64][16][14].
In the A type, the suits were spliced ​​according to the color scheme, but after the B type, they are color-coded only with paint.[64].
Also, the red color of Ultraman is originallyvermilionButNerongaThe color seen in the war and the magazine specials at that time is bright red.これは当時、まだ主流だったモノクロでの掲載を考慮してコントラストをハッキリさせるためThis is to make the contrast clear in consideration of the monochrome posting that was still mainstream at that time.[Annotation 43]Only during this shooting, from the top of the vermilion so that it can be wiped off laterPoster colorIt was painted red.
Save the suit and then
Details such as the subsequent processing and storage status of these shooting suits are as follows.
  • A type-After switching to B type, remove the maskFake UltramanAfter that, remodeled to Zoffy[64]..The mask deteriorates due to latex and is discarded and does not exist.
  • B type --- After being replaced by C type, it was stored in the Tsuburaya warehouse, but it was stolen in the 1970s and its whereabouts are unknown until now.
  • C type-The suit itself has deteriorated over time because it was in the hands of the program staff after shooting, but only the mask was removed from the suit and the real thing at that time still exists.[Annotation 44].
Since Ultraman's suit uses a wet suit made of rubber material, it is severely damaged by the corrosion of rubber and cannot be stored in perfect shape for more than several years.In addition, since synthetic rubber adhesives are also used for painting silver and the like, the flexibility decreases day by day, and the larger the painted surface, the harder and shrinks the suit.また撮影用スーツについては、爆発の爆煙効果に使用されるAlso, for shooting suits, it is used for the smoke effect of explosions.cementSince the powder enters the fine bubbles on the surface and hardens, the deterioration is still fast.It is renewed every few years at the time of each program and movie of the later Ultra series, events and exhibitions, and CM shooting.Many suits are made in this way even after the production of the work is finished.Also, these are basically handmade, and were not initially thought to be such long-term content, and there was no pattern for body lines.Since it is made with reference to existing photographs, there will be various variations of suits with different details.Since the suit is made according to the body shape of the performer inside, there are many variations due to differences in height and body shape.
The mask that imitates the C type is based on a replica created by Akira Sasaki from the original mold at the time of shooting, but since tall suit actors like Furuya are rare, make the mask smaller and balance it. Is[70]..目やカラータイマーの電飾は電球ではなくIlluminations on the eyes and color timer are not light bulbsLEDIs used[70].

Active in other works

Since it was regarded as special in the 2nd Ultra Series, I never performed as a guest alone[71]..However, after Heisei, there will be many independent guest performances. In the works after "Mobius",Ultra brothersIt is counted as one of the "Ultra 6 Brothers" who are considered to be legendary among them.[72][73][24][74].

"Ultraman is back"
Appeared in Episodes 38, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX[Annotation 45].Alien NackleWas on the verge of execution byジ ャ ッ クIs rescued by "Ultra Star Operation" which was carried out with Seven.He also appeared in the form of Hayata, and was also wearing the special corps clothing.
Although he did not show up directly in episode 51, he sent telepathy to Hideki Go (Jack).声はThe voice isYatsu IsaoIs in charge.
"Ultraman A"
Appeared in episodes 1, 13 and 14, 26 and 27, only episode 13Masato TsujimuraIs in charge of the voice.
In the first episode, Ultraman Ace witnesses the place where Hokuto Seiji and Minami Yuko are given an ultra ring.第1・13話でIn episodes 14 and XNUMXYapurHe is attracted to Golgoda by the trap and rebukes the ace who cares about them.After sending Ace to Earth, he is tied to the cross and deprived of the energy of the Specium rays.In episodes 26 and 27Alien HipporitoLike the ace that was made into a bronze statue, it is bronze in front of the Alien Hipporito.
  • The suit in episode 1 is a repainted version of Jack's suit.[75].
"Ultraman Taro"
Episode 1, Episode 25, Episode 33/34[Annotation 45], Appeared in episode 40.In the first episodeAstromonsTake Kotaro Higashi, who was seriously injured in the battle with Ultraman Taro, to Ultraman Taro.In episode 25, play Ultra Hexapolymer with Taro and others in Ultra Country, and obtain Ultra Bell from Ultra Tower.第33・34話でタロウからの招待で地球を訪れ、兄弟全員でIn episodes XNUMX and XNUMX, we visited the earth at the invitation of Taro, and all the brothersAlien Temperorfight with.第40話ではIn episode XNUMXUranusTyrantFight and defeat.
"Ultraman leo"
Appeared in episodes 38 and 39.Alien BalbaluTake on the strategy of and fight Ultraman Leo.
movies"Ultra 6 Brothers VS Monster Army"
Toshio FurukawaIs in charge of the voice.
movies"Ultraman ZOFFY Ultra Warrior VS Large Monsters Army"
movies"Ultraman story"
Both voices aboveHoriuchi KenoIs in charge.
"Ultraman Tiga"
Appeared in episode 49.The first guest performance alone.Madoka Daigo (Ultraman Tiga) plays a guest performance under the setting of getting lost in a parallel world (1965 Tsuburaya Productions).宇宙恐竜Space dinosaurYana CargieFight with Tiga who struggles with.声はThe voice isFutamata IsseiIs in charge.
"Ultraman Mobius"
Episode 1[Annotation 46], Episode 47[Annotation 45], Episode 50[Annotation 47],Movie version[Annotation 45], OV "Ultraman Mebius Gaiden Ghost Reverse』STAGE.1[Annotation 47]Appeared in.
In the movie version, 20 years before Ultraman Mebius took up the Earth defense, at the final cross shield with Seven, Jack, and Ace.YapurIn exchange for sealing, he lost his transformation ability and became Hayata.Kobe AirportWhile serving as the airport director of the airport, he was monitoring Yapool.While admitting to Hibino Mirai (Mobius) that "Ultra Warriors are not gods, and there are lives and feelings that cannot be saved no matter how hard they try," "the important thing is not to give up until the end." I advised.Fallen into the tactics of the Alien Union aiming to revive Yapool, he makes a deadly transformation to rescue Mobius who was crucified.The collar of the jacket has the emblem of the special corps.In credits such as movie end rolls and official websites, only "Hayata" is written, but it is a prop in the works.Kobe AirportIt is written as "Hayata Shin" on the restricted area entry certificate.
In episode 47, the last thug of the Dark Four TennoAlien MefilasI had no choice but to look at the game that was organized, but in the end I teamed up with Mobius and fought against Alien Mefilas.第50話ではCREW GUYSにIn episode XNUMX, CREW GUYStelepathyTo encourage and work with brothers from Seven to 80 to erase the sunspots that covered the sun. In "Ghost Reverse" STAGE.1,Ultraman HikariSee the Ultra sign from, and watch Ace and Taro head for the monster graveyard.
  • In the movie version, a costume that reproduced the A type was used[70].
"Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle"
Appeared in Episode 13.Alien RaybloodWas stone statued on the planet Boris,RaymonUnsealed by the power ofKing Joe BlackHelp Pendragon from.
movies"Great Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers"[Annotation 45]
He lived as an ordinary human being in a parallel world where Ultraman does not exist, but in the face of the crisis of the world, Ultraman's memory dwells, and he transforms with Moroboshi Dan (Seven), Township (Jack), and Hokuto Seiji (Ace).
In the end roll, only "Hayata" is written, but in the credit of the official website, it is written as "Hayata Shin".
  • The suit that imitated the A type was used[76].
"Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY"
Appeared in episode 13.Defeat Ray Bradbury with Seven and save Pendragon in trouble.
movies"Large Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie"[Annotation 45]
With Seven, Mobius, and Rayonics RayUltraman BelialFight against the monster army led by.
  • The suit that imitated the B type was used to distinguish it from other ultra warriors.[77][74][70].
movies"Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE Super Battle! Belial Galactic Empire"[Annotation 47]
Depart for another spaceUltraman zeroAfter energizing with other Ultra Warriors, he greets the Darkrops Corps that has attacked the Land of Light.
  • A suit that imitated the C type was used[70].
OV "Ultraman Zero Gaiden Killer The Beatstar"[Annotation 47]
Rushing with Seven and Zoffy to the crisis of Ultimate Force Zero fighting in the Beat Star Celestial Sphere,Celestial sphereEarn time to change the course of.
movies"Ultraman saga"[Annotation 45]
In addition to thinking about Zero's body with Seven, Jack, Ace, Leo, in the scene cut from the main storyBat AlienMonster weapon created byAntlerfight with.また、ゼロが時空を越えたのがAlso, zero crossed space-timeMonster graveyardI know that it has something to do with the mysterious disk that takes the monster away from.
"New Ultraman Retsuden"
Appeared in Episodes 1, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX[Annotation 47]..After looking back on the encounters with the Earthlings of successive Ultraman with Seven and Zoffy,Ultraman GingaIntroducing.
"Ultraman Ginga"
Transformed into Spark Dolls, along with other Ultra Warriors.At the end of episode 8Ultraman Dark (SD)Suddenly appeared in a dark live, standing in front of Ginga.Ultra Seven Dark (SD)Ginga suffers in combination with, but is finally defeated, and Spark Dolls goes to Hikaru.第10話では久野千草がギンガライトスパークでウルトライブし、ウルトラセブン(SD)やウルトラマンティガ(SD)とともにIn episode XNUMX, Chigusa Kuno performed an ult live at Ginga Light Spark, along with Ultra Seven (SD) and Ultraman Tiga (SD).Super Grand King (SD)Even though he fights, he loses and returns to Spark Dolls.In the final episode (Episode 11), he will leave the earth with other Spark Dolls.番外編ではギンガライトスパークとともに再び地球に飛来し、再び千草がウルトライブしてティガ(SD)とともにIn the extra edition, it will fly to the earth again with Ginga Light Spark, and Chigusa will ultlive again with Tiga (SD).Zetton (SD),Alien Magma (SD)fight with.
"Ultraman Ginga S"
Although it has not appeared directly,Ultraman Ginga TriumUltraman's technique (Specium Ray and Ultra Slash = Eight-Split Halo) and image appear in two of the powers of the Ultra 6 brothers.The Specium Rays annihilated the Impeller Corps.It was also used for Five King (SDU) and destroyed the part of Reikubas.In the previous day's novel "Mountain Peanuts," which depicts a year before the story begins, he flew to Earth with Ginga Light Spark three times.千草と共にWith ChigusaDetton (SD),Jamila (SD),Nosfer (SD)Engaged with.
movies"Movie version Ultraman X came! Our Ultraman"
ZygogAppeared from the blue stone that had sealed theGog Fire Golzafight with.
  • The suit was newly built to imitate the C type[70]..マスクはCタイプのレプリカをデジタルスキャンしてThe mask digitally scans a C type replica3D printerIt is modeled from what was reduced and output with[70].
"Ultraman orb"
It hasn't appeared directly, but onceMagazettonWhen Ultraman Orb-Klenai Guy defeated Magazetton, Ultraman's fusion card was handed over to Orb.After that, when the Orb transforms into Specium Zeperion, it appears as an image.
In episode 25, the design of the fusion card materialized.
"Ultraman Geed"
Appeared in episodes 1, 25, and the movie version.In the first episode, he fought Belial with other Ultra Warriors, and in the 1th episode, he thought of Jade with Seven and Leo, and in the movie version with Ultra's father, Ultra's mother, Zoffy, and Seven.No dialogue is given.
In addition, when Geed transforms into a primitive, Geed Royal Megamaster appears as an image when using Brother's Shield in episode 17 and Specium Flasher in episode 19.
"Ultraman R/B"
Ultraman himself has not appeared, but Ultraman Crystal with an element of light has appeared.Appeared as an image when Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Bull are united and transformed into Ultraman R / B.
"Ultra Galaxy Fight New Generation Heroes"
Appeared with Zoffy, Seven, Jack, Ace, and Taro.No dialogue is given.
"Ultra Galaxy Fight Fateful Clash"
The voice isTakahiro Sakurai[78][Annotation 48].

