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📺 | Mei Nagano starring in the TBS Tuesday drama "Riding the Unicorn" starting in July as a young female CEO


Mei Nagano starring in the TBS Tuesday drama "Riding the Unicorn" starting in July as a young female CEO

If you write the contents roughly
In connection with the title, I feel that the present age is an era in which we go on our own unicorns rather than waiting for the Prince of Hakuba.

The drama "Unicorn Riding" starring actress Mei Nagano will be broadcast on TBS from July every Tuesday at 7:22 ... → Continue reading

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prince(Ouji) is王A boy who was born as a child, or even as a child, and who is not the throne of the king (Wang Shizi,Crown princeNot limited to).Or its title.

Title of the king's child

in JapanEmperorChild of "Prince(Miko, Koshi) ".Ritual systemAfter the enforcement of "王After the proclamation of the King, "PrinceIt came to be called.The son of the emperor who was proclaimed the prince was called the prince, and the son of the emperor who was not proclaimed the prince was called the prince.In addition, the child of the prince used expressions such as the XX prince of the XX prince.

Ryukyu,Mr. LeeThen,王Children, younger brothers, etc.RankThe title of "Prince" was used as.

In China, it has long been widely used to refer to the son of a ruler with the status of a king.Buddhist scriptureThen,SanskritThe prince is used as a translation of rajaputra, which means "the son of the king," for example, before the priesthood.Buddha(Buddha)ShakyaIt is written that it is a prince of.

Similarly, this word isEuropeIt has come to be used to refer to the children of kings of each country, and it is the title that they carry.プ リ ン ス(English: prince) is the translation corresponding to the prince.Especially as a person who is inseparably called the title of "Prince"Portuguese kingJoan IIs the son ofPrince Henry the Navigator(The original title of this person isInfante (infante)).

However, Prince is the Queen's husband (Royal family), The princess's husband, or a non-royal aristocrat or a monarch of a country ( NetherlandsThen the abdicated king / queen is also a prince orPrincessIt is also used for such things as (called), and depending on the country, it is the leader of the succession to the throne among the royal family.Estimated heir), Which is an ambiguous title, so the meaning may be different. ""Little PrinceAnd 'Prince and dancer"Prince" is an example of a mistranslation caused by the difference in meaning.

"Prince" in modern Japanese

"Prince" in the sense of a child of a king has been around since the Middle AgessamuraiUnfamiliar in Japan, which was a society[Source required](It is "young" that seems to be barely equivalent.Young samurai catching notebook"Such),"プ リ ン スAs a translation of ""Cinderella"Or"snow WhiteThe prince who appears in "眠 れ る 森 の 美女"Prince Phillip, etc., in the Westfairy taleThere is an age that has become established through.Therefore, in Japan, it is used from the same viewpoint as "Kikoko", such as "young", "Hiderei Eyebrows", "dignified", "dignified", and "refreshing smile (atmosphere)". May be used as part.

The main person called "prince" in the media

Conventionally as mentioned aboveTakakoWas used. “Knit nobleman,Mitsuharu HiroseIs a good example. Also, Saito and Ishikawa below (2000 era)Or later,athleteFor "fresh and young men" who are active in various fields as well, "○○ Prince"NicknameCan now be attached.

Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Since his debut, he has been self-produced and called himself a "prince".Fujikyu Highlandで1998/May 8At the one big show '98 "Holy War of the Mamiya" held in Japan, he made a "Prince career change declaration".
Takamizawa Toshihiko(THE ALFEE)
From the appearance of beautiful long hair reminiscent of medieval Europe wrapped in a flashy suitTakuro YoshidaBegan to call it that way.Takamizawa also said, "There is no dress down even if there is one."
Koichi Domoto(KinKi Kids)
Called by the media and fans.He was once told by Mitsuhiro Oikawa that he would give up the prince, that he was the only prince in Japan, and that Tadayoshi Okura of Kanjani Eight was a 24-hour prince.The director of "Sushi Oji!" Starring Koichi.Yukihiko TsutsumiSaid that he asked Koichi to appear, thinking that "the prince would be Koichi."Also, when match.com investigated what kind of man he longed for as a "prince of Hakuba," Koichi's name came in second.
Yuki Saito
2006/,The 88rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThrow it alone every day atWaseda Business School High SchoolLed to the first victory.Its neat facial features and freshness, and moreuniformWhile there are many high school kids who wipe their sweat with their sleeves, the light blue one taken out of their pocketshandkerchiefAttention was paid to the appearance of wiping sweat withHandkerchief princeThe nickname "Prince Handkerchief" became so popular that it caused Fever ("Prince Handkerchief" was this year.New Word/Buzzword AwardHas won the top ten).
Ryo Ishikawa
2007/, Men's Professional Golf TourMunthing Wear Open KSB CupWon the world's youngest at the age of 15.From her refreshing smile, "Honey princeWith the nickname "", he became as popular as Saito ("Prince Hanikami" won the annual grand prize at the New Words and Popular Words Awards of the year).
Rei Higuchi
Like Ishikawa, it has a refreshing look, and I hate vegetables, so sweets, especiallyMacaronFrom where you like, "Prince MacaronWas given another name.
Daichi Hashimoto(Dainippon Pro Wrestling)
Of my fatherProfessional wrestler-Shinya HashimotoNamed after the nickname "King of Destruction"Destruction PrinceWas named.
Japanese male figure skater
"Silver princeMook called "tachi"FutabashaIt is on sale from.


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