Forms that appear after this work

"Ultraman" as a generic term

After the end of the TV series, a group of works "Ultra Series" that follows the flow of this work was produced, and the heroes of each work came to be collectively called "Ultraman".After that, even in the world of work,Ultraman MobiusAt the beginning of the storyFather of ultraTells Mobius that "earthlings call the warriors of the land of light" Ultraman "", and the story reflects that the name "Ultraman" has taken root as a general term for them.

Its appearance is basically modeled with a suit based on an FRP mask and a wet suit, and features a design based on silver and red and a photophore on the chest.However, there are many exceptions to each element, and it is difficult to show what everyone has in common.

Initially, it was set to come from a specific star called the M78 Nebula MXNUMX, but as the series continued.Ultraman leoAnd Ultraman Jonius,Ultraman orbUltraman who is not from the Nebula M78, etc.Ultra MangaiaUltraman, who is not an alien like this, has also appeared, and the setting of origin is also diverse.

For details, Ultra seriesEach work andUltraman listSee.


Science Special Investigation Team member

The names of the members were written in katakana only, and only the surnames were set for members other than Fuji Akiko and Hoshino Isamu, but the full names and kanji notations of all the members were added in the movie "Resurrection! Ultraman" released in 1996. It was set.年齢は、TBS番宣課が発行した「ウルトラマンあらすじ集」第一集に基づくAge is based on the first collection of "Ultraman Synopsis" published by TBS Bansen[79].

Muramatsu (Muramatsu Toshio / Toshio Muramatsu)
Age 36[80]..Captain of the Muramatsu Group, Japan Branch of the Science Special Investigation Corps.He is commonly known as the "cap" (sometimes also known as the "captain").
He is a good captain who watches over his subordinates, and is loved by his subordinates for his honest and honest personality.On the other hand, they may make cold decisions when necessary.Always loyal to the mission of the Special Corps to protect the Earth from aggression, Ultraman[Annotation 49]He also has the determination to give a dispatch order to the vandalism caused by.Also,Baltan AlienOppose the attack at the countermeasures meetingAlien ZettonEven when the disk is invaded, he shows a cautious appearance, such as soothing his subordinates who insist on the attack.As Ultraman returned to space, he told his lonely men, "We will protect the peace of the earth with the hands of the Science Special Investigation Corps."Pipe tobacco and coffee lovers[80].
In the past, he belonged to the space experiment group of the National Institute for Defense Studies, which was the predecessor of the special corps, and the Toho movie "Godzilla]Kyohei YamaneThere is also a back setting that suggests a connection with the "Godzilla series" that he was an assistant to the doctor.[Source required].
"Ultraman is backIn the predecessor project "Ultraman", an old man who had already retired was scheduled to appear as a person who advises the Earth Defense Organization struggling with the monster that reappeared.[81][82].
Hayata (Hayata Shin / Susumu Hayada)
An elite member who graduated from the Youseishisetsu Training Center at the top of his class, and is 25 years old.[83].
While patrolling over Lake Ryugamori, he collides with Ultraman, who is chasing the monster Bemler, and is killed.Immediately after, he revives as one with Ultraman, and in the event of an incident, he transforms into Ultraman and fights against monsters and aliens.ウルトラマンと一心同体となって以降のハヤタの意識が本人のものなのか、それともウルトラマンの意識なのかは、明確に設定されていないIt is not clearly set whether Hayata's consciousness after becoming one with Ultraman is his own or Ultraman's consciousness.[Annotation 50].
Acting as a cap when Muramatsu is absent[83]..A serious member who faithfully performs his duties[Annotation 51]However, in episode 32, I worked on the lottery, and in episode 34, I made a mistake trying to transform.spoonIn episode 35, apologize to the monsters who continued to defeat for the peace of the earth, and in episode 37, due to loss of fighting spirit.PygmonHe also shows a human touch, such as hitting him with a rage at the idea that killed him.
The fact that Hayata is Ultraman is unknown to other members.In the scenario preparation draft of episode 14, there was a scene where Muramatsu and Arashi were suspicious that Hayata and Ultraman were injured in the same place, but it ended up being unused.[84][Annotation 52]..However, it is revealed that Ultraman saved his life in the first episode, and in the eleventh episode, he has a special relationship with Ultraman.When asked by Alien Mefilas, "Are you an alien? Are you a human?", He answered, "Both. I was born to fight someone like you who breaks the rules of the universe." There is.
In episode 39SophieGiven a new life from, he was separated from Ultraman.He has lost his memory since he was assimilated with Ultraman, and while wondering about it, he saw off Ultraman returning to space with his fellow members of the special corps.
After that, Ultraman sometimes changed into Hayata and appeared.[85].
"Ultraman Monster Legend 40th Year Truth』(2005/) Depicts a reunion with Ultraman.
movies"Great Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers』(2008/9/13(Public), Hayata and Fuji Akiko from another world are married, and when the memories of this world dwell, Akiko secretly knew the relationship between Hayata and Ultraman. ..
"Ultraman is backIn the project "Continued Ultraman", which is the predecessor of "", it was planned to appear in the setting that has already retired and became an adventurer.[82][86].
In "ULTRAMAN," which depicts the world 40 years after the TV series, there is a 17-year-old son, Shinjiro, who himself holds the post of Minister of Defense.
Arashi (Arashi Daisuke / Arashi Daisuke)
Age 26[80]..The master of shooting and the owner of superhuman strength[80]..Throw away a human-sized Greenmons[80]..Most of the firearms developed by Ide, including Spider Shot, are used by Arashi.He is a hot-blooded man, and has many roles as a slashing captain, which causes the Alien Baltan to take over his body as a messenger.NerongaHe was stunned by the electric shock and was often exposed to the poisonous fog of Green Mons twice.At first glance, he has a cheerful personality, but in some cases he has a naive side, such as taking responsibility alone.In episode 2, he was temporarily disqualified as a member because he disobeyed Muramatsu's orders.
In the work, I often make a combination with Ide[80], The story often progresses in a conversation between two people.
Ide (Ide Mitsuhiro / Mitsuhiro Ide)
Age 24[80]..Invention enthusiast who developed numerous weapons and equipment in charge of science of the department special corps[80]..While being a comical mood maker in front of the members, he also has a delicate side, takes reckless actions to compensate for his mistakes (Episode 13), and hesitates to fight against enemies with circumstances (Episode 23). 30 episodes, 37 episodes).He is also one of the first to raise the theme that will be repeatedly asked in later series, that if you have Ultraman, you don't need a defense team (Episode XNUMX).
In episodes 2 and 12, I suspect that Ultraman and Hayata are the same person.
It seems that he lost his mother when he was young (Episode 30).
In the manga "ULTRAMAN", he is the director of the Light Giant Memorial Hall.
Fuji Akiko (Akiko Fuji)
Age 21[80]..One red point of the special corps Muramatsu group.Mainly in charge of communication operations at the headquarters, but active members who are actively dispatched to the field[80]..I have a lot of opposition to being seen lightly because I am a woman.On the other hand, soup for the sickチ ョ コ レ ー トMake sweets and behave, or make your ownbirthstoneIspearlThere is also a feminine side, such as being fashionable withNodotAnd in the monster memorial servicekimonoI will also show off my appearance.In the fourth episode, Muramatsu told him that he had never taken a vacation since he joined the army, and he was on vacation alone while other members were ordered to dispatch.In episode 4, he privately has Mitsuhiro Ide accompany him to shopping in Ginza.In episode 14, he believes his mistakes have made things worse, and shows a strong sense of responsibility to volunteer for dangerous underwater missions.
I have a younger brother named Satoru.
Alien ZarabOr masqueraded asAlien MefilasBeing made into a giant, Keronia orAlien ZettonIt is often targeted by aliens, such as being attacked by.
In the movie "Great Battle! Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers", he appears as a couple with Hayata while setting a different world.
  • In the early script, it was named "Fuji Akiko"[87]..From the time of planning this work, "Ultra QSakurai, who played the role of Yuriko Edogawa, was selected because it was requested to spin off one regular player.[88]..She tied her hair in episode 32 because of the long hair of Annu Mari, who appeared as a guest in the same episode, but as a result she also made her short. That[89].
Hoshino Isamu (Isao Hoshino)
Age 11[80]..A boy who goes in and out of the department special corps headquarters with a free pass[16]..It is explained in episode 20 that outsiders are prohibited from entering and exiting the headquarters, but it is not said what qualifications he is allowed to enter and leave."Helped Hayata" in episode 17[Annotation 53]Although he was appointed as an associate member due to his achievements[80], Already in episode 16 wear the uniform of the special corps.Since he is a young person, he is not allowed to be dispatched to dangerous sites where radioactive contamination is a concern.With a spider shotNerongaCrush one eye (Episode 3), Fuji and MichikoRagonI became a decoy myself to escape from (Episode 4),Alien ZarabDelivering beta capsules to Hayata captured by (Episode 18), and taking off a small beetle on behalf of Fuji members under the direction of the main unit (Episode 21), leaving many achievements as a child.
  • Since the performer broke in a ski accident, he finally dropped out of episode 25.It was sent off without any explanation during the work.
  • In the initial plot of "Ultra Ultra 8 Brothers" "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers", it appears in an adult setting[90].

Collaborators of the Science Special Investigation Corps

Dr. Iwamoto(Iwamoto Hakase
40 years old, Director of Science Center in Gotenyama[79]..At the same time as the designer of the Jet Beetle, he also develops high-performance spacecraft such as the Phoenix.He contributes to the Science Special Investigation Corps with his calm judgment and excellent brains who are familiar with all aspects of scholarship.[91][16].
In the final episode, I instantly defeated Zetton, which Ultraman couldn't defeat with the weightless bullet I made the day before.
game"Dispatch the Ultra Operation Department Special Corps!], It is said that he became an advisor to the special corps in place of Dr. Ichitani, who retired during his first mission.

Science Special Investigation Corps

It is a subordinate organization of the International Scientific Police Organization, and its official name isSpecial Investigation Team(Science and science[91][Annotation 54].. Abbreviation isDepartment special corps(Katokutai..Its main mission is to investigate mysterious incidents and incidents that cannot be dealt with by ordinary police organizations, and to protect the earth from invaders on other planets.[91]..It is basically an organization for investigating monster cases, and fighting monsters is a special mission.ParisThere is a headquarters in, and during the workIndia,Bolivia,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,Middle EastThe branch is mentioned, and othersBrazil,UK,Moscow,TurkeyAndJapanPlace a branch in.The phone number for emergency contact is 999.EnglishThe notation isSSSP(Science Special Search Party, commonly known as XNUMXSP).設定ではパリ本部の長官はIn the setting, the secretary of the Paris headquartersSwitzerlandIt is said to be a person's FG piece[92].

Five members of the Japan (Far East) branch appear in the work, including Hayata, Arashi, Ide, and Akiko Fuji, who are deputy captains under Captain Muramatsu.Hoshino boy also became a special member from the middle,PygmonIs also given the title of a special member (Episode 37).Members of the Paris Headquarters and the Indian Chapter may also visit (Episode 7, 22, 23, 31, 32).[91].

In addition to the Muramatsu group under Captain'Cap's Muramatsu, "Ultraman MobiusIn addition to the Sakomizu group appearing for the purpose of missions in space, there are Minato group and Yamato group in the setting.[92][91],Tetsuo KaneshiroIn the novel, it is set that there are more than 100 members.Also, the manga "Ultraman Department Special Squadron Strenuous Battle Record Giant Operation], In addition to the radio wave group, analysis group, technical group, etc., General Commander Saigo and Deputy Commander Miyajima will appear as human beings in the upper ranks of the Japan Branch of the Department Special Corps.

In the setting, it is said that Dr. Ichinotani and others who appeared in "Ultra Q" led the establishment of the Japan branch.[93], Depicting the events between "Ultra Q" and this workTsuburaya ProOfficial PC game "Ultra Operation Department Special Squadron Sortie』, Fighting monsters before Ultraman appeared, and the founder Dr. Ichinotani was also a member at first, but interception of the nuclear dew monster Gordo King in the hexagonal village of the first episode" Birth of the Japanese branch of the special corps " Severely injured during the operation and retired from the front line[Annotation 55]..According to the story of Muramatsu Cap in episode 31, it has a history of at least 20 years.

The video "All about Ultraman!" (Bandai Visual) shows images of Gomez, Goro, Peguila, and Garamon who appeared in "Ultra Q" as the reason why the Science Special Investigation Team was established.

Originally depicted as an organization that focuses on investigation rather than combat, there are many monsters that the special corps defeats on their own (in some cases, Ultraman might have been defeated without the special corps). , The number is the highest among all defense teams[Annotation 56][Annotation 57].

Japan branch base

TokyoLocated in the suburbs (toward the west of the castle), it consists of a main building that combines a pentagonal silver building surrounded by slopes and a pentagonal black building, a jet beetle launch port, and a separate building.[94]..The outer wall of the base has a special alloy that blocks all rays and heat rays.Reinforced concreteMade[91]..Inside the base, a large area where members workElectronic brainNew equipment development for the control room equipped with a fire extinguishing room, a nap room connected to the upper floor of the control room by a pole, a rest room for visitors with a hotel-like environment, and an analysis room for researching collected leftovers. There is a work room for the fire, and an automatic water discharge device for fire extinguishing is installed around the base.

In episode 17,BretonProduced byFourth dimensionSurrounded by space, in episode 31, it is often attacked, such as being invaded by Keronia, who has turned into a goto.Also, in the final episode,Alien ZettonInvaded and destroyed the inside,ZettonA fire broke out in response to the fireball attack.

In episode 38 and the final episode, episode 39, there are various things other than the large electronic brain in the command room.radarConsole systems such as machines and measuring instruments have been introduced[Annotation 58].

In the world of "ULTRAMAN", it has been dismantled ostensibly, and the Japan branch has become the "Giant of Light Memorial Hall" that exhibits the trajectory and activities of Ultraman.

Design / modeling
Tohl Narita is in charge of the design[94]..The first set was demolished after the initial live shoot and then rebuilt as needed.In the set made in episode 16, on the launch pad of the beetlecatapultWas added, and at the same time, the surrounding skeleton and lighting colors were changed.The set made in episode 17 has a different shape of the base of the slope passing behind the launch pad and the position of the radar.[94]..The set made in episode 39 has a different positional relationship between the main building and the launch pad (therefore, the slope is gone), and the shape of the annex is completely different.[95][94].
The control room is set up in a corner on the south side of the No. 3 stage, which was the warehouse of the Tokyo Art Center, and a large number of small light bulbs are arranged on the wall computer to make the image of the operation of a large computer.[96].


The Science Special Investigation Corps has a number of special equipment and operates it according to the situation.装備の開発は主に科学センター所属の岩本博士Equipment development is mainly by Dr. Iwamoto, who belongs to the Science Center[Annotation 59]Said Mitsuhiro Ide.

Member clothing

Blue for regular missions and off dutyblazerAnd wearing gray slacks (a skirt for Fuji members)[91]..The combat uniform when the operation is dispatchedOrangeso,Pale oily color(Enjiiro)tieTurn on.The shoulders and back are treated like a sailor suit, and it also looks like a shirt.[97]..Highly cold and heat resistant, simple in outer spaceSpacesuitAlso has the function of[98][99].Necktie pin OfAuto gyro[43] Theradioactivity,Electromagnetic waveIt is a danger detector that detects and blinks the lamp.Also, although it is only a setting, there is a small camera on the buckle of the belt[97]..There is a zipper for storing in the slit on the left chest, but it is a specification only for Hayata.[100].

It is a setting only for this work that you do not need to change clothes because you are wearing a uniform when you are dispatched under the blue blazer that you usually wear.Also, in the case of simple research activities, listening to the general public, welcoming members from other branches, etc., they will leave as a blazer (episodes 3, 22, 28, 31, 32). ..

  • Iwasaki is in charge of the design[97]..The image of the "International Police Organization", which was the planning setting of the Science Special Investigation Corps, was finished as a police officer.[100]..Orange has a slightly stronger redness after cranking in[97].

Firearms and special equipment

Meteor badge[99]
All the members (including Dr. Iwamoto) wear the special corps on the collar of the member's clothes.emblemBuilt-in with type badgeantennaExtend and ultra-compact high performanceCommunication deviceUsed as.普段は、服の裏地にあるパイプの中に収められているUsually housed in a pipe on the lining of the clothes[100].
  • The meteor mark in the center is made of cloth, and the covers on the left and right are metal punches.[100]..There are two types with different mark line processing[97].
Special to suffer when dispatchedhelmet..丈夫な素材で出来ており、無線機と、防護Made of durable material, radio and protectionvisorTo be equipped.It also has a radiation defense barrier function and was used in episode 18.The color of the visor differs depending on the number of stories and members[97].
gas mask
Attached parts for the helmet.Only episode 21 was used.You can completely cover your face by attaching it to the front of the helmet and lowering the visor.everyPoisonous gasA high-performance mask developed to protect the lives of members fromKemularIntense vomitingSulfurous acid gasNot very effective against.
Diving equipment[102]
Appeared in Episode 24.GubiraWorn by Fuji members during rescue activities at the submarine center that was attacked by.It is easy to move with only a wet suit and aqualung, and it is very light, but it can withstand the water pressure of 200 meters in the deep sea and the water flow caused by the giant Gubira.
Appeared in episode 38. Airtight clothing set with an oxygen cylinder worn by the members during the Q star exploration.In an emergency, it is possible to fly 500 meters in a short time by injecting oxygen from the cylinder.
Super gun[99]
Overall length: 25 cm Weight: 1 kg
Small size carried by all members (also equipped with Dr. Iwamoto and Dr. Fukuyama) on the waist holsterlaserRaygun.When the safety device is released, the barrel stored in the base instantly pops out and shoots a lightning-like high-power laser beam (straight line in episode 5 and light bullet-like fire in episode 11).[98][99]..When used alone, it has only the power to restrain monsters, but in episode 37, it is played with a triple shot where three people match the muzzle and shoot all at once.TelesdonDefeat.In addition, various special bullets and attachments such as the following can be attached to the barrel to perform various tactics.Muramatsu will use this gun to perform a physical examination for visitors to the special corps base (episodes 22 and 31).
"" Produced laterUltraman Dyna] A gun of the same type appears in the work of episode 41, but it is not a production intended to connect with this work.Also, the novel "Ultraman Mobius Anderez Horizont], The existence of a super gun combat type with a truncated barrel is mentioned.
  • The shooting prop is made by carving out metal, and Hiroko Sakurai said in a later interview that she had a hard time because of its weight.
Special balloon bomb[102]
Appeared in episode 8.When she hits, a balloon bomb pops out.For cautionPygmonIt was attached to and used as a mark so as not to lose sight of it.後にlaterRed kingThe moment I flew in front of, I was shot with a super gun and exploded.
SOS flare gun[102]
Appeared in episode 8.Launch a flare gun that sprinkles colored smoke in the sky.
Atomic bullet[102][Annotation 60]
Appeared in Episode 19.vanillaClose your eyes.
Anesthesia bullet[102]
Appeared in episode 34.With a powerful anesthesia functionSkydonLet it sleep for about 10 minutes.
New tranquilizer bullet[102]
Like the tranquilizer bullet, it appears in episode 34.It is more effective than anesthesia bullets and is used for Skydon.
UNG tranquilizer[102]
Appeared in Episode 26.University of WashingtonA new type of tranquilizer made in the United States developed by Dr. Smith.It depends on the temperature, but it is effective for about 6 hours with one shot.GomorrahUse to sleep, but wake up earlier than 6 hours.With a rare weapon, Muramatsu orders an additional tranquilizer from the NY branch, but is told that it is out of stock.
Small transmission bullet[103][Annotation 61]
In episode 27, I shot into Gomorrah's tail and confirmed the position of Gomorrah to move.
Spark 8[102]
Appeared in episode 37.A new weapon invented by Mitsuhiro Ide, it fires powerful light bullets from the attachment attached to the barrel of the Super Gun.It is destructive enough to crush the body of a giant monster.再生RegenerationDraco,GeronimonDefeated.
Weightless bullet[102][Annotation 62]
Appeared in episode 39.岩本博士が一発のみ試作した強力爆弾で、ウルトラマンを倒したDr. Iwamoto defeated Ultraman with a powerful bomb prototyped only onceZettonFloat in the air with a single blow and explode.文献では形状が鉛筆に似ているためBecause the shape resembles a pencil in the literaturePencil bombIs often written as[104].
Stamina capsule
movies"Revive! Ultraman』Appeared in.Developed by Mitsuhiro Ide, it has the effect of restoring Ultraman's stamina.ウルトラマンのUltramanColor timerHits and restores the blinking color timer to blue.The bank of the above small transmission bullet usage scene is used.
Spider shot[102]
Overall length: 50 cm Weight: 3 kg
A large heat ray gun developed by Mitsuhiro Ide and mainly equipped by Daisuke Arashi.Even Hoshino boys can handle it.There is a dial type selector on the upper surface of the rear of the gun, it is possible to shoot three types of heat rays, ring-shaped rays, and high heat flames, and adjust the destructive power according to the enemy[98].. Has 8 legs because it can emit 8 types of raysspiderIt is sometimes introduced that it was named after it.The power source is ultra-compactReactorSo, there is a setting that it can be replaced with a cartridge type (not appeared in the work).火炎放射はFlamethrowerSfranBurn off the ivy.The heat rays defeat the mummy humans,NerongaCrush one eye.
Hydrogen injector
Appeared in episode 34.スカイドンをSkydonAtmosphereA warhead shot with a spider shot to fly outside.It is connected to a hydrogen gas supply vehicle with a tube.
Mars 133[102]
Overall length: 78 cm Weight: 2 kg
It is a small powerful ray gun secretly made by Mitsuhiro Ide in preparation for an emergency, and it will appear for the first time in episode 2.Mars火星) As the name suggests, it has the same power as the Specium ray in theory.[98][Annotation 63],Alien Baltan (2nd generation)Shoot down the small alter ego ofGomorrahCut off the tail ofAlien ZettonIt plays an active part as the main firearm next to the spider shot, such as shooting and defeating.ZettonDoes not work at all.The prop was diverted to the "Paralizer" of "Ultra Seven".
Mad Bazooka[102]
Total length: 1m Weight: 5kg[105]
In episode 21, Mitsuhiro Ide developed it with the hint of Hoshino boy's words, "One shot at the opponent's crying place (weakness)".KemularDefeat.第29話では、強い光を放つコロナ弾で光に弱いIn episode XNUMX, a corona bullet that emits strong light is vulnerable to light.GordonDamages.
  • The prop was remodeled into the "Spider Vertical Shotgun" of "Ultraseven".
QX gun[102]
Appeared in episode 36.イデ隊員が4年かけて開発した携行火器で、QXとはA portable firearm developed by Mitsuhiro Ide over four years, what is QX?Quickly eXAbbreviation for tinguish.A special firearm that destroys the brain cells of a monster with a single blow.ZaragasUsed in battle.When it attacks the head, it makes it even more ferocious with its automatic counterattack ability, but it does damage by shooting it into the mouth from the jet beetle.
Needle S80[102]
Appeared in episode 38.A new type of portable firearm developed by Mitsuhiro Ide, which is 10 times more powerful than Spider Shot. Q星でWith Q starKeiraUsed for, but ends in invalidity.プロップは後に黒と赤にリペイントされた上でThe prop was later repainted in black and redUltra GuardWas given the emblem and was diverted to the "Electro H Gun" of "Ultra Seven".
Heat ray heavy machine gun[106]
Appeared in episode 23.Carry it separately into the main body and the gun mount.JamiraUsed for.
Napalm grenade[102][Annotation 64]
Appeared in Episode 8.ハヤタ隊員とムラマツキャップが使い、2発でUsed by Hayata and Muramatsu Cap, with XNUMX shotsMcGrathDefeat.The effective throwing distance is 20 meters.
Powerful dry missile[Annotation 65]
The one used in episode 25.GigasTo dry and crush into pieces.In the work, Ide members call it a "missile", but in reality it is dropped from the automatic opening and closing magazine at the bottom of the Beetle's fuselage.Dropped bulletIt is a type of weapon.
Barrier machine[107][102][Annotation 66]
Appeared in episode 12.It is a barrier generator developed by Mitsuhiro Ide, and the electromagnetic curtain covers the person carrying this device to prevent the monster's rays, but it cannot prevent physical attacks.A small nuclear reactor is installed on the back[43]..アラシ隊員が使用してUsed by Arashi membersDodongoIt is effective against the mysterious rays of light, but it is not effective against the fragments of rock scattered by the rays, and Arashi is injured.There is also a document introduced under the name of personal barrier.Also, in the novel "Ultraman Mobius Anderes Horizont", the Ultra GuardpointerThe "light wave barrier system" equipped in is considered to be an advanced version of this.
Pan Space Interpreter
Appeared in episode 16.イデ隊員開発のIde member developmentAll cosmic translatorso,Alien Baltan (2nd generation)It will be put into actual battle for the first time by translating the communication from the department special corps headquarters (connected to the 124875 circuit).A device with the same name appears in "Ultraman Mebius" with the setting that this was developed.
As a device for similar purposes, there is the monster language translator that appears in episode 37.It was developed by Mitsuhiro Ide and Dr. Gonda of Dongseo University.PygmonUsed to translate the words of.
Spectrum α-rays, β-rays, γ-rays
Appeared in episode 23.Three new weapons developed by Ide members, spectral α rays have the effect of freely controlling the refraction of light, spectral β rays have the effect of destroying the color absorption of light, and spectral γ rays limit the reflection angle of light. Has the effect of adding.Used on jet beetles and small beetles,JamiraVisualize the invisible spaceship.
A meteor-shaped knife built into the back of the collar of the crew's clothing.In the second episode, Hayata membersBaltan AlienAgainstShurikenThe only use case is to throw it like this.There was only a slight bleeding from the shadow of the trace that the other party had disappeared.
Used by Mitsuhiro Ide in episode 10.A universal marker that imitates the emblem of the special corps (commonly known as the "meteor mark") attached to the side of the boots.By peeling it off and sticking it on a tree or wall, you can instruct other members of the route.
Jet burner[108]
Used by Fuji members in episode 24.GubiraIt was suddenly built by Ide members to rescue the submarine center that was attacked by the seabed center, and has the ability to melt the special alloy used in the submarine center.
Fire extinguishing liquid injection device[43]
Used in episode 32.It is installed on the bottom of the beetle's fuselage and sprayed from the sky with a sprayer.Extinguish wildfires in a short time.
Hand radio detector[102]
A high-performance detector used to identify approaching Neronga.
A device that Ide used by fitting it on his left arm during a search on Tatara Island.
Additional equipment for space[102]
A cylinder that can be used as both a helmet and an injection device for movement in outer space.
ID card[102]
A plate-shaped certificate carried by members to prove their identity.
Magnetic force counter[102]
I found a device that emits magnetic light waves from the underground people.
Ide made it to make a hole in the special alloy of the exterior of the submarine center.
Hydrogen bomb detector[102]
It was used to find the hydrogen bomb swallowed by the second generation of the Red King.


Jet beetle[110]
It is a general-purpose fighter-bomber (VTOL aircraft) of the department special corps developed by Dr. Iwamoto with an emphasis on mobility, and the main weapon is a beam cannon at the nose and a rocket launcher at the tip of the main wing.[Annotation 68]So, it is also possible to land diagonally on the ground and attack, in episode 35SeaboardsAttacked.In addition, a multi-bullet rocket launcher at the bottom of the fuselage and the bottom of the main wing[112]Equipped with various weapons such as and various bombs, in episode 25, defeat Gigas with a powerful dry missile.The Mars 133 or QX gun may be attached to the gun mount in the cockpit.Equipped with 3 climbing nozzles at the bottom of the fuselage, allowing hovering and vertical takeoff and landing[43]..また、機体各部のハードポイントによって、特殊潜航艇S号やIn addition, depending on the hard points of each part of the aircraft, the special submarine S andAuto gyro, Used to install other equipment such as bell cedar, and also to transport crew and monsters[112]..Basically, 6 people are on board, but even 1 person can control and attack monsters.[110]..Mainly SIII during the work[107][112][Annotation 69]・ S115 ・ 117[110][16]・ 118[110][16]・ 119[110][16][Annotation 70], 17[110], 19[110]6 aircraft will be used, and up to 3 aircraft of the same type will appear at the same time[111].
Ragon,Antler,GangoIs shot down and destroyed,Gamaczilla,TelesdonSucceeded in an emergency landing while receiving the direct hit of the defense teamF-4 fighterWhile receiving the direct hit of the Mefilas disk that destroys the corps with a single blow, it repels it and shows the robustness to continue the dive attack.
English notation is "JET VTOLHowever, it was added in later years and was not set at the time of the main broadcast.[Annotation 71].
In the 24th episode of "Ultraman Mebius"Dynamic preservationWith the setting that it was doneUltra Hawk No. 1, There is a scene to fly with No. 3.
  • The model for photography is by Gunji Model Mfg. Co., Ltd.TinplateThe movie, which was produced by the same factory and was in charge ofGosei Goras"(1962,TohoThe same wooden pattern for launching as the miniature of the "UN VTOL machine" that appears in) is used.[113]..This "UNVTOLSince the appearance is almost the same as "machine", some materials describe that the miniature itself was diverted.[114][115][16], Both are separate miniatures.As the number of filming stories progressed, many new models were produced due to a series of damages and repairs.There were at least three different sizes, and they were used differently depending on the situation.There were two types of materials, metal and wood.
  • The book "UWW ~ ULTRA WEAPON WORLD ~" published in later years[116]For the civilian passenger aircraft type, which increased the number of seats by removing the armed and enemy search equipment of this machine,Ultra QThere is a description that it is owned by Hoshikawa Airlines, but this is a "play setting" supervised by Tsuburaya Productions, not an official setting.
Space beetle
A hydrogenede sub-rocket engine for outside the atmosphere that has the performance to exceed the stratosphere in a short time, which was designed by Dr. Iwamoto at the tip of the main wing of Jet Beetle 117 by applying the principle of hydrogen bomb.Nuclear pulse propulsionA type of system) and a nuclear pulse propulsion rocket are additionally installed, and will appear for the first time in episode 16.[112]..Since then, it will be used mainly for incident investigations that occurred in space and space patrols of members (episodes 22, 33, 35). Some are equipped with SIII[112][117].
In the 42nd episode of "Ultraman Mebius", "Ikazuchi" (aircraft number is S217), which is an improved version of this machine, appears.
  • The name "Space Beetle" is the product name of the Bullmark plastic model, and depending on the book, "Hydrogene rocket equipped beetle machine"[118], "Jet Beetle Hydrogene Sub Rocket Mounted Type[119][110][16][117]".Some cuts use SIII with a sub-rocket attached.
Small beetle[110]
Popular nameTriangular beetle..In the work, it is simply called "Beetle" without distinguishing it from Jet Beetle.
Developed by Dr. Iwamoto like Jet Beetle,cockpitToGun rackSupport aircraft equipped with, mainlyreconnaissanceAnd used for observation.Initially, it was used for patrols, but it was put into actual battle from the game against Gamakujira.
a kind ofLifting bodyThe power is the machineRocket engine..With the nose beam cannon as armamentRocket launcher, Has flash light from the nose and bottom of the nose[112]..In addition, automatic tracking flight and remote control from the headquarters base are possible, in episode 16VenusEscort until the rocket "Decoy" ignites the two-stage rocket.
The number of episodes is episode 1, 14, 16, 19, 21 and 23.His activities are mostly concentrated in the middle stage, and there is no turn in the final stage.
The "Beetle" that Hayata was riding at the time of the collision with Ultraman in the first episode is this machine.
This aircraft is not a VTOL aircraft but a short-range takeoff and landing (TABLE) Since it is an aircraft, takeoff and landing will be done at a fairly steep angle.In episode 21, with the back downTailsitterShow off the vertical takeoff and landing of the ceremony.
  • Designed by Tohl Narita.Initially it was planned to be the main fighter[16]..Later, he commented that he designed the Jet Beetle because he was dissatisfied with the prototype diversion, and unofficially called it "Beetle No. 2".
  • The miniature is wooden.There is one pilot doll in the cockpit, but there may be two in the play.[120]..The miniature used in the first episode is the special effects directorTomo HaraguchiOwned by[120].
F-4 fighter[Annotation 72]
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBranch equipment.Airlift UMG tranquilizer ammunition to John Sun Island.In addition, the defense team is also equipped with this machine,Breton,Aboras,Alien MefilasAttacks the disk etc.
  • It was a real fighter and was the most advanced at the time of broadcasting.また本作品の放映時点では、実在のAlso, at the time of the broadcast of this work, it is realJapan Air Self-Defense ForceWas not equipped with.
Developed and designed by Dr. Iwamoto, who appears in episode 16.VenusHigh-performance manned space rocket for exploration.While the rival Dr. Mouri's "decoy" is a normal multi-stage rocket, this machine is a single-stage rocket with a futuristic design.Mankind's first manned Venus exploration was overtaken by Dr. Mouri's "decoy", but Dr. Iwamoto was 99% complete against Dr. Mouri who headed for Venus exploration with 100% perfection. It is because the flight was postponed intentionally, and it is said that the degree of perfection of both is the same.
Dr. Iwamoto will operate and rescue the members of the special squadron left behind on the R planet.In addition, the hydrogenated sub-rocket for Phoenix is ​​diverted to the space beetle.
  • Tohl Narita is in charge of the design[122].
  • Gunji model is in charge of modeling[122]..With a lathe-processed log,KokeshiIt is said that it was made in a way similar to[122]..Some books are different from the video because they were repainted on site after delivery.[122]..One of the antennas left in the monster warehouse was lost, but it has been restored with soldered wire.There was a ping-pong ball at the tip of the antenna, but since the standard of the ping-pong ball changed in 2000, it is repaired with the ping-pong ball of the 1960s.[122].
  • The departure and arrival scene is the movie "Space WarThe Spip issue and the movie "Earth Defense ForceLike the Marker Light GyroOkutamaTaken from a suspension bridge[123][122].
  • Tetsuro Nakajima, who performed the miniature, testified that the miniature was shot after the gunpowder for rocket injection exploded and was wrecked and remade.[123].
Shiratori (Swan[110][16][124]
A large space rocket dedicated to the black-and-white two-tone department special corps that appears in episode 38.The hull number is "SE105".There is no main armament, but it is equipped with main boosters at both ends of the main wing.It was developed by Dr. Iwamoto and lost communication.Space stationUsed when going to rescue V2.航空機に近い形状をしており、底部にIt has a shape similar to an aircraft and is on the bottom.AirlockIt also has a hatch for lowering the onboard expeditionary space tank.Also, vertical takeoff and landing is possible like a jet beetle.It took just over 28 hours to reach V2's orbit, but there was no way to attack Keira.
  • Designed by Tatsuro Fukada.
  • The sortie scene was later diverted to the jet beetle sortie scene in "Ultraman, the feature-length monster movie."The miniature used in the shoot was later repainted and saidKaiju BoothUsed for[125].

Vehicle / submersible

  • The miniature is produced by Gunji Model Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Special corps car[110]
The vehicle used in the Japan branch.Unlike the vehicles that appeared in the later Ultra series, there are no special weapons or special functions, but it is equipped with high-performance exploration equipment such as communication equipment, and the body, engine and bumper are also strengthened.[98], Made tough.Mainly used for patrols and movements to the vicinity of the base.One of them explodes in episode 23 when it gets caught up in the jet of a transparent disk.
A prototype designed by Mitsuhiro Ide equipped with a rock drill and manufactured by the Science Center, which appears in episode 29.Underground tank..It ’s the same maneuvering method as a car.[16]..Weapons are heat ray guns and underground torpedoes on the upper part of the car body[98].
  • Designed by Noriyoshi Ikeya, this was his first job at Tsuburaya Productions.About this designEiji TsuburayaIt is said that the director scolded him for lack of stability.In the setting picture, it is suspended from the underside of the fuselage of the jet beetle and airlifted like the S.作中ではIn the workBeAlthough it is called Lucider, in the materialTheOften described as Lucider.The concept of this mechanism is the next work "Ultra sevenIs inherited by the "Magma Riser" of the Ultra Guard that appears in.
Mitsubishi Jeep
The white-painted jeep that appears in episode 21.Ide and Hoshino boy boarded and put the completed Mad Bazooka on it,KemularRushes to Otakeyama where he rampages.In addition to this, a jeep that seems to belong to the defense team and the police appears in each story.
Flame carriage[43]
A large vehicle that appears in episode 23.車体後部に大型のLarge at the rear of the car bodyFlamethrowerEquipped with one gate.JamiraIt is used for Jamila, but it does not work for Jamila who has acquired resistance to high temperatures.It is different from the flame-thrower tank of the Defense Corps.
Anti-aircraft gun[Annotation 75]
Appear in episode 23Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun..ベース車両は16輪の大型The base vehicle is a large XNUMX-wheeled vehicleTrailer truckSo, the trailer is equipped with one anti-aircraft gun.Attack Jamila, who is not good at water, with artificial rain bullets.
Space tank SL77
Also with a space tank.A high-performance universal tank for space exploration that appears in episode 38, and is installed in "Shiratori".[110]..Estimated to have 4 crew members[16]..The cabin is supported by two tracked trolleys, has four endless tracks, and houses the SNK missile launcher at the top of the cabin. With SNK missilesSaigoDefeat.There are two miniatures, a large one and a small one. The large one has 2 wheels and the small one has 5 wheels (the small one has 6 wheels).Tamiya modelDiversion of the plastic model of the M4 Sherman tank)[127].
Special submarine S[110]
A high-performance small submarine with an underwater jet propulsion engine, a sound wave detector (Sonar), Equipped with an underwater camera, searchlight, etc., the weapon fires continuously from the tips of both wingstorpedo.. Only S21 uses an oxygen inhaler when maneuvering.When suspended from the underside of the jet beetle's fuselage and airlifted, the sail is stored in the hull.Three ships, S16 (Episode 1), S21 (Episode 10), and S25 (Episode 24), will appear in the film.[110].
  • Some books describe it as "S-type midget submarine"[118].
  • Tohl Narita is in charge of the design[16].

Defense Corps (Army) and Self-Defense Forces

In this work, apart from the special corps, a normal defense organization participates in battles with monsters and aliens.その呼称は防衛隊(軍)とされたりThe name is called the defense corps (army)SDFHowever, there is no clear distinction.Also,Toho special effects movieIt is also a feature that the props of fictitious weapons that appeared in are often diverted.

The defense corps (army) appears in episodes 2/11/15.戦力としては放映当時の自衛隊が装備していたAs a force, it was equipped by the Self-Defense Forces at the time of broadcastingType 61 tank,M4 medium tank(M4 Sherman[43]) Etc., as well as fictitious weaponsFlame radiation tank,Maesar Beast Ray Car, There are heat ray carriages and so on.火炎放射戦車はオリジナルのThe flame-thrower tank is the originalTrackedSwivel at the top of the vehicleFlamethrowerIn the 9th episodeGabora, In episode 15Gavadon BIn addition to attacking against, in episode 15GangoDispatch to.The heat ray carriage is "Monster Great War』(1965, Toho) appearedA cycle ray car OfTractorOmit and from the main bodyLoudspeakerWith the lighting tower removed, in the third episodeNeronga, Used to attack Gango in episode 11[128]..In episode 3, it emits a ray that looks the same as that of an A-cycle ray car, but in episode 11, it changes to a straight red ray.The lighting car that was remodeled by attaching a lighting tower removed from the main body to the towing car also said, "Frankenstein's Monster Sanda vs. Gaira』(1966, Toho), then used in episode 15,Gavadon AFound in a group of tanks surrounding.In episode 11, the Maesar Beast carriage can be seen heading for an attack on Gango with a heat ray carriage, but the battle scene after that is not drawn, and no tow vehicle is used here either.Also, in the second episode, a defense base that seems to be the headquarters appears.都心に現れたAppeared in the city centerBaltan AlienOn the other hand, a new model from the launcher installed on the roof of the defense baseNuclear missile"Bald hawk"[102]2 shots, but only a small explosion has little effect[Annotation 76].

The Self-Defense Forces appear in episodes 4, 26, 27, 34, and 39.第4話でIn episode XNUMXJMSDF OfDestroyer[Annotation 77]At the suggestion of Mitsuhiro IdeRagonLet me listen to music.第26・27話でIn episodes XNUMX and XNUMXItami CityIs stationed atJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceRocket Launcher Trailer attacks Gomorra.また第27話では61式戦車やM4などの実在兵器の他に、9連装の装輪式自走In episode XNUMX, in addition to existing weapons such as the Type XNUMX tank and MXNUMX, XNUMX-unit wheeled self-propelled vehicleRocket cannonA fictitious weapon that seems to appear.第34話では科特隊が怪獣風船化作戦で浮かび上がらせたスカイドンをIn the XNUMXth episode, the Skydon that the special corps emerged in the monster ballooning operationJapan Air Self-Defense Force OfF-86FThe fighter accidentally shot down.航空自衛隊は第39話にも登場し、精鋭パイロットからなる戦闘機編隊がThe Air Self-Defense Force also appeared in episode XNUMX, and a fighter formation consisting of elite pilotsAlien ZettonDispatched to intercept the disk group and shot down a part, but was annihilated by a counterattack.同話では出撃シーンにはF-86Fが、戦闘シーンではIn the same story, F-XNUMXF is in the sortie scene, and in the battle sceneF-104OrX-3Fictitious machine with a shape similar to[Annotation 78]Appears.

In addition to the above, there are many stories in which defense organizations attack enemies (Episode 3 ・ 9 ・ 17 ―― 19 ・ 21 ・ 23 ・ 31 ―― 33).But many of them do not mention whether the organization belongs to the Defense Corps, the Self-Defense Forces, or the riot police.In episode 18, "Mothra』(1961, Toho) appearedTracked missile vehicle Fake UltramanTo attack.

As another defense organization, the name of the organization "International Space Development Army" appears in episode 22[129]However, the details are not mentioned in particular.Also, in episode 25, an organization called the "Earth Defense Committee" will appear.こちらは国際的な組織のようであり、彗星ツイフォンからの放射線による水爆の自然爆発を防止すべく、世界中のThis seems to be an international organization, all over the world to prevent the natural explosion of hydrogen bombs caused by radiation from comet Twiphon.Nuclear powersIs ordered to strengthen the safety of the hydrogen bomb. "Ultraman leoAn organization with the same name appears in episode 25, but the relevance is not mentioned in particular.

Other mecha

Large for transportation that appears in episode 4rocket.JupiterFor developmentAtomic bomb01 "AB-Z-6"Space stationAlthough he was on a mission to transport to, he caused an explosion accident (unrelated to the atomic bomb mentioned above) and crashed over the Pacific Ocean. Atomic bombs were scattered in the surrounding waters, and four were recovered, but the last one was unknown (actually, it was caught in a huge Ragon) and led to the work.In addition, this atomic bomb has the power to blow off the entire Kanto region even with one shot.
Rocket (official name unknown)
In episode 14, it was used to launch Gamaczilla into the sky and was very successful.In episode 34, it was used at the suggestion of Fuji members when returning Skydon to the sky, but Skydon was too heavy to launch.
Manned in episode 16VenusExploration rocket.It is a three-stage rocket with a realistic design, and the third stage becomes a spaceship as it is.全体的な形状はThe overall shape isSaturn vIs similar to.In addition, artificial gravity is working inside the ship.Dr. Mohri of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, who is the developer, boarded himself and launched for the first manned Venus exploration of humankind.
According to Captain'Cap's Muramatsu's line, the degree of completion is 99%, and there are doubts about the safety of the ignition device of the second stage rocket, so the special team will take a rescue system.これは杞憂に終わり、無事金星への航路に乗るものの、地球侵略とウルトラマンへの復讐を狙うThis ended in a melancholy, and although he safely took the route to Venus, he aimed for invasion of the earth and revenge on Ultraman.Baltan AlienDr. Mouri is transferred to the Alien Baltan after being attacked by.
Saturn exploration rocket
A manned rocket that appears in episode 18.レイアウトはThe layout isApollo spacecraftClose to the one.SaturnIt was intended for manned exploration, but it will appear over Tokyo one month after departure.軌道を間違え木星の周りを漂流していた最中にWhile drifting around Jupiter in the wrong orbitAlien ZarabIt was supposed to have been rescued by the Alien Zarab and led to the earth, but it was actually a plot of the Alien Zarab, and the crew was also manipulated by the Alien Zarab.
  • In the script, it is described as "Space Dragon".
Human satellite
Manned in a certain country that appears in episode 23Space shipSo, when I returned to Earth, the shape was a disk shape.かつてのOnceSpace development competitionAstronaut in the eraJamiraWas launched, but was lost in an accident and its existence was concealed by a country fearing criticism.
After that, it drifted to a star wandering in space.そこで怪獣化したジャミラの手で修理とSo I repaired it with Jamila's monsterTransparency functionRemodeling such as granting is carried out, and Jamila who aims for revenge on the earth that abandoned himself is returned to the earth and interferes with the holding of the International Peace Conference.
Also, in the same story, as an indication of the space development era,Gemini spacecraftSaturn vA still image of is illustrated.
The undersea exploration ship that appears in episode 24.Institute of OceanographyHeld bysubmarineAnd has a strong drainage capacity.GubiraUsed to rescue the submarine center that was attacked by, Fuji members connect a drainage hatch to the part burned out by the melting machine and rescue Captain'Cap's Muramatsu left behind inside the submarine center.
Autogyro (official name unknown)
In episode 34, Ide members propose to use it to return Skydon to the sky.Although he succeeded in lifting Skydon to the sky, he fell and failed due to the weakening of the propeller's propulsion in a zero gravity space.
Moon rocket
The unmanned rocket that appears in episode 35.Japan's first lunar exploration rocket developed by the Lunar Rocket Center, with Units 1 and 2. Unit 1 is marked "EP-1" and Unit 2 is marked "EP-2".
Unit 1 was launched to the moon, but on the waySeaboardsHugged by and falls to the earth. Unit 2 hugs Seaboards,Monster graveyardUsed to send back to, but failed the first time.After that, it was repaired and remodeled into an "Ultraman rocket" painted in red and silver (in the script, it was covered with a stuffed animal that resembled Ultraman).[130], Safely send Seaboards back to the monster graveyard.
In the 21st episode of "Ultraman Mebius", he appears in a state of being hugged by Seaboards.
Appear in episode 38Space probe.NASAWas developed for the Q star exploration project "Prospector Project" and is controlled by the space station V2. Q星にてAt Q starKeiraAfter encountering, one of the three BM fuses on board was used to repair the space station V2.
Space station V2[102][132]
The space station that appears in episode 38.It is located just over 28 hours from Earth and has four NASA astronauts stationed there. It is in a position to reach Q star in 4 hours round trip.I was relaying the Prospector project, but due to the light emission of the keeler, the BM of the third circuit of the discharge tubefuseWas burned out.By the time the special corps arrived,ReactorWill explode after 24 hours.The special corps left Fuji as a caregiver for the crew and obtained one of the BM fuses in the Q star prospecter.Repairs were completed 1 minutes before the big explosion.
"Ultra seven] Also, a space station with the same name will appear.



Initially, for the role of Mitsuhiro IdeIshikawa SusumuWas cast and participated in the shooting of a part of the first episode of the production and two days' worth of Bansen Steel, but due to a contractual problem, it was dropped and two bottles from Toho were cast.[13][133][16].


* Reference: "Character Taizen Ultraman Survey Report" (Kodansha, 2012)

Voice appearance

* All non-credit, reference: "Tsuburaya Productions Vol. 1" (Take Shobo-2013/

Suit actor

* Reference: "Character Taizen Ultraman All Survey Report" (Kodansha-2012/

  • Ultraman:Bin Furuya(All stories)
  • Bemler:Teruo Aragaki(1)
  • Alien Baltan: Takeshi Sato (2)
  • Neronga:Nakajima Haruo(3)[136]
  • Ragon:Umenosuke Izumi(4)
  • Greenmons:Haruyoshi Nakamura(5)
  • Gesla: Teruo Aragaki (6)
  • Antler: Teruo Aragaki (7)
  • Red King: Teruo Aragaki (8)
  • McGrath: Umenosuke Izumi (8)
  • Chandler:Yukihiro Kiyono(8)
  • Pigmon: Shuji Fujita (8)
  • Gabora: Haruo Nakajima (9)[136]
  • Jirass: Haruo Nakajima (10)[136]
  • Gango: Teruo Aragaki (11)
  • Dodongo: Teruo Aragaki, Yukihiro Kiyono (12)
  • Mummy Human:Hideyo Mangetsu(12)
  • Pester: Teruo Aragaki, Yukihiro Kiyono (13)
  • Gamakujira: Teruo Aragaki (14)
  • Gavadon: Teruo Aragaki (15)
  • Alien Baltan (16nd generation): Honest Hino (XNUMX)
  • Breton: Teruo Aragaki (17)
  • Alien Zarab: Takeshi Aono (18)
  • Fake Ultraman: Fumio Ikeda (18)
  • Aboras: Haruyoshi Nakamura,Kunio Suzuki[Annotation 88](19)
  • Vanilla: Yasuhiro Tajiri (19)
  • Hydra: Teruo Aragaki (20)
  • Kemular: Kunio Suzuki (21)
  • Telesdon: Kunio Suzuki (22)
  • Jamila: Teruo Aragaki (23)
  • Gubira: Teruo Aragaki (24)
  • Red King (25nd generation): Kunio Suzuki (XNUMX)
  • Gigas: Nanmei (25)
  • Draco: Fumio Ikeda (25)
  • Gomorrah: Kunio Suzuki (26, 27)
  • Dada: Kunio Suzuki (28)
  • Gordon: Koji Ogi (29)
  • Wu: Kunio Suzuki (30)
  • Keronia: Koji Ogi (31)
  • Zambolar: Kunio Suzuki (32)
  • Alien Mefilas: Koji Ogi[Annotation 89](33)
  • Kemur (XNUMXnd generation): Haruo Nakajima[136][Annotation 90](33)
  • Alien Baltan (33rd generation): Shiro Yoko Watanabe (XNUMX)
  • Alien Zarab (33nd generation): Unknown (XNUMX)
  • Skydon: Eiichi Matsushima (34)
  • Seaboards: Kunio Suzuki (35)
  • Zaragas: Kunio Suzuki (36)
  • Geronimon: Teruo Aragaki (37)
  • Play Telesdon: Yukihiro Kiyono[Annotation 91](37)
  • Play Dorako: Eiichi Matsushima (37)
  • Play Pigmon:Masahiro Koya(37)
  • Keira: Haruo Nakajima (38)
  • Saigo: Eiichi Matsushima (38)
  • Zetton: Teruo Aragaki (39)
  • Zoffy: Bin Furuya (39)
  • Alien Zetton: Unknown[Annotation 92](39)

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

  • For details on each monster, see "Ultraman's appearance monsterSee.
  • At the end of each story opening, the names and titles of the monsters and aliens that appear in that episode are displayed, but there are some that actually appear but are not displayed.[Annotation 101]..Also, the times when multiple monster names are written[Annotation 102]Notation of aliens other than Dada[Annotation 103], And Neronga and Greenmons[Annotation 104]Was only the name and had no title.
  • The production number on the cover of the scenario is different from the actual shooting order.ここでの制作順は「キヌタ・ラボラトリーの作業日誌The production order here is "Kinuta Laboratory's work diary"[142], "Ryosaku Takayama's monster modeling diary[143], "TV Magazine Hero Graphic Library 1 Ultraman" (Kodansha) was referred to.
  • Audience rating is according to Video Research (Kanto area)
Broadcast timesAirdateProduction ordersubtitleAppearance monster / alienscriptSpecial skill directordirected byAudience rating
-1966/07/10-Ultraman Eve Festival-Tetsuo Kaneshiro-Akio Jisoji
Yuzo Higuchi
17/175Ultra Operation No. XNUMXBemlerShinichi Sekizawa
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
Koichi TakanoHajime Tsuburaya34.0%
27/241Shoot the invadersBaltan AlienChizuka KitaoToru MatobaToshihiro Iijima34.6%
37/313Sortie the special corpsNerongaMasahiro Yamada33.6%
4807 days7XNUMX seconds before the big explosionRagonMinamikawa RyuKoichi TakanoNonagase Samadhi29.5%
58/142The secret of MilogandaGreenmonsKeisuke FujikawaToru MatobaToshihiro Iijima29.0%
68/218Coast Guard OrderGesuraMasahiro YamadaKoichi TakanoNonagase Samadhi34.9%
78/284Barrage blue stoneAntlerMinamikawa Ryu
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
8904 days6Monster lawless zoneRed king
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
Shozo Uehara
Hajime Tsuburaya36.6%
99/119Lightning operationGaboraMasahiro YamadaNonagase Samadhi39.5%
109/1811Mysterious dinosaur baseJirassTetsuo KaneshiroKazuho Mitsuta39.0%
119/2510Came from space


GangoTatsuo Miyata30.1%

[Annotation 105]

1002 days12Mummy cryDodongo
Mummy human
Keisuke FujikawaHajime Tsuburaya37.6%
131009 days13Oil SOSPesterTetsuo Kaneshiro38.3%
1410/1615Pearl oyster defense directiveGamaczillaSasaki MamoruKoichi TakanoAkio Jisoji37.8%
1510/2314Horror cosmic raysGavadon37.4%
1610/3017To the special corps spaceAlien Baltan (XNUMXnd generation)Chizuka KitaoToshihiro Iijima38.9%
171106 days16Passport to infinityBretonKeisuke Fujikawa36.0%
1811/1319Brothers from the planetAlien Zarab
Fake Ultraman
Minamikawa Ryu
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
Nonagase Samadhi39.8%
1911/2018The devil is againvanilla
Masahiro Yamada
Minamikawa Ryu
2011/2720Horror Route 87HydraTetsuo KaneshiroYuzo Higuchi39.0%
211204 days21Break through the plumeKemularTaro Kaido36.5%
2212/1123Ground sabotageTelesdon
Underground People
Sasaki MamoruAkio Jisoji38.0%
2312/1822Hometown is the earthJamira38.2%
2412/2524Undersea Science BaseGubiraKeisuke FujikawaToshihiro Iijima35.8%
251967/0101 days25Phantom Comet Twiphone[144]Gigas
Red King (XNUMXnd generation)
Bunzo Wakatsuki35.7%
26108 days26His Imperial Highness the Monster Part XNUMXSfran II
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
Bunzo Wakatsuki
Hajime Tsuburaya37.5%
271/1527His Imperial Highness the Monster Part XNUMXGomorrah37.0%
281/2228Human specimens 5 and 6Dada
Dada boss
Masahiro YamadaNonagase Samadhi37.7%
291/2929Challenge to the undergroundGordonMinamikawa Ryu
Tetsuo Kaneshiro
30205 days31Illusionary snowy mountainsWuTetsuo KaneshiroYuzo Higuchi39.9%
312/1230Who cameKeroniaTaro Kaido38.7%
322/1932Endless counterattackZambolarKeisuke FujikawaToshitsugu Suzuki39.2%
332/2633Forbidden wordsAlien Mefilas
Alien Baltan (XNUMXrd generation)
Alien Zarab (XNUMXnd generation)
Kemur (second generation)
Giant Fuji member
Tetsuo Kaneshiro40.7%
34305 days34Empty giftSkydonSasaki MamoruAkio Jisoji33.9%
353/1235Monster graveyardSeaboards37.2%
363/1936Don't shoot! ArashiZaragasMasahiro YamadaKazuho Mitsuta38.4%
373/2637Little heroGeronimon
Pigmon (reproduction)
Dorako (playback)
Telesdon (reproduction)
Tetsuo KaneshiroArikawa Sadamasa42.8%
38402 days38Spacecraft rescue orderKeira
Shozo UeharaHajime Tsuburaya34.4%
39409 days39Farewell UltramanZetton
Alien Zetton
Tetsuo KaneshiroKoichi Takano37.8%



Opening theme

"Ultraman Song"
The theme song salesMillion sellerRecorded[154]..Three types of sound sources are used in the work, and they are called as follows in the CD of Nippon Columbia.
Ultraman song (episodes 1 and 7)
As a general rule, the full size of this version is recorded on commercial sound sources.[Annotation 107].
Ultraman's Song (First Recording Version) (Episode 2-6, Episodes 8-30)
It was the first of the three recordings, and the composition of the Misuzu Children's Chorus and the way the last part of the lyrics are sung are unique.このバージョンの歌唱者については、その声質から「実際はFor this version of the singer, due to its voice quality, "actuallyKamitakada Boys ChorusIsn't it? "[155].
Ultraman Song (Version 3) (Episode 31-39)
Recorded to accompany the play.Only this version does not sing Colo Stella, only TV size for broadcasting exists.
Overseas version (overseas lyricist and singer unknown)
A version that uses the sound source of "Ultraman's Song" overseas.

Insert song

"Song of the Special Investigation Corps"
  • Lyrics: Tokyo No. XNUMX / Composition / Arrangement: Kunio Miyauchi / Song: Misuzu Children's Chorus, Colo Stella
The "Department Special Corps March" (theme of the Department Special Corps), which is an arrangement of the main melody, is frequently used in dispatch scenes.This song itself is also used in a very short edited form in episodes 3 and 4.
"Proceed! Ultraman"
  • Lyrics: Tokyo No. XNUMX / Composition / Arrangement: Kunio Miyauchi / Song: Misuzu Children's Chorus, Colo Stella
Two songs in major and minor were made as candidates for the theme song.The song in major key was adopted as the theme song, and the song in minor key became the insert song "Advance! Ultraman".The arranged song "Victory" (M-2, another title "Fierce Fight! Ultraman") has been used in the battle scene of Ultraman since the 5th episode.karaokeLater "Ultra FightUsed for the title part of[Annotation 109].
In the NG version released later, you can see some differences in the lyrics.


Kunio Miyauchi was in charge of the music of this work, following the previous work "Ultra Q".The part of the main title video that uses the "Ultra Q" logo is the main title song (M-1T2) of "Ultra Q" covered with the original song (title T6) of this work.第1話のハヤタ隊員とウルトラマンの出会いのシーンに『ウルトラQ』第28話「あけてくれ!」用の音楽が選曲されるなど、過去に宮内の書いたMiyauchi wrote in the past, such as the music for "Ultra Q" episode XNUMX "Open me!" Was selected in the scene of the encounter between Hayata and Ultraman in episode XNUMX.Toho special effectsmovies"Gas human first, "Ultra Q", "Kaiju Booth』Songs are often diverted.

The general-purpose BGM recording of "Ultraman" itself was performed three times. Some songs, such as "Theme of the Special Investigation Corps," were recorded in stereo at the same time as the theme song was recorded, but only a monaural copy remains.Also,Akio JisojiAdditional recordings will be made in episodes 14, 15, and 23 directed by, and these songs will be used in other episodes.The additional recording was also made in the 39th episode of the final episode, but the location of the tape has not been confirmed for any of these additional recordings.

Related program

Ultraman Eve Festival Ultraman Birth


(TBS, broadcast on July 1966, 7 at 10:19)

July 1966, 7, prior to the broadcast of the television series,Suginami Public HallEvent "Ultraman Children's Tournament" held at[156]Broadcast VTR recorded program (VTR recording)[157].. 『Ultra Q』Has a schedule to broadcast all 28 lines while taking the form of turning the mysterious route of the" UNBALANCE "era in the second half.[158].. From the beginning, the final episode (Episode 206) of "Flight 28 disappears" was announced to be broadcast on July 7, and the start of broadcasting "Ultraman" was announced on July 10.However, in the 7th episode "Open me!", Which was scheduled to be broadcast on May 17, the main broadcast was postponed around the end of April because "the monster does not appear and the content is too difficult". It was.As a result, the start of broadcasting "Ultraman" was advanced on July 5.Despite this, the special effects team of the first episode of the broadcast finally started cranking in June, which was a delay in the shooting schedule.[Annotation 110]This program was planned by TBS producer Satoshi Sakai, who was worried about the situation, in a hurry to earn time for a week.In addition, the finished film of the first episode of the TV series "Ultra Operation No. 1" was actually delivered to TBS on July 1, and it can be said that Sakai's judgment was correct.The final schedule was a meeting of technical staff on July 7th, a rehearsal on the following 13th and 7th, and a start from 6:7 on the 8th.本番では演出用の豚が暴走したりIn the production, the pig for production goes out of control[159], Ultraman stumbled due to a mask with poor visibility, and other troubles continued.In addition, there was a mistake in wearing the body of Antler's costume upside down.そうした状況を恥じたTBSの担当ディレクター・TBS director who was ashamed of such a situationAkio JisojiArbitrarily removes the telop of his name from the staff roll[14], I just returned to my hometown[159]..その後、本番での数々のトラブルは編集で削除されAfter that, many troubles in production were deleted by editing[159], And the highlight scene of the third episode that had been completed was added to the broadcast.As a result, "Ultraman Eve Festival" got a high audience rating of 3%, so it is said that Jitsuoji did not have to be blamed.
It is said that it was a color broadcast, but details are unknown because the existence of the master tape at that time has not been confirmed.[Annotation 111]..The existing video is "Takeda Hour"ofOpening catch,CM[Annotation 112], Offer screen, monochrome including new program noticeKinnekoThe film was made into a video in 1988 by coupling with "The Father of the Modern Leader Ultra Q".After that, it was recorded as a bonus video on LD-BOX, DVD-BOX, BD-BOX, etc.
ス タ ッ フ

Ultraman Day in Suginami Public Hall

An event held on July 2016th and 7th, 9 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the start of "Ultraman" broadcasting.The venue is the same Suginami Public Hall as "Ultraman Birth".This "Ultraman Day"Japan Anniversary AssociationIt is said to be an official anniversary, and on that day, successive Ultra series performers including the first Ultraman will reproduce the event at that time, and will hold live concerts, talk shows, etc.At the venue, "Ultraman's Day" Special Hobby Market was also held, where manufacturers of soft vinyl and figures of the Ultra series gathered.Part of the stage of the day will be on July 2016, 7TBS channel 1Was broadcast live on[160].


  • June 1967, 7Ultraman feature film"
    • It was created by re-editing episodes 1, 8, 26, and 27 of the TV series.
  • June 1979, 3Ultraman directed by Akio Jissoji"
    • Re-editing of the TV series.
  • June 1979, 7Ultraman Monster Great Battle"
    • Re-editing of the TV series.
  • April 1989, 4 "Ultraman Horror Route 28"
    • Blow-up screening of episode 20[157].. At the "Ultraman Tournament (Festival)"Ultraman USA"Ultraman A Giant Ant Chouju vs. Ultra Brothers" "Ultraman Kids" and simultaneous screening[157].
    • It was intentionally removed from "Ultraman" that was aired on TBS the previous year and was selected for this parallel projection.Toho, the distributor, was thinking "The devil is again", but "Ultraman A Great Ant Super Beast vs Ultra Brothers』\ The screening was decided at the barter of the parallel screening.
  • June 1996, 3Revive! Ultraman"
    • It is one of "Ultraman Wonderful World" and "Ultraman Zeus''Ultraman Company』Simultaneous screening.Re-edited the existing film of the TV series and covered it with the lines of the new recording.[157].
  • June 2022, 6 "Hideaki Anno Selection Ultraman 3K Special Screening"
    • "Shin Ultraman] To commemorate the release, 18 carefully selected episodes of episodes 26, 28, 34, and 4 will be screened in 4K video for a limited time.

Web movie

"Ultraman-New Power of Singapore-"
A short drama distributed on the official SNS of the Singapore Tourism Board and the official YouTube channel of Ultraman from December 55 as part of the 2021th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore.[161]..The original monster Maraiger will also appear.
Number of storiesDelivery dateAppearance monsterLocation
EPISODE: 01March 202107 daysRed kingGardens by the Bay
EPISODE: 022021/12/14NerongaJewel Changi Airport
EPISODE: FINAL2021/12/21Marliger
Red king
Marina bay

Unproduced scenario

Sample stories in the Bemler storybook
"Merchant selling the earth"
A story in which the leaders of each country are manipulated by Sibira and push the missile launch button to start the human self-destruction war.
"Great abduction"
Appearing aliensKemurHowever, in the description of the shape of the monster, "Ultra Q OfKemurIn the storyKemur AlienIt is written that there is no unity.The Kemur aliens, who failed to preserve the species, kidnap a large number of children on Earth to leave their descendants.
"Space Beast Man Invasion"
Draw a plan to invade the earth of monsters with the same intelligence as humans.
"Golden Phantom Bird Subard"
A story of fighting in space to prevent the "Golden Phantom Bird Subard" born from the golden egg that appeared in outer space from flying to the earth.この黄金怪鳥スバードはThis golden monster bird SubardKing GhidorahIs the motif.
"Phantom Dragon Ullah"
A double-headed monster, Ulla, with two faces appears. "Ultra seven"ofPandonIt corresponds to the prototype of.Part of the story is diverted to episode 10.
"Frozen aurora line"
A flight battle between the Science Special Investigation Corps and the M73 Nebula Man's disk is fought, and it is bombed by the activity of Sakomizu.だが、粉砕された円盤の中から冷凍怪獣However, a frozen monster from the crushed diskPeguilaAppears.
"Decisive battle of 40 degrees below freezing"
Frozen monster Todogon appears.WalrusBecause it is a monster ofUltra Q"ofTodoraIt is said that it was planned to be remodeled.
"Theta Lantera"
A sea spider monster, "Ultra Q"oftarantulaIt is said that it was planned to be remodeled.
Other unproduced stories from the "Bemler" era
"Birth of Bemler" (Screenplay: Masahiro Yamada)
It depicts the birth of the Japanese Science Special Investigation Corps and the first appearance of Bemler.敵として登場するのは地球のIt is the earth that appears as an enemyNitrogenAlien aiming at "light beam human"[162].
Unproduced story of the "Redman" era
"The man who sells the earth" (Screenplay:Hiroyasu Yamaura
A scenario of the plot "merchant selling the earth" from the Bemler period.
"Repros is aiming" (Screenplay: Yoshiki Tanaka)
Introducing the water-absorbing monster Wetton.It was serialized in the boys' monthly magazine "Bokura", and was published as the final episode of "Ultraman" by Daiji Kazumine (original work by Hiroshi Azusa).
"Space Station Rescue Order" (Screenplay: Shozo Uehara)
A scenario of the plot "Golden Phantom Bird Subard" from the Bemler period.After repeated revisions, it became Episode 38 "Spaceship Rescue Order".
"Island of Mandas" (Screenplay: Kunio Torami)
afterwards,"Ultra sevenWas broadcast as "Drifting Planet" → "Walking Planet".
"Monster bouncer" (Screenplay: Shozo Uehara)
"Goldar", who was hired as a bouncer by the Sun Dust group (a group of humans) who plans to overthrow the earth, confronts Ultraman.The scheme of Ultraman vs. human-hired monsters died because it was far from Ultraman's standard.After the broadcast, Toru Narita created a design drawing, and Daiji Kazumine published a manga version.
Unproduced story since becoming "Ultraman"
"One Tokyo Crisis" (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa Scheduled Director: Toshihiro Iijima)
Introducing the gas monster Pandora.It was an ambitious work with the theme of pollution, but after the visualization was temporarily postponed due to budgetary reasons, it resurfaced as the 38th episode in the final stage, but it ended without being realized.
"Escape from Science Island" (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa Scheduled Director: Toshihiro Iijima)
Introducing the heat monster Gubira.A big fire caused by a monster and a rescue play with foreign members are depicted.After repeated revisions, the 24th episode "Undersea Science Base" was completed.
"Crush the invasion base"
With monsterswarshipIntroducing the warship monster Yamaton, which is a combination of.A design picture by Toru Narita is also written, and a manga version by Daiji Kazumine was serialized later, as well asSoft vinylWas also released.
"Cyborg dinosaur"
AntarcticThe minions of the ancient invaders who slept in the gridPlesiosaur OfcyborgDinosaur Tangira appears.Later, a manga version by Daiji Kazumine was serialized, and soft vinyl was also released.
Theatrical version Ultraman "Operation Giant" (Screenplay: Toshihiro Iijima)
It was scheduled to be screened during the broadcast period as a completely new work, but it was not realized.[163]..Based on this, "The Giant" (Steel Giant G appeared. Scheduled director: Hajime Tsuburaya) was written at the end of the TV series, but the visualization was also postponed here.
KodanshaThe first production of the exclusive binder for the official file magazine "ULTRAMAN" released byGakkenThe reprinted script of "Operation Giant" is recorded in "Ultraman Encyclopedia".2005/, A novel version written by Iijima under the name of "Kitao Chizuka" has been released.また、『ウルトラマン 科特隊奮戦記 ジャイアント作戦』としてAlso, as "Ultraman Department Special Squadron Strenuous Battle Record Giant Operation"Kyota KawasakiHas been cartoonized by (1993/,Asahi Sonorama).

Comic version

  1. Neronga winding
  2. Greenmons winding
  3. Monster Gango Volume
  4. Oily Monster Pester Volume
  5. Alien Baltan Volume
  6. Monster Aboras Volume
  7. Monster Gomorrah Volume
  8. Volume of three major monsters
  9. Monster Kemular Volume
  10. Monster Skydon Volume
  11. Cyborg Dinosaur Volume
  12. Volume of Monster Yamaton
  13. Monster Goldar Volume
  14. Monster Wetton Volume
  • Weekly Shonen Magazine/Separate Shonen Magazine 1966-1967 Kazuo Umezu
    • Weekly Shonen Magazine
    1. Alien Baltan Volume
    2. Mysterious Dinosaur Base Volume
    3. Mummy Monster Dodongo Volume
    4. Mysterious Comet Twiphone Volume
    5. Alien Mefilas Volume
    • Separate Shonen Magazine
    1. Volume of two-dimensional monster Gavadon[Annotation 114]
    2. Plateau Dragon Hydra Volume
    In the paintings of the previous term, it can be interpreted that Ultraman's face is wearing a mask without a chin, and in products that reproduce the pattern of Umezu, the chin may be painted in flesh color.[164] However, it is said that it is actually a faithful drawing of the streaks attached to the A type surface.[165]..また、編集部からは「ウルトラマンは最初から出すこと」というのが唯一の注文だったとのことAlso, from the editorial department, "Ultraman should be put out from the beginning" was the only order.[166]..On the other hand, monsters and aliens emphasize the mystery, and have a horror-like style that Umezu is good at.
  • Modern Comix
  1. Volume of Neronga First issue in November 1966 Hideoki Inoue
  2. Alien Baltan Volume First issue in November 1966 Hideoki Inoue
  3. Eri Maki Daikaiju Jirass Volume December 1966 Hideoki Inoue
  4. Volume of Gango December 1966 Hideoki Inoue
  5. Mummy Monster Dodongo Volume January 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  6. Gabora Volume January 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  7. Bemler's Volume 1967 Separate Volume 2 "Ultraman"Osamu Kishimoto
  8. Volume of Greenmons 1967 Separate Volume 2 "Ultraman" Osamu Kishimoto
  9. Pester Volume February 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  10. New Alien Baltan Volume February 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  11. Aboras Banila Volume March 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  12. Hydra Volume March 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  13. Monster Lawless Zone Volume April 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  14. Volume of Gabadon April 1967 Akira Kaku
  15. Phantom Comet Twiphone April 1967 Special Edition "Ultraman" Osamu Kishimoto
  16. His Imperial Highness the Monster April 1967 special issue "Ultraman" Eiichi Miyasaka
  17. Kemular Volume May 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  18. Alien Mefilas Volume May 1967 Akira Kaku
  19. Jamila Volume June 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  20. Megaton Monster Appears Skydon's Winding Sky Gift June 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  21. Two big monsters appeared Saigo, Keira Vol. July 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  22. Ghost Monster Appearance Seaboards Volume July 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  23. Dada Alien Volume August 1967 Akira Kaku
  • TBS Comics
  1. Monster Chief Geronimon Volume November 1967 First Issue Hideoki Inoue
  2. Golden Monster Gordon Volume First Issue November 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  3. Horror Monster Island Jamila Volume December 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  4. Volume of Jirass December 1967 Hideoki Inoue
  5. Alien Baltan, Antler's Volume January 1968 Issue Hideoki Inoue
  6. Hydra, Zaragas Volume January 1968 Issue Hideoki Inoue
  7. Legendary Monster Woo January 1968 Special Issue Hideoki Inoue
  8. Horror Claw Monster Dorako Volume February 1968 Issue Hideoki Inoue
  9. Transforming Monster Alien Zarab Volume February 1968 Issue Kyoji Ei
  10. Ghost Monster Seaboards March 1968 Issue Hideoki Inoue
  11. Uranium Monster Gabora April 1968 Issue Hideoki Inoue
  12. Skull Monster Red King May 1968 Issue Satoru INOUE
  • Fun kindergarten
  1. Gabora Taise March 1967 Special Issue Fumio Hisamatsu
  2. Shiofuki Kaiju Gamakujira March 1967 Special Issue Fumio Hisamatsu
  3. Aboras, Banila July 1970 issue Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  4. Gabora December 1970 issue Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  5. Pester January 1971 Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  6. Gavadon January 1971 Special Issue Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  7. Gubira February 1971 Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  8. Alien Zarab March 1971 Kazuyoshi Fukumoto
  9. Gamakujira April 1971 Kazuyoshi Fukumoto

Novel version

Kaiju Daizenshu 3 Monster Picture Story Ultraman
Tetsuo KaneshiroWritten by. 1967年により刊行され、2002年に『小説 ウルトラマン』に改題されてPublished in XNUMX and renamed "Novel Ultraman" in XNUMXChikuma ShoboIt was made more paperback.
It is a novelization of the TV series, and in addition to some differences in development, settings that were not mentioned in the work are also utilized.
Ultraman VOL.1 Gold Rush Operation
Akio JisojiWritten by. In 1993Shogakukan OfSuper quest libraryPublished by
It depicts the struggle of the science special search team and Ultraman with the monster Jigris who appeared from the ground and the monster Munderer who appeared from the sea.
There is no clear mention of the time series in the TV series, but the story also talks about the existence of the monster Keira that appears in episode 38 of the TV series.
Operation Ultraman Giant
Chizuka Kitao (Toshihiro Iijima) Author. 2005年にIn XNUMXKodanshaPublished by
Iijima was in charge of the script, mentioned above (#Unproduced scenario)'S "Operation Giant" as the original draft.

Gamebook version

All editing / productionStudio hard.

Ultraman Shoot the mysterious meteorites!
Takeshi Yoshikawa,Kazuho TakizawaAuthor.ISBN 4-543-02509-1.. Published by Nichion in 1986.
A monster army that emerged from a group of meteorites that fell on the Japanese archipelago.It depicts a science special search team and Ultraman struggling to find out the mystery of the seven meteorites that fell.It is spelled in the format that Hayata speaks (first person is "I"), and after transforming into Ultraman, it becomes the format that Ultraman speaks.
Not just the monsters that appeared in the TV seriesGaramon,Peguila,Todorasuch as"Ultra Q』A monster has also appeared.The scene where Hayata and his partner arrive at the dam incorporates "Garamata" from "Ultra Q".There is also a bad end, such as Hayata being transformed by Ultraman's energy consumption being trampled by the Alien Baltan, and Dr. Iwamoto possessed by the Alien Baltan shooting and killing Hayata.There are also unique developments not found in the TV series, such as the battle between Red King and Peguila (Chandrah who remodeled Peguila in the TV work), the battle between Ultraman and Dodra, and the battle between Ultraman and Garamon.
Ultraman Tokyo rescue operation
Written by Kazuho Takizawa.ISBN 4-06-190128-1. In 1987Kodansha X BunkoPublished by
In order to save the earth where the monster graveyard and the space in the center of Tokyo have been united by the resentment power of the Alien Baltan, the Science Special Investigation Team and Ultraman will board the double space Tokyo to complete the dimensional vibration gun in the center of Tokyo. story.
The first half is a search for parts of a dimensional quake gun in a dungeon in central Tokyo that has been united with the space of the monster graveyard with partners (Ide, Arashi), and the second half is a battle with the Alien Baltan in a double space. A battle thing that unfolds.There is a time limit in the first half of the dungeon, and one hour will pass by moving one square, so you must complete the dimensional vibration gun and reach the Science Peace Center within 1 hours.In the postscript, "Ultra sevenDespite being mentioned about the project to produce the game book, it has not been produced yet.

video game

Single game work

Appearance work in the Ultra series

More informations

Video software

  • VHSが、1980年に、第1話、第2話、第3話、第8話、第19話、第25話、第26話、第27話、第33話、東宝映像事業部から発売(各巻1話収録)。1987年には同じ東宝より、新たに各巻3話収録による全13巻(全話収録)が発売、同年にBandai Network Frontier DivisionThanLDHas been released. 1992年にはIn XNUMXD2New master version LD-BOX and VHS released by Bandai Visual.
  • DVD (Digital Ultra Series) Was released from December 1999, 12 to June 8, 2000.There are 6 episodes up to 21 volumes in all 10 volumes, but only 9 volumes contain 4 episodes.In addition, if you select "Fun Menu Screen" in the entire volume of the DVD, the original drama "Special Effects Course for Parents and Children" produced by Tsuburaya Productions is recorded as a bonus video.The low-priced version of "Ultra 10" will be released from February 3th to April 1800nd, 2009.
  • The DVD-BOX was released on April 2005, 4.The main story has the same specifications as the Digital Ultra series, but the benefits have been changed.
  • As for Blu-ray Disc, Bandai Visual released Blu-ray BOX I on July 2013, 7, and Blu-ray BOX II on October 10, 10. Blu-ray BOX III (final volume) released on January 25, 2014.前年にテレビ放送用素材として制作されたProduced as a material for television broadcasting in the previous yearHD remastering"HD Remaster 2.0" is recorded, which has been restored based on the version, and the image has been sharpened, noise removed, and stereo remixed to reproduce the texture of the film at that time. BOX III contains a newly discovered unreleased video as a bonus video. On September 2017, 9, the low-priced version of "Blu-ray BOX Standard Edition" will be released.


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注 釈

  1. ^ a b At some Internet stations where color broadcasting had not started at the time of the start of the main broadcasting of the TV series (mainly in the Kyushu region), the main broadcasting was continued until the start of the color broadcasting of the station.モ ノ ク ロWas being broadcast on.
  2. ^ This work and laterUltra seriesIt is said that this is the reason why the monsters were not poisoned in this work.また、第26・27話での関西ロケは大阪に本社を置いていた武田薬品工業の要請によると言われ、作中でも同話数に登場した怪獣・In addition, the Kansai location in episodes XNUMX and XNUMX is said to have been requested by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, which was headquartered in Osaka, and the monster that appeared in the same number of episodes during the work.GomorrahAlso includes the act of destroying the Takeda headquarters building.
  3. ^ The BGM used is "Q" with overdubbing of newly recorded percussion.
  4. ^ Even before the broadcast, the program was advertised under the name of "Ultra Q Fancy Special Effects Series".
  5. ^ This format was also used in later "Captain Ultra" and "Ultraseven".
  6. ^ This is TBS when selling "Ultra Q" overseasThe United States of AmericaIt was introduced as a result of investigating the actual situation of commercialization rights business.
  7. ^ However, in the early project "Science Special Search Corps Bemler", Hiroko Sakurai's role is Yukiko, the younger sister of Sakomizu, and she is a female member.Nami Tamura,Masumi Nasu,Machiko NakaEtc. were listed as candidates[10].
  8. ^ The name of Redman has come to be often used by Tsuburaya Productions as a code name to prevent the program name in the planning stage from being registered as a trademark by other companies even in the works after this work. 『ウルトラマン白書』では、本作品の時点でも盗用防止用の仮題であったとしているThe "Ultraman White Paper" states that it was a tentative title to prevent plagiarism even at the time of this work.[12].. In 1972Mini program of the same nameIs also produced.
  9. ^ Toshihiro IijimaOpposed to the expressionless Ultraman design and instructed the original suit to have a movable mouth. The wrinkles near the mouth of the A-type mask are a remnant of that mechanism.
  10. ^ Director'sHarunosuke NakagawaThere is also an episode in which he continued to rotate the camera in 16mm filming and was nicknamed "Film Eating Hargon" by other directors.
  11. ^ The production system was reviewed, and "Ultra seven』\ Half a year until the broadcast,ToeiOf productionCaptain ultraWill be aired[21].
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  13. ^ 40 meters in the narration of the 53th episode of "Taro".
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  18. ^ In fact, the spiral beta rays appeared only in episodes 3 and 10.In episodes 12 and 27, a ring of light is emitted from Ultraman's hand in flight, and it descends to the ground and Hayata appears from inside (Ultraman still exists when the ring comes out, Ultraman is The transformation has been released in the form of (the place where it disappeared is not depicted).Since the transformation release of episode 27 is a diversion of episode 12, the mask remains A type.[36]..Only in episode 16 after the transformation is released (the process up to the release is not described), there is a description that Hayata is unconscious.
  19. ^ There is also the exception of enlarging while pushing both arms into the air.
  20. ^ Antler, Kemular, Keronia, and Keira are the four bodies that do not work even if they hit directly (except for cases where the barrier protects, absorbs, and cancels with light rays).However, in "Ultraman Saga", it will be a decisive hit by firing a Specium ray at Antler.
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TBSseries Sunday 19:00 --19:30 (Takeda Hour
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Ultra Q
(October 1966, 1-December 2, 7)
(December 1966, 7-February 17, 1967)
Captain ultra
(October 1967, 4-December 16, 9)


1966/(1966 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Saturday.Showa41 years.

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This year in JapanBing WuAt (Hinoeuma), the number of births was about 136 million, a significant drop from the previous year.


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♪ There is no color on my TVSanyo color TVSanyo ElectricKenichi EnomotoTokio Miki
♪ It's athlete's foot, it's athlete's foot, it's itchy.Polic (athlete's foot remedy)Meiji Confectionery-Michio Yamagami-Izumi Taiku
Sun oilShiseidoMinami Maeda-
LuconkiKincholDainippon PyrethrumSakurai Senri-
Good!Suntory redSuntoryKen Utsui-